All my friends & supporters think about Appeal Court judge doing the right thing

If you are a Christian friend then pray, if you are a spiritualist send white light, if you are an atheist think about those judges making the right decision in regard to my Habeas Corpus application.   That I also receive all the ACC entitlements ($ and care) and prevent the police etc from using the law to oppress/terrorise/hurt me.

I’m in court in an hour or so please pray or imagine that all going well too.

But mostly focus all the energy you can spare on Wellington Appeal Court and Supreme Court – this decision will have wide ranging ramifications.  If poor people deprived of money and services can get the heads of government departments on $800,000 a year into a court room over very short period (say 2 weeks) then there will be hell to pay.  LOL fronting up to those they harm – HELL YEAH!

GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO IT TOO – share this post.

Kia kaha and aroha to us all.




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