Asha Abdille: Refugee – what I know after spending 2mths with her March/April 2020

Below is the news report which isn’t what she told me, but there are some things I know are wrong, especially about her treatment now.   The journalist has played down how she is forcibly medicated and the appalling psychological abuse that goes on in Rangipapa where she is located.  Also the cost of keeping her in that place which is just over $1,000/day so every year the taxpayer pays around $370,000 to keep her against her will in that place.  Why not take her back to Somalia, our govt transports prisoners all around the world if they are from another country.  A New Zealander should have that room, someone who really needs it and won’t be treated as cruelly as Asha.

The ‘journalist’ also hasn’t said anything about her having her Somalian passport replaced by a New Zealand one.  As well as not being able to return to Somalia because Air NZ won’t take her without mental health staff and they won’t do it.  Also didn’t say anything about the assault in prison was by guards and not prisoners, how she had two broken arms – I saw the photos she had taken.

Also didn’t say anything about her defrauding WINZ and collecting a benefit while working in Marlborough vineyards.

Asha told me she was in isolation for three months when she was first transported there from prison, not because of an altercation with another inmate.  She could have lied I suppose, but I doubt it because I know for a fact staff lie about inmates yelling and being threatening – because they did it to me over wanting to change the TV channel from what staff wanted.  The TV was for inmates, not staff and I had been told I could have it on any channel I wanted.  The two abusive staff I had to deal with that day lied in reports and it was even confirmed by other inmates but nothing was done.

Seemed to me the government were embarrassed by what she did and how badly she had been treated before she hijacked the plane.  I was put in Rangipapa because the government were embarrassed I was protesting so much about being deprived of ACC care and justice and illegally assaulted/harmed by police.

Really dangerous men get better treatment than Asha, made to do her entire sentence, why?  Then put under the mental health act – why?????  There is nothing wrong with her, except she is angry and wants to go back to Somalia.  I reakon there something dodgy going on with UN and refugee system around the world.

The staff at Rangipapa hate her and do really psychologically abusive subtle things to her to upset her.  She wastes food which lots of people found offensive – but then who would blame her in the situation she’s in.  Not fair she wasn’t allowed to see journalists as there are rooms where family and friends can meet with people who live in Rangipapa for years – I was only there three months – to get services apparently.  My stay ended just after another woman there killed herself – that is proof of how bad things are there.

The nurse manager Joanna Hope (oh the irony) described to Asha (and knowing I could hear) how Nadine killed herself in her bed with the belt to her dressing gown.  I am sure she told her this hoping Asha would do the same thing – it was really creepy – I have tried to forget what Joanna said.  That place is full of psychopaths – staff that is, not patients.



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