Corrupt ACC NAZI gaslighting me about reinstating my care

More gaslighting from ACC – this is not the person’s real name and you will see from my response below how ridiculous this email is.
The contracted provider was one of their housing people who are part of Enable NZ disability industry.  He did modifications to people’s homes for people disabled and under ACC, we had a good chat on the phone.   There is nobody actually providing the houses ACC are required to by law to their claimants, in their own communities.

From: Sarah Jones <>
Sent: Thursday, 16 January 2020 8:08 AM
To: <>
Subject: Ms JR – Claim:B312====== ACCID:B31———–

Hi Jayne,

I have been contacted by one of ACC’s contracted providers whom you have been in touch with.  They have forwarded your query to me.  I would be happy to discuss some options that we have for your rehabilitation with your lawyer; who could then discuss these with you.  Rehabilitation suggestions were provided to Alisdair Ross, however I understand that you have a new lawyer.

Could you please provide me with your lawyers contact details and I will give them a call.

Kind regards,


Sarah Jones,  Recovery Partner, ACC

Tel 0800 158 931
ACC / Remote Claims Unit
PO Box 2011 / Taupo 3351 / New Zealand,

ACC cares about the environment – please don’t print this email
unless it is really necessary. Thank you.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Thursday, 16 January 2020 8:40 PM
To: Sarah Jones <>
Subject: Re: Ms Jayne Elizabeth Routhan – Claim:B3123355005 ACCID:B3123355

Why didn’t you answer my emails about why this (why does some random contractor get you to act and yet I cannot, when I am the claimant and you are a public servant).  Also why havn’t you reinstated my care as required by the two ACC reviews in 2010 and 2011.   I don’t need options for my rehabilitation I need my rehabilitation to be REINSTATED – please look up the meaning of the word and the two reviews I won.  PLease explain why you have not forwarded me copies of the two reviews as I formally requested and you failed to do – also you failed to provide copies of the two Alan Doris reports as I requested.  That is illegal.
I don’t have a lawyer and you know that – I am poor because of you, poor people don’t get adequately resourced lawyers – you already know that.   ACC get the lawyers with backup of huge legal teams – like Meredith Connell, who you used to pervert justice during the case in 2017/18 where the police also violently assaulted me – as you asked them to.
You are not a health professional and I refuse to discuss anything to do with my care and what that will entail with an office clerk.  It is a fundamental part of ACC law that you do not provide health care, you are purely a funder – that is the law, that is why you are not under the Health and Disability Commission.  You obviously have spent 10 years illegally preventing me from having my ACC care reinstated because you are now experimenting on people with your drug based persecution and oppression of victims of crime.
As you already know Alisdair Ross told me what you had advised him to say, which was the professional treatment care and rehabilitation I need, want and still entitled to was MEANINGLESS.  Other people receive these services and yet I am illegally prevented because I am being targeted for persecution and oppression due to my public protests and demands for professional rehabilitation models.  Not just for myself but for all other victims of crime being illegally deprived of these entitlements – especially culturally appropriate housing in their own communities.
Why are you obsessed with dealing with MY FICTIOUS LAWYER – you people are so ridiculous, poor human sewage like myself DON’T HAVE OUR OWN LAWYER and also you know I have not been allowed to see a doctor for over three years.  I am not allowed to phone Healthline or Lifeline, which I know you instigated to terrorise me even further.
I will be including this joke email in the formal complaints of ‘gaslighting’ and psychological torture you continue to subject me to.
As I have asked you several times by email – and you continue to refuse to answer – please advise me in writing what you believe my treatment care and rehabilitation should be.  I never intend to have any conversation with anybody from ACC without it being duly recorded so I can prove the outright lies and psychological abuse you subject me to when you do phone me – that you have done for 17 years of the living nightmare you have subjected me and 100,000s of other impoverished persecuted and oppressed victims of sexual and physical crimes.
I sacked Alisdair Ross because he became offensive, bigoted and sexually perverted, obviously the conversations he was having with your office are something to do with the deterioration in this man’s behaviour.
Please answer why you have not reinstated my Independence Allowance and paid out the over $10,000 you re illegally withhold, which is causing me significant financial hardship and psychological harm and severe stress – when you know I have a stress disorder.  You gloated to WINZ it was sitting there in an account waiting for me, yet you refuse to reinstate it as required by the two ACC reviews I won in 2010/11.
I think about the different people who write these emails, I don’t know you name but I connect with you spiritual.  I want to make sure you and all those at ACC that participate in the oppression and persecution of abuse victims are truly hated, I hate you, I hate you as a woman, I hate you as a perverted corrupt murderer and criminal, I hate you as a person, I hate you for all the women and children you drive to suicide and families you destroy, I hate your colleagues, I hate your families, I hate you and I hope you suffer, die a miserable death and go to hell, where you all truly belong.
Jayne Routhan

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