Gotta be a P Freak to get services in New Zealand – WTF!

Here is some maggot bitch psychologist? saying how we need so many more of her because people are doing drugs due to how bad poverty is now in New Zealand.  Admitting it and the government wanting to roll out more services – WTF – I HAVE ASKED FOR THINGS LIKE THIS UNDER ACC AND BEEN REFUSED.  I get violently assaulted by police, denied health care, terrorised for asking for services DRUG ADDICTS WHO HURT PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE GETTING.

WTF – But of course it is only in Whangarei and I’m sure places like Wairarapa won’t do anything.  I CAN’T STOP CRYING, THEY ARE DEPRIVING ABUSE VICTIMS WHO DESPERATELY NEED SUPPORT LIKE THIS – YET GIVING IT TO THEM IF THEY TURN TO DRUGS – WTF!!!!!

Jonathan Boston and his mates are directly responsible for this sort of bigotry and discrimination – I was at the big meeting they had about THE COSTS OF CRIME – THEY SAID THERE IF YOU GOT INVOLVED WITH POLICE YOU WOULD GET HELP – I NEVER EVER DID.  Now they terrorising me saying I must be forced to accept services that are abusive.  Mostly run by junkies and supported by them as well.

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