I terrorised & labelled insane for protesting people like me denied services & homes!

I did that fkn survey and was arrested the day after for violating my bail conditions after going off at VOLDAMORT outside his office when he came up to put money in the meter.  I been labelled insane by the court for knowing what is happening to me, knowing I am being denied services and necessities of life.  WTF.  Will try and phone Jonathan Mitchell but already predict he is part of this charade by wealthy elites and what they doing to us.

The photo RNZ putting on their website looks like me in the cells a few weeks ago – terrified of police!!!!!   We’ve been called by ACC the tail, low hanging fruit and now we’re the HIGHLY VICTIMISED COHORT!

What they really saying is poor people with nowhere to fkn live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  35 yrs govt refusing to build state housing, 35 yrs of corrupt govt handing over NZ homes to wealthy immigrants, 35 yrs exploiting and profiting from the poor they created.


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