Labour Party & ACC Minister on MICROSOFT news – guaranteed elitist propaganda

I started crying reading this neo-liberal extremist garbage – they now blatant about the propaganda that surrounds governments who fail to protect all people and cause dissension envy and hate.

This article is particularly distressing because they talk about transparency and being positive and all that sort of bullshit at the same time and terrorising and oppressing me, making sure my art is censored and things are made much worse.

New Zealanders are obsessed with positive news, it is part of our culture, part of all the immigrants who arrived here RUNNING AWAY FROM THEIR PROBLEMS, especially greedy gold miners etc.  Also why we have the highest rate of bowel cancer IN THE WORLD.  Also why NZ media can blatantly lie and everybody believes them, also why I am terrorised in my community for telling the truth about how bad things are – not just by those destroying me and others like me – but also those being impoverished.

The Stanford Prison Experiment (and hope of Mont Pelerin Society of global neo-liberal extremist murderers) makes it obvious that I am the person in the cupboard being terrorised by everybody for actually standing up to degrading psychological and physical/social abuse.   It is heartbreaking to know just how corrupt the leaders of this country are and I’m sure many of them are that radicalised and brainwashed they don’t even realise (don’t want to realise).

They put Iain Lees-Galloway and the local Labour MP in the photos because they know how many people are being screwed over by ACC and Labour part in Wairarapa- especially mentally injured abuse victims.  They also know Wairarapa is No 1 in NZ for driving terrorised poor people out of their homes and to suicide.  Also No 1 in THE WORLD for driving women to self-harm, forcibly drugging terrorised abuse victims/poor people as well.

I know the rich in Wairarapa are doing their best to drive disabled and poor out of the region – so they don’t have to look at them.  I was talking to someone who has lived in Carterton all his life and he said they had to move out of their flat again – owner was coming back.  That they were told to move to Wellington and they would get jobs etc – these two people ARE NOT CAPABLE OF WORKING, they both have mental health issues.   They were also told to go boarding – like people in the community are supposed to look after these people????  What sort of insanity is that????   THE MARKET LEAD INSANITY of destroying mental health services, destroying state housing and making the poorest and most desperate in society take on these ‘often dangerous’ people – which of course causes massive trauma and huge levels of suicide.

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