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HABEAS CORPUS is for unjust oppression as well as imprisonment

This is part of the Habeas Corpus application I have in front of the court, this extra I wrote after reading Crown Law appeal.  Will post everything soon.

Rule 30                                                                                                            Form 2


BETWEEN                 Jayne ER


AND                           The Queen




Filed by:   Jayne R, Carterton.   Phone  Email

On Friday I, JER  received an email and documents from the respondent opposing my appeal for a writ of habeas corpus, which was very distressing. However a review of their reasoning and authorities has greatly assisted my case for the writ being issued to the respondents already named and two others who will be served soon.

The specific grounds of my appeal failed to detail one of the most simple things (when I discovered it I couldn’t believe what I was reading) about why my Habeas Corpus application should be successful. I don’t mean to offend anybody by assuming they don’t know the meaning of the word liberty but it appears the past 17 years of justice organisations (police, courts, commissions and tribunals), politicians, lawyers and others don’t. detention includes every form of restraint of liberty of the person


  1. The accepted Oxford dictionary definition of the word LIBERTY is: liberty .n (pl. –ies) 1 the state of being free from oppression or imprisonment. 2 a right or privilege, especially a statutory one. 3 the power or scope to act as one pleases……..
  2. I am being oppressed and have been for many years, which without initially knowing the definition of this law, is the basis of my application and objection to this appeal by Crown Law.
  3. I have done everything within my power/disability and within the current laws and processes, that I was made aware of, by all manner of authority/court/commission/tribunal, yet failed to get justice I seek.



The appellant now seeks the following further judgement from the Court of Appeal:


  1. I should receive the health care I am statutorily required to based on professional ethical standards, which also accommodate my cultural rights as a Pakeha New Zealander, spiritual beliefs and constitutional rights as a subject of the Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth II head of the Anglican Church.
  2. That these professional standards of care are not limited by the self-imposed budgets of cruel people within ACC, our government and other powerful people who are not health professionals. Including corrupted contractors and health professionals directly employed by ACC.
  3. That I have legal support I am statutorily required to receive, taking into account communication and trauma impairments I now have related to my disability (Complex PTSD).
  4. That I receive justice and compensation for all the wrongdoings and instances of oppression that have destroyed my peace, liberty, relationships and so many times almost destroyed me.
  5. Police and others monitored to ensure they also protect me from crimes/injustices I am being subjected to, whether from professionals, government agents or the community.
  6. Ensure an investigation, which the Appeal Court judges adjudicate on, to establish if police have adhered to the Solicitor-General’s prosecution guidelines in relation to the 25 criminal charges I currently face.




Dated: 21st January 2020










The RULES regarding Crown law & Ministers of govt departments

I’m posting this so I can go back to it, there a few interesting things in it but really its a bunch of rules very corrupt power tripping ruling elite have made for themselves and their corporate business mates.   It appears when they refer to THE CROWN they don’t actually understand THE QUEEN is head of the Anglican Church and therefore required to abide by the principles of the bible.  The main principle being don’t let rich powerful people harm poor powerless people, love people and be just in all things.   YEAH RIGHT – like these corrupt scum in power do this.

Been watching Una Jogose talk to Auckland Law Students about being Solicitor General – biggest load of ignorant elitist BS I’ve ever heard.  Although I think she really might believe what she is saying – even though she is quite delusional.  I intend to write to her that’s for sure.

This is where I got this document from, she described it in her youtube talk as to the rules she is supposed to work under.

Griffyn Gully-Davies #metoo abuser with IPCA New Zealand Police Conduct Authority

Got the email below today, AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT –  just follow up to discredit and psychologically torture me by reminding me there is no way any of my valid complaints against police psychological and physical violence are ever going to be acknowledged or dealt with.  That THE GRIFFYN got the Chairman to do it is hilarious, cause we all know its the chair of these boards/commissions/etc who the most corrupt – that’s how they get the job – dah!

They get these evil women to do it in order to make #METOO feel more terrified and defeated.  Women like THE GRIFFYN are everywhere now, just like Jeffrey Epstein had Ghislaine Maxwell, IPCA have GRIFFYN GULLY-DAVIES and multiple other people they have hired directly from countries like America and Sth Africa!

Gave someone with a hyphenated name a hard time on twitter this week – I worked out it was several corrupt cruel people in the justice system with hyphenated names that had triggered my response.  Laurie Blyth-Carter American manager at Masterton District Court the same.  Wait and corrupt mentally disturbed head psychiatrist Justin Barry-Walsh.

Found out what Voldamorts name was – Colin – looked up Colin, quite obvious why this privileged corrupt groomed elite got his job at IPCA – lol.   Even he words THE GRIFFYN is using shows she is smitten with his AUTHORITY and everybody knows the culture of an organisation is created by those at the top.

From: Info <>
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 11:02 AM
To: Jayne R
Subject: Letter to you from the IPCA

Hello Ms R

I have attached a letter signed by the Chair of the Authority. This lets you know we will no longer take phone calls from you and all written contact will be assessed by me and I will decide what action (if any) will be taken.

Griffyn Gully-Davies: Manager: Case Resolution Team
Independent Police Conduct Authority, PO Box 25221, Wellington 6146, Aotearoa New Zealand

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 11:58 AM
To: Info <>
Subject: Thank you so much, nice to know the criminal negligence and corruption is the entire organisation not just you

Hello Ms Hyphen Hyphen,

Does that make you feel powerful and superior to repeat yourself and have it validated by someone obviously as equally criminally negligent and corrupt as you.  The evil of abuses of power as described by Prof Philip Zimbardo, classic.  I know what they have been doing to me, I know what you have been doing to me for years, there is nothing I can physically do.   The only thing I can do is pray for the demise of you and your entire organisation, which I do whenever you allow police to harm me for my legal non-violent protests about being denied ACC care I am entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago.

You are true authoritarian fascists and I commend you for the part you play in the rape, oppression, abuse and economic violence you allow in this country towards victims of sexual abuse and violence, mostly women – to the point we lead the western world.  That is your kharma not mine, I do my best to expose abuses of power, you do your best to protect them.  Women & children suffer and die because of what you are doing to me and so many others with Complex PTSD as a result of criminal negligence by ACC and others.

When I cry and want to kill myself, I think of you all, think of what cruel sick immoral murderers and abusers you all are, you can send me all the letters you want, it doesn’t change what you are and what you are doing to me is illegal.  It doesn’t change the fact you are depraved perverted immoral elites and my valid and legal responses to this are justified.

Can you please send this letter by mail as I cannot afford to print it out, to 29 Clifton Avenue, Carterton.

You will pay for what you are doing and what you have done, when judgement day comes, you will suffer and die.  Any thoughts of there being no afterlife or not having to suffer for the suffering you have caused honest people like me are deluded.   Any thoughts there isn’t going to be a higher power come and judge your acts against people like me are deluded.  Thoughts are things, they can be measured, I am spiritually strong I can protect myself from the dark evil you spread with your bigotry ableism cruelty and hatred. You on the other hand are not so I would imagine your lives are about to get even more psychologically difficult to cope with.

Please pass that on to the elite who only hired you because you are deluded or a psychopath.

Kia kaha and aroha to the poor and powerless oppressed
Utu mate to the rich and powerful oppressors
Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 2:37 PM
To: Info <>
Subject: Merry Christmas, love and kindness for the holidays to your staff, yourself & Colin Doherty

I am sorry I was unable to open the attachment, due to the severe distress and suicidal episode this letter would cause me, which you are already well aware is an impairment related to my disorder!  Its just before Xmas I developed that phobia (that had lessened a little in the past few months out of necessity for my life and freedom).  After ACC sent me a letter 1 week after telling me it would take 6 weeks to address my complaint about being denied ACC care under their ridiculous Code of Conduct legislation that they don’t have to listen to.  Which of course said everything I was complaining about was a lie, ACC were doing everything correctly and nothing more would be done about the situation – which continues today 8 years later!

I did some research on Colin and can see why his response and can imagine you being akin to Paula Bennett and her disturbing idolising of John Key as though he was some sort of leader of her religious sexual cult.  I study psychology of abuses of power (ANOMIE) under neo-liberal extremist rule, as well as traumatic stress disorders, your behaviour is classic and most disturbing, you should not be allowed in any position of authority or justice in this country.  As for Colin, I’ll make a complaint about him to the relevant authority – which will of course will be ignored – ahhhhh cruel corrupt New Zealand and sooooo good at marketing exactly the opposite of the truth.

Jayne R
UN Civil Society Activist

How to brainwash society at Local Government level – SOLGM? PwC $$$$ men

They even brag about brainwashing and manipulating these people who work in Local Government – nothing about teaching them their responsibilities under NZ constitutional laws, human rights, bill of rights, disability rights and civil rights.

They love the government are bringing in huge numbers of immigrants so Kiwi don’t have a chance to cope and make really bad decisions that pander to rich pig immigrants. WF

Nothing about our unique Pakeha/Maori socialist culture – they have destroyed and destroying even more.  Nothing about all the United Nations ratified treaties NZ has signed regarding economic social and cultural rights.  Disabled rights, grrrrrrrrr

This is what Prof David Harvey talks about in his book A Brief History of Neo-liberalism.   This technique of manipulating local councils is what CHINESE did to end communism and introduce cruel neo-liberal capitalism.   Ewwwwww


I looked up PwC Code of Conduct  its even worse – bloody hell no wonder our country is in such a bad way, these people are insanely corrupt.

Wairarapa Real Estate industry & local govt trying to violate my FREEDOM OF SPEECH – AHHHH NAH

Was warned by someone there is a meeting today in Carterton demanded by local real estate agents – particularly Harcourts – with Mayor John Booth and the Carterton District Council.  Here is my email response to various people and I’m putting this on my website TO PROTECT MYSELF.  Please read and contact Mayor John Booth  NZ 06 379 4030 or any member of the council about it, contact your MP about it as well.  Everybody is fine to protect fascists when their freedom of speech is violated – so I need the arts and legal community to protect me.

The more people who know what is happening the safer I am, wonder if my landlord been put under any pressure to evict me yet?   They were here yesterday doing some work, everything seemed OK, but you can’t trust anybody in this neo-liberal terrorist heart of New Zealand.   I only live a few kms from the VERY CENTRE of New Zealand – middle earth.  And I can assure you I am Frodo and this is a fight for our humanity – yipes.

From: JR
Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 10:06 AM
To: news TVNZ; Breakfast TVNZ;;;;;
Subject: URGENT – Freedom of speech and expression for suicidal victims of crime in New Zealand – YEAH RIGHT! – AHHHHH NAH!

Freedom of speech and expression – YEAH RIGHT!
Attention The Rock Suicide Jockeys
Attention Martyn Bradbury
Attention Jack Tame
Attention all the nice presenters who don’t know what is going on in the darklands beyond the cliff face.

From: JR
Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 9:37 AM
To: Iain Lees-Galloway MP;; Andrew Little; Jacinda Ardern MP;;;; Ann Rice; Petitions OHCHR; United Nations Association of New Zealand; Bryce Edwards;;
Subject: URGENT for you information – so none of you can say you didn’t know what was going on

Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 9:31 AM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer
Subject: URGENT for you information

You had better be prepared to protect me from what is happening with Mayor John Book, Carterton Council and their illegal secret consultations with local Real Estate businesses.  You are most welcome to be there to mediate and record the meeting as well, in fact it would be a very good idea for you to be there.  Groan
Seems my latest works of art are causing a real stir in the community – and yes I am being told by people who agree with what I say to tone the rage down a bit – after the years of persecution and my resulting disability it is very difficult – I can assure you I am trying.  It would be extremely helpful if I had my ACC care reinstated as required by law and the $10,000 ACC are withholding from me.
Also why would Harcourts be coming to Carterton to have a meeting?  They don’t have an office in Carterton and I havn’t been anywhere near them. I used to work for Harcourts back in the days of Mary & Pat Mahoney, so this meeting should and could be very interesting and very helpful to you and me.
Please contact me 027 3040120 if you are any part of this??? Please remember Westminister Statute the 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor and Magna Carta and my rights to freedom of speech and expression.  Police aren’t there to keep NZ safe – that is neo-liberal corruption – the police are there to keep the peace between rich and poor – AS PEACEKEEPERS not soldier.
Civil Society Actor

From: JR
Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 9:16 AM

Dear John,
I have been told you are getting extreme pressure from Real Estate Agents in Wairarapa to DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY LEGAL PUBLIC PROTESTS in order to violate my freedom of speech and expression.
YOU NEED TO CANCEL THAT MEETING – it is illegal for you to co-operate with these rich people when you refuse to co-operate with a poor person like myself, especially an artist and Civil Society Actor as defined by the United Nations.
You are the government, if those Real Estate Agents want to do graffiti art and marketing on the streets with their views on those things that incite HATE in our community then they are most welcome to.  It is the law that you keep the peace between rich and poor, IT IS ILLEGAL TO ADVANCE THE RICH AND PERSECUTE THE POOR.
If you want to continue with the meeting you need to contact me and see when I am available to also attend.  The meeting will need to be recorded for my safety and legal purposes.  I will be advising the Minister for Local Government of the meeting and what is happening, again for my protection and legal purposes.
You are putting me through all of this just so ACC doesn’t have to reinstate my health care after winning two ACC reviews nine years ago – BECAUSE I AM A DISABLED MENTALLY INJURED VICTIM OF CRIME and criminal negligence and don’t have the necessaries of life I am entitled to under CURRENT NZ LAWS and UN signed ratified international treaties.  Wow, you people have completely lost the plot, abuses of power will do that to pretty much any person.
Civil Society Actor

Judge B Davidson – corrupt elitist pig – New Zealand

Below is the ruling of Judge B Davidson in a private prosecution I tried to take against the government – I only chose John Key because I didn’t know who I should do it to, so I chose the boss.  This judge recently discharged a rugby player without conviction for a violent assault of four people.  Following the ruling I’ll put the details of my case and how I told the judge I couldn’t get a lawyer to help me so just did what I thought was right.  Also this judge is the one who put me on to the Imperial Laws Application Act, which proves without doubt neo-liberalism is illegal and magna carta is being violated.

I made a formal complaint about him to Office of Judicial Conduct – they ignored me.

23 June 2015   CRI 2015-035-000633





1.    Ms Routhan seeks to file five charging documents against the Prime Minister alleging offences under the Crimes of Torture Act 1989 and Crimes Act 1961 and the Magna Carta 1215.

2.     Each is supported by a brief explanatory note and a statement from her dated 19 June 2015.  As well she has lodged 179 photographs and a copy of a book.  The black book of poetry, apparently dedicated to ‘casualties of abuse and neglect’.

3.    For reasons which I will explain shortly it is unnecessary for me to detail those particulars, her statements, the photographs and the book content.  I have however, read it all.  In essence the material provides widespread and broad allegations of her torture and abuse at the hands of the state.  The charges are levelled at the Prime Minister for failing to provide her appropriate protection, treatment and care.

4.     Under s 26(3) I direct that the five charging documents not be accepted for filing as each is an abuse of process.

5.    In particular:

5.1    The charge document alleging an offence under s 3 of Crimes of Torture Act 1989 requires the Attorney General’s consent, under s 12 to prosecute.  No such consent has been provided.

5.2    The charging documents under Sections 150A and 151 Crimes Act 1961 do not disclose any offence with any degree of particularity at all.  The sections referred to set out the standard of care required of certain persons and the duty itself to provide necessaries and protect from injury.  Neither charging document contains any particulars of the time, date, place or occasion of breach, who by and how.  The only detail given is as to date (between January 2009 and June 2015) and place (various addresses in Wainuiomata and Wairarapa).

5.3    The charging documents under sections 39 and 40 Magna Carta 1215 rely on sections that are not part of New Zealand law.  The only clause of the Magna Carta applicable in New Zealand is section 29: Section section 3 and schedules 1 and 2 Imperial Laws Application Act 1988.



The following are the statements I made attached to each form for filing these private prosecutions – I tell him I don’t know what I’m doing and can’t get a lawyer that I am entitled to.

19 June 2015

 Statement by JER Carterton

 I have been chalking section 40 of the Magna Carta around Wellington streets since 2009 when ACC illegally withdrew all my health care.  There is a copy of what it says on my wall.  “To no-one will we sell, to no-one will we delay or deny right or justice.”

 If I could afford a lawyer I would have one to ensure I was getting the professional health care I know I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws.  I would also ensure I was getting the right and justice I am seeking in regard to my health care and ability to represent myself.  It is imperative a judge adjudicates on the issues I have with the government (through ACC, mental health services and welfare agencies) and the corruption of neo-liberal political theories disabled poor people are currently suffering under in New Zealand.

 People are very angry, I am very angry watching what I know to be cruel, immoral, inhuman treatment of thousands of abused, mentally injured (like myself) and mentally ill people in New Zealand.  Every police officer I have ever discussed this with agrees what is happening is wrong.  When I am before a court for protesting (wilful trespass) about this issue every person, including the judge have their heads about as low as they can and most cannot look at me.  They know what I am saying is right.

 It is not right that the government can cut health and welfare services to mentally injured and mentally ill people, who are then ending up in the justice system as a matter of neo-liberal process.  I don’t end up in the court system for violence or crimes against innocent people, I am there for passionately protesting about what is happening to me and others as I know it to be so wrong.

 I can read law, I was studying to be a lawyer in 2001 before I was raped and mentally injured.  I know what I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws.  I know this but I have never been able to take my claims of criminal negligence and injustice to a court because of impairments related to my disability and a lack of money.  As I have been forced to live on welfare for the past 13 years.

 I have done EVERYTHING in my power to have these injustices dealt with to no avail.  I have proof of complaints to Health and Disability Commission, Human Rights Commission and Review Tribunal – I was not believed. 

 The lawyers who took me years to find are John Miller and another woman I cannot remember her name now.  John Miller had my case for a year then told me it was too complicated and he could not act for me (he took the $1000 legal aid though).  The other woman had my case through ACC, after I had won my first review to get my care from 2009 back and ACC refused I went on a 46 day hunger strike.

 My lawyer at the time begged me to stop as she could not get the case heard before I would have died.  I stopped and became severely suicidal waiting for her to take my case to the District Court we had agreed.  I waited for weeks in the most terrible torment, trying to stay alive and not let my dysfunction impact on my children.  She had even given me a date she would be taking it to court, when this date passed and I heard nothing I phoned her and she told me she had lied and taken my case to a second review hearing.  I sacked her on the spot – if your lawyer is prepared to lie to you when you are that ill then she is incompetent and corrupt.

 I won the second review, though was unable to participate in it as I was very unwell.  That was around four years ago now and it wasn’t until two months ago that ACC phoned me and said they were going to reinstate my care similar to what it had been in 2009.  I am supposed to be seeing a psychiatrist next week for yet another assessment, which they refused to waive, in order to have my care reinstated.  I have seen Dr Alan Doris before and he has been extremely critical of ACC for the way they dumped me from care in 2009.  The report is in my boxes of files somewhere but I cannot find it or look for it as I become highly suicidal and want to self-harm.

 This letter to accompany the charging documents under Section 40 of the Magna Carta 1215 is to also show that I desperately need a lawyer in order to get protection and justice.  I have phoned so many lawyers and been told they were not trained in the area of law I was discussing, were too busy, my case was too complicated and others would not do it because I would have been needing legal aid.  Please refer to my poems about John Miller Law and Something’s Wrong Tony Ellis.

 Please refer to my book of poetry The Black Book (ISBN 978-0-473-31199-5) and photographs submitted to the court in relation to the five charges.  I am not in a position to replicate this information five times.

 My only criminal charge is of the Law Society in Wellington when I went there and refused to leave until they provided me with professional representation and protection of a lawyer to force ACC and mental health to provide me the care I knew I was entitled to, and protect me from the police who were being used to intimidate and bully me. 

 I will be in court again on 8 July in Masterton for wilful trespass of Masterton Hospital for a protest I did on the law outside the DHB offices earlier this year. 

 Having exhausted all formal avenues for justice over the past 13 years since I was raped, activism and protesting are all that is left for me.  Speaking truth to power was my new year’s resolution (after I was violently arrested Xmas Eve, when sick with the flu and distraught about my unstable living situation).

 In this submitting these Charging Documents I knowing they don’t have all the stories of what has happened to me and I cannot repeat them again as my disorder Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder is also compounding.  What this means is if I recollect too many traumatic experiences at one time I become severely traumatised and cannot function, will be prone to self-harm and could commit suicide.  (Although with prayer and will I have managed to stay alive this long – not that it is a real life – being constantly bombarded with thoughts of suicide and death at the hands of yourself is no different to being threatened with death by another person on a daily basis – the impact on the psych is the same.)

Because of the impairments related to my disability (which under law must be accommodated if possible) it would not be right or just to refuse to allow this charge against John Key Prime Minister to go through to the next stage in front of a judge to decide. 

In that time I hope either the courts will appoint me a lawyer or I will have the strength I need to gather together the further evidence to prove my case of injustice and being denied right and justice because I do not have the money to pay for legal representation.

I have become emotional and can’t stop crying, so I will have to end here and pray with all my heart that what I have said and given you to-date will be sufficient to succeed through to a court hearing.

Earlier this week the government had a function organised by Chistopher Finlayson to commemorate the Magna Carta – the very people who are abusing it are pretending they abide by it.  This is not true and this must be addressed, thousands of innocent abused and disabled people are suffering prolonged neglect and poverty.  They are being left in inappropriate, unstable, unsafe housing in the community and from a recent poll of discrimination it was found over 50% of people would not like mentally ill people living next to them.

This document and charge is related to five other charges I am bringing against John Key under various criminal laws, all filed today 19 June 2015, the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

I would like to refer you to the NZ National Anthem and the line that says we will be protected from dissension envy and hate – I can assure you this is what we have in New Zealand now after 30 years of austerity against the poor and vulnerable while advancing the wants of the rich and powerful.

I have attached a copy of a statement of account for legal aid debt from last year when Michael Bott represented me against the Law Society wilful trespass charge and two other charges (that were dropped) of ACC and Ministry of Health in Wellington.  I get $400 per week on invalid’s benefit and have to apply for this every three months or it would be $315 (it is nothing more than repeated degradation).  My rent is $250, I am unable to sustain flatmates as I am continuously victimized by people I have lived with (including two attempting suicide) and even further traumatised.  I would like to tell the court about all these experiences when it is appropriate and in a safe place.

If I do in fact get my care back, which I don’t believe I will, as ACC have lied repeatedly then I hope to be well enough to talk about what has happened to me as a disabled abuse victim begging for care, being a parent, daughter, sister, friend and citizen.  It is happening to me and it is happening to many I meet when I am protesting, the stories break my heart and motivate me to go to such extremes as taking a private prosecution just so I can get this gross miscarriage of justice exposed and stopped.

 Kia kaha to us all


19 June 2015

Statement by JER, Carterton

 I am about to start this and the emotion is overwhelming me, how the police have been used to intimidate and bully me for demanding and needing the professional health care promised under ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws is persecution and torture.

 How I am treated by the police varies greatly depending on the person,  I would like to refer to my police file at this point to highlight all the times I have been seen by police, have been detained by police and been prosecuted by police. 

 I am not able to look at my police file as it makes me very unwell, I got a copy of it a few years ago and on page 3 it said I was ‘mental’ and a danger to police safety.  I wasn’t able to read past that and have had a rocky relationship with police since ACC illegally cut all my care in 2009, after National became the government and installed neo-liberal Business Round Table advocate John Judge, then Paula Rebstock.

 Can the judge please consider my police file as being evidence to what has been happening me as I fight for the care I know I am entitled to.  Please note that all complaints to police about me being suicidal are from people who are public servants and/or agents of the government.  I would tell these people I was begging for help or justice from how bad I felt and they would phone police but never help me get care.  This is a gross miscarriage of justice and proof what is happening in the real world I live in is very different to what the government and these agencies promote.

 It makes me want to be violently ill when I think that forcing suicidal people to take their clothes off and put on the crazy suit is police policy and when I tried to challenge it as being extremely degrading and against human rights laws I was ignored.  They only got my clothes off me once, during my first protest, chalking Journalists are Maggots on the Times Age building in Masterton.  When I got down to my underwear I was told to take them off as well, I had my period and said I couldn’t – I was told I had to.  That is when my respect for the police and the government ended.  I told the officer I would fight her for my underwear as there was no way I was going to let blood run down my leg in front of so many men.  This policy is not law and therefore was not subject to scrutiny under Bill of Rights and Human Rights laws.

 Over the past 30 years as neo-liberalism has relentlessly destroyed our unique Kiwi culture these attacks and laws on suicidal people have steadily increased.  It are the policies that are driving people to suicide and then the government and authorities blame the victims for a completely human response to an inhuman living environment. 

 New Zealand is a beautiful country, there is enough resources for everybody to have the necessaries of life.  Giving massive tax cuts to the wealthiest people and organisations in this country while at the same time stopping poor people (rich people can still get this care and justice) from getting the health care and justice they are entitled to is immoral and against the law.

 Also the massive social issues that have arisen due to high unemployment and concentration of wealth into the richest 20% of society – are being somehow blamed on the victims of these social issues, like violence, mental illness, poverty, ill health etc.  It was very sad to see all the changes that have been made to the Social Welfare and Social Security Acts over the past decade, all aimed at blaming those who can’t get work.  When we all know deregulation, free trade and neo-liberalism was instrumental in hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs moving offshore to be done by people who are treated like slaves in poorer countries.

 I will be addressing this issue in another private charge in the near future.

 I told a judge recently, when going through the court system over my protests at Masterton Hospital that I will take no more – and I won’t.  No more are you going to treat disabled, abused, mentally injured and ill people like you are.  Everybody knows it is wrong – EVERYBODY.

 I know other people who are degraded and persecuted by police for being suicidal and I have experiences of people who attempted suicide who were living with me that I would like to be able to present to the court.  I cannot talk about them now I am too unwell.

 I would like all book of poetry The Black Book ISBN 978-0-473-31199-5 to form part of this case but I do not have the resources to do a copy for each of the five charges.  I would also like all my photographs to form part of this.

 Please help me get a lawyer, there is so much you don’t know, so many things.  These people have driven me insane, they have turned my family and community against me, just because I couldn’t get the professional health care I was entitled to.

 I can’t go on with this document.

 Kia kaha to us all.


19 June 2015

Statement by JER, Carterton

My evidence of this torture is contained in my The Black Book of poetry ISBN 978-0-473-

31199-5 and in the selection of 179 photographs I have presented showing my ongoing years of protests and the art works I have done.  If this charge goes through to the next stage I will be able to discuss in more detail what was happening in many of these photos.  There are also videos I wanted to submit as part of this complaint but was unable to download them, due to lack of knowledge.  These also would form part of my case if this goes further.

I have also included a few letters of the type I have been sending since 2002, when I was raped and started trying to get the professional health care I was entitled to and needed to heal from my mental injury, return to work and study as well as parent my two children to the best of my ability.

I have years of letters and emails to prove my case of torture, but I am only able to give you what I have now as I do not have legal representation to help me.  I hope and pray with all my heart that this evidence will be proof enough that my private prosecution case is sufficient to go to the next step and I get these injustices against me decided on by a judge.  As required under the Magna Carta 2015.

Please consider all evidence for the five charges I have levelled at the prime minister under this charge.  I do not have the resources or fortitude to provide all documents for each charge.

I find it desperately sad that I am having to take this action when I know the law and know how I should be treated and what justice I am supposed to be receiving.  I know I am extremely insignificant and you will see from some of my poetry and songs, consider myself human sewage.  My poetry repeatedly refers to being traumatised and tortured.

 Because of my stress disorder I have been discredited by other justice and health agencies.  However I do have a report (ordered by the court when mental health refused) last year by Justin Barry-Walsh that states, I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional.  This is what mental health and justice services had been saying for years (not Alan Doris) just those services who were rejecting me over and over again.  Mostly because of underfunding of mental health services to the point of abuse and criminal neglect.

 If Justin is right –which of course he is then I have every right and every reason to take the government and John Key to court for torturing me.  It also hurts me deeply watching other people I know being harmed in this way and so many stories when I am protesting of people suffering and killing themselves.  I cannot take a charge of murder or manslaughter because I am not dead – no matter how many times I have come so close following abuse and discrimination by mental health and justice services.  For me it has to be torture and it is.  Being told there are services, reading in the law how disabled sick people are supposed to be treated and experiencing exactly the opposite drives you insane.

 I can’t go on with this statement.

Kia kaha to us all.


19 June 2015


Statement by JER, Carterton

 Please refer to all the information I have given for the other four charges I have bought against John Key, I do not have the resources or ability to reproduce everything for each charge.

Please ensure this charge goes through to the next level so I can prove and gather together the years of evidence I have that my standard of care was unprofessional and influenced by neo-liberal political theories rather than scientific fact.

I am feeling very unwell and would like the opportunity to present my evidence in the future, when hopefully I have the support of the health providers I know I am entitled to and the legal representation the Magna Carta guarantees me.

Kia kaha to us al


19 June 2015

 Offence description:

 That John Key had legal duty to provide professional health care to me as a mentally injured disabled person and did not.  Also the standard of care did not follow international and professionally recognised models of treatment care and rehabilitation. 

 It was him as leader of National who coerced public servants and health professionals to discriminate and neglect those people who had mental health issues and were living in poverty.


19 June 2015

 Statement by JER, Carterton

 The horrendous and unsafe situations I have been subjected to while supposedly disabled and under care of the NZ government are varied and across all sectors of welfare, health and justice.  This is why I consider John Key, the Prime Minister as ultimately responsible.  It is his power and influence that has created this gross miscarriage of justice against abused and traumatised people who become dysfunctional and suicidal – due to neglect and lack of professional health care.

 Please refer to the photographs and book of poetry I have submitted under Crimes of Torture as being part of this charge.  I do not have the resources or ability to replicate this information for all five charges.  Please refer to all information I have supplied during these five charges.

 Please give me the opportunity to find justice by allowing this charge to progress – of not providing the necessaries of life and to protect from further injury.  To disclose this now would cause me considerable harm – nothing less than any violently raped or abused person would experience when challenging their abuser.

 Please get me a lawyer and refer to my rap song Wherefore Art Thou ACC about how I have won two other cases in the Environment Court and Employment court representing myself/my business (as president of Capital Offroaders and owner of Enzo’s Pizza).  It is obvious I was capable of presenting myself then, but am not now – which was caused by my disability and mental health issues.

 When the person who raped you is found not guilty by a jury of nine white haired old men, one old woman and one woman who looked intellectually handicapped, even when admitted he was asleep and had plied you with alcohol before he did it – it degrades and destroys you in ways you cannot even imagine.

 Kia kaha to us all


19 June 2015

 Offence Description

 That John Key failed to provide necessaries and protect from injury a recognised sick person.

 Especially with regard to accommodation, provision of professional health services and protection from further injury after a series of unsafe living situations.  


Offence Description – Crimes of Torture Act 1989 – Section 3

 That John Key as Prime Minister of New Zealand has committed acts of torture against disabled abused mentally injured and mentally ill people like myself by not providing professional treatment, care and rehabilitation as required under New Zealand’s ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws.

 This particularly refers to those people removed from ACC care in 2009 (of which I was one) as a result of government pressure and the appointment of John Judge a well known proponent of neo-liberalism and member of the Business Round Table and NZ Initiative group.  They did not change the law and caused harm to hundreds of people on ACC.

 These acts of torture also were perpetrated by the Ministry of Social Development and the ongoing ‘reforms’ aimed at disabled poor people on welfare.



I have been told repeatedly by Legal Services Agency I am can get legal aid but am told by hundreds of lawyers I have rung that there is nobody doing civil legal aid currently.  When I challenged the Ministry of Justice about this through email they stopped replying to me, when I went into their office at the High Court I was told there was nothing they could do and was trespassed when I started singing and reciting poetry about this gross miscarriage of justice.

Then when I went back to try and watch Tony Ellis take a case of torture against the Attorney General and 3 DHBs – so I would know how to do the case myself – I was assaulted by security (which I made a complaint to police about) and refused entry.

Now I’m in court for using chalk pen to draw a swastika on the High Court and breach of trespass.  Also for chalking a swastika and LIES etc on Appeal Court building that has words all around it talking about human rights and justice.

Sadly NZ media know all of this and so do several MPs but they do nothing.


Conviction for Wilful Trespass of ACC – OVERTURNED – BOOM!


WELLINGTON REGISTRY                                                         CRI-2016-485-15

                                                                                                            (2016) NZHC 1495





AND                           NEW ZEALAND POLICE



Hearing:                      28 June 2016


Counsel:                      Bolland



Judgement:                  1 July 2016







  1. Following a judge-alone trial in the District Court, Ms Routhan was convicted of trespass.  She represented herself.  Judge Boshier ordered by way of sentence, that she come up to Court for sentence if called upon within nine months.


  2. Ms Routhan was convicted pursuant to s3(1) of the Trespass Act 1980.  This provides that it is an offence to trespass on any place and refuse to leave after being warned by an occupier.   This is generally referred to as the ‘single event’ trespass offence.  This is to be constrasted with a s4(4) of the Act.  That provides it is an offence to trespass within two years of having been earlier warned by an occupier to stay off.  That is the ‘two event’ offence.



  1. Ms Routhan was, and remains, very unhappy with various decisions ACC had made about her and wished to protest about this.  At some time between 12pm and 1 pm on 2 September 2015, Ms Routhan visited the Wellington Branch of ACC.  She set herself up in the foyer within the building.  She displayed two placards each containing handwritten text to the general effect that ACC would kill her through bad, lawless or neglectful decisions.  She also displayed a painting in somewhat abstract form of a person with stab wounds in his or her back.  The items embedded in the persons back included a knife on which the letters “ACC” were painted.


  2. She sat on the floor in the reception area next to an armchair and a coffee table.  By being located in this spot she blocked the fire exit door.  A security guard repeatedly asked her to leave the premises.  She refused.  The manager was called and she too asked Ms Routhan to leave.  Ms Routhan still refused.  The police were then called.


  1. Meanwhile, the building was partially locked down in the sense that reception staff vacated that area and took refuge behind glass doors.  Automatic sliding doors at the entrance to the reception area were then set to exit only.  Ms Routhan would be permitted to leave, but clients could not enter.  Business was brought to a standstill.


  1. When the police arrived, they also asked Ms Routhan to leave.  They arrested her when she again refused to do so.


District Court Decision


  1. The judge summarised the evidence of the security guard, the manager and the arresting constable.  She also summarised Ms Routhan’s evidence.


  2. The judge then found that all elements of the offence of one event trespass were met.  The manager had the necessary delegated authority to act as the occupier of the premises.  Both the security guard and the manager had asked Ms Routhan to leave.  She had refused to do so.


  1. The judge also recorded the manager’s reasons for asking Ms Routhan to leave was that she was blocking the fire exit,  the placards and painting were disturbing to clients and here was a risk to client and staff safety.  There were also issues, the Judge noted, in terms of the ability of ACC to transact its ordinary business in light of the partial building lock-down.  These factors entitled the manager to ask Ms Routhan to leave the judge found.


Submissions and issues


  1. Comprehensive and thoughtful submissions were provided by counsel for the appellant raising a number of separate grounds by which, it was argued, the judge’s decision should be overturned.


  2. In light of the view I take of this case, only one ground need be discussed.  This relates to the applicability of the reasonableness standard in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (NZBORA) to decisions to invoke s 3 of the Trespass Act in relation to public buildings.


  1. Ms Bolland, for Ms Routhan, argued that Ms Routhan could invoke rights of assembly and expression protected by NZBORA and that this required the officials who involved the Trespass Act to be satisfied that doing so was reasonably necessary in the circumstances.  There was, Ms Bolland submitted, no evidence that officials had made such assessment.  Further, she said, there was no evidence either that Judge Boshier undertook her own analysis of that issue or even understood that NZBORA was relevant.  It followed, Ms Bolland submitted, that the judge had made an error of principle and the conviction should be set aside accordingly.


  1. In response, Mr Woods argued that although the judge did not explicitly consider NZBORA or any reasonableness test, she noted that there was evidence of three reasons for the manager asking Ms Routhan to leave and when those reasons taken together, they amounted to sufficient evidence that invoking the Trespass Act was reasonable.  The Judge, in her reasons, took these matters into account.  They were that MS Routhan was blocking the fire exit; the painting showing stab wounds in which ACC was implicated was disturbing for staff and clients; and Ms Routhan’s presence in the building had caused a partial lock-down, interrupting thereby, the ordinary work of the office.  In such circumstances, it was submitted, Ms Routhan’s behaviour was in fact unreasonable, and the corollary was that invoking the Trespass Act was reasonable.  Therefore, even if the Judge had erred, her error would not have affected the result




  1. It is now beyond argument that those exercising public authority may only invoke the Trespass Act against when this is ‘reasonably necessary’, in light of the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression rights protected by ss 14 and 16 of NZBORA.  Kos J in an earlier case involving Ms Routhan provided the following non-exhaustive list of considerations to be factored in to assessing whether invoking the Trespass Act is, in any particular case, reasonable.  They were:
  1. whether the assembly was unreasonably prolonged;


  2. the degree to which the rights and freedoms of other people are affected by the trespass notice;


  3. the degree to which the assembly or protest interfered with the rights of the occupier to use the premises for ordinary business or duties free of nuisance;


  4. the size of the assembly and its duration;


  5. the content of what is being expressed, if the message is one of hatred, racial abuse, intolerance or obscenity; and


  6. whether the notice is justified on the grounds of maintenance of public order (such as lack of prior notice to police of the time and location of the event or in terms of management of street traffic).


  1. In my view it is plain that Judge Boshier was unaware that NZBORA rights were in play even though the matter had been raised both in evidence and argument.  For that reason, she did not subject the case to the justified limitations analysis required by s 5 of the Act.  That is (in short) that Ms Routhan’s freedom to express her views in government spaces could only be curtailed if this amounted to a reasonable limit, prescribed by law and “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”.


  2. It follows that the judge necessarily made an error of principle.


  1. But was Mr Woods right when he argued that the error was not material because, on the facts, such limitation was reasonable?  This question requires me to assess, in hindsight, the relevant facts alluded to by the Judge.  I am inevitably drawn into making my own assessment in light of the Judge’s failure to do so at first instance.


  1. In my view it cannot be said that trespassing Ms Routhan, in the circumstances that obtained on the day in question in the reception area, was reasonable.  She sat there quietly expressing her views that she was entitled to express in terms of s 14 of NZBORA.  She was not aggressive or violent.  She said nothing unless spoken to.  She made it clear that in her view she had a right to do what she was doing.


  1. The written placards were not offensive.  The painting was not either.  I accept that the painting might have been if the image had been a photo of a human body with gaping knife wounds, but it was not.  Whatever its merits, it was an abstract work of art and protest.  No reasonable person could have viewed it as offensive.  It is true that the building went into semi lock-down as a result of Ms Routhan’s presence in the reception area.  But that was ACC’s response to Ms Routhan’s presence.  That response too has to be measured against a reasonableness standard.  Mr Woods said that ACC had had experience of Ms Routhan’s protests in the past and management responded as much to their experience of her as they did to her actions on the day.  Whatever Ms Routhan had done in the past, she was being very careful to behave civilly, courteously and reasonably on the day in question.  If she had come to learn where the line was, beyond which freedom of expression crossed into unreasonable interference in the lives of others, then it seems to me that was a good outcome.  She ought not to be prejudiced for having learnt to modify her behaviour so as not to offend, annoy or be a nuisance.


  1. Finally, and perhaps most powerfully from ACC’s perspective, MS Routhan was, it was said, blocking a fire exit.  This, it must be accepted, could amount to unreasonable interference with staff and public use of the area.  But whether invoking the Trespass Act is a reasonable response requires a general consideration of the reasonable alternatives that would have been available to officials.  An obvious one comes to mind.  Either the security guard of the manager (or the Police for that matter) could have advised MS Routhan that she was entitled to sit silently and express her views through her placards and painting, but she could not block the fire exit.  An invitation to move a metre or two to the left or right was all that was required.  If she refused, then unreasonable interference in the use of the public space is necessarily established.  If she acceded to the request, then she was safely on her side of the freedom of expression/trespass divide.  There was no evidence of such an invitation being made to Ms Routhan.


  1. The appeal must be allowed accordingly.  The conviction and sentence are quashed.






Appeal Against Conviction for Wilful Trespass of ACC – court documents


                                                                                                            CRI 2016-485-000015










  1. The lawyer allocated to me by Legal Aid withdrew so I am yet again forced to represent myself, which I find traumatising and a violation of my most basic rights under Magna Carta.  He withdrew because he refuses to use as my defence the Westminster Statute the First, the Magna Carta, Human Rights and NZ Bill of Rights.
  1. When my previous lawyer Michael Bott had me acquitted of charges of Wilful Trespass at ACC and Ministry of Health in 2015 he used a technicality which I did not agree with at the time.  I asked Mr Bott to defend me in other ways but he refused.  I believe my only criminal conviction of Wilful Trespass of the Law Society to be a gross miscarriage of justice.  I know my protests are legal and the police cannot randomly use Wilful Trespass law to cause me harm and pervert the course of justice.  The definition of justice is:


Noun – 1. just behaviour or treatment.

“a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people”

synonyms: fairness, justness, fair play, fair-mindedness, equity, equitableness, even-handedness, egalitarianism, impartiality, impartialness, lack of bias, objectivity, neutrality, disinterestedness, lack of prejudice, open-mindedness, non-partisanship; More

honour, uprightness, decency, integrity, probity, honesty, righteousness, ethics, morals, morality, virtue, principle, right-mindedness, propriety, scrupulousness, trustworthiness, incorruptibility

“ideas of social justice”

  1. It is significant Westminster Statute the 1st and Magna Carta come before property right laws (which Wilful Trespass laws are based upon), because they are superior law to all laws made after – this is especially relevant in 2016 after 30 years of neo-liberal political changes that have in all ways advanced rich citizens and persecuted/ disadvantaged poor citizens, particularly disabled people like myself.
  2. Westminster Statute the 1st – The King willeth and commandeth common right be done to all, so as rich as poor.  It is relevant in this case that I am poor and the people who have had me prosecuted are rich.  It is also relevant they are using their wealth to advance rich people and persecute me by refusing to provide health services I am entitled to under ACC, code of claimants rights, disability and human rights legislation.  Due to political corruption ACC are using financial reserves created since 2009 (when they illegally withdrew entitlements from 1000s of claimants like myself) to invest in rich people and businesses – for example the Hawkes Bay dam, when ACC legislation requires they invest in injured people – Refer Section 3 Purpose.
  3. Westminster Statute the 1st – with so few words to interpret it is simple for a poor person to understand this is the basis of all law because no poor person in 1275 would ever have agreed to be controlled under law if ALL people were not subject to it.  In 2016 I also do not believe I should be subject to following the law while rich people are not.  As ACC and others violate the law and are not censured or prosecuted for this, even when I have made repeated complaints of harm under Sections 150A 151 155 and 157 of the Crimes Act, then common right is not being done to me as I am poor, therefore I do not have to follow any laws made after this one.  I am a good honest and just person with ethics and morals and do not break the law.
  4. Rich people, I beg for health care and justice from, repeatedly send police to my home I should have every right to go to their homes and demand justice.  I do not do that as I understand the principle of being an employee and doing what you are instructed, however I have every right to go into the offices of the organisation that is violating my rights.
  5. My Magna Carta rights to not be destroyed (in this case through being refused professional health care I am entitled to under law, and have access to right and justice) are being violated.  A situation so serious my response to exercise my human rights for freedom of expression to go into their offices and protest for one hour in any non-violent way I deem necessary is completely justified.  It is my very existence I am fighting for and that of thousands of other disabled abused mentally injured men women and children in society.
  6. My justification for protesting within the buildings of these organisations I hold accountable for my life-threatening unjust situation is based on scientific evidence.  After studying the Milgram Experiment which proved the power of authority over an individual’s morality I deemed it necessary to confront those people harming me face to face as much as I possibly could.  In the experiment the subject thinks they are inflicting an electrical charge of increasing magnitude to the point the person is screaming and dies, they are coerced by an authority figure in the room to do this.  The person screaming is done by an actor and the subject cannot see the person, they are in another room – it is my contention that in 2016 we have a situation where staff in organisations like ACC are inflicting serious suffering (psychological torture and pain) on mentally injured abuse victims at the request of people in authority.  Neither those in authority nor staff actually see the person they are persecuting (in my case it is long term psychological torture and medical neglect) and I believe if they did they might reconsider what they are doing.
  7. It is also my contention that I have been unable to secure a lawyer to protect and represent me to have my ACC care reinstated and provided in a professional and culturally sensitive manner.  I have been denied the right to have a judge decide on the gross miscarriage of justice I am experiencing, denied the right to look my abuser and oppressor in the eye.  Going into their building to protest is me exercising my rights under Common Law to face these people in a non-violent way.  It should be noted changes made by Paula Rebstock and others since National came to power in 2008 have made contact with people in authority even more difficult – eg removing all direct phone contact with ACC senior staff and everything going through a call centre where they refuse to put you through to them.  I am currently only allowed to contact ACC through leaving messages on an answerphone, they have made it impossible for me to contact any other ACC number by manipulating the phone system.
  8. In planning my protests I consider the law carefully and have never violated any law at any time, unlike ACC, New Zealand Police and others.
  9. New Zealand police have the discretion to proceed with a prosecution or not.  Deciding not to proceed with the prosecution of ACC and others after my (poor person) serious complaints, while proceeding with minor prosecutions after complaints by ACC and others (rich people) is a violation of Westminster Statute the 1st as well as the NZ Bill of Rights.  When there is a decision to be made in applying the NZ Bill of Rights it must be made in favour of the Bill of Rights.  This does not abrogate Wilful Trespass laws, which are necessary and continue to be valid in the vast majority of situations.
  10. I also contend police swear an oath to the Queen who is head of a church that believes in a book that does not say protect the rich and powerful while they persecute the poor and powerless.  It is the duty of police in our democracy, under Commonwealth and Westminster Law to choose the just and right option when dealing with a poor person such as myself.  Police know I am a Civil Society Actor as defined by the United Nations, I have not yet met a police officer that does not agree with my complaints about appalling, unprofessional and abusive mental health services.  It is only those rich and powerful people in authority who have insisted on my prosecution.  If police were following the law they would stand beside me when I do these protests, inside the buildings of those who are persecuting and oppressing me and others over mental health care and justice.
  11. There is only one of me as other mentally injured abuse victims are too scared to do what I do, I am no physical threat to people and it is my intention to challenge these people’s morals, which they do not like – being in the building does this more effectively than the years I spent protesting outside.
  12. This form of protest is known as an ‘occupation’ I also contend that if the thousands of people with mental injuries like mine were standing beside me police would not trespass all of us, so why am I suffering continued criminal proceedings – that are causing me harm but keeping me alive at the same time – keeping hope alive – hope that one day I will receive the treatment care rehabilitation and justice I am entitled to so I can return to work and a decent life.
  13. Four years ago I formally trespassed police from my home and since then have written several letters pleading with them not to come to my home if someone called them concerned for my welfare.  For a short time I felt huge relief that I would not be humiliated and feel intimidated for phoning people responsible for my health and welfare, telling them how unwell I was and asking them to act to have professional health care provided/reinstated.  Most of these people/organisations did nothing and phoned police instead.  I had read about a case of a criminal in Wellington who legally trespassed police, he had a lawyer to support him of course and police were forced to adhere to the trespass notice.  Police chose not to enforce the trespass notice I took out against them so they obviously have discretion and should have used that discretion when charging me with wilful trespass of ACC.
  14. In a democratic, just and fair society my actions of protesting inside the buildings of people who are not upholding the law in a non-violent way are justified.
  15. The issue of rich vs poor also comes into play with regards to my complaints about ACC harming me and my legal protests with regard to who constables I deal with are allowed to charge and who they are not.  I have been told by several police officers they are not of a high enough pay grade to act on my complaints of harm by ACC and yet are allowed to have me charged with wilful trespass (and currently misuse of a telephone) which are minor charges in my case.  For the criminal charge I am appealing today I was given no punishment, except to be sentenced if called upon for some other charge in the next 12 months and a $50 offender levy.
  16. It is also relevant that although I have been told by Ministry of Justice staff that I am entitled to civil legal aid in order to stop police coming to my home (as several police officers do not like me and have been making this more difficult, to the point I was having nightmares police were coming to get me and am frightened when I hear a car outside my home, which aggravates my stress disorder) I have been unable to get a lawyer for this or for the Human Rights abuses I am currently being subjected to.  According to every lawyer I have called on the list I was given by Legal Services Agency they do not have the time and money to do it under legal aid.
  17. I advised police on the day of my arrest I was legally allowed to protest inside the building at ACC, I referred to the Westminster Statute the 1st, Magna Carta and NZ Bill of Rights.  I told them I would be there for an hour and would not cause any disruption, which I didn’t.  I sat out of the way in reception crying behind a large painting I have done about the situation I am in and a sign saying ACC are trying to kill me (ie drive me to suicide) with medical neglect.
  18. These protests are cries for help and I have little control over my actions when I have decided to do them.  I always co-operate with police once arrested and although I was forced to wear handcuffs this particular time, generally now I am not handcuffed.  I am often arrested for these legal protests, for example recently at Independent Police Conduct Authority, I was not charged however and given a pre-charge warning instead.
  19. I would provide a copy of my police file, but the one I was sent recently after waiting 8 weeks (way outside the required timeframe) was incomplete and did not register the majority of the times police had come to my home for welfare visits or many of the cases where I was not charged with wilful trespass.  I have asked that this information be supplied but I do not expect it to be available before 10 May 2016.  If it is helpful this document gives the presiding judge authority to access any information held by police about me.
  20. I do not accept this conviction is minor or the conviction of wilful trespass of the Law Society as I now have criminal convictions against me and am humiliated to have to tell people like insurance companies of them.  I cannot travel outside New Zealand without having to disclose these convictions and my freedom to travel is compromised.
  21. I do not accept this conviction is minor as it brings into contention the most basic laws of our democracy- justice, freedom, freedom from cruelty/torture/persecution, cultural belief, equality, human rights, Westminster system of law, rich versus poor, powerful versus powerless, oppressor versus oppressed, government versus citizen, etc.  In 2016 having the freedom to protest in any non-violent manner I see fit (as defined under International and National human civil and political rights laws) –particularly in the area of mental health care for mentally injured abuse victims, would have to be one of the most serious violence/social issues facing our society.
  22. My expertise and understanding the law as well as disability, human rights and health issues needs to be acknowledged in this.  I do not expect to read law that is not being followed such as ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights laws and not being able to challenge this in a court room.  I do not expect to be treated with such cruelty when I reflect on the words of the NZ National Anthem (which I consider part of our constitution).  I do not expect to be taught one thing at university, about disability, rehabilitation and health, then experience something that does not follow this professional method of health care and violates my cultural beliefs.  I expect the rule and word of law to be followed as well as our commonwealth commitment to a monarch who is head of a Christian church – particularly in respect to the police.  I expect you to ‘reign in’ those people who have been corrupted by the love of money and power, who believe it is acceptable to persecute people like myself by refusing professional health care and use the police and justice system to intimidate, oppress and harm me for protesting at not receiving it.


    2 May 2016


50 Page report on breaches of civil & political rights in New Zealand

Up to page 50 still about another 40 to go, then I will have to collate all the appendix information, that will take me a couple of days.  What a Xmas present these people will be getting.  Am still collecting the different organisations I will be sending it to.  And of course a few MPs.

11 November 2015




I write many reports, letters and submissions on the issues and gross miscarriage of justice I experience and witness around me, each one causes me trauma that I respond to with dysfunctional behaviour.  With the inhuman living situation I am now in and years of trauma my mental health is now so bad I will regularly self-harm throughout the writing of this report – however self-harming is far better than acting on the now almost continuous thoughts of suicide I am forced to deal with.


The Compounding Complex PTSD I now suffer from is a result of 14 years of medical neglect and ongoing torture, abuse and victimization by NZ government (health, welfare, housing, ACC and justice systems).  When our country was taken over by radicalised neo-liberal (capitalist) terrorists in 1984 they set about creating a society that advanced rich and powerful people while persecuting and neglecting NZs disabled and poor.  This life-threatening form of PTSD was first recorded in people who had been held in hostage situations for long periods of time.  My severe dysfunctional behaviour is not a result of me being mentally ill, as I am not (and have reports to prove this), this is a result of years of degradation, abuse, neglect and persecution at the hands of cruel, corrupt, ignorant, immoral neo-liberal terrorists currently running our country (that includes powerful business people who control our politicians and news media).  I am mentally injured, or as the United Nations describe in A/HRC/22/53 (D) I have a psychosocial disability.


Recently I have been reading the 6th Periodic report on Civil and Political rights and I felt this was a good place to start for this report.  Anything I have not covered while going through this government report I will include at the end.  I have been trying for months to write this report but was too frightened because of my appauling mental health – I can wait no longer as I see the suffering and suicide around me taking its toll.


Introduction – 5.


I am a civil society actor and try my very best to keep up with any formal submissions I need to make to be heard.  With all the people I communicate with in the Human Rights area and those who know I am being persecuted to the point of suicide for legally protesting it is very disturbing that I did not see the draft report in 2014.  Then I note that it came out only a few days before Xmas, an extremely difficult time for me after being raped at New Year along with the trauma of being violently arrested New Years eve 2014 and the previous year being arrested on my birthday 2 January.  A time of year that is difficult for anybody and I am sure this date was chosen to discourage participation and comment.


I know of no other activist in New Zealand (I am on social media every day and am well known to many people for what I do and what I protest about) who is protesting the way I am, getting arrested and dragged through court, or being subjected to the intimidation, persecution and neglect I am.  I am not able to work sadly because I cannot get the professional health care and rehabilitation I am entitled to so I spend 12-15 hours per day collecting and disseminating information, writing letters and reports and dealing with poverty, rotting on welfare and being dragged through the justice system.


I am an expert in traumatic stress disorders (which my psychiatrist and psychotherapist will confirm), and well versed in international and NZ laws (ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights, bill of rights, etc).  I live in the darklands of New Zealand rotting on welfare, this is my perspective – which is far broader and real than they myriad of people who make laws, write reports and make submissions.  I am particularly critical of NGOs and DPOs who assert themselves as representing disabled people or those with mental health issues.  Because of the nature of traumatic stress disorders and the associated violent aspects other disabled groups, including mental health groups, are very reluctant to associate themselves with violence.  As a result people such as me are experiencing the brunt of ignorant cruel laws and a society that has put violent people in the position of Jews in NAZI Germany. 


I have been insulted and discriminated against by physically disabled people and mentally ill people.  Mildly mentally ill people who do not have severe behavioural issues despise those who do because when someone is hurt or killed by a mentally ill person – every mentally ill person is blamed for it.  The same as every disabled person on welfare takes the blame for every wrong thing every other person on welfare has done – whether they are disabled or not.  I would like the opportunity to tell a court or a judge the experiences I have had with discrimination, they are too many to put in this document, but I need to be heard.


Recently I phoned Tuhoe extremely upset about Mr Kruger’s reasoning for Tuhoe starting a war on welfare dependency.  News item…   Why would anybody want to start a war on people who are disabled, unemployed and dependent on welfare.  I told a relative of his that these people were mostly disabled and welfare dependent for a reason.  Also that many of these people would be disabled abuse victims (if the statistics are right about the high levels of sexual and physical abuse by Maori)  and I know for a fact mental health services are abusive.  The same day Young Nats facebook page had a copy of the story on it, gloating that of course they were right and justifying their hatred of people on welfare.  (Note that none of the people who vote National are on welfare and are aware of the degrading hell it has become.) 


I would have been abused while protesting about poverty, human rights, mental health etc over 100 times by people telling me GET A JOB BLUDGER.  They insult you then walk off, or do it from their cars, they always refuse to stay and find out your story and what you know – they have been radicalised and brainwashed.  I am desperate to work, that is why I fight so hard for the health care I am entitled to – so I can go back to work.  Why would anybody want to live rotting in poverty on welfare ostracized, despised and discriminated against – the idea that people choose this is an example of people who have been radicalised against the poor.


I am finding this really difficult, especially to get in some sort of order, so I am just going to write.  Previously when I do these reports I am often unable to go back and proof read for grammar and spelling mistakes, so I will ask you to ignore these things – and not discredit my entire report because of it.  I become severely traumatised and self-harm if I think about to many traumatic situations at one time, this is what happens when you have compounding stress disorders.  This is why it is imperative traumatised people are given professional help and have their basic needs met when they experience ongoing trauma, victimization, degradation and discrimination.  Please refer to Maslows Pyramid of need – I can confirm that my current environment ensures that none of these needs are met in my case (which is why I am so suicidal, dysfunctional and cannot overcome the unresolved traumas).  This is proof that my allegations of inhuman treatment are valid and my complaints of harm and discrimination need to be dealt with through the criminal courts of New Zealand


Back to the govt report on civil and political rights – introduction 7. – This is a lie, New Zealand are not committed to protection of human rights, though are very committed to promoting it.  I am currently reading an item on NZ Law Society website by Justice Winkelman about the serious lack of legal representation for poor people, including disabled people like myself fighting the government.


Radicalised neo-liberal governments since 1984 have changed a myriad of laws to stop poor people getting health care and justice.  I read these laws and usually start crying when I see what successive government have done to undermine our democracy and shift blame for unemployment and social dysfunction onto those that have been made unemployed and traumatised by radicalised economic theories that advance the rich and persecute the disabled poor.  (Note I have never met a healthy person on welfare in my life, if not a physical disability, many have psychological issues due to abuse or bad parenting.)


A review by a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the systematic undermining of laws that protected vulnerable poor people and their rights would prove just how corrupt and immoral radicalised neo-liberals have been. 


For example, I attempted to privately prosecute John Key under Crimes Act, Crimes of Torture Act and Magna Carta June this year.  The judge refused to accept my submission, saying I was abusing the process (Appendix 1) she also said I could not use Sections 39 and 40 of Magna Carta because they had been made irrelevant under Imperial Laws Act 1988.  At the height of abuse of power by Roger Douglas and his radicalised supporters.  I have read several books about the 4th Labour government, even talked to Laila Harre directly about it.  For a brief outline I refer to the Wikipedia explanation 


I tried to return to university study earlier this year, but sadly failed due to ill health and poverty.  One of my papers was Economics, some of what was being taught was extremely unethical and I have made complaints about it but been ignored.  However one of the things I learnt about economics is NOTHING changes in a drastic way, everything is done in increments – yet these Neo-liberals cut taxes to wealthy individuals by over 30% and wealthy businesses by 12% overnight.  Also on my first day we were told that the study of economics was the SCIENCE OF SCARCE RESOURCES.  This is an extremely damaging approach and a review of the American textbook we had to use will show they are teaching radicalised neo-liberal economics and not economics in its entirety.  For example the book says, there is no such thing as need there is only want – which of course is a lie.  There is so much more I could explain about how universities are now radicalising those who study commerce.  Appendix 2 is copy of a letter published in Salient magazine by a commerce student, and my response.


Introduction 8.

This is another lie, National was bought to power in 2008 and conditions for disabled people on welfare have significantly declined.  There may have been some small attempt at marketing that these rights were being respected, while government policies and changes to legislation more often were in violation of the Covenant rights. 


In 2009 my health care was illegally withdrawn through ACC after National came to power and installed John Judge (member of business round table/NZ Initiative).  I had fought 7 years to get the beginnings of a professional rehabilitation plan paid for by ACC, six months into this 2 ½ year plan there was a review and all my care was stopped.  I became highly suicidal and almost died, I have won TWO ACC reviews since that time to have this reinstated but still I have nothing as ACC refuse to reinstate the care I had, insisting I follow a plan they created that does not accommodate my religious, ethical and cultural beliefs – where my previous plan had.  I will go into this further into this report.


I find it extremely offensive and corrupt that a government report would say something that is such a blatant lie.


Introduction 11.

The NZ Public Health and Disability Amendment Bill (No 2) 2013 was bought in to stop these families getting all the support they needed.  The only reason they introduced it is because they were forced to by the United Nations, NZ citizens had been fighting for years to get this support, after 30 yrs of cuts to the poorest people were causing huge unnecessary suffering.


Introduction 12.

“the allocation of spending” I will take this opportunity to express my thoughts on the reasoning of any government to choose not to provide the treatment care rehabilitation welfare and justice services the poorest people due to lack of money.


Our legal system and democracy is based on Christian principles of fairness and equality.  It is immoral and a terrorist act to suggest that there is not enough money for disabled people’s health care, welfare, justice, housing, etc WHILE the government spends money on extravagant things like elite sports (Americas Cup, rugby, etc), mansions for diplomats throughout the world, flag referendums, wealthy movie studios and other gross extravagances that regularly make mainstream news. 


Then there is the $100billion government debt which NZ pays $150 per second in interest to overseas banks (banks that are directly associated with John Key and many others in government).  This debt is proof that the government are not fiscally responsible (and yet all their marketing says they are).  Since National got in 2008 debt has risen by more than $85billion, they have also given more tax cuts to rich people during this time, while increasing the burden on poor people.  The government should have increased taxes to the very rich ($70,000 threshold for top tax rate is ridiculous), who have done extremely well financially from radicalised neo-liberal economic policies, to cover expenditure – for example Christchurch earthquake etc.  That they have done the opposite shows they are corrupt, immoral and radicalised.  Why would you rack up massive debt and pay massive amounts in interest to foreign banks if you didn’t have to? 


I am also at a loss to understand how a government can be allowed to pass on such a massive debt burden to any successor.  Why should a left wing government have to pay off the debt of a corrupt irresponsible right wing government?  The only reason this country and government are in financial deficit is powerful rich people who control the current government insist in lower taxes.


When Ruth Richardson (radicalised neo-liberal terrorist) cut benefits in the 1990s to create a low-wage economy, overnight the government withdrew $millions from the poorest members of society.  This took $millions of dollars out of the economy and had huge flow-on impacts for small businesses, many were shut down as a result.  There were protests and ongoing submissions to select committees opposed to this, but from information I have read this opposition was all ignored – democracy was no longer operating.


Any grossly extravagant spending by the NZ government makes me and other people who are struggling EXTREMELY ANGRY.  Like when I see the BMWs our government bought at the same time as using the poverty excuse for not providing disabled/vulnerable/unemployed people with their basic needs (particularly safe stable housing).  My experience with unsafe unstable housing has been a significant contributor to my appauling mental health, suffering and suicidality – it would be the leading contributor to life-threatening psychosocial disorders in the developed world.   Hopefully I will be able to explain what has happened further in this report, at the moment, the thought of talking about it makes me unwell.  What I would say is I feel like a refugee in my own country and now I rent, landlords and their agents are some of the most immoral offensive people I have ever met.  I want the opportunity to tell the horrific stories I have of renting


17. – The principles of Natural Justice are not applied in regard to my formal complaints of harm and discrimination on the basis of disability.  Decisions by tribunals are ignored and the Human Rights Review Tribunal even told me they would not represent me because I had a ‘personality disorder’.  I do not have a personality disorder, which is confirmed by Dr Alan Doris and Dr Justin Barry-Walshe, both leading psychiatrists in New Zealand. 


Dr Barry-Walshe states in his report I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional.  His report was requested by me & the court during hearings on criminal wilful trespass charges last year.  The fact he was asked to investigate if I was delusional for my protests and demands for professional health care and protection (ie a lawyer) indicates the level of corruption, irresponsibility and discrimination radicalised neo-liberals are prepared to go to in order to discredit those they are illegally persecuting.


18. Requirements of natural justice – I recently wrote to the State Services Commission making a formal complaint of a dangerous conflict of interest with the government putting Paula Rebstock as the chair of a committee on restructure of CYFS.  Appendix 3 is the letter I wrote.  I can’t open the response letter I got (I have communication issues and can’t open a lot of my mail, fear of self-harm with what I might read has created a phobia about it) however I phoned the SSC to ask what the response was.  The man I spoke to on the phone laughed and mocked me for even suggesting anybody would listen to a complaint like this from some common citizen when important people in the government had made such a decision.


Paula Rebstock is on the Board of ACC, is well known to promote neo-liberal agenda in all areas.  ACC were found to be medically neglectful of the boy who killed Arun Kumar and mental health as well – the very people I am trying to stop from abusing/medically neglecting me.  If an intelligent 50 year old can’t get the health care they are entitled to after years of formal complaints, with the support of health professionals, then how is any child going to get it – especially one with a dysfunctional family.  What I read in this news report still distresses me.  When that boy was hitting his head against the wall at school saying he wanted to kill himself, I knew exactly how he felt – when I think of this it empower me to keep writing and fighting this gross miscarriage of justice.


When I saw the article by Jared Savage I phoned the boys lawyer Maria Pecotic and asked what they were going to do about the boy suffering medical neglect at the hands of ACC and mental health.  I was told that she didn’t know that sort of law, so wouldn’t be doing anything.  I also phoned the Children’s commissioner as he was waxing on about abused kids at the time, asked him to take a case to the Health & Disability Commission for the boy, or approach the police and have ACC and Mental health prosecuted under Sections 150A 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act, and sections of the Crimes of Torture Act.  He did nothing, because like most people, they don’t want to be associated with someone who has become violent due to neglect and abuse (or more correctly Compounding Complex PTSD) – neither did the lawyer I am sure.


If we don’t start holding these corrupt irresponsible negligent health services to account through our justice system then this violence, discrimination and abuse is going to continue.  More people are going to become violent as a result – which is already happening according to current violence statistics.  Violence statistics that the current government say are coming down, however they don’t tell you that violence is coming down for 80% of people but increasing for those who are victimised the most.  Another way the government manipulates statistics to make themselves look good and brainwash/influence people who might vote for them.


19. Prisoners not allowed to vote.  Another law that saw violations in people’s human rights.  I believe this was necessary for neo-liberals as they knew many more people would be incarcerated because of their cruel immoral inhuman welfare and economic policies.  This was another way of discrediting anybody who ‘was driven’ to commit a crime and followed radicalised American neo-liberal ideas.  NZ now has the second highest rate of incarceration outside USA, we once had one of the lowest.  The ongoing attacks against people who have committed crimes is unrelenting and fuels the bigotry and discrimination against all people who break the law – irrelevant of the circumstances or their mental health status.  (Of course a few people get let off crimes when mentally ill – still those people who allowed those situations aren’t held to account.)


I told the judge when defending my wilful trespass charge of Masterton Hospital for protesting that Raymond Ratima (Judds road massacre Masterton) went to 13 different agencies asking for help before he killed those children and others.  Not one of those agencies was held accountable and they have gone on to cause a lot more neglect, abuse and suffering in the Wairarapa, which violence, suicide, mental health and crime statistics prove.


Also this case proves the government does not adhere to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights like it says in other parts of this report.  It is also a great shame people cannot use the Electoral Act to have those cruel immoral corrupt members of parliament removed from office.  If I can ever get a lawyer and/or have police prosecute the government for Crimes of Torture or under sections 150A 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act, then many members of the current government would have to resign from office.  This is what should be happening, because this is the law and the most vulnerable and disempowered people need to be protected from such crimes.  I have spoken to many people and I know thousands of people feel our members of parliament are criminals with the way they advance rich and persecute poor.


I hope at this point the people reading this complaint ask themselves why someone like me isn’t working for wages?  Considering the trauma caused by ongoing discrimination, victimization and poverty I am subjected to.  Just so you are aware I do this work so me and thousands of other mentally injured and ill people get the professional treatment, care, rehabilitation, protection and justice services we are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws – so we can work, have a house to live in and lead a ‘normal’ life.  I am fighting for my life, I want to meet my grandchildren and although I have lost hope, I try to keep faith that eventually those in power will see what they are doing is abuse and the rich and powerful will be constrained, while the poor and powerless will get their basic needs met.


21.  Compensation for breaches of rights.  I have sought compensation for the years of medical neglect that has left me destitute, suicidal, severely dysfunctional, unemployed and ostracized.  I have also sought compensation for police for all their visits and their unlawful arrests for my protests, along with Wairarapa DHB  See Appendix 4 .  Several years ago I served police with a trespass notice as I saw this could be done in a news item – sadly it was ignored, but I would note it is $2000 for a breach of a trespass order.  I was also told by lawyer Michael Bott after being acquitted of wilful trespass charges of ACC and Ministry of Health earlier this year that I could get compensation.  Of course it would cost me money for the lawyer and I do not know how to do this myself so I have no access to this – as with many poor people. 


I was studying law at Victoria before I was hurt and could not return, even though I tried – I couldn’t do it myself and ACC have continuously refused to address my return to education, which I believe I am entitled to under ACC legislation, they refuse to even answer any questions about this.  I am assuming because they think only children at school should get education support, something I would like to challenge in court but cannot.  I passed five out of six papers before I was hurt, when I have tried to return to education since that time I only passed one out of four papers.  I love university, I love knowledge, learning etc it breaks my heart when I read the latest Disability Strategy and the assurance people would have access to education.  The NZ government took away the Training Incentive Allowance for women several years ago, the same funding that Paula Bennett herself received her degree under, while living in a state house.  It makes me and others very very angry that she did this when she had all the advantages of these human rights instruments that ensured our country had equality.


I find it very upsetting that I am again out on bail awaiting court for another legal protest at ACC – which followed guidelines set out by Judges Kos and Tuohy in their earlier judgements.  I have also just heard from IPCA refusing to address my complaint against police for dragging me through court yet again when I am so unwell and they have no evidence to convict me.  I have written to the court recently about this Appendix 5 – interestingly I saw the item by Justice Winkelman after this, which confirmed everything I was saying about not being able to access justice because of poverty, a huge power imbalance and disability. 


23.  Rights of the Child – I find it distressing to reply to this as I know thousands of abused children are being denied the treatment care, rehabilitation, protection and support they are entitled to under ACC laws.  The only reason I have not acted on the suicidality I suffer and continued living in such poverty is because of abused children, I know what needs to be done to help them recover and stop them from being abused further (or becoming abusers themselves).  On my solutions page on my website there is a business plan and rehabilitation model that if applied as it should be would change the world for thousands of dysfunctional abuse victims.  This business plan was based on the ACC legislation, this is what children (and adults) are supposed to be getting and not.


I protest regularly outside the Supreme Court in Wellington and chalk the footpath about what is happening to me and not being able to get a lawyer or justice, have been doing it about five years now (after ACC illegally dumped me from care).  The Council wash it off even though I tell them it’s against the Bill of Rights and my right to express myself how I see fit.  The people who are sent to wash it off don’t agree with what they have to do, but they are scared and tell me they would lose their jobs if they didn’t do it. 


The WCC prides itself in how Wellington is the capital and advances political action – there is a saying on the bridge at Civic Square.  The Council should consider the political messages and poetry I do differently than other chalking as what I say is very important but they refuse to look at what I do as anything but graffiti.  When making a decision about whether to remove it they should take the interpretation under Bill of Rights and not do it, which is what the Act states.  From my dealings with WCC staff, they don’t seem aware the Bill of Rights applies to them.


Last week I noticed that Victoria University had ‘dinner plate’ size stickers made to advertise their courses and they are on the footpath around Wakefield House.  They would have cost a reasonable amount of money to produce as they are weather resistant.  Chalk is cheap, I can’t get anything I do or experience in the mainstream media, writing on the footpath begging for help and expressing my rage at injustice is one of the only avenues I have.  I challenge people, I write poetry and quotes from people like George Orwell, JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, Julian Assange, Desmond Tutu.  I often write out Magna Carta about the right to justice and a judge to decide on a dispute.  Crying again, I believed in the law, now I find only some people have to follow it it makes me really unwell. 


In what civil sane society would you wash off quotes, poetry and social comment about suicide, abuse, inequality, injustice and more.  I am really upset when my chalk is removed, please check my youtube channel – . Also check out my channel for other videos I have posted.


Constitution Advisory Panel

I attended around five of the constitution conversation meetings, it was extremely interesting and I learnt so much.  Did some networking with others, mostly high level civil servants and met Max Rashbrooke for the first time.  Discussions included civil servants angry at the way the government refused to accept their advice and kept sending back information requests they didn’t like until the department changed it.  They either chose public servants that did what they wanted, put huge pressure on those who had some ethics and often I am sure did not advance or employ people that believed in their radicalised neo-liberal political theories.


It was quite obvious my friend and I were the only poor people at these meetings in Wellington.  When I made comment on someone who was speaking people in the room were often shocked, nobody would believe what I was saying about how bad life was living in poverty in New Zealand.  This refusal to accept reality permeates everything – which is again why my chalking and protesting is so important.  I get severely discredited and abused on social media by radicalised neo-liberals – while getting a lot of support from people suffering like I am, or those who see the suffering immorality and injustice, like Max Rashbrooke. 


I made submissions to the panel advising them the government were violating some of the most important constitutional documents.  I particularly noted the words of the National Anthem as being one of our constitutional documents and its promise of being free from dissension envy hate and corruption.  Appendix 6 . Radicalised neo-liberals have bought gross inequality to our country and created exactly what is promised won’t happen.


I begged them for help with what was happening to me, I was ignored, the focus was on Maori and their rights under the Constitution, it appeared baige coloured kiwis that cared about the vulnerable and the planet weren’t of any consequence.  I believe neo-liberals have purposely made as much as they can out of racism in New Zealand as some sort of distraction from the cruel immoral implementation of radicalised neo-liberal political ideas.  Polices well known to cause social dysfunction, violence, addiction, teenage pregnancy, mental illness and injured, etc.


It is my contention that in fact people who introduced and expand radicalised neo-liberal capitalist ideas of advancing rich and persecuting poor (denying them jobs & sufficient money to live with dignity) are terrorists and murderers.  I ask a lot of people on social media, those really suffering, if they think they are being terrorised by neo-liberal policies that impact on the poorest and most vulnerable and they all agree.  As the middle classes and affluent don’t usually suffer this terrorism they refuse to accept it is happening.  People want to believe the government do follow constitutional laws and the media don’t seem to challenge them if they don’t.


My only comment about the treaty will be that I believe in the third article.  I am also tangata whenua, I am a child of this earth and these stars and I belong HERE – the trees told me that during a particularly traumatic time.  My mountain is Aoraki, my river the Hokitika, all pounamu is sacred to me (I know the people who carved my pendant and those of my children), my tree is the Rimu (and Rimu cannot stand alone, which is why my life is a living nightmare).  One of the most special songs I have written is called Ngati Ra.  A kamatua I heard speak at the 10th Biannual Conference on Child Abuse in 2006 said we are all Ngati Ra and I agree.  We are all one people and rich powerful Maori have just as many radicalised neo-liberals leading their people as Europeans and any other race you wish to mention. 


It greatly concerns me that many of the people coming to New Zealand to live are from uncivilized countries like China.  A culture who do not care for their disabled and poor, are not signed up to any UN human, disabled, civil or political rights agreements.  Who persecute and exploit their workers to the detriment of our entire planet (as they took decent well paid jobs from New Zealanders and many other countries).  This is another example of economic terrorism, which is illegal in this country. 


Have talked to two men outside parliament during protests who told me what its like in China, really interesting to hear it from a person who lives there.  One amazing man told me cruel capitalists had taken over when I asked him what was happening with Communism.  He also said how much he admired my courage for singing, reciting poetry and having political signs outside parliament under Seddon – he said in China I would be put in jail and possibly killed for protesting about the government.  Another told me about disabled people never being seen or they would be abused by people, also that China has lawless cities.  This man had travelled a bit (he was an English teacher) and told me New Zealanders were the most friendly and welcoming he had ever met.  He said in China nobody would speak to a stranger in the street, if they did the person would run away thinking they were going to be robbed or assaulted.  As neo-liberals are trying to create societies like China in New Zealand, we would lose the trust in our fellow man we now have.  We want New Zealand to be like New Zealand, not like other countries.  I find it distressing to see the government promoting China, telling people all the good things that country does but nothing about the human rights violations.  We should not trade with a country that does not follow United Nations declarations on human rights – it is not fair and not ethical.


The idea of providing yet more education on constitutional rights makes me want to vomit.  I have attended several education session on Human Rights and disabled rights.  At one I sat there and refused to participate because what they were saying was all lies, I knew this wasn’t happening for me and so did the woman who presented it.  I believe teaching children these rights and how to participate would cause even more teenage suicide as when they start to move out into the workforce 50% of them will realise none of what they learn is actually true.   They will not be able to use their intelligence and many will be stuck in boring jobs with bosses who exploit them – while wealthy friends get good educations and decent jobs.  High unemployment has created many terrible employers and the work programmes MSD demand now force people into doing jobs that hate.  For example Henergy Eggs in Masterton is well known for being a terrible employer and treating staff very badly – it is also owned by our MP Alastair Scott.  Who has refused to see me since he was elected.


I phoned every month for several months before Mr Scott would speak to me and when I told him how bad things were for me and what was happening around me he refused to meet me in person.  Said I was abusive, I was telling him about the abuse I was suffering under National and he called me abusive – it was the strangest thing.  But on psychoanalysis it is the same thing I have been seeing through New Zealand, with people who have everything they need and more, in denial about the appauling state of our country for the poorest 20% of people – mostly disabled. 


Since that time I have sworn at him, when I ‘lost it’ outside his electorate office when he was getting into his car as I was walking past.  You see I had this belief that your MP had to meet with you and listen to your issues, whether they did anything about them was another matter.  I can’t get MPs to meet with me, they often say they will but then you can’t arrange it, it is very strange.  Katrina Shanks did, she tried to help me, failed and then left politics?  None of the others will, even though I have sent dozens of emails and letters over the years.  I did meet with Trevor Mallard once when I lived in Wainuiomata for a short time last year, he had police called and me removed because I refused to leave until I had finished telling him what was happening to me and that took more than the 10mins he had allocated.  He was the rudest man and again in complete denial, he gave me all these scenarios to get help for my issues, all of them I had tried and failed, he refused to do anything more than pass this problem to someone else who couldn’t help me.


Promotion of Rights under Covenant

That is all human rights are in this country when you are someone with a life-threatening psychosocial disorder – promotion and marketing.  No actual protection, just promotion, of course this works to deceive and brainwash people (including staff) into believing these rights are not being violated in ever more degrading and abusive ways.  Ministry of Justice staff have phoned police on several occasions CONCERNED FOR MY WELFARE who come and intimidate me (not necessarily on purpose) for telling the truth.  I will never stop challenging these people until I have my professional health care reinstated, I am compensated for the persecution of the past 14 years, I get the legal representation and protection I am entitled to by law and every other suicidal and traumatised person gets what I get!


Also I had to negotiate through the MOJ website recently and had to have help from someone in the Human Rights department of MOJ.  It took five minutes and about 6 different ‘clicks’ to get to the report I am responding to now – I am an intelligent person so I am told, I couldn’t work it out so how is anybody else, especially those being persecuted or with disabilities.


You talk about the Attorney-General, who is a radicalised capitalist, he is also a practicing Catholic, which makes him even more corrupt and mentally disturbed.  I’m not a Catholic but Pope Francis is AWESOME with what he is saying at the moment – I thought all Catholics had to listen to the Pope, obviously Mr Finlayson doesn’t do that.  Neither does Bill English, another Catholic who chooses to advance rich people and persecute poor people.  Pretty sure the Bible doesn’t say that!


I noted following my attempts at private prosecutions of John Key to get the help I am entitled to the judge made comment that any prosecution under Crimes of Torture Act requires the approval of the Attorney-General.  Refer Appendix 1 Hardly an option when he is part of the group who are terrorising you, which I advised Judge Davidson of.  I havn’t got the time at the moment to research when this requirement was made law, wonder if it is since 1984?


All changes to welfare laws that were neo-liberal austerity against the poor, while marketed to society as REFORMS are against NZBORA.  I have been rotting on welfare for 14 years, my current case manager is awesome, she knows how degraded I am by the process that the government have created.  Forcing disabled people (many dysfunctional abuse victims) to repeatedly apply for jobs when there is so much unemployment is cruel immoral degrading torture.  People are killing themselves and mentally injured, which is why 30% of the people who commit suicide are on welfare!  I see it, around me all the time, I want to tell you about a friend of mine who attempted suicide a few months ago, that was kicked out of her house not long after, who is supposed to be coming to live with me.  The story is too hard at the moment, but again I want the opportunity to tell it to SOMEONE!  The numbers of disabled suicidal people having to support other disabled suicidal people is a violation of Human Rights laws.  People with disabilities are supposed to be safe and protected.  I have had three people attempt suicide I lived with in past 2 years – I can’t go on.  Please give me the opportunity to tell this story and what happened to those people – they never got help I can assure you.  Which is why I know mental health services are abusive and unprofessional and all the propaganda about there being professional health care are lies (hypocrisy).


37.  I will be sending a copy of this report to the NZ Institute of Judicial Studies, who have obviously allowed the judiciary to discriminate against and persecute an entire sector of citizens disabled by mental injury and illness.


Human Rights Commission

I researched the Paris Principles and what an A status entailed, I will be sending this report to the ICC Sub-committee on Accreditation, there is no way New Zealand should have this status.  The Human Rights Commission and government have obviously been lying to these people – I find that a lot with reports about human rights and justice issues.


A rich powerful man I cleaned for for a while (Graeme Tulloch of Tulloch’s machinery – Act/National party supporter) who was an international businessman told me once that every country’s workers are known for something.  New Zealand workers were known for covering things up when they made mistakes – this is what is happening in our government at the moment, this is a negative aspect of our culture and it has got to stop.


39.   I agree that the majority of input is by organisations and not individual Civil Society Actors.  The latest Disability Strategy makes allowances for DPOs but not for people like myself as a CSA – there is good reason for this.  Most NGOs and DPOs receiving funding from the government and are therefore in a position where they are easily corrupted.  A lot of this corruption is created because of high unemployment and the every present threat of jobs losses and cuts – which is the threat of losing your home and means to live with dignity.  And the more the poorest people suffer, the more threat to people who work – because they do not want to end up unemployed and poor in this revolting country.


Also I have been participating for years in some of these processes and have been ignored.  Also participated in the Owen Glenn Inquiry into child abuse, several government inquiries, including funding of sexual abuse services, the Auditor-General audit of ACC last year – which was a total whitewash and much more.  Have done a very angry and emotional protest at the Auditor-Generals office earlier this year, was removed by police in handcuffs and trespassed.  Lyn Provost promised me she would help me, she lied, I have another complaint before her at the moment refer Appendix 8.  The basis of which is how ACC are acting as Health Providers and not health funders when they refuse me the treatment care and rehabilitation me, my psychiatrist, counsellor and doctor say I need. 


I was trespassed from Health and Disability Commission several years ago for protesting when they refused to investigate my claims of neglect and abuse because the health professionals doing it were from ACC.  They are right, ACC laws say they are a funder not a health provider, ACC also passed legislation on the Code of Claimants Rights (which HDC based on), rights that nobody can use.  When I tried to make complaints under Code several years ago I was sent a letter on Xmas eve telling me I was a liar and none of the Code had been breached.  The letter was sent three weeks after they told me it would take six weeks to reply, I only opened it on Xmas Eve thinking it was about something else.  I was severely traumatised, as Xmas/New Year is a difficult time for me due to the rape and being ostracized by my family for being unemployed and unwell. 


Since then I have developed a phobia about opening mail, I have dozens of letters I cannot open from ACC and many others.  Thankfully many people accept it and we use other ways of communicating, like telephone, texting etc (my WINZ case manager Tina understands and I phone her when I get mail I can’t open so she can tell me what’s in it).  My expectation, when I ever have my health care reinstated by ACC, is my Occupational Therapist and mental health worker will help me with this – which is what they did in 2009 when I was receiving care from ACC (that was illegally withdrawn).  ACC have been unable to find a OT who will provide me services, they all refuse apparently – that is because of serious corruption of contractors to ACC.  There needs to be a criminal investigation into bullying and corruption with ACC health contractors.  It is well known that ACC withdraw funding and clients from contractors who don’t do what they say. 


I have had an Occupational Therapist I was supposed to be working with quit when I asked for my care to be reinstated as it was before (in 2009).  She said things like, I’ll have to ask ACC about that, I’ll have to check if ACC will allow that, when I got upset with her she hung up the phone.  I didn’t even know she had quit for months, I just never heard anything, ACC said they were going to find another Occupational Therapist but told me they couldn’t.  The reviews I won through Fairway Disputes Resolution both said my care was to be reinstated – I looked up the dictionary definition of reinstate and its doesn’t mean reinstate some things but not others.


40.  The New Zealand government have in fact undermined the protection role it has in human rights in this country, mostly through cuts in funding – that is how radicalised neo-liberals inflict harm on society.  An activist colleague in America told me that is the strategy in their country and as New Zealand is strongly influenced by American policies it is no surprise it is now being used here.


The changes of course were to strengthen the promotion aspect of Human Rights while debasing the protection role and it has worked very well.  This is why I am continually arrested for my protests, have police regularly sent to my house for ‘welfare checks’, am refused help by Ombudsman, ACC, ACC Disputes Tribunal, Ministry of Health, Human Rights Commission & Tribunal, Health & Disability Commission, Auditor-General, cannot get a lawyer to represent or protect me, politicians, government ministers, my Member of Parliament, etc.  If I had money I would be able to get a lawyer which is illegal under NZ law (please refer Section 29 of Magna Carta and Section 3, Schedules 1 and 2 of Imperial Laws Application Act 1988). Instead I am kept destitute by refusal of ACC and others to reinstate my professional care from 2009 and mental health services refusing as well.  There are avenues through WINZ but they are for people with mild mental health issues and when I tried to use them were useless.  The Occupational Therapist at WINZ I tried to deal with was very young, very stressed and very unprofessional – I felt sorry for her.  Hard to deal with someone who knows more about Occupational Therapy and a persons rights to health care than she did.  Of course my knowledge has repeatedly seen me discriminated against, abused and tortured for demanding what I know to be right.


Dedicated Commissioners won’t work, I have met with and discussed the issue of mentally injured and ill people being discriminated against with David Rutherford.  He knows what is happening and he does nothing, it was him who told me police used to deal with 1000 mentally ill people a year, now they’re dealing with 27000.  I have protested at the Human Rights Commission in Wellington, been arrested and trespassed, please refer to my youtube channel for one of the protests.       David knew what was going on for me but refused to get involved and the Tribunal refused to protect me, saying I had a personality disorder.  These people know how unwell I am and do absolutely nothing – or don’t have the power to do anything.


I wrote a song called Human Sewage that refers to all the Commissioners and Ombudsman that have let me down. Appendix 9  The idea that this will change at any time in the future under the current radicalised capitalist regime is just not true – that is why so many people kill themselves or become reliant on psychotropic drugs (very convenient and profitable for drug companies, which I hope to bring up further along in this report/complaint).


Also you have the Minister of Justice involved, a politician – that is a of course a conflict between the legislature and executive which everybody is ignoring.  During the Constitution Conversation meetings it was stated repeatedly that politicians were insisting and controlling the executive – that is against the law – that is a violation of the democratic principles of separation.


41.  Again it is put as a positive that the government changed the law to make more promotion (ie hypocrisy) while doing exactly the opposite in reality.  I have never heard the Human Rights Commission comment on anything since I have known about them and I’m on social media a lot and keep myself informed through mainstream media.  I hear more from the Ombudsman, who is the last resort if the Human Rights Commission/Tribunal refuses to help you.  The story of Ashley Peacock is one that really distresses me, poor poor man, locked up and treated worse than any violent prisoner in this country. 


NGOs – The reason me and thousands like me are currently being persecuted as badly as we are, is all these NGOs they say are improving the process or protecting people’s rights HAVE NOT DONE THEIR JOBS they are part of the discrimination in the area I protest about!  Most are in denial about how bad it is and don’t even know how bad it is because they are not poor and don’t live in the darklands.  Many of them are corrupted by money through funding from the government that clouds their judgement and restricts what they say.


As for the NZ Law Society – I discovered from the report they have a Human Rights and Privacy Committee, I already knew they had an Ethics Committee, both will be receiving this report. 


My only criminal charge (at 50 yrs old) is wilful trespass of the Law Society, I was acquitted of two other charges for trespass of ACC and Ministry of Health but convicted of this – apparently due to the fact that Law Society was private property and government buildings aren’t.  I disagree with the decision as I consider Law Society a public entity under Bill of Rights as they provide a public function.    When I was arrested at the Law Society a couple of years ago when police arrived I was very upset.  The officer knew me and was very calm, so was I when they arrived, the process of being arrested was civilized, I was told I was under arrest, asked to collect my bag and we left – no handcuffs (that was the first time I realised handcuffs were discretionary).  I was dragged through court for 13 months for that, as well as being forced to be on bail for that long, which is restrictive and humiliating.  For example I had to move urgently when my flatmate become abusive and didn’t realise I had to ask the courts/police to change my bail conditions to do it.  I would have been breaking my bail conditions if I had moved out of a dangerous situation, this is not justice.  Note I had to move four times last year, which caused me huge trauma and put me in some very unsafe and dangerous situations, also took thousands of dollars and severely aggravated my condition.  I am petrified I will have to move again and will kill myself because I cannot handle it.


My last protest at Law Society two months ago I took my naked torso painting which is very powerful and graphic, as well as some signs, and set up in their reception area in the corner.  I was motivated because I can’t get a lawyer and was so desperate, especially with being protected from police and dragged through court for protests.  The man from Law Society who was sent to tell me to leave treated me with utter contempt, when I refused he waited for a few minutes, then said. “Are you finished yet.” He said that several times, his behaviour and attitude made me very angry, so I did start swearing (I have a tourettes type disorder now and cannot stop swearing when triggered – my ticking is also a sign of this).  Why did they just say. “Yes Jayne, this time we will help you get a lawyer, we know you can’t phone them.”


Also a woman with blond/white hair and man in a nice suit came through the reception area while I was there and started laughing at me and mocking what I was doing.  Then I really lost it.  I still refused to leave, police were called and I was arrested.  But this time I was not charged, just trespassed and let off with a warning.  The same day I was arrested at ACC for a more passive protest where I said almost nothing and I am still in court for that charge.


When I was at Victoria University earlier this year I went to a lecture on ethics, where ethics in the judiciary was discussed.  Prior to the event there were drinks and food where people mingled, I was talking to a woman when another came up and introduced herself.  She was from the Ethics Committee at Law Society – I was honest and told her she probably wouldn’t want to talk to me much longer consider who I was and what they had done to me.  She moved away as quickly as she could and the other woman I was with commented on her swift departure.  I went on to tell this woman some of what I do, she was shocked, people don’t know what is happening to me, mostly because mainstream news media in New Zealand refuse to tell my story and purposely discredit and censor what I do.  My issues with news media I hope to bring up further on in the report.


Reservations to article 20

50.  I am horrified at this comment, the government, through media and law changes has created a level of hatred against unemployed people that permeates EVERYTHING in our communities.  As you will see from my report I have very little freedom of expression when I try to Speak Truth To Power.  NZ might have legislation against national hatred of any group but nobody can use it – or I would have.  If I had money and a lawyer then I might be able to get that protection but not currently. 


My own family have little to do with me because I am unemployed, they are ashamed of me and because they don’t see me when my disability is really bad they don’t understand, no matter what I tell them, or what medical reports there are.  I work a lot on social media and challenge neo-liberals all the time, the hatred is everywhere, mostly they say, I pay taxes – like me not paying taxes somehow makes what I say irrelevant.  My facebook page is /jrmurphypoetmusician a review of that will show you some of the conversations I have and just how people hate unemployed people.  The recent article about Tuhoe ‘waging war’ on welfare dependency is proof people are hostile towards people on welfare.  I phoned Tuhoe extremely upset and pointed out they were waging war on people DEPENDENT ON WELFARE, many disabled and mentally injured abuse victims (often children – who grow up dysfunctional due to lack of professional health care).


One of the worst things I had happen after I was raped is I lost my business and all my money – I had a hire a hubby franchise.  When I couldn’t fulfil my responsibilities as a franchisee I tried to sell the business, when that didn’t work due to time constraints – I phoned the owner of Hire A Hubby and asked if they could buy me out.  The man refused, he asked me if I was on welfare, I said yes, he then told me that as a taxpayer he paid my wages he had no obligation to give me any more money by buying me out.  He then went on to sell the franchise area again for $30,000, when I had paid that amount two years previously for a 10 year franchise agreement. 


After this event I had a serious transference/psychotic episode and almost killed a baby I was caring for as a Barnardos caregiver.  I want to tell you about this event, not sure if I will be able to, for now I will say that incident was worse than being raped sodomized and having the person found not guilty.  I am a good person to be driven to that is the reason I fight so hard and passionately about the issue of professional care for abused and traumatised people – if someone like me can be driven to that, then anybody can!  Note prior to this incident I had felt something bad was going to happen and begged ACC for more care, I was refused.  After the event I went to mental health and told them what happened – I was turned away………  I want the opportunity with the support and protection of a lawyer to hold those who drove me to that to account and those who refused me care afterwards.  I have serious phobic and violent issues with mental health services and ACC after this happened.  It is one of the reasons I cannot interact without abuse when anywhere near these people.


I have been insulted many times about not working – I want to work so bad but have tried to heal myself and return to work, but just failed over and over again – so I don’t try anymore.  I get extremely angry/upset when people in the street yell at me “Get a job bludger.” That is why I protest, so I can get the care I need to return to work.  When I was part of the Occupation of Maui’s Garden Civic Square in Wellington several people would go past and yell this at people.  Usually men in expensive suits.  I believe the reason the person who raped me was found not guilty, even when he admitted it, was because the jury was 10 white haired old men in expensive suits, one old women in expensive clothes and one young woman who looked like she was intellectually handcapped. 


I have asked police to investigate this jury issue as the police prosecutor told me he had only just started representing rape victims after 20 years of representing rapists, I was ignored.  I didn’t realise that the jury was so bad for me until last year while in court and I saw a group of people there to be on a jury – they were a normal variety of people.  I was also told by police that the man would have been prosecuted if I had been tried in Rotorua, which was closer to where I was raped than Tauranga.  How many other rapists and sex offenders were acquitted by these biased juries during the time this particular police prosecutor was working?  I still remember shaking this mans hand, it was like shaking a wet cold dishcloth – ewww – I think I knew then I would lose.  I believe this jury found against me because I was an unemployed single parent on welfare while this man was working and had a family.  Because he sodomised me it is counted as two counts of rape and he would have got a lot longer – instead they let him go.


Even our judiciary cut people’s sentences if they are working, while people who don’t work get punished more severely.  Please help me get back to work, to a decent job that uses my talents and intelligence – I WOULD KILL MYSELF IF I HAD TO STACK SHELVES.  Yet if I wasn’t on invalids benefit I would be FORCED to take any work offered or my benefit would be cut, I would be homeless and have no food etc (note I am 50 and have a houselot of furniture and things – where would that go, I have already been forced to sell so much and have lost so much on all the moves I have been forced to do.)


If ACC actually applied the ACC laws I would have been back at work years ago, back studying at university and in a small business – ACC have never attempted to restore me to my previous life’s roles.  Which is why I need a lawyer.


Note I have become very upset and had a rather big melt down, this can often wipe my memory so I apologise now if I repeat any information or stories I have given you.  This is not a reason to discredit what I am saying, it does not make me stupid either – it is just a perfectly normal reaction to overwhelming trauma and one of the impairments I suffer and have to manage.  Think back to the last time you were severely traumatised, say in a car accident or at the death of someone you loved, what do you remember of the trivial things you had done in the few days prior to the event?


Please refer to NZ Young Nats facebook page to prove what I am saying is true  When I just went on the page to get this link a picture of the All Blacks and comments about hard work was there banner.  Neo-liberals have been very effective in co-opting our famous rugby team as part of their propaganda.  Richie McCaw and many other All Blacks came out publicly supporting National and John Key, some even tweeted their support on the day of the election but were not prosecuted for this, even though it is illegal.  Currently Mr Key has the largest Public Relations team of any past Prime Minister and the largest security team – I believe this proves he is also brainwashing people and knows what he is doing is harming people and causing civil unrest.  I believe there needs to be a police or SIS inquiry into this or a Royal Commission of Inquiry.  The saying sport is the opium of the masses is certainly true in New Zealand. 


It has been noted in the news media the difference in prosecutions between poor people on welfare who defraud the government by claiming benefits they are not entitled to and rich people who defraud the government through not paying taxes.  This again proves there is a huge amount of hostility and ill will towards poor people – many who defraud due to necessity and are seldom rich because of it.  There have been a multitude of laws created since 1984 that ensured the prosecution of poor people who defrauded the government and media are ruthless at reporting them.  Not so for rich people and businesses – unless it is huge sums of money – none of them would get a criminal conviction for $500 of fraud.


National Plan of Action for Human Rights

Several of those things the government has said are achievements are in fact causing severe violations of people’s rights, especially in the area of violence and abuse – which is my specialty.


All actions to reduce violence against children have been punitive and have seldom helped children.  Recent publicity and changes to CYFS care have highlighted the abusive nature of child welfare in New Zealand, that Paula Rebstock has been put in charge of this is grossly inappropriate.  The NZ government have known for years that CYFS care was abusive (they knew following the 10th Biannual conference on Child Abuse in 2006), they ignored it and they still ignore disabled abuse victims by withhold those who develop life-threatening stress disorders the treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to.  Because many of these people are in such inhuman deprived dysfunctional living environments they are often the ones who go on to abuse and are punished for it.


The repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act was offensive to every child who has been abused.  It proved the government and leaders of New Zealand cared more about children who were being smacked than those who were sexually and seriously physically abused.  I opposed this legislation and challenged Sue Bradford about it directly at a conference.  This change in law also trivialised what was happening for the most badly abused children.  I have made a recent submission on all these punitive ways the government avoids responsibility for violence in our society and blames the people who are violent – many who are mentally ill or injured and not having their basic health, psycho-social and physical needs met.  I would like to see a Royal Commission of Inquiry (or judicial/police inquiry) into these punitive measures when many of these people are abuse victims themselves who are suffering medical neglect by being denied the treatment care rehabilitation protection and justice they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws. 


Actions to reduce poverty

The increase in minimum wage was 50 cents an hour – while public servants, politicians etc received thousands of dollars increase in their incomes, all backdated for six months. 


Yet again, as for the past 30 years since neo-liberals took over people who don’t work were disregarded, it is the poorest people who have health issues that can’t work who are suffering the most in this country.  We are the vulnerable everybody talks about but doesn’t help, although there are far more stories coming out about what is happening for us in the darklands now (Salvation Army are doing a lot of work here).  The ongoing ways government chooses to degrade, frighten and intimidate disabled people are everywhere.  Safe and stable housing is the most extreme issue for me and so many others.  The debasement of state housing (now called social housing) stocks for disabled and poor people is the most significant violation of human rights.  A human right the government once respected and addressed, now so many houses have been sold all over New Zealand as the population grows.  You would expect an increase in disabled people with an increase in population.


I live in the Wairarapa region which had all its state housing sold in the 1990s to a licensing trust (Trust House).  This organisation charges market rents and people on welfare are not eligible for extra subsidies that would bring them in line with state house tenants in other regions.  I live in Carterton, population around 7000, prior to this sell-off there were around 25 state houses in Carterton – now there are none.  I am forced to rent privately and these houses are now scarce as more affluent people from overseas and the city move here – forcing the poorest people out or into culturally inappropriate living arrangements.  There are some small council flats for elderly people, that were just gifted to a local private charity/rest home – which is in continual financial difficult from news reports.


One of the first things Anne Tolley did after the general elections in 2014 was launch an attack on sick and disabled people who are now forced to degrade themselves by repeatedly applying for jobs – they are never going to get.  It is a well-known fact that in times of high unemployment disabled people are the first to become unemployed and remain unemployed.  Especially in a radicalised capitalist economy that only wants high productivity by healthy workers.  During my economics lectures the usefulness of resources depended on their appropriateness, the example given was prime farmland compared with rocky dry less productive farmland.  This also applied to human resources – no employer wants to employ someone who can’t work at 100% capacity, it’s not good business or economics.  Nobody would do this with so many unemployed people looking for work.


In the past two years since my daughters left home I have lived with three people who have attempted suicide while I was living with them and four others who had previously and had serious issues.  I was forced to have flatmates as I could not afford to live on my own.


The first one was J…, my daughters boyfriend, a decision I was very reluctant about but so desperate for money and afraid of people I didn’t know I agreed.  Within six months he had become abusive towards my daughter and ended up smashing up our house and attempting to hang himself in the garage, he got not help just police, he stalked us for several months after I kicked him out.  I cannot talk about the details of this time as it severely distresses me, but I would like the opportunity to have this situation put in front of a judge as I believe it proves I was left to be harmed due to lack of professional care by ACC, mental health and others.


I will never forget my daughter phoning me from college distraught because Josh had phoned her saying he was in our garage about to hang himself.  I ran to the garage, opened the door and he was standing on a chair with a rope around his neck – I couldn’t go in my garage for weeks afterwards and kept locking the door.  Then there was the smashed windows and local glazier who turned up to check out what needed to be done, but told me he DIDN’T DO RENTALS.  This man knew I was on welfare and I am sure this was an act of discrimination. 


Also at that time the landlord had repaired the front door lock himself but did a terrible job, one night when Josh was trying to get in the house he almost broke through because of it.  When I phoned the landlord on Monday saying the lock was AGAIN broken (due to his shoddy unprofessional job – I didn’t say that to him) he refused to fix it until the weekend because he didn’t have time – he was working in Wellington full time for Aviation Authority and didn’t want to pay for a locksmith because they were $50 an hour.  I was so frightened I was barely sleeping, at the same time I was begging ACC to reinstate my care and begging mental health services for care but they were still refusing me. 


I coped at the time as you do when you’re a parent, I contacted the school to support my daughter, which they did.  J… did get some counselling but stopped going after a short while from what I heard.  Two weeks after a particularly bad night when J… tried to get in our house and smashed two windows, was arrested by police (then let out three hours later, came back to outside our house and collected his car – which he was disqualified from driving.)  Two weeks later I became very unwell, the vision of a gun in my mouth blowing the back of my head off started and got to the point it was happening 2 -3 times an hour – it was hell.  I wrote the song Oh Lord I Wish I Was Dead to cope with it.  Refer Appendix 9 for the lyrics.   Have to stop can’t stop crying, want to die.


The other story about Atarangi attempting suicide six weeks after I moved in, started after I moved from Costley Street in Carterton, place where I was living when Josh with me.  I was very broke and had become close friends with a disabled abuse victim M through the internet.  She was killing herself with cigarettes, not eating and coffee, she was very poor and couldn’t live either so I moved to the city (Wainuiomata) with her, thinking I would be able to access mental health services in the city that I couldn’t in Wairarapa (I was wrong).  Last year was such a nightmare it traumatises me thinking about it, but I have to write this because nobody else is going to tell you.


A couple of months after I shifted in with M I was really unwell and phoned ACC Disputes Tribunal begging them to make ACC reinstate my 12 hours care a week and multi-disciplinary team of five people working with me.  I told them how badly I needed help and what was happening, they hung up on me.  Not long after I saw three police walking up drive with tazers and a police dog, I assumed they must have been looking for some criminal in the bush behind the house or something.  When I opened the door I discovered they were there to get me, with tazers and a police dog (tazers were not in common use then).  I could not believe it, please refer to Appendix 10 for the paintings I did the next day of the incident.  Police were OK but made me go with them, spent two hours in Lower Hutt police station 30 mins from home, CATT team came and went and I was taken home (I was rocking backwards and forwards, curled up in a ball, eyes closed, with my hands over my ears all the way home in the police car – I was traumatised for weeks – I still am traumatised, another unresolved compounding trauma). 


The whole time in the cells I sung Why Am I Arrested, recited poetry and made a lot of noise demanding to be taken back home, police were nice to me, it was what they had to do that traumatised me.  I can’t say more I can’t say more I can’t say more, I can’t say more.   I desperately need a lawyer to deal with what happen and how badly I was treated by ACC.  I desperately need my health care reinstated to deal with all the unresolved traumas I have – on top of the sexual abuse trauma and not guilty verdict that was the catalyst for developing Compounding Complex PTSD.


Because police had refused to believe her about ongoing serious sexual abuse from 10 yrs old by her step father (and her mother knew) she was afraid of them.  She became aggressive, abusive and had knives placed around the house, I was frightened for my life and moved out.  Into a boarding situation with A and T, within six weeks she attempted suicide using her diabetes medication.  I was using what little money I had to get T to see her in hospital as he had none.  She was intensive care for three days.  I went back to the Wairarapa for a few days and stayed with a friend to try and chill out.  When I came back on the Friday she was at home – she had attempted suicide Tuesday – I was shocked but didn’t say anything.  She had begged them to send her home and they let her – they let her (she smoked, ate, bullied T and sat in her chair) – with no mental health support AT ALL, no mental health worker – she couldn’t even get to see her psychiatrist for three weeks.  T was too scared to phone the ambulance when she did it because A family had told him they would beat him up if she attempted suicide again – they blamed him – when they were more to blame than him.


T also had mental health issues, we were not the right people to be caring for her, health professionals did not talk to me or T about her coming home (privately).  This was really inappropriate I phoned the hospital and tried to get hold of someone to complain about what was going on and get her help – I was ignored – I phoned Lower Hutt Hospital complaints (which Big Brother now calls Quality Assurance, ewww) several times but only ever got an answer phone and nobody returned my call.  ACC and mental health services (I was getting some support through Oasis Network, who knew what was happening, but didn’t help and their services were woefully inadequate once everything started deteriorating with M) knew what was happening for me but were unable to do anything – trying to get state housing would have taken weeks – I returned to Wairarapa instead (WINZ paid for my move to Wainuiomata and back to Wairarapa – I am still paying off this debt of around $2000 at $10 per week from my benefit that I am supposed to be able to live on permanently $400 – this will go down to $350 very soon.)


The damage economic terrorists have done to the working classes and disabled will take decades to repair, as it took decades to get to this state of homelessness and gross inequality.  Inequality creates dissension envy and hate, it creates violence, it is a fact, ask any criminal psychologist or sociologist. 


People are poorer because the jobs pay less and so many are only part time.  Then there are zero hour contracts.  My daughter is exploited by her employer, making her work 60 hours a week 12 days in a row.  Fishbone owners are very wealthy and treat their staff poorly.


People are poorer because the government now makes you pay for your education and to have a decent job.  Only kids with wealthy parents can study more than a year.  Then when they go to get a job they miss out because a foreigner ‘with experience’ applies for the job and radicalised capitalists would demand that the foreigner is hired before the qualified young New Zealander.


I spoke to a Chinese student at Victoria earlier this year at a talk on inequality.  He told me all his tuition was covered by the Chinese government and he lived in a nice flat close to the University for free.  My children and me have to struggle in poverty – being a student is living poor and having to work when you’re not studying as rents so high.  I was furious, this boy was happy, his university life was great, young poorer New Zealanders under enormous financial pressure would definitely not have done as well as him in their grades – the rich do of course, which is the way the terrorists want it.


So many people cannot get full time work and are being propped up by WINZ, or their employer is.  Jobs are unstable, many on contracts, the rise of franchises and mega stores has seen the destruction of small businesses in New Zealand.  With these larger businesses paying less wages and many profits going overseas.


Neo-liberals also made massive cuts to tariffs, that no other country in the OECD did.  Paul Ormorod said no other country would have risked the political fallout from such drastic cuts and losses of jobs, services, welfare etc.  New Zealanders mostly accepted it, the ones who were doing well, the rest of us got a propaganda war blaming unemployed for their situation and only telling the good news.  There were people who tried to stop it, they were ignored by the majority.  I was thinking this morning how people lose hope and the belief they can change anything.  When Roger Douglas was given a knighthood for introducing neo-liberalism to this country by advancing the rich and cutting services and income to the poor.  People see that, how could a country give that man a knighthood for what he has created.


I went through some of the honours lists last year and was gutted to see dozens of wealthy business people, lawyers, civil servants, etc.  Affluent people giving affluent people accolades and awards for creating a country that no God of mine would approve of (refer NZ National Anthem).


Neo-liberalism has destroyed families, driven families overseas, desperate for jobs, but even more desperate to be treated with respect and valued by their employers.  The Employment contracts Act and high unemployment has created a significant group of employers who treat their staff like resources to be used to the maximum – like my daughter.  They don’t allow people to participate in society, my daughter is refused time off for friends 21st and weddings because her boss doesn’t like her.  The woman is the subject of a lot of complaints and is now leaving.


Families are now split between Australia and New Zealand and I read in a recent news report that 30,000 people had their benefits stopped for leaving the country.  On the facebook posts, every person said they were shouted the trip by friends or family, usually to attend culturally significant family events.  This harms society, this violates people’s cultural rights to participation.  The way some people talk on social media they are happy that if you are on welfare that the government own you and you must be looking for work every day – which you can’t do in another country.


The numbers of young people in court and incurring fines is a violation of people’s rights, it is a form of punitive behaviour modification that really harms the poorest people.  The costs of getting your licence have skyrocketed and are a barrier to this basic cultural right for poor people.  With young people paying student loans, getting poor wages (which the government bought in for young people to increase poverty), having fines and high rents and transport costs no wonder they are angry and depressed, turning to addiction and killing themselves.  No hope is the greatest reason to suicide I read in a recent study.  I understand what that is, no hope for me if I don’t get the care I am entitled to.


Neo-liberals have also driven families apart like mine who are mostly middle class and some affluent people.  My family are ashamed of me, nobody has much to do with me, I can’t participate in the majority of family cultural events because I have no money to travel.  Plus they are mean to me because I am unemployed and it is not safe around them.  I have been humiliated and reacted badly in the past, missed my sister’s 40th birthday – how will any compensation ever cover that.  The more bad reactions that people don’t understand the more they avoid you.  I have never been able to have my nieces and nephews to stay, so I don’t have a relationship with them.  I was thinking of going up there this New Year as both my daughters, best friend and 20 extended family home from Australia are going.  But I can’t afford it, so I can’t go, I will be home on my own – during the time of year I was raped, I was arrested last year and the year before.  This is how neo-liberals terrorise ethnic groups like mine. 


Also why would I want to be around people that have so  much, they would be buying beers and partying while I couldn’t, going to activities that all cost money.  There will be food everywhere, good food, good meat every day, three meals a day, I won’t be able to buy anything, I will be the bludger.  And if I am nice and have a conversation with them then they will ask themselves why don’t I work as I was obviously quite normal.  L


The destruction and propaganda against Unions was orchestrated during the years when Employment Contracts came in.  Unions became the BAD GUYS, they were the ones taking all you money.  I believe there should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry into public relations/marketing that cross the boundaries of morality/criminality when promoting the advantages of neo-liberalism, while ignoring and covering up the suffering and dysfunction created in society.


Inequality is also increased by neo-liberals as people on welfare and low incomes are forced to borrow money.  Effectively marketed through all media to spend spend spend and we’ll give you the loan to enable that.  Which eventually takes interest out of the borrowers pockets and into wealthy finance companies.  We now have one of the highest rates of television advertising in the world after restrictions were lifted by neo-liberals.  Most poor people I know watch movies so they don’t have to watch the advertising – you can’t buy anything they advertise and it is just rich people gloating what they have, or can have.


It is a well known fact that poorer communities are now well serviced by lending institutions, they are in the main street alongside the fast food outlets.  When I lived in Wainuiomata the main shopping area was full of these shops, I imagined what it would have been like 30 years ago, when there were vege shops (now a large supermarket), butchers, clothing (not Salvation Army, which are there), hardware etc.  Now they have a Warehouse store.  Where one the mall was bustling, now they had signs up saying NO Loitering, skateboards, dogs, smoking.  Where are unemployed youth supposed to go to socialise, isolating people in the community is bad for EVERYBODY.


When I left they were talking about the local hotel in the centre of town, an iconic 1970s building was going to be torn down and a new supermarket erected.  This is a meeting place for people, where will they go now – probably cause havoc in the suburbs and their own families.


Poverty is significantly increased with all the extra charges district councils impose, where once rates paid for rubbish bags now you have to pay $2.70 for one.  Apparently to discourage people from not recycling, it only discourages poor people, rich people just get wheely bins.  At the Carterton Supermarket you have to ask for Council rubbish bags at the counter because so many were being shoplifted.  Doesn’t that tell the Council they are too expensive.  In South Wairarapa they are $1.  $2.70 is two loaves of bread and a tomato.  Getting rid of rubbish, which used to be free now is very expensive $30 for a trailer load.  Which is why poor people often have a lot of rubbish around their houses.


Many people have dogs, I have a dog for security following be raped and for companionship as I am so isolated.  Registrations have increased, poor people can’t afford them, so rich people say you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t afford it.  Having a pet in my ethnic group is a cultural right, why should I be denied this right because I have a disability and am forced to rent now the government have taken away so many state houses, health care and jobs.


I have been told by a St John Ambulance woman when I was very sick, if I was so broke then I shouldn’t have a dog.  Same woman slapped me across the face when I was taken to hospital after becoming unconscious/semi-conscious with a serious kidney infection – I made a complaint but wasn’t believed.  Another traumatic event I can’t even speak about here, but one day I hope to have a lawyer and have addressed.  I have problems with my kidneys but cannot access the tests and treatment I need because my mental health is very bad and I couldn’t organise it or handle the stress, without support.  Please help me get my ACC care back, please I am begging you, I just want to get better and go back to work so I can live and feel valued.  Please help me be able to go to university and have a stable safe home nobody can make me leave, that is in my community.  Please help me use my talents for writing, poetry, law, stress disorders and politics to change the world for the better and restore human rights and ethnical principles of fairness to New Zealand.


The increase poverty by making WINZ more and more degrading, my daughter cried yesterday because she missed out on yet another job.  She hates her current job and has wanted to leave for over a year, but there are no full time, long term or decent interesting jobs in the Wairarapa.  It is a shame all those affluent women who DON’T NEED TO WORK don’t leave their jobs so more people who need full time work can work and more young people can work. 


Neo-liberals, under the guise of human rights, made it unlawful to make people retire at 65, this has upset the balance and used resentment dissension envy and hate by younger people.  These people are receiving a pension they do not need and earning high incomes – as they have usually been in these jobs for a long time.  I have relations doing this, it is disgusting greed – and usually the same people vote National and want the poorest people to get as little as possible.  If there is no money for poor disabled and vulnerable people to have decent housing, then how is there money for rich people to have money?  If you are over 65 you should only be able to earn a certain amount until your benefit is affected – just like young and people.  Elderly poor people should be able to earn, but affluent people that have done very well out of radicalised capitalist economic policies should not be allowed to work for wages, but ok if they want to run their own business.


Taxes should also be returned to 60% for private individuals and 40% for businesses and large numbers of tariffs should be reintroduced to ensure jobs are protected.  For example in the clothing industry, where many young people worked when they left school at 15.


Increases in rents and house prices have also increased poverty, the landlords are being able to borrow money that the renter should have the opportunity to borrow, after all they pay the rent.  Why are rents based on mortgage rates?  We are in a housing crisis in New Zealand and the government should immediately stop all immigration until it can be proven there is a home for that person to move into, that doesn’t see a New Zealand citizen be made homeless or have to go into unsafe unstable living situations. 


In the news this year it was discovered by media that many Chinese investors were buying houses and leaving them vacant.  These people should be forced to rent these homes out unless they have a very good reason not to.  Increases in the rates paid by golf-courses in cities with housing shortages should be increased to realistic user-pays levels.  Currently Remuera Golf Course pays $190,000 to the council and if land was in housing Council would get $11.4 million.  Another inequality that makes poor people very angry.


Increases in taxes on fuel, cigarettes and GST have made poor people poorer.  Cigarettes are often used when people are severely stressed, if people weren’t so stressed they could give up and wouldn’t want to smoke.  For the past three weeks I have been unable to leave Carterton, cannot see my counsellor – that only a few months ago ACC said if I didn’t I would be considered non-compliant and they would drop all care (not that I am getting in care and havn’t for six years).


Ratification on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  I have a copy of the latest Disability Strategy beside me, it is all lies in my situation and thousands of others.  Also I was recently callously refused help to make a complaint to the UN about violations of my rights under this convention.  I self-harmed as a result, see the correspondence Appendix 11.  Apparently there is nothing anybody can do about having my rights protected as New Zealand have not signed the Optional Protocol that would allow me to make a formal complaint to the UN and have them ensure I got the health care, rehabilitation, legal representation and everything I need to stop this nightmare of neglect and persecution.


This disability strategy isn’t anything new, this is based on Occupational Therapy principles and has been around for years.  I have known I am entitled to what is in the strategy for years and been demanding ACC and others provide these professional services for years – I am ignored and discredited.  As my mental health gets worse, the more I am ignored because I am ‘mentally ill’ those in authority have demanded psychiatric reports demanding to know if I am delusional.  Just because I know how unwell I am and what I need to heal and be protected.  I am called insane on social media all the time for what I talk about.  It hurts, but what do you do – I can’t stop I would die and so will thousands of other people if I don’t get this gross miscarriage of justice addressed.


I note in you have ratified the Optional Protocol  against Torture and this report/complaint will be going to the UN to be heard under that protocol.  I note the UNs work on people in mental health settings and how they can be considered to be tortured and will put my case for torture after 14 years of being denied professional treatment care and rehabilitation, also a lawyer as required under the law and UN documents.


When the UN was created Human Rights laws were put there to protect vulnerable minorities like myself.  They were there to stop the cruelty and ignorance of the affluent, which had surfaced time and time again in rich powerful societies (that usually wanted to take over the world – just like neo-liberals have tried to do).  It is a well known fact the strong will attack the weak, it is a civilized society that protects these people, the past 30 years of austerity (not reforms) against the most vulnerable people was strong attacking weak.  Again in a Christian society that is considered evil and in complete contradiction to what the bible states.  This equality and fairness aspect is what underpins our justice system.  I often chalk outside Supreme Court – If the government don’t have to follow the law, then neither do I!


The torture for me is being told over and over that there are services, when there are not, or what is there is woefully inadequate and nothing more than a ‘bandaid on a severed leg’.  Or what is there is abusive and follows no known health or rehabilitation models.  I have studied rehabilitation at Massey University ACC have never applied rehabilitation models I learnt, they have forms that make it appear they have, but you are forced to sign these or you get nothing.  I have protested about my care since I was raped and refused to sign several rehabilitation plans because they were not professional and did not include me getting support to return to education.  It makes me very angry when I see the government going on and on that education is the way out of poverty, when they won’t help me return and be successful.  I need a lawyer to help me get this support.


I am detained regularly either under mental health concerns or for protesting.  When this first started happening it was traumatic but police are pretty good now and know what is happening.  I would like to read my police file to see what lies are in it, because there must be some with local mental health services saying I have a personality disorder, am stupid and delusional.  I tried once, got to third page and started crying because it said MENTAL CASE and danger to police safety.  I have never ever retaliated against police, even when they were assaulting me, insulting me and demanding I take all my clothes off.


All monitoring the government says it is doing, is done by affluent people that have no idea what is going on for some poor people in this uncivilised country (if we don’t follow the Human Rights declarations then we are considered uncivilised and I completely agree with that description with what I know).  They are also advised by people that only tell some of the story and many who just refuse to accept the severe suffering and psychosocial dysfunction in our society caused by the ever increasing number of violations of human rights.


Not long after A attempted suicide I went back to stay with my friend in Wairarapa and got sick with an infected cyst.  During the move to Wainuiomata I had ruptured a small cyst below my right breast, with all lifting etc and it had become sore and red.  I had some tests that ended up causing the cyst to become septic.  I told my friend and showed her, she said it would be fine and I should put some garlic on it, but I knew I was feeling really bad.  I drove back home, I had very little money but had to get away from A and T for a while as she was so unwell and I felt very unsafe in their home.  I stopped at Lower Hutt hospital, I was sweating and lethargic, I had to wait two hours in reception – there is a big sign on the wall justifying the long wait because of lack of funding.


I only had $10 – no other money at all.  I chose to park in the hospital carpark as there were no parks close to the hospital and I was very sick.  Every hour I waited I panicked I would not be able to leave the carpark because I wouldn’t have the money and would be humiliated.  Eventually I was seen and told I could either stay the night and have a small surgery to lance the infection or have it then, but there would be a bit of extra pain.  I chose to have it then.  I had a panic attack after it, when I went to leave, things were so overwhelming, staff put me in a quiet room for half and hour and gave me a glass of water.  I told them I had a stress disorder, didn’t tell them I was suicidal, why would I they would have locked me up.


When I did leave I had just enough money to pay for parking at the hospital (which I think is immoral and further proof of radicalisation of capitalism, by the government).  I asked the surgeon why it had become infected he asked if I was under a lot of stress, which I was.  So my severe stress makes my body more susceptible to infection.  I needed painkillers and anti-biotics  I went to the urgent pharmacy, sick and humilitated, knowing I couldn’t pay for the medicine.  I cried in front of the pharmacist and people behind me, told I only had $3 to pay for $15 worth of medication.


Increases in medication costs have also made poor people poorer, the government never mentioned that of course.  That scripts were put up to $5, some of these people are on dozens of pills ever day – especially mentally ill people.


He let me not pay but warned me to return in two days when it was payday.  So I had to waste petrol getting back over to Lower Hutt two days later to pay him – as I hate owning money, I was humiliated and degraded.  At the time I was getting only $250 a week.  Things were bad, really really bad, and people expect you to do therapy and heal from past traumas while you are going through trauma – that is illogical and of course ridiculous.


I also have another parking story when a former border pay for by WINZ ripped me off and I couldn’t pay my car registration, then my best friend had a stroke and I went to the hospital.  I couldn’t afford parking so had to park on the street and got a $200 fine, which ended up going to court and I had to pay off.  I also got another $200 fine when I parked outside my doctors surgery after having a severe stress reaction and went there for his help.  I got a third fine for parking outside Oasis during a severe suicidal attack, I couldn’t afford the money for parking and they are in the city.


Parking fees are also another way councils restrict the movement of poor people and stop poor people from driving to parliament to protest.  I am having a battle with WCC trying to charge me for three lots of parking during my hunger strike outside Parliament living in my car.


I can’t really understand how the government can say they protect human rights when they do all these things to us.  It makes me wonder what the outcome would be if they had psychiatric assessments and if they are intelligent, don’t have personality disorders and are not delusional.


I want the fact I am repeatedly detained and my peace, my home is interrupted due to policies and laws the government has implemented they say were to protect people. 


Under funding of mental health services and cuts to funding of houses set up to support mentally injured women have been closed down throughout New Zealand.  Replaced by nothing, just THE BIN and forced medication.  They are still forcing people to undergo ECT in this country, that is extremely disturbing and a violation of people’s rights.  I would be vehemently opposed to this form of treatment if committed, but would I have a choice.


Another way neo-liberals have worsened inequality is the way disabled people on benefits are required to keep filling out forms and getting doctors and specialist certificates to validate their disability.  Every time you have to complete those forms it is degrading and frightening.  People who are sick are expected to be work-ready.  This is disgusting immoral behaviour, we have so many unemployed at least we could leave the sick and disabled in peace.  We don’t provide the services required to support them into work so why do the government insist on constantly degrading and persecuting them.


In the Wairarapa the newspaper was proud of the fact welfare recipients had gone down here.  But that is because there is no emergency housing, they have to go to Wellington to get housing, food etc.  People in power are just ignoring it, or talking on and on but doing nothing.  I despair at the number of morning teas been eating during meetings about people who don’t have decent food to eat.  I recall taking small bags of food from the 10th Biannual conference on Child abuse – lovely food it was too, lots was thrown out to the pigs.  We had hardly any food and it was good for my kids lunches.  Pretty sure I was the only poor person at that conference as well – people like me are extremely oppressed because of our poverty.  It was only a small inheritance that allowed me to go to that conference.


I see there is a petition before parliament to improve sexual abuse services, lets hope this complaint and report gives weight to what I am saying.  Hopefully my continued protesting and contact with politicians on both sides of the house see something truly happen and the torture wheel of hell dismantled and replaced with professional care and love.  Something the God who defends New Zealand would approve of.


Section 56.  The government through ACC, mental health and MSD have shown they are committed to advancing the radicalised neo-liberal agenda by targeting those on welfare and continuing to keep taxes low for the very richest individuals and businesses. 


My report proves that what they have said is a lie about protecting human rights.  The Human Rights Commission said they were going to send me a downloadable version of the National Plan of Action but nothing arrived.  I find it difficult to respond to when I can’t really study it online in pretty pictures and boxes.  I know it means nothing, as I know what is happening to me for protesting about these issues.  How many times I have had dealings with police.  These plans are ridiculous just marketing, they don’t mean anything, in fact for most of us they are insulting and make many people give up.  Why wouldn’t you when the advertising says one thing and what happens is completely the opposite – plus nobody who isn’t going through it believes you – they believe what they see in the paper or in pretty reports.


I would like further opportunity through a lawyer to challenge that the government has any intention on acting, considering the complaints I am making are about torture.  How these people can call themselves Honourable or Right Honourable is beyond me and neo-liberal politicians are in violation of the Electoral Act in my opinion.


New Zealand Bill of Rights, one of my specialties, I have copy pinned to my noticeboard and on my website.  A great document that does not protect people from radicalised neo-liberal terrorists who advance the rich and reign down violence and fear on the marginalised poor.  Please refer to Max Rashbrooks latest book about inequality and consider this to form part of this complaint, he has a lot of statistical information to support what I am saying.


Bill of Rights does help me in some situations like avoiding prosecution for some protests that I do.  However it does not protect me from discrimination based on my disability, medical neglect, degradation of being poor and using welfare services.  I was very upset when the government responded to the shootings at WINZ in Ashburton but putting in two security guards.  It makes people on the street who are not on welfare think even more badly of people who are.  It makes people going in the building feel even more like criminals,when they are victims.  I cant even go to WINZ because my mental health seriously deteriorates I am so degraded by their processes.  My case manager Tina Hemi can confirm what I am saying. 


I had to get a food grant two weeks ago, I went to the local supermarket and the girl who served me was someone who went to school with my children and her mother is one of those Greytown people who think I am a bludger.  It is humiliating and degrading to use those cards as people know you are poor and most hate you for it, because you LOOK normal.  It just gives you another reason not to go out and be around people.


I believe there needs to be a judicial review of the changes to welfare laws as a whole, rather than just one little piece at a time.  Looking at the changes that have been made over time, shows a disturbing pattern of blame/responsibility put on people who are on welfare, when it is the government who have created this low wage economy.


I have written several letters to the Secretary for Justice about some of these issues, but never received a response.   I also sent them to the Chief Justice and never received a response.  The people who lead our country and are responsible for protecting people from the government using NZBORA have left me to suffer with no concern for my safety or onoing discrimination.  Why would anybody have respect for the laws of this country when obviously there is one law for the rich and one law for the poor – which according to the Imperial Laws Application Act is AGAINST THE LAW.


Two years ago I was trespassed from Parliament, I had stood in silence in the gallery during the opening prayer twice, but the third time didn’t go well.  I was attending a church at the time and wanted to kneel when the prayer was read because I believe in it so much and know it is being ignored.  I told the guard behind me I was going to stand, he nodded, then some other guard came over and started making a scene about sitting down.  I wanted to stand and pray, I am allowed to observe a religious principle of mine in public.  I wasn’t hurting anybody and it meant a lot to me.  I didn’t sit and closed my eyes and prayed.  When I did sit another security officer in plain clothes joined me.  Nothing else happened.  I moved to the other side of the house as I do during question time to face the opposition. 


There was a man on a mobility scooter that I had met before protesting outside who was there.  He had to park his chair where I wasn’t allowed.  Towards the end of question time he started tooting the horn on the scooter and was forcibly removed from parliament.  He hadn’t told me anything about his plans.  Things were pretty intense so I went to see if I could help out both security and the man.  When I got downstairs I was called into a room where a security guard was writing out a trespass notice for me.  Apparently because I had sung as I walked up the stairs to the gallery past the media (not loudly but yes I did) and for not sitting down.  I freaked out – I had a very bad experience with being trespassed from a mental health art facility and was triggered.  I was deeply upset that I wouldn’t be able to go to parliament and sit in the gallery, I had never done anything wrong before and the security guards were usually really nice to me.  Sometimes I used to put my hand up if something particularly bad was said, often I cried, but in silence.


I see my right to look these powerful people in the eye as extremely important.  I contacted the Speakers office, Lockwood Smith and told them what happened that I should be trespassed as it was against the Bill of Rights.  I was ignored.


After I saw the trespass notice I freaked out and had a fight/flight/fear response and just wanted to get out of the building (run), so I did.  They had a big plain clothes security guy stop me at the front doors and I had a major event where I fell to the ground curled up in a ball hysterical, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stop crying.  Police were called, I refused/couldn’t do anything, I was forcibly picked up, I am quite heavy and dragged, outside.  I couldn’t walk, even when the security guard bent my hand back so I was screaming I still couldn’t make my legs move.  Even the policeman said – there’s no need for that mate.  They had to get me out of there fast, they wouldn’t give me time to calm down, they didn’t call someone to deal with my mental health, they called police and security.


I was arrested and trespassed, I continued to go back to parliament – protesting outside.  The first time parliamentary security called police and the policeman came and told me he wouldn’t arrest me due to Bill of Rights.  The next time I went there a couple of weeks later I was violently arrested (had the bruises for weeks), handcuffed and held in the cells for the night.   Hopefully I havn’t told this story before – if I have I apologise.  I have since found out from my other wilful trespass charges that case law says that people trespassed from parliament can still protest on the grounds. 


I had never spent a night in the cells, I was very unwell, there are no clocks, nothing to do and you don’t know whether it is night or day.  I self-harmed, the next day I cried for over an hour before court, they refused to let me have my hair clips and I was ashamed in front of the judge.


Someone in charge were trying to harm me for my protesting, I want this person held to account and compensation for what I was put through that night.  I want to know if someone from parliament influenced the police – because that would mean a violation of the separation of powers and corruption.


I believe the way I have been treated is in no way justified and a free and democratic society.  Just like the council washing my chalk writing poetry and quotes off the footpath, that isn’t civilized – that is uncivilized.  Earlier this year I was nominated for Poet Laureat, to help with my nomination I chalked six large poems all around the National Library.  Most people loved it and told me how excellent it was, one man from inside the building abused me and threatened me with police – also with removing it all.  It took me four hours to do and I am stiff and sore for days afterwards.  Why would someone from the National Library want poetry chalked on the street by a local artist, a part of their culture, removed?


There is no longer democracy in New Zealand, we all know that, not for those of us rotting in the darklands begging for care and justice. 


I would like to use BORA to stop the Council removing my chalking, but I can’t afford a lawyer and they refuse to stop.  Washing off Shakespeare and John F Kennedy, really that is not justified in a free and democratic society.  Having me arrested all the time and trespassed all the time for protesting when I am protesting about serious health, welfare and justice issues is not justified.  The council charging me for parking during a 3 day protest outside parliament is not justified.  Trespassing me from King Street Artworks in Masterton for writing poetry that criticised mental health is not justified.  Dragging me through court again is not justified. 


The government withheld the invalids benefit from me for 12 years while I was on DPB – it would have been an extra $50 per week and would have stopped the ongoing forms I had to fill out, health certificates I had to get to stay on disability.  People with disabilities who know I am getting more than them get angry at me.


When my daughter left home (feel like I’ve told this story as well, apologise if I have) I was put onto Invalids from Disability/DPB because I couldn’t live.  I phoned a lawyer to make a complaint about having the Invalids Benefit withheld for over a decade and wanted to take WINZ to court.  He laughed and told me no lawyer would take my case, there was no money in helping people on welfare.  I was absolutely horrified, isn’t that what legal aid is for.  I still require a lawyer to challenge why WINZ kept me on disability for all that time.  You would think after being disabled for two years you would automatically be moved over. 


The government have made a lot of changes to the requirements of doctors, they have meetings with their governing bodies to educate doctors about the benefits of work for disabled people and those with injuries – corruption at its worst.  I believe there should be an investigation into the proof of health required.  Also why MSD even have their own medical professionals now – I see that as extremely inappropriate and a violation of our democratic process.  These health ‘professionals’ are extremely biased and corrupt because they are being directed and paid by the government. 


It has been a serious violation of people’s human rights and democracy to see more and more health care being moved over to WINZ.  Where health professionals are controlled.  This needs to stop!


My right to a lawyer doesn’t appear to exist since Section 40 of the Magna Carta was outlawed and my rights to live peacefully gone since Section 39 was outlawed as well – by radicalised neo-liberal terrorists.  People who knew they had to get rid of these laws in order to advance the rich and neglect the poor.  Absolutely immoral and criminal behaviour in my opinion and in need of urgent investigation by people who believe in the Christian principles of fairness and helping the ill and poor, especially women and children.  That is not what I see happening, I see exactly the opposite for a certain disabled vulnerable minority.


73.  I found the dispute resolution services impotent, they found in my favour then could do nothing that ACC refused to reinstate my care.  I noted they changed their name to Fairway, to try and reassure people they were fair – when they definitely are not.  I have protested outside and in their offices in Wellington.  I have more to say about this organisation and want the opportunity to have my case investigated to find out what happened and why I never ended up with my care being reinstated.


I note there are dispute resolution services that are not owned by the government or religious, but they cost money and are therefore not available to poor people.


I think it is a big assumption to think because more people aren’t ending up in court that it is a good thing.  Considering the levels of partner violence and sexual violence is at records levels again, according to the media.  That is where my perspective is far more valuable than all those reports you read.


Counter Terrorism Measures

The more I look into the introduction of neo-liberalism and its continuing benefitting of wealthy while poor suffer, families suffer and society suffers – the more I believe it needs to be investigated under Terrorism Suppression laws.  The destruction of infrastructure for the poorest members of society who I consider an ethnic group is a terrorist act, its killing people and vulnerable people are suffering, families. 


The definition of national security “includes its economic well-being”.   I can assure the economic well-being of the poorest 20% of people is being undermined by years of neo-liberalism – people feel terrorised.  Why would such a beautiful country have so many people self-harming and killing themselves, hurting their partners and children?  They are driving people mad and it has got to stop.


With regard to being allowed to spy on me, I have nothing to hide so don’t care.


The economic impacts of radicalised neo-liberals has caused major disruption for people access health services, lawyers, welfare, etc.  People can’t afford to move around, some people can’t afford phones and find public spaces like libraries inappropriate.



I have covered most of what I had to say above.  I believe the adequate appropriate professional support of people with disabilities is paramount to equality in New Zealand.  I have the right to be able to own a house like my peers, get the support I need to earn money so I can live with dignity.  I pay my rent, why am I denied home ownership – particularly when it is a requirement of both the ACC legislation and disability rights documents.


Equality was what New Zealand aspired to, neo-liberals took that away, that was my culture not this advancing the rich and persecuting poor people neo-liberal nightmare many are living. 


Injustice, greed and poverty create

Resentment, dissension, envy, hate


103.  The government has supported all those organisations that support their neo-liberal agenda.  There are disturbing links between politicians, the legal and banking fraternities and private sector.  People getting good jobs and massive contracts, to make decisions on security guards being outside WINZ offices, while knowing people are being driven mad by poverty and degradation.


106.  I would like the opportunity to prove the government do  not provide an adequate standard of living.  None of these people could live permanently on welfare, even invalids benefit.  I can prove what it costs to live if I could show my financial records – especially with a disability.  In the past year I have been through an extra $15,000 on top of my benefit (a friend gave me some money from some paintings and a relative left me some money).  If I hadn’t had that money I would have died, simple as that, I wouldn’t have been able to live, or wanted to live.  My living situations were so dysfunctional, mostly it went on food to accommodate my bulimia.  An aspect of my disorder ACC has known for years I have and refused to have me treated for.  They know this costs money, they don’t care.  My WINZ case manager knows about it too, and my health professionals.  Its damaging my teeth but its how I cope.  I require compensation for this through the Independence Allowance I am supposed to receive through ACC.


Currently ACC are refusing to reinstate it and I don’t have a lawyer to help me through the red tape war of hell.  Even if I did get the $18/week allowance back I would have to pay around $15 of it to my student loan, last time it was $10.  But the government put up the repayment rate, which was another way of increasing inequality and poverty.  Many young people are struggling to buy homes because of huge student loans.


There is no way I am participating in society, ACC and mental health refuse me care, this is a lie.  It is a fundamental belief of mine that people in government are not allowed to lie.  My ethnic group are isolated and suffering, suicidal and rebelling.


The majority of government funded services are targeted at wealthy people.  Every embassy around the world is only there for people who can afford to travel and business people.  NZ is a country of 4.5 million people WE CANNOT AFFORD such extravagance.  All embassies should be closed, we should be part of Australian embassy.  I have seen news items that we own some of the most extravagant embassies in the world.  When we had a decent society prior to 1984, maybe we could afford these – we cannot now.  When people are homeless and suffering in this country.  Funding is targeted at elite sport, ex-MPs and Prime Ministers etc, business people, education for rich kids and rich foreigners.


I am considered a vulnerable person, never seen any of this funding they always talk about.  I see ongoing cuts to a complete range of essential services and resources.


We are all Ngati Ra, we are all one people.  Maori are only higher in statistics due to the warrior gene and being traumatised for longer than most Pakeha.  I am extremely critical of Maori mental health services, I have heard terrible stories.


109.  The government believes paid work will address inequality, but if you are disabled and there are no services and no jobs then this is not going to work.  We are a civilized society we are supposed to care for our ill and poor. 


I loath the word reform, the word is austerity against the poorest people – this is an internationally recognised word for neo-liberal ideas that advance the rich and withdraw as many resources as possible from poor people – mostly disabled people.  The Oxford definition of reform is “Make changes in order to improve”.  What neo-liberals did with REFORMS was harm the unemployed they created when they removed tariffs and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs went to uncivilized countries like China.


I believe the use of this word is a blatant form of propaganda and brainwashing.  I know a lot about psychology and sociology I can see what these people are doing and it is about as abusive as what Hitler and the NAZIs did.


If you read my song Wish I was Dead (Appendix 9) you will see it was written when these reforms first came out and how I felt about them.  I self-harmed they felt so intimidating and demeaning, just another thing that will make my community hate me for being on welfare.


They ruthlessly do everything they can to make the system so degrading and complicated that people end up going off the benefit and living homeless or with family.  Many with gangs I am sure, P whores etc.  Why is benefit dependency a dirty word when you are dependent on welfare?  They force people to apply over and over and over again until they are so degraded they become mentally ill and kill themselves.  The idea of self-reliance is a radicalised neo-liberal political theory that is extremely harmful to society, it has its roots in Liberalism and Ayn Rand.  It does not work, there are fundamental flaws, it is being used as some sort of neo-liberal bible.  Wanting to call ill and vulnerable people self-reliant so you can withdraw health care, justice, housing and welfare is seriously disturbed thinking. 


111.  The reason beneficiaries were dropping was dairy was doing OK, now dairy is not doing OK unemployment is again rising, along with the large numbers of foreigners moving here unchecked and displacing New Zealand citizens.  Also like I said above many are just giving up and dropping out of the system.  How can drops in beneficiaries be anything to do with reforms?  Unemployment is caused by businesses not employing people.  How did we get manipulated into thinking unemployed people are to blame for this and will have any impact on unemployment figures.  Also it is mostly the same people unemployed for long periods due to health issues, who are forced to degrade themselves over and over. 


116.  A lot of the job training is offensive, treating people like they are idiots who don’t try hard enough and don’t want to work.  My daughter was made redundant from her job just after New Year.  She had to go to WINZ for an hour, not realising, only to be confronted by a WINZ worker who had a great holiday break and talked mostly about what he did.  Megan said everybody else in the room were sad because they had to be there and were broke or unemployed at this time of year.  A time when most radicalised capitalists lay off staff so they don’t have to pay holidays. 


These are designed to blame people for their unemployment status, the posters they have up are offensive, especially the ones about being disabled when most bosses will not hire disabled people.  While at Wainuiomata WINZ begging for help, extremely traumatised on the wall behind my case manager was a large mural of happy people, saying Te Tangata, Te Tangata, Te Tangata,  On the back wall a painting of a happy beach scene.   At the desk beside me was a young woman with a baby on her knee crying like I was and begging like I was.  She needed more money to live or she would have to go back to her abusive ex-partner.


That image and what was happening were in such contradiction it is something I will never get over.  Makes you think the system will never change because everybody is in complete denial that the welfare we currently get is adequate to live with dignity – IT IS NOT!


Taxes to the wealthy must be increased immediately and people who do not need welfare, like rich people, working people over 65 and ex-politicians etc need to have their welfare stopped immediately.