NZ govt & media now blatant at inciting rise of extremist groups

Go through this article again, can’t believe the BS coming out of our universities – experts, govt, prisons etc.

And lies of course – not condoning racial violence but its almost a guarantee most people who hate Maori/brown people been subjected to violence by them, or someone they know has.   Works the other way around as well.  Although with the government and media inciting so much racial hatred in Maori and people with dark brown skin its getting worse.   Media goes on and on and on and on and on about how Maori being so hard done by in social, prison, suicide, violence stats – so people begin to feel its ‘white people’ colonists who caused it.

The suffering in New Zealand is nothing to do with race and everything to do with abuse, being denied ACC care after abuse and of course degrading poverty.  With NZ society now one of those who most hates people on welfare and who sick.  Because so many of us are poor.

The idiot Criminologist has being talking BS in our media for decades, he’s just one of their pawns and says what he is told to say.  The guy is only interested in junkies at the end of the day, cause he is one!  The rise of people learning criminology corresponds with the rise in throwing mentally injured abuse victims in jail instead of providing them services and removing them from inhuman living situations.

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