Got locked in a psych ward for 3 months, can’t say much yet

I’m still under the mental health act and I don’t trust those people I’m still in contact with, by Zoom.

I was let out six weeks ago, without ACC care in place, promising it would be – after another patient I was close to ‘died suddenly’.  I was locked in isolation the next day for three days then sent home without services – I had such hope for the future, my mental health has deteriorated significantly and still ACC refuse to provide services.

Although I did do some of my own healing in that place, there were really bad things that went on there as well – I don’t feel safe to say much more for fear I’ll be locked back in there.  Cuckoos Nest stuff and abuses of power, bigotry, sexism, racism, psychological abuse, tribalism, cruelty, incompetence, criminal negligence, psychopathy, etc.

They couldn’t break me with boredom, I’m an artist, from the first day I was allowed a pen and paper I was writing and then drawing and doing other artworks.  I wrote a play about another patient and I – Monkey and Dragon, loosely based on our Chinese astrology signs, our longing to see people we cared about, local history and our incarceration in the Bird Cage, with a 10sq mtr concrete fully caged exercise yard while others were at the beach.

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