New Zealand Women in Power – #metoo poor intelligent oppressed women DO EXIST!

The screen shots were from a facebook page called ACC exposed sensitive claimants – I was called old and stupid for what I know – this was from quite obviously ignorant uneducated young women.   Interesting how neo-liberals have managed to turn all sectors of society against each other.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Wednesday, 2 October 2019 11:06 AM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>; Michele Eades <>; Sarah Jones <>; Jacinda Ardern MP <>; Clare Matthews [WrDHB] <>
Subject: This is the hatred I am subjected to BECAUSE I am so unwell & can no longer defend myself against ACC or health professionals

To:  Jennifer Hansen, NZ Police,
Michele Eades, WINZ Mgr Masterton,
Sarah Jones ACC,
Jacinda Ardern PM and
Clare Matthews DHB complaints.

I am sure you will use the information (facebook screen shots) I have attached useful to further your plan of how to stop AN INTELLIGENT EDUCATED TERRORISED IMPOVERISHED ABUSE VICTIM get the ACC, HEALTH SERVICES, LAWYER/ADVOCATE and  JUSTICE I am entitled to under medical science, and NZ and international law.   Good on you all, what amazing powerful women leaders you all are.  #metoo

As ACC appears to use tattoo to prove harm, I’m wondering is that why I get NO SERVICES FOR NINE YEARS –  because I don’t use tattoo to display my suffering & trauma for everybody to see?   Also I don’t do drugs, don’t gamble, don’t drink alcohol, don’t commit crimes, don’t lie – it must be that, I don’t get any health care because I don’t do all those things, I am refused reinstatement of my care because I don’t do any of those things???

Although I can see how Debra Cafety was triggered, after misinterpreting what I said and went tourettes on me – can’t you.  You all know this is happening don’t you, you all happy with terrorised impoverished abuse victims turning to tattoo to self-harm and thinking its great – ewwwwww.    Honouring each other – that’s insane, your marketing propaganda and illegal immoral cruel neo-liberal economic policies create this ANOMIE.  It is even more insane for people who are supposed to be intelligent to create this purposely in our society.

You all know I am now so unwell I can’t get a lawyer or advocate to get my ACC care reinstated, you all know I am so unwell I am terrified of health providers, you all know this and all you do IS HURT ME MORE – OPPRESS ME MORE, TERRORISE ME MORE – DEGRADE ME MORE – REJECT ME MORE – INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE MORE – IMPOVERISH ME MORE.   How can I not believe in the bible and this is end of days – publicly you all appear to be and do the opposite of what you are and do to me (and I’m sure other impoverished abused intelligent women fighting for justice and right).


Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

4 thoughts on “New Zealand Women in Power – #metoo poor intelligent oppressed women DO EXIST!

  1. Todd

    Well written Jayne. Would be interested to see these screenshots from the sensitive claimants page

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      Can’t download screenshots, too big a file for my free wordpress site, I’ll write out on my website and show people on my youtube video. But am worried about it – those women were really vicious and all feeding off each other, they’ll come after me if they find it. Not that I expect any of them to get out of their own way and learn ANYTHING about stress disorders, why people self-harm and how manipulated/brainwashed they are.


    ” I have worked in several firms both in New Zealand and overseas. Law is not a female friendly profession and the discrimination and abuse of women is something I was conditioned to expect from the time I started clerking. I thought I could deal with it. I thought I would be resilient and aim to to bide my time until the tide would turn and me and more of my female colleagues would be promoted to leadership positions and could effect the much needed change. I was naive to believe that it would happen given the number of female law grads. How wrong I was. The system is so biased and so entrenched. Female leaders in toxic firms tend to be in their positions because they are not threats to the male establishment. In fact, they tend to behave in a way that supports it. HR is management. All the power is with the male dominated partnership. Lawyers inherently know and understand the risks of complaining and are risk adverse. Everyone knows it is better to try a different firm, take a in house job, or leave law altogether rather than taking on the establishment and risking your reputation, career and livelihood. So you accept the toxic culture and try to survive, while becoming completely desensitized to the behaviour around you to the point that you normalize it. All the while you watch your female colleagues drop away one by one until one day it s you whose had enough and is burnt out and cannot face one more day of hell. My day came eventually and when I look back on my time in practice at one of New Zealand s top firms I only feel relief that I escaped that toxic prison.”

    1. jrmurphypoet Post author

      Thank you so much for your reply – it helps me understand what is going on from an insiders perspective. I completely agree about those women who are successful in law, although you would think people like Mae Chen or Judith Ablett-Kerr would/could rise above it – they don’t, both have rejected my direct advances regarding my case – or more insultingly REFUSED TO RESPOND at all.

      I also get the burnout thing and not being able to take one more day of it so rejecting all of it – story of my life with activists who have given up. Oh boy how I want to give up, but my life is a toxic prison from which there is no escape, ACC and the govt make sure of that. I get called toxic, poison, offensive etc but that’s just for telling the truth about what is happening to me and how I feel about it.

      Is there anything I could say to you or other women like yourself who know the law that would incite you to become involved in a case like mine. Even for a weekly meetup for 2-3 hours on Skype or some other group social media video type gathering?? From sexual harassment of law clerks to getting professional health care and safe homes for sexual abuse victims – isn’t it all about standing up to abusers of power. I keep being reminded of the Stanford Prison experiment and what I have seen on youtube from Prof Philip Zimbardo about abuses of power and how to prevent them/expose them/deal with them.


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