Rapists & sexual deviants in New Zealand film industry, power over media & juries

Absolutely disgusting story from NZ Herald – giving that sexual pervert a voice!!!!!   Those women who weren’t believed will be devastated FOREVER, I know what its like to have your rapist found not guilty – our juries are full of people obsessed with powerful people and who hate abused women and children.

Its interesting I am 55 yrs old and never ever been called up for Jury Duty yet I don’t work and am intelligent.   Yet juries I have seen are mostly BOOMERS and people who look low IQ.   I think the behaviour of juries towards abuse victims in New Zealand proves just how disturbed this country is – this culture is.  From the jury to ACC care – I would imagine the people defending rapists and sexual perverts have either done it themselves in the past or have someone they care about who has done it.


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