I am fighting for the treatment care rehabilitation and justice services abused people (like myself) are entitled to under NZs ACC, health, disabled, human rights and constitutional laws.

As a result of this decade long battle I have learnt a lot and will share some of this knowledge with you on my website, along with my political activsm, news items of interest and interactions with the idiots in charge.  There will also be poetry, songs and art.

This website is dedicated to
all those oppressed children, adolescents, men and women who
are casualties of abuse and neglect



Chalking outside Supreme Court in Wellington and across from Bowen House & the beehive.


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  1. Jane-Maree Howard

    Kia kaha JR!
    Election next year. Something’s got to be done to shift the neoliberal/goodmanager mindset.
    I know a little about ACC too – had relative arseholed out of her job with the polling company (can’t recall the name, went broke trying to make it work) who contracted to do ‘follow-up’ interviews with the disabled: an absurd, blatantly ideological program thst you may well be familiar with. Sorry don’t have her permission to provide more detail 🙂

    1. jrmurphypoet

      Hi Jane-Maree,

      Sorry for not replying earlier, I don’t check my messages much cause I get a lot of really bad abuse. Would be interested in finding out about any ACC company contracted to do follow up interviews and how they failed.

      Oh I’m very familiar with hypocrisy and actions by ACC, govt, DHBs, mental health etc saying they are helping, but really they’re hurting people more and completely useless.

      I’m on facebook /jrmurphypoetmusician and twitter @jrmurphypoetry almost every day, check out photos etc. Email me jrouthan@hotmail.co.nz if you want to do anything, I’m in full swing creating artworks to protest about mental health services and neo-liberal terrorism /injustice. Are you near Wellington? I like to protest around parliament and courts. If you not I got ideas you can do in your own area that will help all of us and wake people up a bit.



  2. Tracy Wilson

    I stumbled across your blog, I don’t really know what to do. My brother killed himself in the mental health section in the old wing of Masterton Hospital. How is this possible? The woman who we had a meeting with promised us that he’d be safe I. The respite unit, that he would be watched 24/7. He has 3 babies, all under 6, I just can’t understand how this has happened. We thought he was safe, we thought he’d get better. What can we do? I need some guidance, I need to shake the system up. Please help us.


    1. jrmurphypoet

      Hi Tracy,

      Pretty sure I know who you talking about, I live in Carterton, every person I know who kills themselves hurts me and inspires me to keep protesting and screaming at ‘the system’ to provide professional care – which they don’t! Its not just that of course, he was suicidal for a reason, was he struggling financially to provide for his family, does he have history of trauma, cause that is driving a lot of men to suicide? Nobody seems to be addressing WHY people are suicidal. In saying that every person’s case is different and I am speaking from my own experience and don’t know the underlying cause of your brother’s suicidality.

      Nobody seriously ill gets better inside mental health, people just become numb knowing mental health services are really bad and leave before they kill them. Those who do get better usually aren’t that unwell so a few drugs for a while and they move on. I have found it is the most ‘sensitive’ people that really struggle, the current world we live in just hates sensitive people.

      I am suicidal a lot, its horrendous, even now I’m replying to you at 2.30am because I woke at midnight and spent last 2 hrs being tormented trying to go back to sleep. Best to just get on my computer and write how I feel, but saw your comment and wanted to make contact. Not sure if it will help but I find what your brother did to be an act of courage, what mental health services were doing was making things worse, he couldn’t live with the hell in his head and needed it to be over – I completely understand that. If you knew how bad it gets you would understand too. He didn’t do it to hurt those around him, when you get really unwell you have to be completely focused on yourself and you know the world would be better off without you, living minute to minute is difficult. Imagine if he was in horrendous physical pain to the point he was writhing around on the ground groaning/even screaming and there were no drugs to give him for it to stop, that is how much suffering he was going through.

      ONLY reason I havn’t acted on my suicidality (I call it that so I can make it something that happens to me, is part of my disorder CPTSD and separate to who I am) is ‘the system/government/neo-liberals’ want me to, they don’t want to provide the services I know people like me and your brother are entitled to. Just like most of society they HATE people with mental health issues, especially suicidal people. When you tell them you’re suicidal and you don’t do it they call you an attention seeker and when you do act on it they call what happened a tragedy, but its never their fault and even if it is they won’t be punished for it. Only reason DHB and mental health staff will be sorry about what happened is they been exposed as being useless and unprofessional YET AGAIN.

      Personally mental health services won’t even see me, no matter how unwell I become, for a while I was having constant police welfare visits, which just upset me more and humiliated me because my neighbours saw. All people who called police were health or justice agencies I was begging for help from (never said I was going to suicide, just that I was really unwell and wished I was dead). Our government (they’re ultimately at fault from all my investigations) has made suicide a crime, but destroying our kiwi culture the way they have is the biggest crime, taking away decent jobs, safe stable homes, removing extensive mental health facilities/services in the 1980s (not all of them were good places of course), making welfare dependency they created so degrading, etc.

      Those people who work in mental health just do what THE BOOK says (and the book was written in America and part of govt neo-liberal reforms), they don’t help most people, they do the job because they have their own serious unresolved issues and can’t get work anywhere else. Also mental health jobs are a beacon for psychopaths (like Andrew Curtis-Cody, did you have any dealings with that revolting man) because these people have so much power over others, it is extremely prone to abuse. I am far more afraid of mental health staff than police – and I’ve been physically assaulted by police a few times now 🙁 I never did anything wrong, never hurt anybody, never resisted arrest, never said I’m going to kill myself just said I wished I was dead – and I did – or I was passionately protesting about appalling mental health services.

      SHAKE THE SYSTEM UP – On my page about What Can I Do, it has a list of things that you and your family should do – the more people the better. Every one of you should make an appointment to go and see your MP Alastair Scott – he’s a revolting rich creep and refuses to see me – but that makes it even more important you and others do. I tried to tell him how bad mental health services etc were when he first got in, he told me he would not meet with me because I was abusive. I was telling him about how the system was abusing me and he is so brainwashed/ignorant/in denial he turned it round and said I was abusing him????????? – after that I realised people like him are mentally disturbed in some way, they can’t accept the harm they causing. Since then I have abused him in the street a couple of times – what the hell, he deserved it the revolting ignorant rich pig.

      I’ve been wanting to do a regular Friday protest about mental health services with signs at roundabout near Council in Masterton. Maybe we could meet and do that for a while, also need to go to some DHB meetings, those people are really bad, things people on DHB (and staff) have done to me for protesting about mental health care are horrendous. One time at the hospital I had a woman lean out of a window and yell at other people watching me singing, reciting poetry and yelling about mental health services to JUST IGNORE IT. What happened to your brother and those that loved him is what happens when people in power JUST IGNORE IT.

      Email me, we need to have a proper talk face to face about this, so I can work out best way for you to feel a bit better and same time expose just how bad services are. You will probably note from local newspapers etc that the ‘official’ position is there are heaps of mental health services, people should ask for help and everything is great – when of course it is not. I was trespassed from King Street Artworks (a mental health NGO art workshop) years ago for doing poetry and art about how bad mental health services were. I got upset when they started censoring my political art from their annual exhibition (but would allow my nice art), was told they could no longer let me exhibit because they didn’t want to lose their DHB funding – they lost most of it anyway and I was completely devastated as other artists there had become like my family – it almost killed me (it was same time ACC illegally removed all my care when National got in – I a sensitive claimant). If our community won’t even allow art that says how bad mental health services are then there something seriously wrong.


      Sorry for this being so long, needed to write, hope we can do something together and change this nightmare, make them follow professional health and rehabilitation models, treat people with respect and provide the care people genuinely need to heal from their suicidality and have hope for the future.

      Kia kaha and aroha.



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