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Lecture on central & local government under constitution


What a multi-million dollar view

What a multi-million dollar view – 24th floor Vodafone House Wellington, Russell McVeagh offices – govt/ACC lawyers hosting governance lectures


This lecture was a panel of academics and the deputy mayor, one expert was employed from UK only five months ago into a senior position and waffled on and on about what was going wrong in the there and how terrible the outcomes were for people.  He was hoping we wouldn’t go that way, but it was happening anyway because of arrogant irresponsible politicians. I can’t help but feel racist towards someone from another country getting to have such an influential voice and job, when I don’t.  I lot of what he said was irrelevant, it wasn’t his fault.

All panel were critical of politicans.  I wanted to ask a question about the violation of the Bill of Rights by Wellington Council when they used private security guards to forcibly evict the Occupy protesters at Maui’s garden – they didn’t have time for me.  After the meeting I went and asked a professor in local government at Victoria about the issue of evicting Occupy protesters – he told me because the Aucklanders won in court the Bill of Rights did work and there was no conviction – the case was thrown out.  So I looked at him and said that means we can re-occupy and the council will not be able to touch us, he just smiled.  Going to make sure everybody at Occupy Wellington knows this stuff.

I reakon we should start weekly occupations on perhaps a monthly basis, this should stop the problems a long term encampment can bring – it also means we could plan for good weather and have events, speeches, educationals etc well organised.  Aaahh the life of a revolutionary.

We need more revolutionaries to stand up and be counted any way they can – check out HOW TO BE IDLE NO MORE on this site or contact us if you want to know more about joining our guerrilla protest missions around Wellington.  I usually twitter what I am up to or fb I can also be contacted on 0273040120.

Kia kaha everybody.

Join the fight for freedom
Use your pens & words I ask
Join the fight for freedom
And get off you bloody arse


Friday recogniscance mission Rape Crisis Wellington

rape crisis meeting St Johns welington



Jan Logie and a panel of sexual abuse service providers about to talk the same good intentioned bullshit I have been listening to for a decade (and others tell me has been going on for 40 years).

I picked up a few pieces of information that might be useful like another report promising services but the government providing no funding to provide them – so the jokes on us yet again.  The room was full of health providers from what I gathered talking to people, and political people.  They went on about changes and better services, how we should write to the Ministers involved and gave out very expensive looking postcards we could sign and send in (made me want to throw up).

Food provided was flash – compared with what I eat anyway – I’ve always found the food provided at this things is good – wonder how much was thrown out.  Also room was too small for a traumatised person, chairs too close together, not enough air and ways to escape – unlike the meeting going on across the hall – just shows you how much the church things of abuse issues.

Jan Logie got up and spoke the biggest load of rhetoric I have ever heard, the speakers were’nt great, felt like it was some sort of competition as to who were the most persecuted, physically disabled sexually abused people, gay people, people from other cultures or just all women (a feminist perspective).

I almost walked out in the first 10 minutes as I started to be retraumatised, but I held it together just – did make a few comments during the speakers.  Definitely will be writing to Jan Logie, Green MP about what I thought of the meeting, and it will not pull any punches.

I talked to as many people as I could afterwards and many had seen my chalking around Wellington, I told them about all the services abused people were entitled to under ACC and not getting, also about this website and the rehabilitation model and business plan I had developed.


Chalked guerrilla poetry Parliament

Outside Parliament gates on Molesworth St

Outside Parliament gates on Molesworth St


Check out my post of the full version of this poem, I often recite it to people at Parliament and on the streets, they really like it.  I often talk to groups of intermediate school children from around the country, in Wellington to learn about government – they always like the poem, and so do their teachers.

It is very satisfying to walk away from a chalking, put my stuff in the car, then walk back and take photos of people reading the poem and hearing their comments – but they don’t know who I am.  (security do of course).


Living Pain, Living Hate

When the poor start singing they can’t make it
The sad start singing they can’t shake it
The mad start singing they can’t fake it
And the rest of us are singing that we can’t take it

Singing pain, singing hate, singing truth, singing faith
Living pain, living hate, living proof, living faith
In Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa

Singing at those leaders, those destroyers of cultures
Those greedy capitalist blood sucking vultures
In Aotearoa, Aotearoa
Cause those leaders ain’t doin, ain’t doing what they should
And those there to protect us, if they only would
In Aotearoa, Aotearoa


Auditor-General come out to play, come listen to what I gotta say
About Aotearoa, Aotearoa
Ministers Commissioners come out to play, come listen to what I gotta say
About Aotearoa, Aotearoa


And I’ll keep singing that I can’t make it
And I’ll keep singing that I can’t shake it
And I’ll keep singing that I can’t fake it
And I’ll keep singing that I can’t take it
In Aotearoa, Aotearoa

Singing pain, singing hate, singing truth, singing faith
Living pain, living hate, living proof, living faith
In Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa, Aotearoa

Problems with mental health NGO Pathways – NO FKN SURPRISE HERE!


Mental health workers ‘falsified hours’


Their are appauling stories of abuse, degradation, neglect and discrimination within public mental health and NGOs.  Of course the Health & Disability Commission are so appaulingly bad, nobody with mental health issues is believed.  I have the support of my HDC advocate (Louise at Nationwide) but not the support of the Commission – it is extremely weird – I am even blocked from emailing or phoning them.  They have phoned the police on my many times for telling them how ill I was and begging them for help – I’m not the only one, have met several people on facebook.


Still working on these mental health bastards, will try and get police to take a criminal case against them next week.  Will have to play the game really clever, get everything recorded on video or audio.

Below are some photos of protests outside Pathways in Masterton.

Outside Pathways Masterton

Outside Pathways Masterton

Police Brutality Protest, Masterton

Police Brutality Protest Masterton

A group of around 30 people protested outside Masterton Police Station Thursday 28 March about corruption and police brutality.  The protest was sparked by police assaulting an innocent teenager, I joined the protest because of my issues with police harassment and them refusing to take my complaints seriously.

I discovered this protest on facebook and have made some very good contacts, several of the people I know from the kareoke.  One of them wants to start a radio station in the Wairarapa and can get govt funding under treaty agreements – she knows I have experience (I had a show on Access Radio for two years) – could be the start of something.

I took my guitar and recited some poetry while I was there.  The police didn’t want to hear what my complaints were, they were only concerned about the Maori protesters and grovelling to them.  Will see if I can get some support from this group, they like what I protest about and were shocked at what I was telling them about my situation.

Had a 60 something woman walk past and say “You should tend to your own nest before you criticize the police”.  What she meant was all ‘good’ Maori need to stop ‘bad’ Maori from doing bad things, no matter how they are being let down by welfare, health and justice services.  This is racism in the heartland of the darklands (sounds a good line for a poem).  When I told her why I was there, over ACC, mental health and police brutality/discrimination she just went blank, didn’t know what to say, said something rude and walked away.  I called her an ignorant bigot as she walked away – not that she would even know what that meant.

Wairarapa needs a discussion on the appauling racism, ignorance and bigotry here, with a public debate.  My poem Wasps in the Beehive comes to mind:…..

Point and blame, ostracize and shame
Persecute degrade, discrimiante invade

And its not just at a national level
Its in town and cities, down road of gravel
Its people not knowing one another
Focused on only what they can gather

Perhaps I smoke, perhaps I drink
Perhaps I’m brown, perhaps I’m pink
Perhaps my life till now’s been tough
Perhaps I’m sick have had enough……

One thing I asked the police there negotiating, was how does someone who is Pakeha get support to make complaints about the police, especially when they are being harassed and so are their children?  I was threatened my daughter and I would be charged and fined if I made a complaint about the police handling of a dispute over the ‘well run’ Kuranui afterball party.

I have also been assaulted by police, degraded and traumatised by repeated visits and unwarranted arrests, while my complaints about criminal negligence by ACC, mental health and justice staff is ignored (in fact a car was sent to my house to threaten me into shutting up or I could be arrested and committed under the mental health act).  Now I play their little game as much as I can, while maintaining my freedom, I become more staunch about my rights and govt/judiciary responsibilites under human rights and constitutional laws.

One day soon I will get this investigated, heads will roll and people will get the help they desperately need – “We’ll break down that padlocked door.”


Rebellion in the Red Tape Wars

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars
Earned in years of battles with you red tape whores
You treat me like I’m slaving class, you don’t help me to my feet
You certainly don’t walk beside me, or give me the rehab that I seek

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars

To defeat you miserable bastards, one thing that keeps me going
To exact my revenge, then see a new wheel turning
Watch you squirm as a Royal Commission starts looking up your arse
Watch you squirm as it is revealed, the boundaries you did pass

I’m now a general for the rebellion in the red tape wars

You disempower every person who’s part of your torture wheel
You disempower damaged souls, you won’t let them heal
You disregard the laws, you disregard the facts
You disregard a person’s beliefs, you create the cracks

Into which the broken hearted fall, we who should be loved the most
You drag us into your red tape war, tie us to your whipping post
To all casualties of the war, those driven insane by the red tape whores
Lets screw those miserable bastards, break down those padlocked doors

Become a fighter for the rebellion in the red tape wars
Don’t let those bastards win, all those red tape whores


Here’s physical evidence and doesn’t count the hundreds of emails I have on my computer.


Low Hanging Fruit


Low Hanging Fruit chalked outside ACC head office in Aitken Street, Wellington.  Did it with my broken leg, police arrived not long after I left.

Aitken Street,  Wellington

Aitken Street,


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you through the mail

ACC and mental health

Politicians, those with wealth


Directors, Boards, Committees, Chairs

Responsibility’s never theirs


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you hammer and nail

Hang you out to dry

In the fires of hell leave you to die


Reception, Call Centre, Secretary

Told to hang up when words get scary


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you so you fail

Send our bullies round to visit

Now that’s not playing fair, is it


Police, security, health legislation

Used for torture in this nation


Low hanging fruit cut the tail

We’ll screw you make you wail

Provide no way to get off

The torture wheel the road too rough


Doctors, Counselors, health providers

So many ignorant, right-wing insiders