NZ Police why aren’t you investigating ACC regarding my criminal complaints of harm

Had another call from police today, ‘welfare call’ – because they know I freak out if they visit.  MBIE – Immigration NZ phoned them after I got upset on the phone with their media contact person.  I genuinely wanted to know why they were putting the responsibility of housing poor refugees in Wairarapa when people who lived here couldn’t get houses.

The young woman had no idea how to respond, they put these sorts of people on these phones so those who doing it can avoid the fallout from us peasants.  She told me to send an email, what would the point of that be, nothing’s going to change without a public announcement from Jacinda Ardern and the Labour party.  Now the Labour party is run by a globalist immigrant there is no way they are going to limit immigration is there.

So I talked to Richard, who seems like one of the nice guys, I was pretty hostile from what they have been doing to me.  Apparently police wanting me to be put under a compulsory treatment order is to help me get services.  WTF  Launched into being held in cells all day and other appalling treatment not addressed.  Also the years of making complaints about ACC illegally causing me harm by omitting to insure I received the health care I am supposed to after winning two FAirway reviews in 2010/11.

Have asked multiple police officers who came to my door if they would do it, as they seem happy to lay charges for anybody who doesn’t like what I say or do.  Apparently those sorts of charges are above their pay scale – which is a load of BS, any officer can lay charges THEY CHOOSE NOT TO.  OR MORE CORRECTLY THEIR BIG BOSSES IN BULLSHIT CASTLE AND THE GOVERNMENT WHO CONTROL THEM CHOOSE NOT TO.  I got to know an officer at BS Castle he told me parliament runs police operations overall.

As I cannot get a lawyer to take a case – like Arthur Taylor knows how to do – I need police to defend me against ACC and others.  They refuse, they are corrupt bias elitist criminals.  Mike Sutton wanted to years ago, I gave him all the evidence, thought he was going to do something – he didn’t and gave it all back to me.  Boy did I give him shit!  He left the police suddenly last year and they put that bigot Jen Hansen in the job.

I know they are telling you the people depriving me of health care I am entitled to are not my health providers but that is not true.  That needs to be for a judge to decide, not YOU, or whoever is stopping this investigation and prosecution.

I have had perversions of justice by ACC in previous cases police could investigate and prosecute on.  Assaults they could investigate and refuse to.  Sections 150a 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act make what they doing to me as a disabled person criminal negligence.  Along with Judson lying on his report – which I can prove with the recording, as well as Barry-Walsh doing the other psych report knowing he had a serious conflict of interest.  Considering my status as a civil society activist and defences under Bill of Rights.

Police dumping me into the worst mental health services in New Zealand with people who ‘are scared of me’ – ie hate my guts for making valid complaints about them – that were never acted on IS NOT GOING TO GO WELL FOR ME.  I already know what these people are like, after this post I will post my 46 page response to Judson’s report, which I want police to investigate as it has violated the laws he quotes at the end about his independence and accuracy.

These reports are why my lawyer and I parted ways, he agreed with the fkn thing – ewwww.  I vehemently disagreed with both and did not want the judge making any decision based on them when they were so blatantly bias and wrong.

I am going to report the crime to Jennifer Hansen and expect no response like always.

If I could get the professional care etc I am entitled to then I know they would start doing it for other people and it would do exactly what everybody wants, bring down the suicide, self-harm and violence rates.   I am only asking for what I know I am legally entitled to.

Police are supposed to protect me against abuses of power, not contribute and participate in it.  Richard said he had to call because of my welfare it was his job – WTF – it definitely is, but not when I’m unwell because the police refuse to force them to provide care, which they are illegally depriving me of.  Rather than forcing me into those murderers care where they will definitely force me to take medication, have me locked up or ECT.  I don’t want there fkn therapies THEY DON’T FKN WORK, I KNOW WHAT I FKN NEED AND WHAT I AM ENTITLED TO.

So any NZ police officers out there prepared to charge ACC with criminal negligence etc.   I am reporting a crime and you need to start a thorough investigation into why I don’t have services, force them to pay me the $10,000 in Independence Allowance they owe  me as well.  Stop keeping me in the fkn cells if they do arrest me again for anything – which they shouldn’t because WELLINGTON POLICE NEVER DID!  Charging me for wilful trespass and violating my bail conditions IS YOUR CHOICE.  That is where you violate my rights, in the choices to make about not acting on my complaints of crime, while doing it for those who harming me in many ways.

Police do not swear an oath to the government
They swear an oath to the Queen, who is
head of a church, that believes in a book, that
protect the rich & powerful while they
persecute the poor & powerless

If you don’t deal with the continuous abuses of power you inflict on me then you are corrupt criminals and just as responsible and culpable as my abusers are!  I HATE YOU, you could fix this, you could help so many people, you know I’m right and you know what I protest about needs addressing.  Anybody would think you all enjoy it!.



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