Maori model of land ownership & custodians adopted in New Zealand

Wrote that headline to get your attention and I was guided to, make it sound real.  Tell a new story of what is possible, what it would look like and how it would operate, along with the benefits to peace, justice and harmony in our small country.

Land distribution is a serious issue, the market model has failed in this basic social need and must be brought back under control of the State.  I propose as a world leading sustainable social strategy where we completely abandon the ownership model in respect to land and adopt the Maori model of being caretakers of it.

This would affect foreign ownership and ownership for private interests rather than the interests of peace, good health and harmony in our society.   Te Tangata Te Tangata Te Tangata must be adhered to and bought under our collection of Constitutional laws, which I believe support this concept through Imperial laws like Westminster Statute the 1st and Magna Carta.  Also multiple United Nations signed and ratified treaties (I know are not being adhered to) along with the Commonwealth Charter and Declaration of Democracy, which is embodied in Rule of Law being adhered to.

Our National Anthem talks about defending ourselves against dissension, envy and hate, take away the things causing the rise in such destructive expressions of inequality and elitism, like resolving land/resource distribution issues.  The 35 year neo-liberal experiment results are out folks, greed, pollution, violence, crime, drug addiction, suicide, poverty amidst obscene wealth and extravagance, along with brainwashing marketing us into consumers and worse.  We don’t need to do years of research into how to fix it, we know how to fix it – those in power just choose not to in the best interests of powerful global and local elites, not society as a whole.

This concept could address the issue of rises in food prices because wealthy foreigners can afford our food and we cannot – this cannot happen any longer.  We cannot feed the local pigs better than we feed local people.  Again a failure of the free market that needs to be addressed to bring fairness and right back into New Zealand society.

Supermarkets need to be dismantled, they too have abused their market monopolies,  No more selling meat, café food, vegetables, deli items, bakery items and alcohol.

Sorry dreaming away – what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve, according to writer Nepoleon Hill.  George Monbiot talks about giving people a new story, to replace the current story that isn’t working.  They don’t want to hear the problems just the solutions.  Write a list of demands to address the housing, suicide, poverty, decent employment, violence, crime, health care crises within three years.


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