DO NOT TRUST LOCALISM – it is feudal neo-liberal extremism 2.0

OMG  I noticed recently media have started calling people DEMOCRACY REPORTERS – when really they are anti-democracy reporters and here we have some of their first propaganda.  WTF   WTF WTF.      Radio NEw Zealand are grossly corrupt, so is Local Govt NZ.   I was at a propaganda event in CArterton late 2018 with these people.    I put it on my website when Jill Gratehead was running for local council as she was involved.  I was insulted degraded and abused for going along with a pamphlet telling people that NZ Initiative was really Business Round Table.   Wait I’ll post a copy of the flyer I LEGALLY HANDED OUT!

WAIT – looked up ‘journalist’ CHLOE RANFORD who wrote this and she bought up Lutheran Christian fundamentalist in Australia.  CHeck out her Linked In profile if you don’t believe me.

THIS IS THE FLYER I HANDED OUT LEGALLY – in a public meeting, in a public building in a democracy where disseminating information is LEGAL and people are not supposed to be abused and terrorised for it.   I never stayed for the meeting I was so traumatised by what was said to me.   I did end up making a complaint to Andrew Little’s office about Wairarapa Voice, they responded by phoning and telling NZLG what I had said, who then abused me.  The handwritten copy of my statement of fact disappeared from my home.


NZ Initiative is Business Round Table renamed

Google their history and their directors.


Business Round Table only have interest in advancing rich business people & persecuting poorest so they can profit from them through ‘social investment’. They drive neo-liberalism and don’t care who gets hurt.


Over the past 30 years since neo-liberalism took over NZ our government have consistently shut down mental health services and committed austerity against disabled and poorest citizens. Many of them were made unemployed and poor by this economic terrorism. This has caused serious social problems that have made us No. 1 in OECD for homelessness, youth suicide, self-harm in women & domestic violence (that includes mentally ill people in flatting situations, being harmed and harming others). We had/have social investment, welfare, ACC, health care etc – sadly our government don’t follow the law and provide it to all those entitled to it. They did this on purpose in order to privatise (including charities) as much as they could – an extremist neo-liberal belief -THAT HAD NO STUDIES OR EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT WOULD WORK.


PRIVATISATION DOES NOT WORK – NEO-LIBERALISM IS TERRORISM OF POOREST – mostly disabled people. Read Terrorism Suppression Act, you’re not allowed to impoverish vast numbers of NZ citizens and deny them a place to live. We all know rich are getting richer & poor getting poorer.


Please do some research for yourself in this area eg Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 – First law of NZ is Westminister Statute 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.   Second law is Magna Carta – briefly, nobody is to be destroyed and everybody is to have access to right and justice. I can assure you those disabled and impoverished by neo-liberalism/globalism/free trade are having their lives destroyed and do not have access to justice.


Read other constitutional laws, like Human Rights Act, Health & Disability Act, Sections 150A 151 of the Crimes Act – or Commonwealth Charter. Then there multiple UN treaties New Zealand signed, such as the Treaty on economic social & cultural rights, human rights, disabled rights etc.


WHO ARE LGNZ – why are our rates going to a lobby group who supports NZ Initative – Business Round Table after they have done so much damage to our community. Look who started this organisation, do some research of your own – LGNZ should not even exist.


WHAT IS A FOREIGN AMBASSADOR doing trying to influence politics in NZ? This is highly inappropriate and I have made a complaint to the Swiss government.



you cannot trust these people


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