Christian Fundamentalist Jonathan Boston has been a significant part of the problem

What a load of mostly ignorant BULLSHIT from all of these people.  Bradford made things much much worse for abuse victims with her anti-smacking laws – created 100,000s more criminal parents – who weren’t even criminals.  While she did nothing to get abuse victims the extensive professional ACC treatment care rehabilitation and homes they are entitled to under that law and many others.

Boston has been paid huge amounts of money to talk BS for decades and had me refused entry to talks on these topics – without any explanation.  He’s grossly corrupt and well known to be a Christian fundamentalist.

The other people making money out of stating the obvious are just as culpable.  Hatred of the poor is something I deal with EVERY SINGLE FKN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   In fact it is the basis of my Application for a writ of Habeas Corpus, which has so far been declined by Wellington High Court Registrar and Rebecca Ellis (who is neither honourable or just).

It is our leaders who have caused this hatred, our media – those who allowed us to have the highest rates of advertising in the western world following 1980s neo-liberal takeover.

I spent years corresponding with Boston telling him what was really going on – he is grossly corrupt and so is the organisation he belongs to – I’ve been trespassed from Victoria University because of the PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION.  I discovered they existed – they are headed by an American immigrant (are you surprised), when I asked him about disabled people he in a really stupid ignorant voice said he didn’t get much information (statistics) about that in his job.

I then spoke to a woman in the organisation who became extremely insulting, degrading and abusive because of my particularly situation as a sexual abuse victim and she is the one who had me trespassed.   Completely insane behaviour from those people who are doing really well!

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