New Zealander Elisabeth Brunt the type of liberal EVERYBODY HATES!

Received my WINZ file, but anything that would incriminate them isn’t included, including the copies of my two ACC decisions which I know for a fact they have.  Not written down I bet and if it was deleted – just like corrupt people in power do according to the Cambridge Analytica tapes (check out youtube).

From: Jayne R
Sent: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 3:05 AM
To: Info (MSD) <>
Subject: Re: 20191002 Reply ROUTHAN – Failure to provide complete WINZ File is ILLEGAL AND CORRUPT!!!!

Ms Brunt,

Why have MSD failed to provide my entire WINZ file – that is grossly corrupt.  I know for a fact my WINZ file included the two Fairway ACC Reviews I won in 2010 & 2011.  I took them to your office and they are the ONLY REASON I receive a Invalids Benefit.


Also in the file I could find no details of the interactions between Tina Hemi, Richard Fry, police, ACC and mental health.  I know for a fact a previous lawyer of mine Susie Barnes was contacted by WINZ staff more than once regarding this meeting – I can find no record of the outcomes of those phone calls.  Also I know for a fact Stephen Fry was told not to pursue helping me get my ACC care and police to stop terrorising me – there is no record of WHY – I phoned him and asked him, he became extremely defensive and hung up on me because I was begging, overwhelmed with terror, distraught and crying.  I trust Tina, I had hope and you made her a liar who hurt me – it is psychological torture for me to be told I will get services and then have them not provided, this is what has been happening for NINE YEARS since I won the two ACC reviews.

I am still in shock at how ignorant, cruel and corrupt you are – answering the least important questions and repeating government propaganda.  Telling me your staff were client-centred when I recounted to you someone I know begging for food being told WINZ weren’t there to fill her cupboards.  That is cruel, that is psychologically harmful, that is oppression, that is economic violence, that is degrading, that causes huge extra stress in relation to food insecurity.  Not only was my friend subjected to that and refuses to go back to WINZ and beg for food when she needs it and is entitled to it, I was expected to counsel and comfort her, when we were both distressed about the reaction of your insulting fascist bigot staff member’s comment.  You are extremely deluded if you think all staff who work for WINZ are decent people who care about others – fascists, bigots, elitists and people who HATE poor people work for you as well – because there are no other jobs, people are FORCED to work for WINZ.  Nobody would work there if they had a choice – you degrade, denigrate and terrorise disabled poor people – who would want a job like that, except of course people with sociopathic and abusive power issues.

I have contacted WorkSafe myself and will be making a formal complaint about your illegal, punitive and grossly offensive use of the HSWA in an attempt to mitigate your GUILT for bullying me and preventing me from getting health care I am entitled to after winning two formal ACC reviews NINE YEARS AGO.   You are the ones traumatising your decent kind professional staff and other clients (including me) – Michele Eades and you try to blame me for your cruelty, incompetence and corruption – IT IS YOUR FAULT NOT MINE!   I have also made a complaint to the police for CAUSING ME HARM as a disabled person, abusing your position of power over me, then insulting me for making a valid complaint about it.

The insanity and ignorance of those people who lead our government is proven to me daily, you are definitely client-centred, you target clients like myself for punitive use of the welfare system.  You want people like me rotting on welfare and I can’t understand why when all your propaganda and marketing says the opposite.

You will be pleased I am now estranged from several of my family because of unemployment and poverty – they have money and great lives – a piece of capitalist human garbage like me like me should kill themselves if our lives so bad – just what you and your rich powerful cruel corrupt colleagues want.

I believe in karma and I HATE you for what you are doing,
I HATE you for harming me and others,
I HATE those who employ you,
I HATE your rich families and your friends,
I HATE you for making yourself rich out of harming me and others,
I HATE you because I never did anything to harm or terrorise you and yet you are doing it to me,
I HATE you because you stole from me and I never stole anything from you,
I HATE you for being deceitful and manipulative
I HATE you for insulting and denigrating me when I don’t even know you – you just do it because you think it is your job (I know what your job is I can read – I know what a PUBLIC SERVANT is and I know the law),
I HATE you because you go home from work and forget about me, while I live in terror and I can’t forget what you are doing to me 24/7
I HATE you for having somewhere safe stable and affordable to live and depriving me of same,
I HATE you because you profit from my suffering,
I HATE you because you have food security and make sure I don’t,
I HATE you for being women who pretend you care when YOU DO NOT,
I HATE you for being ignorant bigoted elitist women who make NZ No 1 in the world for domestic/flatmate violence,
I HATE you because you make NZ No 1 in the world for driving disabled, abused, terrorised and poor women to self-harm,
I HATE you for inciting hatred against me,
I HATE you for saying you care when it is quite obvious you do not,
I HATE you because you make sure NZ is No 1 in the world for homelessness
I HATE you for thinking it is ‘normal’ and legal for the government not to provide housing to abused women and girls like myself
I HATE you because you create the environment where children are harmed and harm themselves
I HATE you and hope what is happening to me and other terrorised impoverished abuse victims happens to you and people you care about
I HATE you for wanting me to suffer and die when I never did anything to you or anybody you care about
I HATE you for not allowing me to be a good mum
I HATE you for not allowing me to be a respected member of this community or my extended family
I HATE you for not allowing me to participate in society like people who work and are rich do
I HATE you for destroying my life
I HATE you abuse your power and harm innocent vulnerable people like myself

I HATE you for destroying so many lives and blaming your victims for their dysfunction

How does it feel to be that HATED and its not just me who feels like this – I’m just the person to say it because you people need to know YOU ARE HATE!  You incite HATE, you perpetrate HATE, you remind me of the information I have studied on sex offenders who think they are loving their victim by forcing them into degrading terrifying sexual acts – most so terrified they comply (just like people you terrorise who rotting on welfare).  I have NO CHOICE but be subjected to your degrading elitist ignorance and HATE, while ACC illegally withhold my entitlements, I cannot access professional health care I am entitled to and necessities of life (eg a safe stable affordable home in my community, safety, shelter and food security) what you are doing is HATE. Cruel, life-destroying HATE that violates the inherent dignity of all those clients you


That Labour Party have gone on and on and on and on and on about HATE SPEECH while knowing MSD and other government organisations are HATE IN ACTION as it relates to disabled poor mentally injured victims of crime and sexual trauma.  Governments are required by westminister law to protect the poor from the rich, you persecute the poor for the rich instead.  Governments are required by law to NOT DESTROY PEOPLE, not spread lies about people and give people access to right and justice.  Just so you are blatantly aware and there can be no confusion or misunderstanding – what is happening to me is NOT RIGHT AND NOT JUST.  But then you already know that because Michele told me my legal problems were nothing to do with WINZ – my legal problems being illegally denied a lawyer to force ACC to reinstate my care, so I can go back to work and not be rotting on welfare!

Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

I received a reply to my two previous emails.   One sentence reply, dealing with absolutely nothing, its what you call ‘gaslighting’ – the abuser pretends everything is OK and try to make out their victim is over dramatizing things etc.  I find it extremely creepy, however I know my emails do have an affect on the people who read them, so I keep it as real as I can.

From: Info (MSD) <>
Sent: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 9:07 AM
To: jr
Subject: FW: 20191002 Reply – Failure to provide complete WINZ File is ILLEGAL AND CORRUPT!!!!

Dear Ms R

On behalf of Elisabeth Brunt, thank you for your email.  Your request for a copy of your file has been sent to Work and Income.

Yours sincerely

Ministerial and Executive Services

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