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Photos of police during my protests


I chalked we don't want no GMO, this was an Occupy protester in Wellington, borrowed chalk and put the badge number of the four police that assaulted protesters at the Occupy camp last year.  The courts have just ruled the Council action to evict protesters as illegal under the Bill of Rights.

I chalked we don’t want no GMO, this was an Occupy protester in Wellington, borrowed chalk and put the badge number of the four police that assaulted protesters at the Occupy camp last year. The courts have just ruled the Council action to evict protesters as illegal under the Bill of Rights.

This was at the end of the GMO Monsanto protest march in May, there was a clear area in front of the police that needed chalking 🙂 . I always find it so empowering – one of the cops has arrested me before, he was OK.  Their body language changed when the guy by the Z557 there – must be shit being a cop when you have to rely on the integrity of other people to uphold the law.




Me being trespassed from outside the Ministry of Health in Molesworth Street, May – night I slept over at the Occupy camp at the Cenotaph.  Was really pissed off with mental health and John Crawshaw refusing to talk to me – got abusive with people going in and out of the buiding – I admit I lost my temper – but I never physically threatened anybody or swore at them.  The samoan cop was a dick but the other guy was really nice – couldn’t help me, but nice and listened (cute too).  There was also another cop that had come from bullshit castle probably heard me yelling – he was a naïve idiot.

Could have chosen not to leave and been arrested but I was having a good time at Occupy and didn’t want to be locked up that day.



On steps outside Wellington police station after being released from custody following occupation of the Law Society and charge of wilful trespass.  Was really pissed off – I had been there five hours – three of them waiting for mental health.  Had been insulted and degraded by police, threatened with having my clothes removed and traumatised by mental health.  When I left I was told by the senior sargent I had not got on with I was to leave town on the first train the next morning – I nicknamed him the sheriff.  Made a formal complaint about The Sheriff’s behaviour but was ignored.

Violated my bail conditions the following morning – just for fun and got a ride with friends out of town about lunchtime.




Before I got arrested at the Law Society I was outside Bowen House (Lambton Quay entrance to parliament) giving them shit – more shit than usual I was really pissed off.  The police were called but Katrina Shanks MP managed to get them to back off and I was not arrested – though I probably should have been cause I know I swore a few times I couldn’t help it.  She knows I can’t get care and had just been turned down by mental health yet again.

It was on my way to buy some paper to write a sign that I saw Geoffry Palmer and asked him who was responsible for ensuring I got a lawyer – he said the Law Society and you know the rest.

A couple of days later I phoned Mathew Palmer at the University and told him what happened, gave him shit as well when he turned out to be a greedy gravy train fuckwit lawyer.  Told him to pass on to his dad what had happened to me as a result of his advice.




The many faces of parliamentary security, Dave the arrogant tosser and another guard.  Some of the guards are really nice and as supportive as they can be, but I have been assaulted by the plain clothes Intelligence Service security staff in the past.





A ride to the railway station by police – to ensure I left town after being arrested for wilful trespass one of the four times.  They were nice to me from what I remember – unlike other times.  From conversations I have had with other people I am lucky I live in Wellington as Auckland and Christchurch police wouldn’t be so nice.




This was parliamentary security discussing what to do about me as I had returned and had been trespassed and prosecuted the previous week.  You can just make out the ‘Bond Bitch’, police were called and I was violently arrested, had the bruises on my arms for weeks.  I was scared of the handcuffs after having them used by police to hurt me previously (outside ACC).  Was kept in the cells overnight – kids were left at home on there own, was really unwell (suicidal) asked for a minister was refused, asked for a doctor was refused, mental health refused to come, had to go in paddy wagon to court the next morning – freaked out about being put in a metal box, you have no choice with four big men coming at you.  I would have walked down the road to court if they had asked – or would have got in the back with the Black Power boys on there way to court for assault.

The things you go through when protesting for your rights to health care and justice.  The case against me ended up being dropped – just like the three others there have been.  I’ve made complaints to the IPCA about harassment but they ignore me.


Photos outside Bullshit Castle



Me and Billy chalking outside Police HQ in Wellington, bullshit Castle – I was really pissed off about the refusal of government and police to implement all the recommendations of the inquiry following Louise Nicholas




The nice officer telling me to take off the chalking around the building – me going NO WAY – arrest me, this is a public place, I am really pissed off and I have a right to do this under the Bill of Rights!  Then we started negotiating that I wouldn’t do anymore on the building and he would have it washed off by cleaners.  It’s fun standing up to the police – they are so not used to it – especially from a protester who knows their rights.



Am currently trespassed from the IPCA and tired of being harassed by police for speaking out about suicide and appauling mental health/ACC services.