Women’s Refuge calls for government to brainwash children to stop violence – CORRUPT OR STUPID?

Women’s Refuge have always been a bottom of the cliff organisation funded mostly by the HATER OF ALL POOR ABUSE VICTIMS Bob Jones .  Who has also stated many times publicly that nobody should be entitled to ACC treatment care rehabilitation and safe homes they are entitled to under law.

This neo-liberal news version of dealing with domestic violence is SICK.  Of course these violence situations are related to poverty and I can assure you poor people are the ones who don’t go to the police – middle class people who work do.

The woman from Women’s Refuge looks like an issue ridden, uneducated, power tripping ignorant bigot.   And I can see from her office SHE IS ANOTHER MAGGOT IN THE SYSTEM FEEDING OFF THE PUSS FILLED SORE THAT IS SOCIAL DECAY neo-liberals purposely create.

Been hearing some bad things about Women’s Refuge lately, how useless they are, how many lazy lecherous women there are who go there.  Where good women who have been abused go there and end up looking after lazy useless women’s kids and supporting them – because ACC treatment care etc is soooooooo bad.  Mental health services are sooooooo bad.   Housing crisis is soooo bad.    Most women have to live with violence because they have no other options.

The women news media choose are their mates and only those organisations like Women’s Refuge APPROVE OF, GIVE THE NEO-LIBERAL ANSWER TO.   This news item creates more jobs, doesn’t deal with domestic violence – which of course is more to do with mentally ill people being left in the community to harm others and be harmed.

You will also note the photos of the children who have been killed by ‘people they lived with’ all came from poor households.  And given those photos are from years ago and there has been no child abuse coverage for a long long time – I would suggest they are lying about what is happening to children.   Also I would imagine it is women and children killing themselves that is the problem.

This report is a gross generalisation and as per usual says absolutely nothing about ACC depriving abuse victims (sexual and physical abuse) from the extensive entitlements AND HOUSING THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE UNDER ACC AND OTHER NZ LAWS!!!!!


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