Going Underground critique of Mark Maslin & his book The Cradle of Humanity

Watched the youtube video below and responded with this critique of Mark Maslin’s book and what he had to say on a couple of small things & the big things he left out.  His subtle put down of Noam Chomsky did appear to me manipulative, but that is merely my opinion.  I thought what I wrote was quite good explanation of what I know about psychology, trauma & basic instinct after studying it for 17 years and living the nightmare of hell that is poverty in a neo-liberal controlled country.


Prof Mark Maslin missed out a really important piece of information when you asked him about violence in society!!!!  Those people who have Complex PTSD due to ongoing trauma and social/govt neglect whose brains operate in a far more ‘basic instinct’ way than most people in our society.   These people have become more and more prevalent as neo-liberal extremism has taken over and deprived them of their most basic necessities of life, like safety, shelter and food security.   It is the SECURITY of these most basic needs causing the most damage.

Can’t walk to the next town/next valley to get food like humans for 100,000s years did, that supposed to be the job of the government following the Magna Carta!!!!!!  YOu need to refer to Maslows Heirachy of needs and understand how more and more people are being deprived of their most basic human needs and of course human and legal rights.  As a result of this these people are like primates who do fight for superiority every day.

Also as people in power have caused more and more suffering and deprivation, driving away manufacturing (people working with their hands to create things people in their community need) they have consequently created more JOBS that involve LEGAL power over others.  Instead of having a few powerful people that told others what to do, we now have millions of them.  This is where you get into the work of Prof Philip Zimbardo and his work on abuses of power and things like the evil of passive inaction.

Also the types of people that get into positions of political power, aren’t those who are the most intelligent and most successful humans, as survival of the fittest principles required.  Its the people with the most money/wealth, which is often inherited so they never worked for it.  Or some person in a bank creates it out of thin air and hands it to them, which of course they have never worked for either.  The same as those in parliament, the idea that ‘the people’ choose the most successful leader to lead them is utterly ridiculous, small groups of people with personal advancement agendas choose the candidates based on what they can do for them and their 150 social group.  Not the entire population from poorest to richest.

People who get into positions of power like health workers, social workers, police, judges, human rights organisations, social service providers (including charities), LANDLORDS (is a big really big problem), bosses in a society where there are large numbers of unemployed, etc.  All are prone to abuses of power and I can assure you as an impoverished, disabled suicidal mentally injured abuse victim fighting to get professional health care I am entitled to and the necessities of life so I can actually heal from my trauma.

Another point to note is people who believe their terrible inhuman lives are their fault become suicidal (which media & elites like to make them think) and those who believe it is the fault of someone outside of themselves become homicidal (which was well portrayed in the latest Joker movie) and played out in society at present.  Thankfully I know the science of this and although I do know it is not me creating the inhuman terrifying situation I am in, it is our cruel corrupt leaders I resist those instinct urges and do everything I can to stick to non-violent forms of protest.  Although I do have horrendous suicidal episodes I have to go through alone when I become overwhelmed and blame myself so want to end my horrific life (horrific internally I have become very adept at acting to retain what dignity and human contact I have left – which is around a group of 10 maximum).

I also did not trust this Mark Maslin ONE BIT – abuse victims have very good ‘dangerous person’ radar, we have to in order to protect ourselves from more abuse/violence/death.  This man set off all my danger triggers.

You can challenge my evaluation of Mark Maslin’s information with any academic on the planet and it will withstand scrutiny as I am sure of what I am saying after 17 years of intensive study out of necessity for my continued existence.  I have no formal qualifications and was unable to continue at university studying law and rehabilitation etc because of being denied health care & welfare I am entitled to.  YIPPEE FOR ME

The fact Mark calls himself a Professor means absolutely nothing to me as I live in New Zealand where there are 100s/1000s of people who call themselves mental health/health experts and yet we are No 1 in the world for driving our children to suicide, women to self-harm, violence in the home from family members and mentally disturbed flatmates and of course homelessness.  Where we sell off the wealthy/homes/resources of the poorest locals to wealthy immigrants!  Please refer to the Milgram Experiment to prove what I tested through my own experience/research about how abuses of power permeate society from the SUIT/EXPERT down.

I am a civil society activist in the area of mental health/suicide, inequality, neo-liberalism and government corruption.  If anybody knows about corruption it is people with Complex PTSD initially due to interpersonal violence then criminal neglect.  CPTSD as as one of its symptoms – violence – strangely our courts refuse to accept it as a plea in any violence case.   Instead they make the punishment a little smaller as a token.   feel free to share what I know and follow my youtube channel or website.   www . jrmurphypoet . com


Please tell people in New Zealand (including that lying corrupt neo-liberal Jacinda Ardern and her mates) who despise disabled people rotting on welfare through no fault of their own that they get fkn good value for money from the work I do.  For a miserly $470/wk invalids benefit (when my rent is $320) and my benefit not been raised in years, while my rent has increased $100!  I am refused all health care, including not been allowed a GP for over 3 years for my non-violent protests. I am refused a lawyer and justice which I am entitled to under multiple criminal, constitutional and health laws.  Instead I am labelled as to insane to stand trial on 25 minor charges for my non-violent protests, which I would have won under Bill of Rights.   My protests about being illegally deprived of health care I am entitled to (after winning two court cases nine years ago) have resulted in police demanding I be put under compulsory treatment order where they will forcibly incarcerate me or drug me.  ITS NOT ME WHO IS INSANE IT IS THE PEOPLE DEPRIVING ME OF PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT CARE REHABILITATION & HOME I AM ENTITLED TO UNDER LAW HERE.

Here the youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8V4sw4hajU

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