The Working Dead Zombies of the Economy – NEO-LIBERAL PROPAGANDA 101

I saw the news item below thinking how finally the media are saying something about 35 years of destroying our culture and decent society with their neo-liberal  REFORMS.  But once I started reading it realised it was just about wanting people to want government to cut taxes.  Nothing about getting rid of this 24/7 economy they have created WHICH IS KILLING US, DRIVING MORE TO SUICIDE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

The bit about going to other countries to find out how to fix it made me want to be sick.  We know what to fkn do, we were doing it until greedy corrupt business people decided they wanted to change it and make more money for themselves and destroy US PEASANT TENANTS AND WORKERS!  When the jealous greedy powerful people around the globe decided to rape our resources and our workers – drive our children to suicide, cause women to be raped and beaten with domestic/flatmate violence due to our leading the world in homelessness and unstable housing.  On top of that drive women to self-harm and eating disorders.

I have a book called Death of Economics (Ormrod) from 1980s, an American talks about New Zealand being the country that went from one of the most protected economies on the planet to one of the most open.   Said he didn’t know how governments would get away with something like that, they wouldn’t get elected again anywhere else.  But neo-liberal elites did the greatest brainwashing con job on us- through media and universities, driving neo-liberalism down kids throats like there WAS NO ALTERNATIVE.  I’ve done a paper in economics a few years ago at Victoria, the entire learning programme was about rote learning BS that didn’t even make sense but if you didn’t learn it the way they wanted YOU WOULD FAIL EVERYTHING AND NEVER GET A DECENT JOB.  Grrrrrr  It was our universities that turned bosses into arseholes obsessed with getting money out of people any way they could.

There are some very powerful people in and associated with this country that knew exactly what they were doing when they did these REFORMS and they knew exactly the outcome as well.  EVen the way they called them reforms without saying neo-liberalism or Austrian economic model.  The meaning of reform is improvement, 35 years later we know the only improvement was in how much wealth, land and money the richest people had.

They knew they were going to terrorise and destroy people THEY DIDNT’ GAF,  They knew they drove 100,000s NZers from this country desperate for work and decent bosses – destroyed families.   I was reading something recently that said small countries are exploited – ie environment and workers,  by big countries in an open global market – WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.  Rich pig business people destroyed us and our culture, driving people to suicide and violence etc they just worked out how to create more jobs and profits out of it – with a big smile on their faces.

And don’t even start me on the charity, not-for-profit industry and how that has caused so much harm as people like me are rejected because I am intelligent and proud.  While addicts who will do anything for a fix to feel OK suck up to the legal and illegal DRUG PUSHERS.  I noted how the Samoan lady working huge hours had her husband at home with the kids while she did all the work.  And look at the amount they were getting back from Working for Families $100s of dollars.  And these FAMILIES who get WFF are some of the worst bigots and haters I face because I’m rotting on disability and don’t work.

Knowing all this and what is happening to me through police, courts and mental health it is quite obvious our government are grossly corrupt and they know it.  Shutting me down and driving me to suicide makes them not feel so guilty and/or stupid.

More to write on this but won’t right now, I got to get in my garden, my brain and body need it.

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