I’m telling you the solutions while I am going through ACC/Mental Health hell

The mental health and complaints systems for abuse victims is very cruel and unjust.   I have been advised by Health and Disability Commission advocacy organisation Nationwide that it would be dangerous and I would lose my liberty if I made a formal complaint about abuse, incompetence and criminal negligence in these organisations at the moment.

Most New Zealanders know there is something very wrong with the entire mental health system, that it drives suicide, self-harm and violence – instead of preventing it.  With having so many mentally unwell people with serious unresolved psychological issues WORKING in mental health it has created horrendous abuses of power.

I studied abuses of power after Wairarapa police started violently assaulting me for my legal non-violent protests about being deprived of ACC after winning two court cases in 2010/11.  Wellington police were never as abusive as they are in Wairarapa, they could be a bit mean and rough if they were having a bad day – but I accepted that.  What happened when I started protesting (because I was too poor to get to Wellington) in my own community exposed elitism and hatred of poor and mentally ill people I never knew existed.

Right now I know exactly what you are thinking – if I can protest I can work – this is not true, there are a lot of different aspects to being disabled by psychological abuse and prolonged poverty and neglect.  If I could work I would be because to not work is death and the most degrading poverty on earth – begging!  I hate being on invalids and disability so much it is a significant contributor to my really bad mental health.   You should see the mess I get into having to go to WINZ – which I avoid like the plague and they prefer that anyway.  Last time it was so bad I was self-harming at the table while the Masterton Manager filled out teh forms, because I can’t do them.  Banging my hand on the table until it was bruised, it was the only thing I could think of doing to stop how deeply degraded and humiliated I felt by WINZ and this hideous woman.

As a result of that day I received a two page letter from the manager saying to keep others who go to WINZ safe I was to stop my behaviour etc etc – I’ll post it one day, what that woman said was nothing less than evil.  The same manager who had punished my awesome WINZ case manager for trying to get ACC to provide me services, after she had put AWAITING HEALTH SERVICES for seven years on my disability forms.

Anyway, I won’t say much more or I know I won’t get the Good Stuff grant, for some reason as soon as you tell people how difficult your life is everybody stops helping you and runs the other way.   Please don’t do that this time, please help me to get people services they are entitled to and need so our communities can start to heal from the past 40 years of this economic experiment we have been forced to live under – that is a proven failure and still happening.

I attended a conference at Victoria University several years ago where we were told there was research evidence from the UK that proved privatisation of mental health caused serious social issues, death and violence.   The reason was contracted providers only helped the easy people who didn’t take too long – the community expected the worst people with the most need to be getting services – but the opposite was happening.  That is exactly the same reason our ‘social agency – social enterprise’ neo-liberal model is and will always be a failure with regard to mental health services.   And the complaints processes are just another layer of abuse and delay while people suffer and die.

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