TVNZ Boss $120,000 payrise is govt corruption money – neo-liberal propaganda

While TVNZ free services become increasing worse and Country Calendar is like all hatred of disabled poor people who unemployed on one show.  I have heard people interviewed repeatedly say NZers don’t want to work – which is NOT TRUE AT ALL.   Farmers want people without health issues that can work at full capacity 40 hours a week.  That’s how you get increased productivity – driving those with injuries and illnesses who can only work part time or can’t do difficult labouring jobs OUT OF THE LABOUR MARKET.  Then whine at the govt to bring in 6000 healthy immigrant workers – who then drive NZ workers out of their homes.

INSANITY, NEO-LIBERAL INSANITY – neo-liberal extremist economics was created by two men who went through NAZIs and HITLER, they had trauma issues with people who went insane fascists with power they got.  They falsely believed – without any evidence whatsoever – that ‘the market/people/citizens’ were the best people to run a country.  Following the issue ridden ideas of two traumatised men is INSANITY.   According to George Monbiot rich pigs who been losing power over us peasants for decades saw how it would reinstate their wealthy and power, then promoted it with as much money and marketing as they could find AND IT WORKED.   ie never ever trust any organisation that calls itself a think tank etc.  Do not trust corporations or global businesses.

Funding the extremely ridiculous Shortland Street that incites violence and trauma continuously pushing the government line that poverty & neo-liberal insanity is all our fault cause we are mental!.  This is insane, they should invest in news services because what they dishing out now is nothing more than a replication of organisations like FOX NEWS and govt, big business, propaganda.


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