Black Book of Poetry & Lyrics II

This book is dedicated to
all those oppressed NZ children, women and men
who are casualties of abuse and neglect
by the NZ government

Stand up for your rights to a decent life

The Black Book
A poetic heart enlightened by the darkness
designed, written, illustrated & published by

JR Murphy
Papawai Poetry Press
Wairarapa, NZ

(c) 2016


Most recent poems first (beginning February 2016)


99.  Beat Me Black With Blue
98.  No Respect
97.  Driven Me Insane
96. Inequality
95.   John Key Needs Rent-A-Bitch
94.   We’re Not Shares To Be Traded
93.  I Wish I Was Dead
92.  Low Hanging Fruit
91.  The Fight For Freedom


99.   Beat Me Black With Blue

The knives they are out
And there is no doubt
The bigots just want me shut down

Use their unbridled power
From their ivory tower
To persecute degrade & hound

I know what’s right
How to fight the god fight
On the benches, in the streets, under ground

Its a part of our law
That you choose to ignore
Let ACC break legislation I’ve found

It’s unlawful what they do
Beat me black with blue
On their torture wheel going round & round

You don’t like what I say
That I hope & I pray
For the highways of hell you’re all bound



98.   No Respect

Police have really got to stop all this shit
The visits, feigned concern, discrimination, ALL OF IT!

All reports I read say they’re supposed to protect
But for my welfare, my dignity, my peace, NO RESPECT!

The Ombudsman doesn’t want to hear what I see
So sends round the police to SCARE THE HELL INTO ME!


Written after police visit at 11pm 22 November 2015


97.  Driven To Despair

You’ve driven me to swear
Driven me and others to despair
You allowed the govt to not care
Torture degrade, create hate and fear

You’ve driven me to hate
Left me writhing at hell’s gate
Told me there I must wait
Want heaven’s door to be my fate

You’ve driven me insane
In your class war fucking game
They do the wrong, I take the blame
You’re heads you should hang in shame

You’ve driven me to drink
To numb the pain so I don’t think
About right-wing policies that truly stink
And their increasing NAZI link

You’ve driven me to yell
Denied the facts, why I’m not well
Burn here in the fires of hell
Fuelled by corruption of what I tell

You’ve driven me to scream
Give up my lifelong hopes and dream
I want to die you are so mean
Keep asking where my health care been



96.   Inequality

Inequality, greed, poverty create.
Resentment, dissension, envy, hate.
Please Anthem protect us from this fate.


95.  John Key Needs Rent-A-Bitch

Intelligent, educated, free and proud
Honest, responsible, dedicated, loud
I’m no John Key Rent-a-Crowd

Stupid, ignorant, greedy, rich
Irresponsible, corrupt, neo-liberal which
Is why John Key needs Rent-a-Bitch


94.  We’re Not Shares To Be Traded

We’re not shares to be traded
We’re not pawns in a game
We’re not doing OK
And we’re not the ones to blame!



Oh God I wish I was dead
Shot with a bullet through the head

I can’t take any more degradation
From the state, the media, the nation

You refuse me the care I am owed
Leave me writhing under this heavy load

You hate, you neglect, you abuse
Justice, health care and respect you refuse

You censor, you mislead and you lie
While thousands I know suffer and die

New reforms are a turn of the wheel
Writhing pain, fear disappointment I feel

Oh God I wish I was dead
Didn’t have to deal with this shit in my head

Those thoughts of self-harm coming back
Want to see the blood from within be without


(Sent this to Katrina Shanks, Judith Collins, the media and a few others, in response to government welfare reforms.)


92.  Low Hanging Fruit

Low hanging fruit cut the tail
We’ll screw you through the mail
ACC and mental health
Politicians, those with wealth

Directors, Boards, Committees, Chairs
Responsibility’s never theirs

Low hanging fruit cut the tail
We’ll screw you hammer and nail
Hang you out to dry
In the fires of hell leave your to die

Reception, Call Centre, Secretary
Told to hang up when words get scary

Low hanging fruit cut the tail
We’lll screw you so you fail
Send our bullies round to visit
Now that’s not playing fair is it

Police, security, health legislation
Used for torture in this nation

Low hanging fruit cut the tail
We’ll screw you make you wail
Provide no way to get off
The torture wheel the road too rough

Doctors, counsellors, health providers
So many ignorant right-wing insiders



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