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4 September 2019




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RE:                  J E R

Dob:                2 ?1965

NHI                 APQ 3050


Charges:          Wilful Damage

Failure to Answer District Court Bail


Use of Offensive Language/suggestions (x2)

Offensive/Disturbing Use of Telephone (x4)

Obscene Language (x3)

Wilful Trespass

Causing Harm by posting digital Communication (x3)

Use of Offensive Language/Suggestion

(NOTE: – Wilful damage relates to throwing red paint on white ribbon banner in Masterton Police station cause two of them assaulted me, lied in court and got away with it. I refused to answer bail numerous times because I was being illegally refused a lawyer by Legal aid – who are corrupt. Graffiti using chalk spray on court, cause I being refused a lawyer & denied all health care. Offensive language was never a threat of personal harm towards anybody, was me going ‘tourettes’ at people & hoping they hurt like I hurt so they would understand how bad things are.  Wilful trespass for blutacking a piece of my graffiti poster art to a building.  Causing harm by posting digital communications is funniest were two poems I posted online about dangerous murderers in health sector cutting budgets to privatise industry and naming one of the very powerful, very rich, very cruel men that kills poor people.  Which is why I wanted them to be argued in court.)

Psychiatric report pursuant to Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act.


The Court has sought a report for the purpose of assisting the court to determine whether the defendant is unfit to stand trial or would have a defence of insanity within the meaning of Section 23 of the Crimes Act.


I met with Ms R at the Masterton District Court on Thursday 29 August 2019 for the purpose of this report. At her request, a court security guard nominated by Ms R sat in the interview and a tape recording of the entire interview was made. I agree to this recording on the basis that the recording would be held by the court. As the court will be aware, there had been some difficulty in organising the appointment that was acceptable for Ms R, and after some negotiation the terms of this assessment finally proved acceptable to her.


This report was done because Legal Aid Services had been preventing me from receiving legal aid and getting a lawyer for almost 18 months. I was so terrorised, terrified because of this gross injustice and how they were blaming me for it, impairments related to my disability were severe and I could not communicate in any sort of normal functioning way. I was told in court (transcript of which is now being withheld by the court) this report was being done to establish with Legal Aid Services that due to my disability I was unable to represent myself and needed a lawyer. That is all it was about, it was nothing to do with my ability to stand trial, I want to stand trial on these allegations so those who are harming me and others can be exposed.


Judson was told why the security guard was there, as I was so terrified of assessments and the lies Barry-Walsh had recently told in his report that I could not prove without a recording.   When I went for the assessment at the court I had taken all my own recording equipment, a video & audio recorder because court staff had refused to confirm if they were going to record it as I asked. When I was told the Security guard would be recording I didn’t use my equipment as was extremely afraid & stressed anyway.


It wasn’t until I read his report I even knew they were going to oppose me having a copy of it. I requested it from the court and they subsequently refused to provide it, which I got very upset about. I was forced to make several formal complaints about American Blyth-Carter, court manager before it was released. (Note: I do think it is relevant Blyth-Carter comes from America when I know their culture and how grossly corrupted their legal system is.)


Judson knew why I was too terrified to attend assessment in Porirua, which is what they were demanding. I have developed serious psycho-social issues due to lack of health care, harm in community and psychological abuse by them, ACC, police etc. I find new places and people who have harmed me and caused me so much unnecessary suffering to be so psychologically terrifying I become phobic. I do my best to manage impairments related to my disability, in this particular situation I had never been asked to do an assessment outside court environment before – which made me afraid. I am terrified of mental health services after years of criminal neglect and psychological abuse in regard to myself. Also in regard to other neglected and terrified people I have met during my many public protests about them, who tell me their horrendous experiences IN THE BIN and IN WAIRARAPA MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – No 1 in New Zealand for suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, compulsory treatment orders and psychotropic drug use.


Judson has failed to describe my INABILITY to attend the assessment in Porirua as a recognised impairment related to my disability, instead implying it was ‘not acceptable’ to me for some inane reason. I sent several emails to Forensic Mental Health and through my lawyer explaining my impairments and why I could not attend, including why I needed Jason(Security) there so I felt safe enough to even participate as I know and trusted him (not any longer after what he did on 18 November). Having the assessment recorded was protection for me as well.


Prior to the assessment I was so terrified, the only thing I imagined happening was me curled up in a ball in the corner unable to speak. It didn’t pan out that way, but when I am terrified like I was doing that assessment, I never quite know what is going to happen. I would imagine people undergoing prolonged, cruel psychological torture wouldn’t know what to say when going into a meeting with someone who was potentially and most likely going to cause them significant harm – which his report did.


I have been supplied with the Summary of Facts for the various charges and a Summary of Previous Criminal and Traffic Offending. With Ms R’s verbal consent I have accessed previous reports for the court prepared by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh in March 2014 and 2019 and Dr Caroline Holmes dated May 2014 as well as a report prepared for ACC by Dr Alan Doris dated November 2008. Ms R was specific in her verbal consent that these were the materials she would permit me to access. I did not obtain written consent, as she had made it clear early in the interview that she found any ‘forms’ to be traumatic for her and I did not feel that it would be appropriate to ask her to sign a written consent form for access to the material.


I find it extremely disturbing that Judson has mentioned about consent early in this report as I had made a formal complaint about Barry-Walsh accessing public mental health reports against protcols. I made this complaint to the Privacy Commissioner, it took many weeks for a decision which was that I had no case, Barry-Walsh had done nothing wrong and nothing would be done. Obviously someone from the Privacy Commission has made sure Forensic mental health didn’t do what they did last time. So much for the Privacy Act being there to protect people’s rights.


At the assessment I produced the two ACC Reviews I won from 2010/11, the failure of ACC to reinstate my care is why I protest and why the impairments related to my Complex PTSD have continued and worsened – destroyed my life. My Occupational Therapist at that time was very thorough and professional in her report to Fairway Resolutions – that is why I won both reviews. There was a lot of information in that report that should have been considered by Judson, he refused to even look at it, it was very strange.   He also refused to access a previous report by Dr Alan Doris in 2009, which I no longer have a copy of (ACC continue to illegal refuse to provide copies under the Privacy Act of the Fairway Review decisions and both Dr Doris’ reports. My full copies have disappeared from my home, I can now only find the first 3 pages of each review – I was a secretary most of my working life, I don’t misplace documents or print/file only half a report).


I did not give my lawyer or Judson any authority to speak to each other, I am concerned they would do so. As my case progressed my lawyer Alisdair Ross became very strange, obtuse, bigoted and misogynist – to the point I was forced to ask for another lawyer, which has been illegally declined to pervert justice not enforce it as they claim.


Judson did not ask me if I was capable of filling out the consent form, which are quite simple, I am not sure if I would have been able to do it, but he should have asked rather than assumed. My small motor functions can come and go in a very traumatic situation like I was in.


With her permission I have also spoken by phone with her daughter PM and with her friend SM, as well as briefly speaking to her lawyer, Mr Alisdair Ross. Ms R had an understanding of the purpose of the assessment and was aware that my report would be sent to the court. She somewhat reluctantly agreed to participate in the interview.


I became reluctant because he refused to confirm the assessment was to prove to Legal Aid Services I was incapable of conducting my own defence given impairments related to my disability as I have covered above. As I was ordered by the court I had no choice to participate, I knew my liberty and compulsory treatment, I was opposed to, could involve. Police are already psychologically terrorising me with punitive use of the justice system (which is illegal when you are a UN Civil Society Actor).


I believe the only reason he contacted them, is I had discovered from the Medical Council the rules regarding Independent 3rd Party Assessments and they were required to contact family and friends. Barry-Walsh had not done that and I formally complained, but was ignored. It was me who demanded he contact them, he did not offer this. I intend to get affidavits from my daughters and friends to attest to my character, disability, motivation and prove deeply disturbing inaccuracies in those reports.


I subsequently received an email from Ms R sent via the office of the Director of Area Mental Health Services, which has added further useful information.


Which he did not approach professionally, when I had assumed in that email he understood impairments related to my disability. Subsequently when I saw his report with such bias, deceit and inaccuracies in it I sent him another email with the knowledge he was grossly corrupt and criminally negligent purposefully.




The interview with Ms R was an extraordinary experience, particularly notable for the continual stream of personal abuse directed at the assessor.   The interview was largely unstructured and was allowed to remain so, as any attempts to provide some structure to the questioning seemed to provoke even more levels of distress for Ms R.


The recording I managed to secure after legal challenge will prove that I gave Judson every opportunity to structure the assessment. Also my distress was well founded considering what had happened at the previous assessments and other horrendous assessments I have been forced to endure from public mental health services.


She was quite clearly distressed and highly aroused by the interview situation and at times she had to pause to sit with her hands pressed to her temples to try and compose herself when her distress became too overwhelming. Her mood throughout the interview varied between anger, with invective and vicious personal abuse directed at the interviewer and at services and professionals in general, to quite marked distress and brief periods when she seemed reasonably calm for short periods with some ironic humour. There were short periods towards the later part of the interview when she seemed to calm and almost seemed to gain some rapport with the interviewer around the issues of what may be beneficial in terms of a potential health support package. However this did not last very long and she returned to her previous pattern of angry and frustrated abuse.


When I have to explain the services I need yet again I do become highly triggered as I have been asked that question many times before and nothing has happened, which has been psychological torture for me.   My behaviour is completely normal for a person with my disability and in a terrifying situation for me. When I walked in there I did not know how I was going to react however I knew it wasn’t going to be passively like I had done with Barry-Walsh. My over-reaction was a reflection of all the unresolved ABUSE I had been subjected to. What I was saying to Judson was a ‘tourettes’ type response. In fact the security guard will confirm I actually kept my composure far better than I had done in other circumstances just as traumatising. He even complimented me on this when Judson had left and will confirm many things in my story.


As the court may be aware, if a transcript of the interview is accessed, the abuse was continual and direct, with repeated, almost stereotyped phrases such as: “I hate you”, “I hate your fucking guts, you piece of shit”, “you piece of garbage”, “you sick fuck”, “you elitist maggot”, you fucking elitist liberal piece of shit” etc. She also directed statements about her beliefs of the Mental Health and Justice systems at the interviewer. It was evidence that although these were directed towards the interviewer, they were in fact directed towards the interviewer as a representative of the system about which she feels so angry and frustrated. For example: “I know you are a murderer”, “you are dragging people into the justice system”, “you are raping those people that you lock up (never said that recording will prove)”, that the Mental Health system is the cause of suicides and therefore that I was murdering people, and that I was personally responsible for the deficiencies of the Mental Health System.


Yes I am a well informed, intelligent, articulate expert in Stress Disorders, psychology, sociology, disability, human rights and other constitutional rights, also UN treaties. Although the words are quite involuntary when they are coming from my mouth, they are the words of my culture when you are being persecuted and watching those around you being harmed to the point of suicide and violence as well. I have looked into the backgrounds of Judson and he is a senior psychiatrist who is extremely influential in all aspects of mental health services and laws around ‘controlling’ people with mental health issues that involve interactions with the law. If this man is not one of the most responsible then who is? Why is our justice system now 60% people with mental health issues and histories of abuse, often in positions of poverty or struggle.


She referred frequently to her views that the “system”, characterised by professionals, elites, foreigners, rich people, the justice system and the police, is systematically abusing poor people and actively taking pleasure in the sufferings of poor and disabled people. She expressed anger against foreigners who were moving to the country buying up property and displacing poor people like herself. She referred frequently to the trauma that she had suffered and her frustrations with ACC and Mental Health Services, who had not provided her with the services that she feels she request on terms that are acceptable to her.


It is ironic that the day after this report was received by the judge, my lawyer and myself I was appearing in court. An interaction between the three of us discussed exactly the systematic failures in the system I was being subjected to and yet here Judson implies I am mentally ill for knowing this. My perspective on housing is accurate, the xenophobic ‘tourettes’ type references are an impairment related to my disability are unfortunate. I know who the real causes of homelessness for the local population are.

I know it is the legal responsibility of the government to ensure the safety and provision of basic human and cultural rights to all citizens, but more particularly those already living and having been born here. I express what many people are thinking but not knowing how to express and it comes out in far more violent extremist views than mine


Yes I am subjected to repeated trauma in the community, with dangerous thieving mentally ill people to the point I have serious issues getting flatmates. Many of these traumas would have been avoided if health, welfare and justice professionals weren’t criminally negligent. I have made several complaints to police about this as I know the law and quote sections 150A 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act often.


The services I was asking for were to be reinstated as I had in 2009, like an OT 2 hrs a week, therapist 1 hr, supported gym 6 hrs, 3 hrs with a mental health worker, with a doctor involved although I was never allowed a psychiatrist overseeing my care. Which was illegal but something ACC have managed to illegally avoid in the provision of professional health care and models to sensitive claimants. I had also had recommendations that I go into residential care of my choice for six weeks, this was all ready to happen when the person organising it had a medical event and the other staff refused to accommodate me. It was very strange and very very disappointing.


I could only do six weeks because my mother could care for my primary aged children. Their father, who I was separated from, told me if he had them for any length of time I would not get them back. Mental health were demanding I went into programmes that were six months long. What would you choose, your children or possible relief from the nightmare that is Complex PTSD and the inhuman living environments for poorest most vulnerable people.


My care will be based on professional rehabilitation models I have studied at Massey University on Health 101, disability and rehabilitation. That is the ONLY course of action acceptable to me. The entire concept of client centred approach is based on what I feel and I know I need. Judson’s lack of knowledge of multi-disciplinary and client centre approaches to rehabilitation is gross incompetence given his position and role in my court proceedings. He is the very ignorant bigoted health ‘professional’ I am protesting against.


She referred to her own very high levels of anxiety and inability to cope when faced with any situation that may remind her of her personal experience of abuse or trauma, or that of other people in a similar situation.


I did not call it anxiety I called it fear. Also Complex PTSD is known to be a compounding condition if the person continues to be subjected to ongoing trauma without relief – which is what is happening to me. In the darklands people don’t talk about their problems with their friends, because they have their own serious problems, that are often unfixable given the incredibly serious state of housing and grinding austerity against people subjected to 80% of the crime in New Zealand. Over 1million people are in this category according to police statistics.


These may include for example, seeing gang members, seeing people with tatoos in rememberance of a suicide, any kind of forms to complete, or any contact with the police, mentla health professionals or the like. Her views on professionals, elites, foreigners and government agencies systemically abusing poor and traumatised people were expressed with a vehemence and inclusiveness that suggested a quite paranoid flavour, through there were no specifically delusional beliefs.


I don’t have any issues with gang members no normal person in the community who is not a gang member has??? I told him was the police I was terrified of and why. The tattoos are something that upsets me as part of ‘suicide prevention’ ideas that benefit businesses and do more to promote suicide than prevent it. Judson would not know this being he never associates with us terrorised peasants in the darklands.  I am NOT PARANOID and vehemently reject that assessment. As I noted before Judge Morris, the lawyer and myself all discussed the very issue Judson is saying I am paranoid about.


I have heard so many terrifying stories of women that lose their children and are destroyed for life, often committing suicide or becoming drug addicts etc – I have met several of them. Of course I am vehement in my expressing of this abomination of neo-liberal extremist policies, including privatisation. I attended the forum convened by Gabrielle Maxwell on the costs of crime. Tony Ward told us there privatising mental health services DID NOT WORK, it did not work in the UK, it caused crime and suicide. When an analysis of what went wrong there was done it was found those with the highest needs (like myself) and most demanding/difficult behavours were rejected. While more was lavished on the more docile and easier ‘patients/clients’ who accepted their situation. This is exactly what is happening in mental health services in New Zealand with the failed privatisation. My attempts at getting services have caused me more trauma than they ever resolved.


There is also, what I believe to be illegal, ACC and government restrictions on the amount of funding any one person with the condition/disability I have is allowed to have spent on them. There are clear comments to the budget limits of my care in several documents to potential Occupational Therapy and other services available. Which I should have, which are not being provided, which I am protesting about and being further harmed by not receiving.


There are serious abuses of power within the mental health sector, given they have the most amount of power over a person’s freedom, body and status in the community. It attracts people with serious unresolved issues and prone to psychopathy and co-dependence. Also they often would find no other work so forced to stay. They are always less informed, more issue ridden and less understanding of stress disorders, psychology, rehabilitation, procedures, rights, poverty, the darklands and laws I know well.


In a previous report of Barry-Walsh’s he advised I was intelligent, did not have a personality disorder and was not delusional. That is an accurate assessment of my state of being, which begs the question what diagnosable psychological issues those I am complaining about have. To believe you (as a senior health practitioner) are not in any way responsible for suicides, violence and other deaths in New Zealand perpetrated by people with mental health issues is delusional behaviour.


She referred to feeling constantly suicidal and said that she was unable to function effectively.   She agreed that when frustrated, when her demands were not met or taken seriously she ‘lost the plot’.


My demand for professional ACC treatment care rehabilitation and housing I won two reviews to have reinstated NINE years ago 2010/11. My demands for professional health care, accommodating impairments related to my disability are pretty basic demands to address violation of my rights. I have been prevented from seeing a GP for the past three years, which is causing me distress and deteriorating physical health.


She referred to this as “going tourettes” by which she meant that it seemed that her stream of abuse occurred without her necessarily intending to do so and that this was something in the nature of an involuntary compulsive behaviour or tic.


This is true and exactly how I described it, I have many other behaviours similar to those exhibited by people on documentaries about tourettes.


However she also talked about her behaviour as being genuine protest against Police, Government agencies and other actors in the system and seemed to have great difficulty in understanding that her behaviour was effectively self-defeating.


They aren’t self-defeating they are life saving, to give up hope completely would result in my suicide. Complex PTSD has a 60% mortality rate due to suicide, I know how dangerous it is and so do they. Protesting about the appalling treatment, oppression and injustice I am subjected to is a completely normal reaction. Throughout history and around the world now there are 1000s of artists, writers, poets and Civil Society activists doing EXACTLY WHAT I AM. I am inspired by people like Seigfried Sassoon who I now emulate in almost all aspects since I have now been labelled insane. A google search of protests in Hong Kong will reveal political graffiti artists doing exactly the same as me – they lucky there more of them.


When I tried to explore what she was trying to actually achieve with her protests, this produced higher levels of anger and distress more intense abuse. She did however appear to acknowledge her protests were more an expression of her anger and frustration than designed to achieve any specific end, though she did hope to access to suite of ACC funded services.


This comment is quite obviously contradictory, of course I know what I want to achieve, getting my ACC care reinstated and the professional treatment care rehabilitation and environment I need to heal from the initial rape trauma and the horrendous things that have transpired – SO I CAN RETURN TO WORK & HAVE SOMEWHERE SAFE STABLE TO LIVE AND ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE WITHOUT BEGGING! I told him that it is on the recording.


As regards the issues concerning the court, she appeared to have a good understanding of the charges in general, though I did not go through each of the charges in detail.   She had a very clear view of her plea options and the defence that she wished to run. She insisted that her behaviour is justified by being political protest rather than criminal action. When attempts were made to explore her understanding of potential consequences of the criminal charges, her response was merely that she did not care about the consequences. I was unable to ascertain to what extent she actually did have any factual understanding of the potential consequences of these charges.


I did explain the charges (the recording I have of our meeting proves it) I told him about the wilful trespass charge for throwing red washable poster paint over the white ribbon banner in Masterton police station. After I was assaulted, they lied in court, a previous case was perverted by police and ACC and I was charged with a minor charge. While my valid complaints of unnecessary violence and threats were not investigated discredited and ignored.


I have been in court many times for similar offences since ACC illegally exited me from services in 2009 and protesting was the only way to cope – I was writing songs and poetry so expressed these in public protests. I have been convicted of three offences out of at least 100 police have charged me with and either withdrawn at the last minute or lost in court. Of those three crimes, the first one was wilful trespass of the Law Society when I went there and refused to leave until I got a lawyer. I was always told I would not be sentenced unless I came back before a judge within 12 months. I always did do something to be charged with, but it always took more than 12 months to get to court so never sentenced. Except for the restrictions and trauma of being on bail almost continuously for nine years and psychological and more physical abuse by police/courts/WINZ/ACC/etc there have been no formal punishment.


Even this time, considering the situation the most I would get is community service, I don’t think the courts will want this considering what they have done to me and the information I have to share with people in the community. And I will be sharing it – I am very isolated and would welcome the interaction. Being poor you are not able to interact with your community or people who have money.


I also find it offensive, ignorant, bigoted and delusional that Judson did not consider in any way my protests and deteriorating mental health were the consequences of the illegal and abusive behaviour of his collegues, government and industry. Like my charges related to Labour and Compass Health /Bell Gully (who was instrumental in preventing me from accessing GP services).



She initially was dismissive and somewhat disparaging about her lawyer, but when asked specifically about the role of the lawyer in representing her in court she appeared to understand his role and expressed an intential to let her lawyer run her defence in the courtroom and to try and not intervene directly in the court process. She felt that, even despite the anxiety that she knew she would feel in the court situation, she would manage to maintain sufficient composure to allow the lawyer to conduct the process on her behalf.


The relationship with my lawyer subsequently deteriorated to the point I was unable to communicate with him. This was his extremely bizarre behaviour, not mine. I know how to instruct a lawyer and that he has to follow my direction – he wasn’t doing that either. Legal Aid have been most offensive in regard to my accessing lawyers and accused me of rejecting them for no reason or being abusive and not able to work with. My lawyer for charges in 2016/17 Susie Barnes was a great lawyer, just way out of her depth when ACC lawyers Meredith Connell got involved and threatened her. She also had insufficient resources to deal with a case so complex and corrupt at high legal and political levels as mine.


Ms R subsequently sent me quite a lengthy email, which was articulate and much more reasonable in its tone. In this, she acknowledged that the abuse she had expressed was not appropriate and almost apologised. “even though I want to write those words I just can’t”.


Once I read this report it justified why I didn’t apologise then, this report is appallingly bias and inaccurate.  The email was not lengthy, this comment was to insult and discredit me, given his arrogance and sense of self-importance.


She referred to how the abuse was not intended: “… what came out wasn’t what I expected either”, and that the abuse was not personal but was an expression of her overall frustration and rage: “What happened was you copped a lot of my unresolved rate at injustice perpetrated by other psychiatrists and mental health workers who had hurt me, discredited me, rejected me etc. Please don’t take it personally.”


I have since responded to this report by emailing Judson and made sure he did take it personally as he should from what he has written.




The current offences, 18 in all (now 25) cover a period between January 2019 and June 2019. The various offences are characterised by her abuse directed at representatives of various agencies whom she has contacted in person or by telephone and by behaviour such as chalking swastikas. The charge of wilful damage arose when she threw paint around the police station because she objected to a poster about violence towards women, which she felt was hypocritical and inappropriate – she described her behaviour as “artistic expression”. I did not go through all the offences in detail and the court will be fully aware of the details of all the offences that she is currently facing.


I use swastika in my art for good reason and because I know both the spiritual meaning of this symbol as a sign of prosperity. Along with the connotations it brings when used by German NAZI in the 1930s/40s. I have a good knowledge of history of WWI and WWII from a past academic friend of mine with an interest in socialist political history. What is happening to me and others in the group of disabled people I identify with is cruelty and targeting for exploitation, suffering and death. And I do not say those words lightly, I say those from personal experience and my extensive knowledge of the impacts of neo-liberalism in New Zealand and around the world.


People like Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Mark Blyth, Richard Woolf, Prof David Harvey, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi and a variety of political music, poetry and arts inform and validate me.


My case is definitely a case under Bill of Rights and Magna Carta, unfortunately the justice system I find myself in is refusing to acknowledge and address the constitutional, human rights and disability rights laws I know are available to defend a person in my situation. I know very well the UN and its treaties were some very clever people coming up with what was needed to avoid another NAZI Germany. Sadly member states are not adhering to these treaties and dissension, envy, violence and hate are the result, the rise of fascism is well documented. The case of Julian Assange is a blatant violation of United Nations treaties on torture (I have just completed a report to Nils Melzer on my interpretation of psychological torture and degrading etc treatment). In fact my situation is very similar in that I expose abuses of power and corruption that are illegal and seriously harming many innocent victims in our society and on our planet.


This complaint was intended for the Medical Council, however the last valid complaint I did was rejected. Although I have audio evidence of the lies Judson has told I feel it would be a complete waste of time to make another complaint even though I should. It will now form part of a complaint of torture and violations of my rights as a disabled person. As well as my rights as a civil society actor to be protected from punitive use of the justice or health system and freedom of expression with my poetry music and art.


Also I DID NOT throw red paint all over the police reception area where the two story banner was hanging. I threw the washable red poster paint over the banner, which was a little taller than my outstretched arm. This I couldn’t do effectively without getting a little paint on the floor and perhaps a wall. I was particularly careful NOT TO GET PAINT ON THE CARVINGS AND TUKUTUKU panels in the foyer. I found it extremely satisfying that I didn’t like the officers who had to clean it up and knew I did it because of their colleagues getting away with the assault and threats.


The issues about being prosecuted for harming KM and SW for putting poetry and comments about them on my social media were discussed and will be on the recording. Or for putting blutacking a piece of art to the Labour electorate office I was charged for wilful trespass – I have never been in the office only protested outside and he didn’t like it because he knew my protests were justified and why I was so angry. Judson has chosen to leave those facts out.


I am a civil society actor and abide by the Handbook on Civil Society produced by the United Nations. My activism is artistic expression, my house and art are full of this expression of my distress and injustices I have been subjected to.




I will summarise her background and mental health history briefly as this has been well documented in previous reports.


There are many things in many reports I completely disagree with and information on my mental health, police and justice file that are grossly inaccurate, bigoted, insulting, degrading and abusive. I become so traumatised by my complaints of lies and bigotry being ignored I cannot deal with having them challenged or removed. I already spend a significant amount of my time making valid complaints about all manner of injustices me and others experience – especially in the area of suicide and poverty. I believe it imperative I have an independent psychiatric assessment by a suitably qualified expert in traumatic stress disorders and psychological torture. Similar to what Julian Assange has received with the help of Nils Melzer UN repertoire on torture. Someone who isn’t bias and corrupt.


Ms R appears to have been a well-functioning and reasonably well-adjusted woman prior to an episode in 2002 when she was raped when asleep and intoxicated.


I find it offensive Judson would mention I had been drinking, it is of no relevance whatsoever and I consider it bigoted misogynist ‘victim blaming’ language. Also it was established by police my drink was spiked & I was drug raped by the person who worked in forestry, which media were saying at the time had a problem with drug rape drugs. Victim blaming  has been expressed by others dealing with the impacts of sexual abuse and our horrific justice system, particularly the failure of juries to prosecute offenders – resulting in a 42% failure rate in prosecutions for sexual abuse.


She had had some previous mental health contact for some irritability and panic attacks, but no serious psychiatric problems prior to that. Following the incident of rape she developed symptoms suggestive of post traumatic stress disorder and received some mental health support funded by ACC. It appears that in 2009 she was receiving a package of care she found particularly helpful, but for reasons that are not clear to me this was discontinued by ACC.


I developed PTSD after the rape and not guilty verdict that is obvious and expected. Judson knows why my ACC care was discontinued I told him in our recorded meeting. It was done illegally to stay within government budgets irrelevant of the objection by all the health professionals I was working with at the time. On the advice of a GP that worked for ACC and well known for removing long term claimants with lethal effect.

I developed Complex PTSD without the early extensive treatment care rehabilitation and protection I was entitled to under ACC law. It is that lack of care and justice that has prolonged and severely aggravated my disorder AND IS ILLEGAL.   Complex PTSD is described in early medical research as affecting those who had been kept hostage and tortured for long periods of time. That it is happening to me is & a sad indictment of the horrendous harm neo-liberalism has inflicted on societies all over the world. And still our government and business leaders insist on continuing with it.


Since then she has been increasingly angry, frustrated and despairing about the mental health and support care that she has been offered, or that has been denied. I understand that numerous attempts have been made to engage her by various therapists through mental health services and ACC funded providers but for various reasons these attempts to provide care have been unsuccessful.


The care I have tried to access was not based on health models, was unprofessional and often abusive as I have said before. I was assessed two years ago by public mental health services in Upper Hutt and refused all services – it affected me extremely badly. I had been told by senior staff at Directorate of mental health that being assessed in this way would lead to services – IT DID NOT. I have never seen the report.  


I was also told last year Gains Geneva would definitely be reinstating my care, I was phoned by an Occupational Therapist, the conversation was extremely odd, then insulting and I was hung up on. I made a complaint about them denying me services, it was ignored. There have been two other Occupational Therapy providers who were supposed to provide services that refused, I also made formal complaints about them to Health and Disability Commission, all ignored. These are available to prove what I am saying.


I have had serious events happen with mental health that are too traumatic to recount here which have destroyed my trust in mental health services. They know what I am referring to and instead of helping me they phoned CYFS and tried to have my children removed. My children are well adjusted young women, with good jobs and stable relationships. They have both purchased their own homes this year (I had my first home at 24 – now I am destitute in rental accommodation).


Ms R is noted to have developed high levels of anxiety, eating disorder, chronic suicidal ideation and anger, compounded by effects of cannabis use that she used to manage her mental health.


The comment about cannabis is a blatant lie and the recording of our meeting as well as the security guard will confirm this was never discussed. I smoked cannabis for a couple of years after I was raped and there was one really bad early report done by a well known disturbed psychiatrist by the name of Anne Walsh. Who is associated with an attempted murder by her psychiatrist lover and I know for a fact advocacy services in the Hawkes Bay have continuous complaints about her. I don’t agree with cannabis as a solution to trauma, although I know of a lot of people who do use it for that. I am a deeply spiritual person, artistic person and articulate person, that is how I deal with the rage and injustice.


As things have deteriorated I also manage it with bulimia, nervous tics, phobias, avoidance mechanisms and of course my art and public protests. Along with my intellect and increasing knowledge of my disorder and the environmental impacts of its continued overwhelming impact on my life. Particularly not being able to work and left to rot on welfare.


If people weren’t loaded up on drugs, legal and illegal, then they would fight against the cruel elitist illegal radicalised insanity of neo-liberalism. If I did these drugs, or drink or gambling etc then I WOULDN’T BE PROTESTING IN THE STREET AND WRITING POETRY OR THIS REPORT/COMPLAINT. If I didn’t fight for justice and the plight of the targeted terrorised disabled traumatised poor then I wouldn’t be a decent human being. If I didn’t put aside my own needs and fight for the needs of all people with Complex PTSD as a result of abuse and inhuman living situations I wouldn’t be who I am. People like myself are discussed on the Internet, The Artist as Prophet a very intelligent man once described it. Please refer to international activist and journalist Chris Hedges and his many guests.


She was diagnosed as suffering from a profound and enduring personality change due to the trauma of rape.


I vehemently dispute I am permanently impaired by the original trauma and find it extremely disturbing this is stated in a report. When this ‘diagnosis’ was suggested there was no other option in the DSMIV, an American diagnostic tool I believe to be grossly corrupted by very dangerous, very disturbed radicalised neo-liberal capitalist elites. Since that time Complex PTSD has been recognised and to say I am never going to recover is the most ridiculous concept for a person begging/screaming and demanding the treatment care rehabilitation and safe stable home I am entitled to under ACC, other laws and medical treatment SO I DO RECOVER. My failure to recover has been due to me being illegally denied health care, welfare and justice I am entitled to under New Zealand law. Along with ongoing trauma as a result of living in the darklands, in poverty, surrounded by terrorised poor people.


Diagnoses have varied as to whether this is PTSD, anxiety, personality change or mood disorder, but however characterised, there seems no doubt that this was provoked by the original episode of rape trauma and has been compounded by repeated frustrations and difficulties in her engagement with ACC, mental health and other helping agencies.


This is a lie as I have said before, that the mental health services are in such an appalling state and the training given to the people is so appallingly bad is a sad indictment of our government and health services. That I am a victim of this and so are 100,000s of others is their failure not mine. I have done everything asked of me when receiving treatment, when I had the care in 2009 I was working successfully with multiple people who were very upset when my care was illegally/unjustifiably removed (based on Anne Walsh’s report & ignoring the more senior report by Dr Alan Doris in 2009).


Protesting/chalking in the street recently a 10-12yr old girl came up to me and recounted, without my prompting, how Child Mental Health services made things worse not better. We did a knowing high five and I agreed completely with what she was saying. Services provided are an abomination and after years of study and analysis I believe they are like this purposely to harm the most vulnerable in society. This is so the rich and powerful in society can prosper, exploit and profit the majority of citizens. Also it is not anxiety I suffer from it is fear, well founded fear, like any persecuted targeted minority.


Her own account is that she has been increasingly unable to function, unable to face the anxiety provoking contacts with any agencies that can support her.


I can’t face them when they are unreliable, unprofessional and criminally negligent, who almost kill me by suicide. When I make valid complaints they are always and without fail ignored. Which is why I now go to the United Nations and so do 1000s of other people with histories of abuse/trauma and poverty so degrading it is a living nightmare in New Zealand – after 35 years of neo-liberal austerity.


She gave examples of this, her inability to fill in any forms required by agencies such as WINZ or ACC because of the trauma this causes her.


Because the forms are degrading and never ever result in the professional treatment care rehabilitation and safe place to live I am entitled to and need. This is a phobic response to a process that is made to be difficult and humiliate people.


Her friend S noted that she experiences high levels of anxiety when she receives any communication by mail and is unable to open her mail.


In the last few months my ability to open my mail has returned, although still extremely difficult. If I don’t open my mail WINZ will cut my benefit off and I will not be able to pay my rent and I will be homeless and die.   The idea that there is housing for everybody and everybody has a family member or friend who will take them in is a fantasy of ‘the free market community’. My mother lives in a small flat on the property of my sister who despises me for being poor and unemployed. My daughters are young and in relationships but not married, their partners would leave them if their mother turned up to live. I will not put the burden of what ACC and NZ government have done to all disabled abuse victims like me, who require/entitled to state housing, onto them. I do not burden them with my problems because they cannot fix them and their lives are happy and successful.


It is a fact you cannot tell people you care about or who care about you how bad things really are for you. The continuous propaganda in the media that people should talk to a friend etc is ridiculous advice, if you tell people they stop being your friend. Many people have so many of their own problems they cannot take on other peoples. Those who don’t would prefer not to be BROUGHT DOWN from their happiness and great lives.   It is what Chris Hedges refers to as ANOMIE and it has destroyed our societies.


Both her friend  and her daughter describe her functioning as appearing to be relatively unimpaired for much of the time. However, when she has an experiences, contacts or thoughts that remind her of many of the issues that she finds particularly anxiety provoking, this can produce an overwhelming episode of anxiety which then triggers her angry response and inability to cope with the situation in which she finds herself.


The issues I find myself in are being illegally rejected from mental health and justice services I am entitled to.   That Judson has phrased this issue in this way points to some sort of radicalised delusion him and his ruling class and profession cling to as validation of their insanity (evil of passive inaction Prof P Zimbardo). No different to what happened with Germans who were radicalised by NAZI to target, blame the disabled, gypsy, gays, Jews etc. My angry response is triggered by people not being professionals and the extensive bigotry and degradation ‘expected’ in mental health services if you don’t take their medications and do what you are told. The poor are a commodity and industry, that is all they are viewed as by wealthy elites (meaning of elite are people who hate poor people and like rich people).


I find this part of the report very upsetting, that a seemingly intelligent person who is supposed to be an expert in mental health is fabricating such a ridiculous story to validate himself and his profession.


This may include contacts with mental health or other statutory agencies, or if she sees an item on the television or in the newspaper that reminds her of any of the issues that she is so preoccupied about. Ms R has been unable to obtain any kind of employment and attributes this to the anxiety and trauma that she experiences, further compounding her difficulties. She told me she now has only one friend and has very little other social contact.


I am a civil society activist in the area of mental health, suicide, neo-liberali terrorism, homelessness, poverty, government corruption, etc. Challenging and protesting against a deeply flawed and corrupt system that I know violates NZ constitutional laws and multiple UN treaties. This is what I do and so do many 1000s of other people I associate with on social media and in community do as well.  




In 2009 I was working with an OT and we had discovered I had a phobia regarding going for a job interview as a result of the not-guilty verdict of the rapist, even when he admitted it in court. My subconscious had transferred the overwhelming despair and trauma of this decision by the jury of 10 white haired old men from Tauranga, one old woman with a blue rinse and one young woman who looked IHC onto a potential employer. Someone who has power over me. We were just about to start role playing and working on being able to go for a job interview when ACC illegally and cruelly withdrew all my services – one of the greatest traumas of my life, far worse than being raped in fact and far more damaging. I protest to have my care reinstated, I have won two reviews to have my care reinstated in 2010 and 2011, I still have no services and that is not my fault that is ACC’s and service providers. Which I make formal complaints about that are ignored.


Although I cannot go for a job interview I have had a few jobs people have organised for me but they are in the areas of cleaning and gardening etc. I am an intelligent person I have been a business woman, secretary, administrator etc. These are the types of jobs I am suitable for and good at. Now because of my disorder, that makes you highly creative, my art, music, poetry and plays are what my talent and value to society is in. With the $10,000 of accrued independence allowance ACC are illegally withholding I could develop my art more as I believe I have a product that people will like and purchase. I am kept destitute and so poor I can barely function. As a result of not having my money, my car needs maintenance, I feel bad about owing people money, I can’t develop my music merchandise etc to make money.


Much of the reason I cannot participate in society is the poverty and unemployment. People hate you and discriminate against you publicly and cruelly. You can’t belong to a club, go to any event that costs money – that includes when charities stand at the gate and demand money. I don’t attribute not working to my anxiety and trauma I ATTRIBUTE IT TO BEING DENIED PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE I AM ENTITLED TO FROM ACC. The recording of our meeting will confirm this.


I have one friend I see regularly and yes my ability to function socially is severely diminished as the police continue to terrorise me at every opportunity and so does my cruel and ignorant community. If I had ACC care and everything the government says is there for people to get THE HELP THEY NEED then I wouldn’t be in this situation, I wouldn’t be protesting and I wouldn’t be in court WOULD I. The ‘helping agencies’ Judson refers to I am assuming are the many charities and social enterprises neo-liberals have encouraged to get people working for free as volunteers. Except these people are not health professionals and often extremely issue ridden, self-righteous and have no idea what stress disorders or poverty is like.   Or they are poor themselves, only capable of charity work and have serious psychological issues so do exactly what they are told by an industry that has become a neo-liberal abomination.


I have activist friends who part of the inquiry into abuse in government institutions. The very people they have been complaining to for years are the ones preventing me from receiving care, compensation (for what ACC have illegally deprived me of) and of course professional treatment care rehab and safe stable culturally appropriate home. I was part of the mental health inquiry and interviewed independently by one of their legal team. Exactly what I am expressing in this complaint is what the woman was validating in my hour long meeting with her. She told me they had met with local mental health staff and community leaders and they were extremely was elitist, she asked me why I thought they were so bad. I explained the influence of private schools and big money in our region and the loss of ALL STATE HOUSING in the early 1990s, loss of manufacturing jobs, with well established farming elite, old money & old boys & girls network of cruel ignorant bigots.


I have been hurt by many people, especially those I have tried to help. Working people hate people who don’t work and I have experienced a lot of discrimination and bigotry from friends and my own family. My own brother told me recently if my life was so bad I should kill myself. Then phoned me and verbally abused me for putting what he said on social media, for that he called me toxic poison. My brother likes to believe everything is wonderful for everybody and if I went and asked for a job stacking shelves at the supermarket everything would be fine. That I have physical issues with a damaged ankle and cannot stand for long periods of time, along with my extreme anxiety being around so many people in a supermarket which I find so traumatic are not considered by him (having to shop there with very little money surrounded by so much is trauma). His wife and him both work and travel internationally regularly.


Ms R is currently not receiving any mental health or ACC funded services. She has made it clear that she does not wish to receive any kind of medication. She currently has no GP. She told me this was because the GP had imposed conditions on her behaviour with that she was unable to maintain and that she now requires some medical intervention for physical health issues.


While Judson says I do not receive any kind of mental health or funded services, ACC and mental health services maintain they are and do provide services. The facts speak for themselves, I receive no services and am deprived of services. That I refuse to work with services who have been unprofessional and bigoted in the past is not refusing services it is being terrified of them killing me. If I had my ACC care reinstated I would have a mental health worker to help me through these extreme phobias and keep me safe from these people.   Privatised and public services that hurt many more people than me and EVERYBODY IN THE COMMUNITY KNOWS IT. That is why NZ has so many inquiries etc, because mental health services are so appallingly bad and so living environments for poor abused women and men.


The conditions imposed were done unexpectedly and without reason, I had never been triggered in the doctor’s office. I had expressed my distress at not having my ACC care reinstated etc, I cry and I tick and I shake and rock backwards and forwards. I am extremely distressed but I have never been violent or abusive in any way. I had a good relationship with Dr Bloeden and was upset when he left and I was forced onto another doctor with an extremely poor reputation in area of mental health. She has depression which makes her a very bad doctor not a very good one. One of the other doctors at Carterton medical centre had told me years ago, when I first became suicidal because I couldn’t get ACC care I desperately needed that I should do a good job if I was going to kill myself. He said him and other doctors didn’t like people who failed, who they then had to treat for complications due to the suicide attempt. I assured him I was intelligent and would not fail.


The conditions were imposed by Bell Gully influence in Compass Health. This part of the report is becoming very distressing, I will cover what the corrupt cruel immoral criminal Mr (voldamort who I am not allowed to name) has done another time. I have a stress disorder, experts like Bessell vanden Kolk are detailed in the explanation of my Complex PTSD symptoms and these doctors, psychiatrists and therapists should know this – do know this. It is the extreme trauma and degradation of poverty neo-liberals have inflicted on our society prolonging and worsening symptoms of severe prolonged trauma/persecution.



I note that MS R has two previous convictions for graffiti in December 2017 and one of wilful trespass in May 2014. As far as I can ascertain from the records the pattern of offending behaviour seems to have escalated in frequency and intensity over the last couple of years.


Prior to 2009 and the illegal removal of my ACC care I did not have any criminal history, except maybe one or two speed camera fines. I am an older woman, I was raped when 37, I am now 55, all these years ACC, mental health and the NZ government preventing disabled abuse victims like me from receiving treatment, homes and services they are entitled to under law.   The two convictions he refers to: was firstly being trespassed from Law Society for going there and refusing to leave until I had a lawyer to make ACC reinstate my care as directed by the tribunal court. And the 2017 case was for chalking a swastika on window of Carterton police station after they attempted to prosecute me for a second time for misuse of a telephone for calling ACC in the middle of the night on the verge of psychotic screaming for my care to be reinstated. I got violently assaulted for that by Sgt Q Hoera and threatened with worse – by Constable Alan French. That was a perversion of justice ACC lawyers Meredith Connell were involved in and the head of ACC Scott Pickering – who is currently one of the highest paid CEOs in NZ at over $820,000 (31x my income).


My protesting has not significantly escalated over the past two years. Judson would not have access to the dozens of charges laid against me that were subsequently dropped and those they lost. He only has access to the current past two years of charges. Many of which are justifiable on the basis of my tourettes type behaviour that was first identified by me and Dr Alan Doris in his last report.




In summary, Ms R displays a picture of a woman who was reasonably functioning and relatively unimpaired in terms of her mental health and behaviour prior to an episode of rape in 2002. From this event she developed high levels of anxiety triggered by trauma, leading to an escalating patter of distress, mood disorder and constant preoccupation with injustices, both her own and those of society as a whole, leading her to continual episodes of ‘protest’. Her protests bring her in conflict with police and other agencies due to her pattern of escalating abuse, which is clearly distressing and may be frightening to those who are the recipients of her abusive verbal invective.


Actually I was a high functioning person prior to the mental injury and the initial traumatic response very normal in the circumstances. When I could not get the help I knew I desperately needed I started reading, as I like knowledge and always have. First thing I read was ACC legislation, which lead me to United Nations treaties, the disability and human rights areas, neo-liberalism and the associated social problems all those countries who embrace it experience. I tried many times to HEAL MYSELF and recover financially, create a business I could earn money from etc – THEY ALL FAILED due to my stress disorder and lack of treatment care rehab a safe home and support I was entitled to and needed.   Protesting in the face of gross injustice that you are facing, but also that the group you belong to face is NORMAL BEHAVIOUR IN A DEMOCRATIC CIVIL SOCIETY. This man considering it a mental disorder says more about his mental dysfunction, bias, ignorance and lack of education/intelligence than it does mine.


I was never in conflict with police when protesting in Wellington, all staff agreed with what was happening regarding people with mental health issues and poverty/homelessness issues. They are at the forefront of this neo-liberal dysfunction playing out in society, they were almost always kind, understanding and validated what I was doing. Although my protests ended in my arrest sometimes I was seldom charged, mostly warned not to go back to where I had been protesting. In my role as a Civil Society Activist I speak truth to power and that is what I was doing and still do. A review of my arrests will find them related to all those people in power who are causing the suffering and harm me and 100,000s other New Zealanders are being subjected to.


I tried all the accepted and legal ways to address the injustices I was being subjected to – they all failed, some of them even gave the reason being, my mental health issues. Somehow I had become a liar and unaware of what being persecuted/traumatised/ill-treated was due to my disability/mental illness. It is not me who is insane it is those people who perpetrate this nightmare against people with mental health issues related to trauma and poverty stress.


Because I have not been allowed the care I needed and left to rot on welfare purposely I spend my time studying and keeping well informed of national and international politics and mental health/suicide industry. I am an expert in my field after 17 years, the last five years I have worked 24/7 as my mental health deteriorated due to lack of services and ongoing traumatic situations. I am so suicidal I have to keep protesting or I am going to die, my life is so bad and so dysfunctional due to my living situation and lack of hope and care I have to do this or I will die.


I must return to work, I must earn my own money, while I am controlled by welfare I am destined to remain rotting on welfare. Why WINZ, ACC etc would want this is beyond my understanding. I do know there are many others who are deprived of services like myself, while others are lavished with extravagant things like bus trips to wildlife parks (that was the proceeds from suicide prevention charity money from a recent event). The organisation that received the money, King Street Artworks trespassed me several years ago for being upset they were censoring my political art from the annual exhibition- which was illegal. According to them if they let me do it they would lose their government funding.


1.Mental Disorder within the Meaning of the Mental Health Act 1992


Ms R has developed a chronic mental disorder characterised by very high anxiety, volatile mood and preoccupations with systematic abuse and exploitation which border on the delusional.


I am not delusional and I have developed this disorder (which is actually extreme terror associated with psychological torture and neglect) due to being deprived of ACC are etc I am entitled to under New Zealand laws I know, have copies of and am quite capable of reading and comprehending. I was successfully studying law at Victoria University when I was first hurt, I tried to get ACC assistance to continue but was refused. It has always been my contention university study constituted schooling and I should have received support to continue my studies. I know lawyers at Masterton Court who were at law school when I was.


Our society is well aware mental health services are really bad, that’s why it is continuously in the news and we recently had yet another inquiry into why. I am sure when the two recent reports for the court are finally challenged an honest court and independent mental health experts they will be exposed for their incompetence and bigotry.


There are also issues of impaired volition, in that she appears by her own admission and the observations of others, to be unable to control the stream of verbal abuse when she is triggered by some event or cue that heightens her anxiety.


When I am insulted, degraded, discredited, discriminated against and experience cruel bigotry and hatred – yes I am triggered and angry – that’s isn’t a dysfunctional response that is a completely normal response. It is delusional to think it isn’t in my situation.


Although she calls this a type of tourettes syndrome (a neurological disorder characterised by compulsive verbal and other ticks) it is unlikely that this would be the diagnosis. However there is a very stereotyped pattern of abuse that characterises her tirades when her anxiety and frustration is triggered beyond a certain point. It appears that she effectively loses control and is unable to exercise any real voluntary control of her anger and verbalisation once she passes a certain trigger point. It would be reasonable to say that the first limb of the test of mental disorder, as an intermittent disorder of mood and volition, is therefore met.


Tirade is an insulting misogynist elitist word I take offence to. I in fact do have some control over my extreme rage at the injustice me and 100,000s New Zealanders are being subjected to under neo-liberal extremism. Many people with my disorder become violently abusive, which I have never done, I don’t entertain those horrendous thoughts I get. I use every spiritual tactic and information I have learnt over the past 17 years to stay non-violent in my protests. I use my intellect and knowledge of history to fight the impacts of this tyrannical elitist oppressive mental health and economic system. If I had my ACC care as required from 2002 when I was harmed, then I would not be in this state.  


This paragraph of Judson’s actually proves ACC and others have driven me mad with by omitting to do what they are legally required to under law and medical model.


The second limb of the test of mental disorder requires that she poses either a serious risk to others or a serious risk to her own health or safety, or is seriously diminished in her ability to care for herself. In terms of serious risk to others there is little evidence that any of her individual actions in themselves would pose a serious risk to another person, however it seems clear that the episodes of her abuse can lead to the victims of her abuse becoming upset, frightened and quite scared of her. I myself, as an experienced psychiatrist, was taken aback by the abuse I experienced, and for a lay person, particularly when caught by surprise, this is likely to be an extremely distressing and traumatic experience. Although each event in itself may not meet the criterion of seriousness, the accumulation of less serious events could be interpreted as being a serious risk to other people.


Again the only reason I am in this situation is the failure of ACC and others to provide me with the treatment care rehabilitation, home and justice I am entitled to under NZ law and signed ratified UN treaties.


I have never hurt anybody, they hurt me, me wanting a person who has insulted me or been a bigot to understand and feel the terror of living in the darklands of our grossly corrupt and now unequal society is A NORMAL HUMAN REACTION. The people I confront are terrified of what they are doing to people like myself is a radicalised delusion. This is a result of unjust and damaging abuses of power in our society and world. There are millions of people resisting neo-liberalism, austerity and government/corporate corruption associated with it. Obviously Mr Judson is contented making a huge amount of money and harming large numbers of innocent traumatised poor people like myself.   This report is done in an attempt to validate the part he plays in causing suicide and social dysfunction in our society. He trained as a GP is from a privileged elitist background, he refuses to accept what him and his peers have done.


People are very angry and express it in many dysfunctional ways, in the darklands I am often recipient of their dysfunction and government criminal negligence and neglect. Everywhere I see events triggered by poverty, trauma and neglect, like the Christchurch mosque murders are a direct reflection of the rage in society who having their resources taken and given to immigrants (more correctly given to wealthy global elites and corporations).


Secondly considering the issue of serious risk to her own health or safety, although she claims chronic suicidal preoccupation I am not aware that there has been any suicidal behaviour, and in that sense do not think she poses a serious risk to herself.


Of the entire report that paragraph was the most damaging, unprofessional, criminally negligent and lead to a suicidal episode. I have Complex PTSD, he even says it, CPTSD has a 60% mortality rate according to figures recently released from studies in the USA. Telling the court, police, mental health providers, doctors and a person they are not going to act on the horrendous suicidal thoughts is deeply disturbing psychological abuse.


I am highly suicidal and could die any day, I don’t act on the horrendous desire to kill myself due to my inhuman living situation because I know from my extensive research and experience that is what deeply disturbed corrupt abusers in our government want. I know many people who have been driven to suicide begging for services and being abused by them instead. 80% of New Zealand citizens know suicide, that those in power have been able to manipulate suicide into some form of business and oppression of suicidal people is extremely intelligent and devious use of psychology. Of an even greater level than NAZI used, all the information I understand about trauma comes from textbooks. All I understand about abuses of power, particularly what I learnt from the Stanford Prison Experiment is all available to those abusing power.


In fact recently I discovered the international organisation that promotes neo-liberal extremist ideas around the world, called the Mont Pelerin Society (ie Business Round Table/NZ Initiative etc). Ruth Richardson 1980s MP is on their board of directors. They also are based at Stanford University and are well aware I am the person in the cupboard telling people things aren’t right and to stand up to abuses of authority. They know how rest of society will respond to me so long as they keep me discredited, terrorised and censored.


However she does put herself in situations where others react to her in a manner that may endanger her safety. For example she complains that police have physically hurt her when restraining her, due to her behaviour when she has been highly aroused.


I have NEVER EVER resisted police arrest, once I am told I am under arrest for whatever non-violent political action I am taking. I don’t like being touched or handcuffed behind my back because of the abuse (and my disorder) so anything I can do to avoid that I DO IT. I spent years being arrested in Wellington and never made complaints of violence by police. It was only once I was forced by poverty to protest in Wairarapa the physical and psychological violence by local police started. Wairarapa has a history of police persecution of vulnerable minorities.


Police weren’t restraining me when I was assaulted and I wasn’t escalated, I was very calm at the point I was using my chalk pen to put a swastika and corrupt on police window in front of them for what they had just done and said to me. When the officer asked me to stop I didn’t look at him and said “I havn’t finished.” This enraged him and he attacked me, used holds on me that had me screaming and left tops of my hands bruised and swollen. I had a large bruise up the inside of my left arm and side of my right leg when I was thrown on the ground.


Another time I was also assaulted with handcuffs only a few meters from back of Masterton police station during a protest chalking a swastika onto Masterton Court because I was being illegal denied a lawyer. I was not violent or escalated I was extremely calm and expected to be arrested. I begged the officer not to put them on due to an injury a few days prior, I was ignored and the resulting pain triggered me (they knew full well what they were doing). They left the handcuffs on longer as a result and I have CCTV footage of that event and the extreme – worst pain I have ever experienced in my life including childbirth – I was subjected to by the officers. My wrist has been permanently damaged and the fear I now have due to the pain I was subjected to makes protesting very difficult – I have been persecuted for protesting – that is not freedom of speech and expression – that is the opposite.  


I can’t go into any more of this trauma it is causing me extreme distress and I still have pages of OPINIONs from Judson to discredit and legitimately challenge his own psychological dysfunction, delusion and criminal sociopathy.


In addition her preoccupation and inability to resist the urge to pursue her protests and express her frustrations causes her to come up against the very triggers that retraumatise her and heighten her anxiety, thus worsening her mental condition.


This is grossly inaccurate and extremely disturbing for any health professional to say. My protests are as a result of my overwhelming suicidal ideation, when I can no longer stay in my home as I want to kill myself and have the means to do it here.   My fear of police violence and others persecution is outweighed by my fear of killing myself and not being able to help others going through this horrendous elitist abuse of power our country currently perpetrates – no matter what Jacinda Ardern says.


This suggests that the repeated episodes of anxiety and the consequences of these create a vicious cycle, steadily worsening her own mental health.   This is in itself could be seen as a serious risk to her own health if the situation is maintained.


He’s saying my suicidality is caused by protesting for services I am entitled to, should have reinstated by ACC after waiting nine years. Yeah right.


She is also reckless as to the potential consequences of her repeated protests, which also may be seen as a risk to her own health and safety.


I get many people come up to me when protesting and agree with everything I am saying, they hug me, they support me, they give me money sometimes as well.


Lastly considering whether there is a significantly diminished of capacity to care for herself. The accounts of her daughter and her friend suggest that she is able to care for herself in practical, day to day issues when she is calm and functioning reasonably well. However her life situation has clearly deteriorated during the years that she has been suffering from this mental disorder


My life situation is not my fault, that is the government’s fault, ACC’s fault and those who supposed to be providing me with care, my mental disorder is trauma as a result of psychological torture and oppression.


She has gone from being a relatively successful and stable person to one who is living by her own account on the margins of survival with little money and preoccupied by the injustices of her own situation and that of others.


Judson even admits what is happening to me is an injustice and that people rotting on welfare are on the margins of survival. And yet labels me insane and not the criminals that put me here – like himself – deeply disturbing radicalised behaviour and thinking from a human being.


Due to this her function in many aspects of her life seems quite seriously impaired. Issues such as her ability to deal with the agencies that she needs to help her manage her situation, her inability to complete forms, to open her mail or to attend interviews and appointments that are necessary to make some progress in her life, all suggest that there is a significant diminution in her capacity for self-care.


The agencies supposed to provide services don’t for people like myself and because I protest about the appalling unprofessional behaviour of many of them I am discriminated against and prevented from accessing services. As I have discussed previously in this report. Also I do attend interviews, it is WINZ who don’t want me at their office because I cry and become distressed about not getting my ACC care and $10,000 they owe me so I don’t’ have to be on welfare and beg for food. So I could at least try and sell those things I make and art I create. In fact WINZ now abuse me for self-harming at the distress of being left to rot on welfare purposely. I have documents to prove it.


I don’t care about myself it is true, people who want to die generally don’t as they feel worthless and lack all hope – which is true, which is why I am suicidal and many others are as well.   My lack of hope comes from the fact ACC and others are denying me the professional health models and care I am entitled to under law.


Considering how unco-operative Judson says I was during his assessment he has a lot to say about what is happening. His elitist bias is extremely evident here, he is an English imperialist so believes New Zealand to be his culture, rather than the unique kiwi culture Maori and Pakeha had attained as one people at particular levels of society. Where I go to karaoke there are just as many Maori as Pakeha and most of us associate with each other, hug each other etc. In fact I increasingly find Maori cultural behaviours far more kind and unconditional that Pakeha – my family who supposed to be Christians exhibit.


My ability for self-care due to being terrified of health, welfare and justice professionals who have harmed me is true. I desperately need to see a doctor after being deprived of that right for past three years, WINZ know this, ACC know this, the DHB and doctor know this. They continue to refuse to provide the services I need and am entitled to so I can have support to do this. I do not have any support in my personal life to do this – that is not my fault either. WINZ particularly have said I don’t have to have a doctor’s certificate to continue on invalids benefit when I had required it for years and every other person I know is required to provide a doctor’s certificate. They know this damages my health and they do not care, as they do not care for my welfare at all, they are criminally negligent according to law. I am one of those targeted for oppression, not support.


Putting this all together it is my opinion that she does meet the definition of mental disorder as defined in the Mental Health Act and that she would potentially be eligible for compulsory intervention if this was considered to be the most appropriate step in alleviating her distress. However her intense distrust of any aspects of the mental health system would make a compulsory intervention potentially counterproductive, retrigger many of her traumas and enhance her sense of mistrust, with a significant risk of worsening her situation.


This is a disturbing paragraph where my protests for professional ACC treatment care rehab etc are being denied and he is saying the court needs to make it compulsory. Why would they need to make it compulsory, just provide the services like I had in 2009 that were professional and successful but illegally removed before I was ready. What do they intend to do?? Give all power to abusive staff at Wairarapa DHB mental health services.


I do know one person who works there I could work with – I have offered this to the DHB, I was ignored. All the other workers are deeply disturbed people and have no idea of how to deal with people with Complex PTSD and have been told lies about me so scared of me and treatment me with loathing and contempt. They also repeat those lies in the community and people tell me – which is a violation of my privacy. Last time I phoned adult mental health services for some information I needed the manager of the unit started laughing manically. They are mostly quite insane psychopathic abusers or manipulated people who work for mental health – everybody knows that. Everybody in Wairarapa who has any dealings with them knows that.




The criteria for fitness to stand trial are that she is able to plead, to understand the nature, purpose and possible consequences of the process and to communicate adequately with counsel.


All of which I am quite capable of with a suitably qualified and resourced lawyer and reinstatement of my ACC care as required by law would make the process even more successful and infinitely less traumatic. Having to read these deeply disturbed delusional elitist bigoted ramblings of Judson is a trauma in itself. How can they let evil men like him have power over people like this.   Although it does remind me of something that has been revealed at the Inquiry into Abuse in Care where Dr Leeks who had been torturing children at Lake Alice psychiatric hospital was sent to Australia with the support and promotion of the Medical Council and Crown Law. To get him out of New Zealand after the abuse he had been perpetrating and sending him to harm others in another country, which he subsequently did. Medical council told me Barry-Walsh was violating their rules and then refused to look at my complaint.


  • Ability to Plead: She understands the charges and can indicate clearly what is her preferred plea and why. However the defence that she is relying on may be unrealistic in that she seems to dismiss the reality of the criminal behaviour and seems to regard her behaviour as entirely legitimate. On balance I consider that she is fit to enter a plea.


The defence I am relying on is constitutional and disability, human rights law. My behaviour is not criminal and as a psychiatrist he has no right to advise or suggest such. We have some of the worst social, violence and suicide statistics in the western world – of course I am justified and my protests legitimate. If I had my health care they just wouldn’t turn so nasty.


  • Ability to understand the nature of the process: I do not think this is impaired.


I am well aware of my rights and the process, that I am being deprived of my rights to justice and due process is the problem, not me.


(c )     Ability to understand the purpose of the process: The answer to this would be yes in a simple sense, in that she understands that she is going to court charged with a range of offences. However her view is that the whole societal structure is one of oppression of the poor and marginalised by the elites, the professionals, government systems etc so that her understanding of the purpose is heavily influenced by her view that the legal process is yet another attempt to deliberately victimise her. Her full understanding of the purpose may therefore be impaired.


As with other civil society actors and intelligent people I am well aware of the abuses of power being perpetrated under neo-liberalism. The entire world is now aware of it (except perhaps Judson and his friends who profit from it so extensively) – this comment is more proof of the corruption people like myself object to vehemently.


(d)   Ability to understand the possible consequences: It is very difficult to assess this given her attitude is that she does not care about the consequences. It is probable that she does understand the consequences, even if she does not accept this. Her refusal to consider the realistic consequences may affect her fitness to stand trial.


I have explained about the consequences to my actions so far over the past nine years, it appears Judson is attempting some sort of threat. He even perceives his own compulsory treatment as a threat, not treatment and care, a very dangerous and real threat I should be terrified of.


(e)   Ability to communicate adequately with counsel: This is in my view the most tricky area for her in terms of her fitness to stand trial. The quality of her communication is so coloured by her distress, her anger and her frustration that it may be impossible for her to have any calm, rational discussion with her counsel about these issues. Although she is accepting at this stage the role of her counsel and insists that she is allowing him to conduct her defence on her behalf, her volatility and impulsivity is such that she is likely to find it very difficult to maintain her composure and her stance of non-intervention in the court room.


What an odd comment to make, I had not parted ways with my lawyer at this point, here Judson assumes it will happen. Perhaps in his discussions with my lawyer without my knowledge or attendance has something to do with that. I know my lawyer was reluctant to use constitutional laws in my defence, which of course is my right as a defendant, I instruct my lawyer he doesn’t instruct me. He did not accept my disability and was revolting in other ways. Of course I am not going to stay quiet if my lawyer doesn’t conduct my defence as we have discussed. Of course I am going to be heard when I know what is being said is incorrect. Any person who knew the law would do that, I know my rights and I exercise them, they are the only protection a poor person has got against abuses of power.


In summary then my view is that there is some doubt over her fitness to stand trial, particularly given her firm insistence that she is not criminally responsible because her actions are legitimate protest and because her ability to interact with the court as the process unfolds is likely to be impaired due to her inability to contain her distress and impulsivity during this stressful process.


I am not criminally responsible (and this report was only supposed to be about my ability to conduct my own defence when Legal Aid were denying me legal aid and a lawyer) for two reasons, firstly I am justified as with throwing red paint on the white ribbon banner in Masterton police station. And secondly when I become insulting and offensive when my disorder is triggered and I ‘go tourettes’. With the health care I am supposed to have from ACC I would not be ‘going tourettes’, when I protest. It is a result of my lack of co-ordinated professional multi-disciplinary care and continued injustices/poverty etc that cause this.


Judson appears to again believe the court process is going to upset me, why would it if justice is going to be done?




Previous reports have not considered there to be an issue of insanity, though I would suggest that this is a more nuanced judgement. Section 23 of the Crimes Act states that a person may be considered insane if they are suffering from a disease of the mind which makes them unable to understand the nature of the action or omission, or to understand that it was morally wrong.


Firstly does she have a disease of the mind? She is clearly suffering an entrenched mental disorder characterised by PTSD, mood disorder and some personality change and also exhibits what appear to be compulsive urges to abuse, as well as some degree of paranoid mood in relation to the persecution of herself and others in similar situation. This mental disorder can be defined as constituting a disease of the mind.


I do not have a disease of the mind for knowing what is happening to me is wrong and protesting within the rules of Civil Society. I have Complex PTSD, which is untreated PTSD and prolonged trauma. I am definitely not paranoid but I believe Mr Judson and those purposely harming society are starting to become paranoid about the blatant unnecessary suffering they are inciting with their neo-liberal extremist policies.  If I had a professional assessment by a suitably qualified expert I am sure they would refute all Judson’s assumptions, as I do?


This of course is a very serious accusation and the judge has made a decision based on this elitist bigoted claptrap. There is nothing wrong with my mind and its reaction to injustice and ongoing trauma – that is why we have so many people in New Zealand who have anxiety and depression (which is nothing more than trauma and lack of hope). I have a mental injury as a result of overwhelming trauma and criminal neglect. That is what I am covered for under ACC. I do not have a disease, any person in my particular situation would be reacting exactly the same. I am an expert in stress disorders, I work with many other people with the same disorder I do, in the community, in the darklands. 1000s of us fighting for care and justice we know we are entitled to and need to restore dignity, resilience and meaning to our lives


In terms of her understanding of the nature of the action I do not consider that she would be impaired in this regard. However, does she understand that it was morally wrong?


I have Christian beliefs, I know full well what I am doing is morally right in response to what is most definitely morally wrong in relation to people with mental injuries as a result of abuse and poverty. The deterioration of our society has come on the back of neo-liberal extremist beliefs that were never tested and have resulted in the moral bankruptcy of our society in the name of personal profit and destruction of our planet.


It is my moral duty as a humanist who understands Christianity and the guidance of The Light. There is no other moral path I can take until my Godly mission is completed and successful. How would I stay alive and continue with these protests in the face of such psychological violence, ignored physical violence, torment, humiliation and degradation? It is my faith and intellect that help me stay alive. I have always said I have lost hope, all I have left is faith.


To consider me immoral as a victim of the state, ACC, police etc is reprehensible and evil (as defined by Prof Philip Zimbardo).   I challenge any person to challenge me on my morality – this is not a paid job for me, this is my life and the lives of others. To label me insane for doing what I am driven by necessity to do is heresy and in itself insane. It is not just me that says services are really bad, statistics and 100,000s of other people through the political and wealth spectrum do as well. I was part of the privately funded inquiry into child abuse paid for by Owen Glenn. I learnt from women I met there how there were other woman around New Zealand like myself, asking for health care we are entitled to before we become unwell. Begging for services and being denied them – seems we are a particular target of authorities trying to keep ACC spending on the huge numbers of domestic violence and abuse victims. The Glenn inquiry was derailed when allegations of sexual inpropriety were levelled at Mr Glenn and yet again people like myself were deprived of justice. Health care etc.


It should also be noted that she regards her actions as being legitimate behaviour and therefore justified. On this basis she argues that it is not morally wrong. Whether this is considered to be due to mental disorder is debateable. It is difficult to see any coherent strategy from her so called ‘protest’ and her view of the injustices seems to be heavily coloured by a quasi-delusional interpretation of the malign intent of the various groupings of professionals, police government agencies and therefore can be interpreted as being a direct result of the mental disorder.


I completely refute that assessment and these repetitious radicalised ramblings of Judson.   My ‘so called protest’ has the man never read a history book on revolution and modern activism. There are lots of them and all over youtube, websites and other social media. Please refer to current Hong Kong protests and what graffiti artists are doing. Statements like this give me the evidence I need to prove just how corrupted, unprofessional, bigoted, negligent and criminally negligent Judson is.


I would therefore suggest that the question of an insanity defence cannot be entirely ruled out in this case.




The Court has sought advice only on the questions of fitness and insanity however I think it would be appropriate for me to make some comments on disposition. I am very much aware that Ms R finds any psychiatric assessment to be extremely distressing and anxiety provoking and anything that can be done to avoid her having to attend a further psychiatric assessment is likely to be helpful for her and for the Court.


Here Judson repeats again his horrendous bigoted beliefs and delusions about the damage people like him are doing in society. I would like another opinion from a suitably qualified psychiatrist or two who are independent of the very services I passionately and rightly protest so vehemently against.


Ms R herself suggests that she needs a package of support to assist her to manage the distress and high levels of anxiety that she currently experiences She has at least some idea in her mind of what this would constitute.


What these comments constitute is ‘gaslighting’ stating the obvious of what services I should have been receiving for years. The severity of my trauma now was caused by ACC, police and others. It has occurred to me perhaps this is done purposely to disable me so I can’t expose what is happening, live with dignity or defend myself adequitely.


It would ideally involve mental health and support professionals who could support her in various areas of her life to manage the trauma and anxiety experiences and to enable her to get herself back into some sort of functioning occupation. She has been dismissive of the idea of my psychological input or of any medication as part of this.


Again this is what I have been asking for and entitled to and being denied. My rejection of medication is related to my religious and ethical beliefs. I have maintained this stance throughout my treatment. In 2009 that human right was followed and the beginnings of a professional rehabilitation plan with a team of people was started. However it was stopped after six months due to ‘politically and neo-liberally driven budget restraints – that are illegal’. It was supposed to be for 2 ½ years, they stopped it within three weeks and I felt like I had been thrown out of a six story building. I can’t bring up that trauma it is to difficult.


Regarding my religious reasons for refusing to take psychotropic drugs. I am what spiritualists call a rescuer, lost souls of dead people are attracted to my spiritual light and they ‘attach themselves to me’. I learnt how to deal with it many years ago when I was getting emotionally affected and didn’t know why.   Now it may take a few days but I can recognise when my sad/angry feelings are not my own and are just another lost soul I need to pass over to the light.  


I do this for myself and other people. I firstly talk to these spirits in my thoughts, find out what is wrong and why they are still here. They are often confused, despairing and angry, some don’t even realise they are dead and there is anything beyond wandering the earth feeling bad etc. I talk to them, tell them what I do and I’m going to help them, I ask them to turn around see if they can see a light like a star anywhere. As soon as they have, an image of a white light comes very close and often relatives who have passed will come out to greet and welcome the spirit/person. It is usually quick after that and they are gone into the light and I can relax and get on with my day. The little black shapes out of the corner of my eye will go and the feelings ‘that are not my own’ will have as well.


When I was first told to take medication I asked them what it would do to my ability to protect myself spiritually. Of course they just looked at me without an answer. Spirit had warned me never to take them, because it would do exactly that – impair my ability to protect myself spiritually. When you do the type of spiritual work I do you have to be extremely strong to deal with the darkest of human demons.


I never chose this, it is just who I am. A search of my Chinese astrology sign as a Wood Dragon (firebreathing when attacked) shows I was destined to be a spiritual high priestess. I have always been a spiritual person, my mother told me I used to take Sunday school not her when a child. I have known The Lords Prayer all my life and use it to protect myself spiritual at times. With the medical and scientific knowledge I have acquired through my studies and research into stress disorders my belief in the bible has changed. I consider it more a book of prophecy and intelligent guidance about how to live in peace and what will destroy that peace if ‘a civil society’ allows it.


This is who I am and what I do, it is irrelevant to me whether you believe it or not. I don’t usually tell many people because they don’t understand and are scared of things I talk about. I am not scared of spirit, I can handle anything thrown at me so far. What I am scared of is powerful spiritually ignorant humans thinking they can manipulate a person’s brain function with no physical and spiritual side affects.


With regard to my care I read about Whare Tapa Wha and Mason Durie’s work, I want that applied to my rehabilitation, they refuse. After all the revolting things Judson said to me, now he is regurgitating what I told him about what I needed and was entitled to. Everything I know I am entitled to – it is ACC and our government that prevent this happening NOT ME.


In order to stand any chance of successful intervention, it would be necessary to have support from a co-ordinated team of mental health professionals including psychiatrist, psychologists, occupational therapist, community support worker and possibly other working together to manage the various strands of her disability.


Like I have been asking for and protest about not getting.


I have no doubt that as part of any intervention, medication would be an important tool in alleviating the high levels of anxiety and impulsivity that occur, but this would need to be embedded in a comprehensive support package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan and would also necessarily include some psychological work to address her PTSD.


I saw this man for less than two hours, he has written a wildly elaborate and inaccurate report, he knows about my religious and ethical beliefs in medication. I believe he is part of a corrupted group of people in our mental health profession who are nothing more than drug company mules. I have met many people who say health workers make things worse and the extent of experimentation going on in this industry is a gross violation of international law. It is a well known fact the global drug corporations are grossly corrupt and have corrupted government and universities. They are the most profitable industry on the planet and they are abusing their power and part of the point of my protests is to address that. I know from my disability studies I do not have to take medication and refuse to. I also know you force ECT onto people and I also refuse that idiocy and torture.


Sadly it appears the judiciary and police believe medication is what stops people from be distressed about their inhuman, undignified situation and refusal of ACC and others to provide professional rehabilitation using professional heal models. I know this, that is one of the reasons they want me labelled insane and forcibly medicated.   Many police officers and judges and others who are not health professionals have told me to take medication. I get insulted by many people on social media and in the community by being told to ‘take your meds’. Including one of the people who demands I am charged with offensive behaviour.


It is a complete lunacy that police and courts are demanding a compulsory treatment order when almost everything else Judson is suggesting is what I know I am entitled to and been demanding for many years.



To put together such a package of care would be a challenge and to set up a package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan would be an even more tricky challenge.


We did it for six months in 2009, it was ACC who removed it against medical advice and my screams of protest – I almost died, I was destroyed. It was not tricky at all and the suggestion it is difficult shows a complete lack of understanding of how Occupational Therapy and health models work. This man is completely out of touch at the top of his ivory tower and doesn’t even know how a rehabilitation plan is implemented. For years I asked ACC to have a psychiatrist and they refused. Never met a psychologist that was at all useful, I know more than them and do not want one. In fact I think their profession should be removed and replaced with occupation therapists and counsellors. Rather than poor trained, issue ridden, power abusing social workers, which is what is currently causing huge human rights abuses within already vulnerable families within our society.


In addition it would require the mental health workers to be able to endure the kind of abuse that she would inevitably exhibit during at least the initial periods of engagement. This may be able to be tolerated if it can be conceptualised as a compulsive or tick like behaviour that is beyond her control and therefore not perceived as being personal abuse directed towards the therapist the therapists or care workers themselves.


This is an abhorrent suggestion, I worked successfully with OT Glenda vandenvenLong in 2009 and Donna the mental health worker and others in the community. I had a good relationship with my doctor before my ACC care was illegally removed. I had an excellent raport with Dr Alan Doris who Mason Durie referred me to (who is now living and working in Australia sadly – but has presented evidence by phone to the court previously). I worked successfully with lawyer Susie Barnes and none of my friends have ever had me ‘go tourettes’ at them, why would I they are normal decent people. Except for those say they are friends and yet subject me to bigotry and degradation, who steal from me or exploit me, then I do stand up for myself but will most often walk away that confront. I have never hurt anybody, they hurt me, ask my friends, meet my daughters. My daughters and friends love me, they wouldn’t if I was what Judson suggested.


In fact one of my friends would be ideal as a support worker and has qualifications in aged care and understand anxiety issues etc. There is a person I now at mental health who has just started working there who I would love to work with. I suggested this to DHB I never heard back, they don’t want me to get services yet tell everybody I refuse them. I don’t know any Occupational Therapists as good as Glender, who I have since discovered is an expert in the field of working with people with difficult personality behaviours. I never ever went tourettes at Glenda. This is a disgusting assumption and I am sure comes from bigotry he has against me from my protests against appalling mental health staff like himself. Who make Wairarapa No 1 in NZ for suicide.


One can see that this would be a difficult task to achieve but in my view would be the best way of ultimately being able to intervene to relieve the distress that Ms R suffers.


Mental health, ACC and others caused the distress in the first place. I am not sure what you call comments like this when they are so obviously delusional and some sort of attempt at asserting power over the situation or be some sort of rescuer of mine. Especially after the revolting things he has said.


If successful such intervention may enable her to moderate her behaviour, to maintain any protests within socially acceptable boundaries and avoid the ongoing contact with police and the justice system.


Well of course, that is the purpose of my protests, which Judson said as the beginning of the report had no purpose.


The question of compulsory intervention will inevitably need to be considered. It may be at the end of the day that compulsory intervention cannot be avoided. However any compulsory intervention by the mental health system would compound her distrust and her feelings of trauma and victimisation by a system that she regards as essentially abusive and should only really be considered if all other avenues to provide the care that she requires are exhausted.


This entire section is bizarre in its contradiction and expression of the care I told him I was entitled to and needed.


I trust that this report is helpful to the court.




I have read and compiled with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses contained in Schedule 4 of the High Court Rules


I confirm the truth and accuracy of this statement. I make this statement with the knowledge that it is to be used in Court proceedings. I am aware that it is an offence to make a statement that is known by me to be false or intended by me to mislead.


I have read Schedule 4 and also the Medical Council rules around conduct of Independent 3rd party medical assessors. Judson does not comply and now I have the recording of our meeting I can prove he has lied in several instances, which of course should bring into doubt every opinion this revolting man has publicly expressed.


He has misled the court and if I had money I would hire myself a lawyer and take him to court, just like I would take ACC to court, but I do not – which is a miscarriage of justice and violation of constitutional and criminal laws.


I should have hope that my care will be reinstated but I do not, I have been at this point with ACC and mental health before only to have the care withheld and me left helpless to do anything to stop this crime, cruelty and immorality.


Signed by Dr Nick Judson, Consultant Psychiatrist















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