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DO NOT TRUST LOCALISM – it is feudal neo-liberal extremism 2.0

OMG  I noticed recently media have started calling people DEMOCRACY REPORTERS – when really they are anti-democracy reporters and here we have some of their first propaganda.  WTF   WTF WTF.      Radio NEw Zealand are grossly corrupt, so is Local Govt NZ.   I was at a propaganda event in CArterton late 2018 with these people.    I put it on my website when Jill Gratehead was running for local council as she was involved.  I was insulted degraded and abused for going along with a pamphlet telling people that NZ Initiative was really Business Round Table.   Wait I’ll post a copy of the flyer I LEGALLY HANDED OUT!

WAIT – looked up ‘journalist’ CHLOE RANFORD who wrote this and she bought up Lutheran Christian fundamentalist in Australia.  CHeck out her Linked In profile if you don’t believe me.

THIS IS THE FLYER I HANDED OUT LEGALLY – in a public meeting, in a public building in a democracy where disseminating information is LEGAL and people are not supposed to be abused and terrorised for it.   I never stayed for the meeting I was so traumatised by what was said to me.   I did end up making a complaint to Andrew Little’s office about Wairarapa Voice, they responded by phoning and telling NZLG what I had said, who then abused me.  The handwritten copy of my statement of fact disappeared from my home.


NZ Initiative is Business Round Table renamed

Google their history and their directors.


Business Round Table only have interest in advancing rich business people & persecuting poorest so they can profit from them through ‘social investment’. They drive neo-liberalism and don’t care who gets hurt.


Over the past 30 years since neo-liberalism took over NZ our government have consistently shut down mental health services and committed austerity against disabled and poorest citizens. Many of them were made unemployed and poor by this economic terrorism. This has caused serious social problems that have made us No. 1 in OECD for homelessness, youth suicide, self-harm in women & domestic violence (that includes mentally ill people in flatting situations, being harmed and harming others). We had/have social investment, welfare, ACC, health care etc – sadly our government don’t follow the law and provide it to all those entitled to it. They did this on purpose in order to privatise (including charities) as much as they could – an extremist neo-liberal belief -THAT HAD NO STUDIES OR EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT WOULD WORK.


PRIVATISATION DOES NOT WORK – NEO-LIBERALISM IS TERRORISM OF POOREST – mostly disabled people. Read Terrorism Suppression Act, you’re not allowed to impoverish vast numbers of NZ citizens and deny them a place to live. We all know rich are getting richer & poor getting poorer.


Please do some research for yourself in this area eg Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 – First law of NZ is Westminister Statute 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.   Second law is Magna Carta – briefly, nobody is to be destroyed and everybody is to have access to right and justice. I can assure you those disabled and impoverished by neo-liberalism/globalism/free trade are having their lives destroyed and do not have access to justice.


Read other constitutional laws, like Human Rights Act, Health & Disability Act, Sections 150A 151 of the Crimes Act – or Commonwealth Charter. Then there multiple UN treaties New Zealand signed, such as the Treaty on economic social & cultural rights, human rights, disabled rights etc.


WHO ARE LGNZ – why are our rates going to a lobby group who supports NZ Initative – Business Round Table after they have done so much damage to our community. Look who started this organisation, do some research of your own – LGNZ should not even exist.


WHAT IS A FOREIGN AMBASSADOR doing trying to influence politics in NZ? This is highly inappropriate and I have made a complaint to the Swiss government.



you cannot trust these people


The RULES regarding Crown law & Ministers of govt departments

I’m posting this so I can go back to it, there a few interesting things in it but really its a bunch of rules very corrupt power tripping ruling elite have made for themselves and their corporate business mates.   It appears when they refer to THE CROWN they don’t actually understand THE QUEEN is head of the Anglican Church and therefore required to abide by the principles of the bible.  The main principle being don’t let rich powerful people harm poor powerless people, love people and be just in all things.   YEAH RIGHT – like these corrupt scum in power do this.

Been watching Una Jogose talk to Auckland Law Students about being Solicitor General – biggest load of ignorant elitist BS I’ve ever heard.  Although I think she really might believe what she is saying – even though she is quite delusional.  I intend to write to her that’s for sure.

This is where I got this document from, she described it in her youtube talk as to the rules she is supposed to work under.

New Zealand violate its constitutional laws & courts are complicit

Just found this old news item on Stuff, which I also discovered still prevents me from posting anything – I get an error message if I do – they are grossly corrupt.

Palmer was responsible for my first ever criminal prosecution when I saw him in the street and asked him who was responsible for ensuring I got a lawyer.  He said Law Society, so I went there and refused to leave until I got one – the police were called, I still refused to leave.  The staff gave police a pile of brochures and told them to take me away – it was the Law Society that demanded I be prosecuted and subjected to my first ever criminal charge for peacefully going to their office and refusing to leave because I had spent years being unable to get a lawyer to force ACC to reinstate my care after winning two reviews.

A decade later and I still don’t have a lawyer and I know so much about our constitution and the gross violations of law in this horrendous corrupt country run by cruel immoral criminal terrorist oligarchs.  Every attempt I make at using our constitutional laws I am deprived of, BY LAWYERS – BY LEGAL AID LAWYERS – who I have found to be mostly grossly corrupt.

People hold on to the idea the Queen has morals as she is head of a Christian church – while our governments no longer do, no matter what their marketing and propaganda say.  My recent attempt to use Habeas Corpus law proves just how grossly corrupt our court system is.

Palmer is not protector of ‘the people’ he is a lying piece of garbage that DOES NOT USE HIS POWER AND STATUS TO EXPOSE THE EXTENSIVE CORRUPTION GOING ON IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM.   In everything I do I am not expecting laws to be overturned – laws like Wilful Trespass are definitely warranted when protecting someone from genuine harm and threats of violence.   HOWEVER laws like Wilful Trespass are definitely not warranted when you are legally protesting about corruption and gross violations of our constitutional rights in New Zealand.

What my arguments revolve around is police and others in power perverting justice and misusing the law to harm a NON-VIOLENT, disabled citizen fighting for her (and others) rights to treatment care rehabilitation and a home under ACC and constitutional laws.   It is our corrupt police and government contractors/institutions harming us, we are given no way of fighting these gross injustices.  Especially when they label everybody who is being terrorised and trying to fight them for THEIR LEGAL ENTITLEMENTS insane or a criminal.

I live in a country run by sick depraved people and controlled by sick depraved terrorist media.  Jacinda Ardern in power lying about what is happening to us now makes things worse.  The exploitation of people driven to suicide by cruel government corruption is an abomination of neo-liberalism.   Using wealthy and educated immigrants to drive disabled and poor locals of all racial backgrounds from their homes is treason and illegal – yet nobody does anything about it and the propaganda says it is not happening.

Palmer now is just as much an elitist, his son and associates Mai Chen is too.  Why wouldn’t they be, they get paid very well by the government to stop people using constitutional documents.  While no peasant gets a lawyer able to fight police or government to stop them.  So many of us know how bad it is and what’s happening, but give up because of the corruption is so extensive.

I wish I could rest from what I do and what is happening to me – I can’t – I am terrified and so so sad about what is happening – I see no change with this current or the next government, just more harm and lies.  More driven to suicide and violence, more crime and of course more homelessness with more immigrants who get to vote 12 months after they get here – and they vote for more immigrants to take the decent lives and homes of the most vulnerable and poor who were born here.  We have nowhere else to live, we are not allowed to live anywhere else on the planet except here.  Foreigners who come here have two countries – why is that even allowed???  So many things to question and discuss, New Year is coming, will this be the year I get to change the world???

I was part of these self-harm statistics – this is about elitism not racism!

Elitists are people who hate you if you are poor and pissed off you being treated like human sewage!

I self-harmed when I found out had to spend night in Wellington cells earlier this year to go back to Masterton court for breach of bail – for protesting at Human Rights Commission.  Tried to get hold of a lawyer but the crypt they put you in is all concrete block and you can’t hear the lawyer though the hole in the wall.  I ended up having a claustrophobia event in that room and afterwards when they put me in the cell was so fkd up and freaked out start hitting myself around the head.  Was covered in bruises on my forehead etc.

Police freaked out, I didn’t tell them I knew bruises were there, cause of done it before when I’m really really suicidal/terrified, I could hear them talking with others saying repeatedly they didn’t do it.   They asked me if I wanted mental health and I refused, they would have made it worse, I know what they are like.  Would have been locked up and drugged up and things would be 1000 times worse.

They kept repeating the housing and poverty issues but nothing about it being illegal to have mentally injured abuse victims in prison if they were unwell and why weren’t they getting ACC entitlements anyway – which includes housing. Grrrrrrr

Will write to them, but know they will do nothing cause they never do!

Increase taxes to the super rich corporations & businesses – YEAH RIGHT!

Previous governments made LAWS that said they can’t tax the rich and government can’t provide services – WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is neo-liberal extremist terrorist murderers and us local poor people suffer the most.  WTF is this BS – really – parliament is supreme they could change the law under urgency and not even tell anybody and still it would be a law and they could change it!

They set up rules that said the government cannot provide any more than 30% of GDP in services to us peasants – what sort of law is that exactly?????  If we limited imports and reinstated tariffs from countries that didn’t have same workers rights and environment protections we do, then we wouldn’t need to be obsessed with how much we exported.  And who makes those exports – peasant workers, fruit pickers etc who get shit work and minimum wage – so rich pigs can import all their flash rubbish!  ITS INSANE AND MEDIA TELL US NOTHING ABOUT HOW THINGS REALLY WORK!

New Zealand supermarket waste and my LEGAL chalk graffiti response

I suppose because I am so poor and do suffer from food insecurity, when I see food being thrown out rather than people be allowed to consume it I get really upset.  I can’t download the photo its too big – wish I had some money so I could afford a decent website and post everything I have.   Here’s the video I did of the LEGAL graffiti I did.

As I drove in the carpark there was a stack of crates of cream left out back of supermarket to be thrown out.  While so many people here have so little, or middle class people pay big prices rather than give to them cheaper.  I am angry about poverty sitaution in NEw Zealand anyway – especially those of us deprived of health care so we can work and don’t have to beg for food.  So I got my chalk out and did this.

To elitist bigots out there, yes I do have a car and my elderly mother is most responsible for it continuing to run.  I am terrified of using public transport in my local area, because I’m terrified of so many abusive people and being somewhere police could get hold of me and I couldn’t get home.  People with Complex PTSD have a very strong fight flight and freeze response, so getting home (even though that isn’t even really safe) when you are frightened becomes an obsession.  I am terrified of being out in public when police are around, my car has been my safe place since I was raped, harder to get to you if you locked in your car when you asleep.

Was watching a show on animal behaviour yesterday and a vet explaining the brain of a snake to its owner.  He talked about fear based aggression and how to ‘heal’ an animal from it, which included desensitising the snake to his presence slowly, so the snake trusted him.  Then eventually putting his arm in the snakes enclosure and letting the snake go up his arm if it wanted to.  The important thing for the owner to know was the snake had to be the one in control of the situation, if it became frightened and aggressive again, then the owner must withdraw, wait a while and try again.   Something SO ABSOLUTELY BASIC about behaviour and our entire psychology, justice, criminology, welfare, social enterprise, charity, religious industry don’t know it!!!!   BULLSHIT THEY DON’T, lots of them do and take advantage of it, which what police and MOJ doing to me at the moment.

Go to my youtube channel and it will explain why it is LEGAL under NZ Bill of Rights etc



NAZI Jo Jo Rabbit film by Taika Waititi is a load of crap – I COMPLETELY AGREE

I have only seen the shorts but I know how much I DISLIKE Taika’s comedy so far – he trivialises and makes fun of really serious social issues & extreme abuses of power in New Zealand.   One of the reasons Maori have the highest rates of suicide and violence in New Zealand is the rich and powerful ones don’t GAF about the poor and powerless ones who are struggling/homeless/deprived of health care/disabled and ESPECIALLY ABUSE VICTIMS.

At the same time as I am getting prosecuted in the style of fascist cruel immoral NAZI for writing poetry about a Labour party MP who promised me for four years if I voted for him I would have my ACC reinstated due to review I won,  I will call VOLDAMORT 1.0 and a Bell Gully lawyer contracted to the government to privatise our health sector and in so doing prevent poor from accessing it so rich foreigners can use it –  as VOLDAMORT 2.0.

I use the swastika in my art and protests to represent the oppression and terrorism I am being subjected to just for asking for ACC care I am entitled to and desperately need.  From ACC, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice and NZ police.   I know for a fact THE OMBUDSMAN tried to get police to prosecute me for a piece of art I put up in their office with a swastika on it.  It accidently was given to me during an arrest for something else, I didn’t even know about it and police hadn’t acted on it at the time.  THE OMBUDSMAN FOLKS – one of the deeply corrupted ‘justice’ organisations for us purposely impoverished powerless peasants.

Here is the NZ Herald article about how crap and pointless some people think the film is.  WHICH I TOTALLY AGREE WITH.  I was giving Taika a hard time on Twitter for it and was subjected to a tirade of insults and degradation.  Telling him about my situation and how offensive I found the concept and shorts of the movie, etc etc.   As with all rich artists who those in power love he trashed me.

My ideas for movies based on old legal cases and understanding why we have laws and what our most basic, good and constitutional laws are about are considered a joke.   That’s because those in power don’t want them to be seen, they want people’s heads filled with ideas of being super heroes, especially against people who have abusive childhoods and never given health care they entitled to.  I’m thinking of the latest Joker film.   And seeing a NZ police officer with batman tattooed to his arm and just the way I am being treated when I am good person.  They have to get disturbed corrupt mental health workers to make me the enemy instead.

Anyway, things are rough at the moment and I’m trying to get through it, to survive another Xmas New Year – after what police have done to me for so long.

(NOTE: I see NZ Herald has stopped using the headline in its url for the article – probably because people like me were using them on our blogs to attract people wanting to know about a particular issue from all perspectives. )

Government culling older officers to destablise Police force in New Zealand

Here is some confirmation from Shannon Parker that the governments 1800 more police was just a propaganda exercise.   I’ve heard lots of people being driven out of the police, people with experience and decent cops – not the bad ones, not the bullies, not the power tripping right-wing nut jobs!  The people being put in powerful positions are the best ones at sucking up, not the best people for the job.

Many of the officers are traumatised from what they are seeing due to our government and neo-liberals causing huge poverty and a housing crisis.   I’ve been in situations where I have almost counselled officers, especially those that didn’t agree with what was happening to me for protesting about those things THAT WERE CAUSING VIOLENCE AND SUICIDE.

Very little achieved: 1800 new Police in and 1900 out

New Zealand Xmas Day propaganda from wealthy corrupt elites in police etc

I know most people won’t see this news report as propaganda but it is, they don’t want things to not be violent – they want them to be violent.   It was written by Radio NZ which is the government controlled news service and distributed by every other corrupt neo-liberal mainstream media outlet.

The news story is elitism at its worse, the people painting a picture of ABUSIVE FAMILIES.  Just like the government changed the wording from DOMESTIC violence to FAMILY violence – which means all the situations with dangerous flatmates people are forced to live with is ignored.   The way the news reports ignores violence towards women and blames alcohol for EVERYTHING.  They painting a picture they want wealthy affluent people to believe and its just not true for 80% of people living in poverty.  My Xmas day yesterday was really bad, I cried for most of it and I’m still crying this morning.

This was a Radio NZ top story for Xmas Day.   I’ll post on my youtube channel what my Xmas Day was like, I did a video outside Carterton Police station and ‘Community’ Xmas Dinner.

Each one of these is really bad and disgusting bigotry against abuse victims in New Zealand.   The government and media know why we have domestic violence, I know why.  Doing nothing about the EXTREME STRESS, poverty and lack of state housing is making more jobs for lawyers, judges and justice system, the news items associated with the NZ Herald report shows the government are creating laws to do this right now.   Its where they have purposely changed the wording to FAMILY VIOLENCE to make people think ENTIRE FAMILIES are to blame.

$$$$$$ This is why NZ First and Ron Mark wanted 1800 more police, a job creation and profit making enterprise out of driving people to violence with poverty and lack of state housing.   Here’s the profits explained by Anna Leask – who has abused me multiple times for asking for my story and what I know about violence to be made public – she refuses.