Cruel Dunedin Longitudinal Study started by an American and Israeli Jew -WTF?

This date 1972 keeps coming up with things I am doing, today someone from the Media Council told me about them being created in 1972.    had a feeling the Dunedin study that is destroying our society with their ELITIST garbage was around then and it is 1972 below is a news item gloating about it, however this was nice public face, not what was really going on between elites and us peasants.

Remember no matter what EVERYBODY says about how well this (highly American funded) study is doing FACTS AND STATISTICS PROVES IT IS MAKING THINGS WORSE NOT BETTER IN NEW ZEALAND.  We are and were an elitist neo-liberal experiment, I have got to get that thing shut down.   NZ is No 1 in the OECD for driving children to suicide, women to self-harm and eating disorders, flatmate/domestic violence (found out recently on 30% of domestic violence is family members rest are others so its not families like rich elites what you to think) also of course homelessness.

I been saying for years psychologists should be removed from mental health industry – those people are more insane than the people they supposed to help.  Never met a psychologist yet that wasn’t an issue ridden, power tripping bigot.

Check out other things that happened in 1972, when the rise of global neo-liberalism and restoring wealth to global elites was gaining momentum.

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