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Market Leaders – poem

Housing whores slam doors
On the needy for the greedy
Create the violence
Keep the silence

Blame politics and heretics

It’s laws they break
Local’s lives they take
Treason committed
Rich benefitted

That’s a serious crime
Of their’s NOT mine
And the market lead it
Our government feed it


My House is a Prison

My house is a prison
Police put me in
My house is a prison
When does freedom begin

When I try to go out
For a walk or bike ride
When I see the police
Stops me dead in my stride

My car is a sanctuary
When I travel around
My police radar’s on high
From the dangers I found

In this world I’m a prisoner
Of cruel lies people share
In this world I’m a prisoner
Of cruel poverty & fear


Not Allowed to Cry on their railroad ride to suicide upon their torture wheel

Not Allowed to Cry

They put you through their soul grinder
Upon their torture wheel
Their railroad ride to suicide
Where all your hurts you feel

And I’m not allowed to cry

When they got you hanging on their hook
Before the door of death
Then they got a final twist
Even crying brings the threats

And I’m not allowed to cry

You’re not allowed to care about it
You’re not allowed to start
Wailing, harming, wanting death
To ease your terrified broken heart

And I’m not allowed to cry

For all abused & poor out there
Not allowed to express
Their deep despair, lack of hope & fear
Existing in this economic mess

And I’m not allowed to cry

Not allowed to speak the truth
Of evil crimes by skirts & ties
Who fill the airwaves & our brains
Consume us with their lies

And I’m not allowed to cry

Those in power screw us over
For blood they have a thirst
I didn’t hurt anybody
Who didn’t hurt me first

And I’m not allowed to cry

Not ever broken hearted
Not ever be set free
Grieving lost hopes & dreams
And the added hell of poverty

And I’m not allowed to cry


Started writing this poem after I appeared in court on 18 November, was labelled insane, charged with more charges and let go until end of January.  Finished it today, might end up a rap or punk rock song.  It still haunts me sitting waiting for my bail forms to sign and Jason the court security guard who I usually get on with so well standing their insulting me and abusing me because I started to wail in distress at what had just happened.  Told me to stop because I was his only friend and I obviously didn’t have any – because I seldom have someone at court with me.   Seems people don’t understand I have family who have to work and I don’t want people I care about seeing my distress.

Threatened me with the police and to be put in the cells, which he knew I hated if I didn’t stop.   The pain in my chest/heart was so overwhelming I started self-harming and he again started threatening me with the cells.   I stopped that, put my head right down and started saying over and over quietly I wish I was dead, I wish I was dead, I wish I was dead.  He started abusing me again saying I was doing it on purpose to hurt him.  He was really mean, in a way I didn’t think he would ever do.  Such a big strong man can handle some of the roughest toughest angriest people in our community and he couldn’t handle my distress, my broken heart.

Cried myself to sleep last night grieving for my brother who I doubt I will ever see again, even decided not to go to my mother’s funeral because I couldn’t bare seeing my family.  I know my girls would be upset but if I can’t go I can’t go, there would be nowhere to stay.  Anyway that’s the things you think when you are permanently estranged and so devastated by what someone said who really just doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to.

My heart hurts writing this and the poem, but it is cathartic, better out than in.  I’m sure there are other people who feel like this and can’t express it like I have the talent for.  Who would have known I would be a prolific political poet when I was getting expelled from Westland High School because my English teacher and I didn’t get on.


If I Was Jacinda First Thing I’d Do – poem

If I was Jacinda first thing I’d do
Is make hospital parking for me and you
Then I’d take a legal stick
Be there for all thin and think

All newbies I would then make
For 18 years to vote they’d wait
Maslow’s pyramid would be my guide
Our first two laws would be applied

I’d learn from the history of war
Won’t trust the rich, make no man poor
Would kick corporations to the kerb
We’ve all had enough of their greed & blurb

We’d share justly what there is
And act rightly for the kids
Give the media tough sets of rules
For making most of us into fools

This poem could go on for ages
Refuse, rewrite cruel history pages
But that is for another day
Now give me a guitar to play

Never end

Empower Me – Poem

Dedicated to new mayor, Greg Lang, and councillors of Carterton.

Empower Me

Empower me with courage
Empower me with faith
Empower me with self–belief
In what I do and say

Empower me with light
Empower me with dark
Empower me with balance
So I can hit my mark

Empower me with grace
Empower me with poise
Empower me with magnetism
Screen out the others noise

Empower me with clarity
Empower me with love
Empower me with understanding
Of what I have to give


Are Masterton police being bullied #metoo – Snr Sgt bullying me

From: Jayne R
Sent: Monday, 30 September 2019 4:16 PM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>
Subject: Latest news report bit scathing of Snr Sgts Jennifer

Wondering if there any bullying going on in Masterton police, especially in regards to me, I see the faces of some of those officers when they are charging and processing me – THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE DOING IT – ITS OBVIOUS THEY ARE ASHAMED.  They know what’s going on, that is why I always got on with Wellington officers, they know how long I been protesting and they ALL agreed with what I was saying.  Wasn’t until I got really broke and had to start protesting over here that things got nasty.  Police were never my enemy and I have NEVER RESISTED ARREST or deserved anything but kindness, protection and justice.
Have teamed up with a few interesting new local body councillors – hopefully they all get in.  They are loving my ideas about dealing with our No 1 suicide rate.  Doesn’t matter what you do to me, I’ve got Jesus as my guide, my knowledge is my power and my actions are vital for a civil society, the more you hurt me the more people turn against those doing it.   Here’s my bullying poem dedicated to you and your fascist friends.

I’m being bullied and there’s no-one to tell
Beaten kicked and whipped, left in hell
I can’t find a lawyer, someone to care
I’ve read the laws, understand what’s in there

10 years of torture asking them why
Why do you ignore me, have left me to die
Why’s my life so worthless when others are not
If I had cancer this neglect it would stop

I have all the symptoms of traumatic stress
Have studied university books, the internet
I get no help rejected because
I believe in my spirit, my culture, my knowledge

I write to the paper, TV, radio
To those supposed to protect me I know
Say there’s laws that say this, laws that say that
Some that are good, others a brick bat

Human Rights laws with no power at all
Bill of Rights laws on which nobody can call
Laws only for lawyers and rich people to use
Laws made that meant something, now they’re abused

Laws that cost hundreds of thousands to create
Laws that protected the poor and the weak
Then came the wasps settled in the beehive
On which lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats now thrive


Now there’s nobody taking responsibility
For the stings of the wasps in our capital city
Soldier ants fill our government buildings
Employed cause they’re soulless, ruthless, unquestioning

Like Marianne said they smile as they kill
And if you object you’re insane should take a pill
So if you’re one of those ants from the hill
I’m your worst nightmare, poet, artist, political


Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


I am Human Sewage

I am human sewage, DHB decided so
The Chairman said do nothing, pretend we do not know

I am human sewage ACC decided so
The Minister said do nothing, keep up the torture show

I am human sewage the commissioners decided so
The Ombudsman said do nothing, we don’t wanna know what you know

I am human sewage the government decided so
The Prime Minister said do nothing, keep up the marketing show

I am human sewage our MPs decided so
When they all said we can’t do nothing, go away we don’t wanna know

I am human sewage mental health decided so
In the Wairarapa are ignorant bigots, running a suicide show

Turning me to human sewage, standing here just so
A witness to the lies they’re telling, cause they’re cruel & I know

I am human sewage, my family decided so
When they all sat back and did nothing, that’s why I’m here on show

Singing we have human sewage, created some years ago
When elitists took over this country & a neo-liberal agenda took hold

Aye aye aye aye aye
Aye aye aye aye aye


Been on my own all day, not good, wish I could go out but no money – wish I was dead – what purpose in living if you can’t work and forced to live in degrading, soul destroying poverty.  I don’t understand why I am not allowed services other people get – drunks, gamblers violent people, criminals get services and victims don’t?  WTF is that BS & none of the organisations who supposed to insure you get justice and services will help??  Its like I don’t exist.