Vegetable prices to skyrocket under proposed policies according to corrupt global elites Deloittes

Fact is New Zealand is covered in more than enough arable land to feed our country 100 x over.   These greedy neo-liberal globalists are going to make sure the food we produce goes to RICH FOREIGNERS IN OTHER COUNTRIES and NZs disabled and poor citizens won’t be able to afford food.  Along with making sure so many people now rent and can’t grow their own food for fear of being asked to leave with six weeks notice so landlord can move a family member in.

The reason NZ had 1/4 acre sections and EVERY PERSON had access to decent housing was to prevent the people who lived here from going hungry if the world did have a massive financial collapse.   Neo-liberal terrorists took over in 1984 and removed 80% of the housing and started demanding poor people were put on smaller and smaller areas of land – so there was more room for rich immigrants and locals.   Disabled, poor and middle class are screwed if they don’t act to do something to stop this.   Firstly educate yourself about what neo-liberalism is and what it does, then share with others and start protesting like I do.

Deloitte’s are one of those global companies created and paid for by 1% wealthiest people on the planet to spread neo-liberalism and then terrorise people with its MARKET FAILURES.  People who grow food don’t have to sell their land – unless of course they are greedy.

NZ definitely should stop importing all fertilizer and make our own – I’m sure some scientist somewhere will have the funding to work out how best to do that.  Not only are we destroying our fresh water and rivers we are destroying the lives and habitats of other people on this planet by exploiting THEIR RESOURCE and not using what WE HAVE HERE.  Its cruel immoral and illegal according to the international laws I have read.

Also something you might not know is Foodstuffs who owns New World Pak N Save etc is owned by an Oil Company.  Its those global elites who Deloitte in the pockets of that control our world.  These are the people we must get rid of our society and planet depend on it.

Also this sort of scaremongering terrorises people who then turn to their govt to protect them – WHICH THEY WILL NOT DO.  Instead they will spout rhetoric and make things worse, which they have been doing for over 35 years now.  Countries are not corporations and citizens are not workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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