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Day of Activism in Wellington, New Zealand

Had an interesting day chalking poetry, attending question time, singing under Seddon and catching up with other activist friends.

Got to Wellington about 12.30pm started chalking comments about John Key, so can be seen from Bowen House and Beehive.  Photos up on twitter @jrmurphypoetry  Also called Judiciary corrupt over mental health care and bought up how much more money banks are making in interest since John Key became PM.

Then went and chalked two poems directly outside Supreme Court on Lambton Quay, good writing surface on large paving, different to footpath.  Had around 6 people stop and say how good my poetry was and good to see this sort of culture and art on the street.  Going to write to the council again and complain about them taking it off and that I have to pay for parking when in the city.

Met up with two friends and attended question time, we had to wait because gallery pretty full after Key’s resignation – several school groups.  I sat and watched govt first but got really upset watching John Key lie about the good he had done, especially for vulnerable people.  Had to leave the gallery crying, security staff up there are really nice to me, went over to other side of house so I didn’t have to look at his face and the other National MPs lying.  Especially about housing and health services.

Always need to have a debrief after watching question time, it is so infuriating – or have a sing and rant about how pissed off I am by what I just saw.  Also recited some poetry – Wasps In The Beehive.

There was a 1080 protest at parliament, would have participated but you can’t before you go into the house – its a rule, you’re banned for 24 hours.

Afterwards talked with friends, hoping to get my FILL THE GALLERY idea out into the Wellington community, focused on election year, disabled/students etc – representing all those people struggling and not happy with current policies.  Said how they were representative of people all over New Zealand that couldn’t make it to Parliament – lets send our polticians a message in election year that we’re going to be watching them and demand they represent and protect us as they are supposed to in a civil society.

Came home and uploaded photos to twitter – don’t know why I didn’t do a video – will next time.

Kia kaha and Aroha to us all.

Murray Jack GOTCHA!

Murray Jack you piece of crap
Controlling this, controlling that
Me and others know what you do
Advance the rich, degrade the few

Murray Jack you piece of crap
On the board of this and that
Neo-liberalism’s wrong
You harm the weak, protect the strong

Murray Jack you piece of crap
How could you choose this and that
Just another one percentre
Greed and fear’s what you engender


Yesterday went out with some pieces of art which had a swastika on them and placed them at three differently places I thought were violating human rights.  NZ Initiative (aka Business Round Table), IPCA Police Conduct Authority and Ministry of Justice.

Left a poem, videod it on phone and put it on my youtube channel JR Murphy Poet.  This is one I had found in my visual diary, written a couple of months ago after seeing Murray Jack at court hearing about unsafe workplace at WINZ where John Tully shot the two workers.  Know he was part of the inquiry into these killings and ignored me when I spoke to him about how desperate things had become for long term disabled.  He one who suggested all the security guards, which have made things worse.

When I saw him at court case, before I was escorted out by security for wanting to put up a sign about the case.  I told him I was going to get him, told him he was neo-liberal scum and his lot had caused this tragedy.  Gave him a bollocking.

Writing this poem about him and sticking it up at NZ Initiative – where he is a board member – was what I meant.  I couldn’t find out where his office was and I hate this neo-liberal think tank.  I wrote GOTCHA at bottom of poem.  Putting it on youtube is also another GOTCHA (if you are reading this Murray, or any of your neo-liberal mates that created this hell for me and others).

Quite an honour to get a poem written about you – John Millar, Ruth Dyson, Tony Ellis, John Key are the others.

Now I want to meet with you for an hour at least and tell you my story and how I know the government are corrupt and experimenting on mentally injured abuse victims, traumatised and mentally ill – also persecuting many of them and denying them professional health care and rehabilitation.

Come on you coward, front up – contact me through my email, facebook or twitter.  I don’t check comments on my website because of trolls.


Beat Me Black With Blue

The knives they are out
And there is no doubt
The bigots just want me shut down

Use their unbridled power
From their ivory tower
To persecute degrade & hound

I know what’s right
How to fight the god fight
On the benches, in the streets, under ground

Its a part of our law
That you choose to ignore
Let ACC break legislation I’ve found

It’s unlawful what they do
Beat me black with blue
On their torture wheel going round & round

You don’t like what I say
That I hope & I pray
For the highways of hell you’re all bound


Tow The Line – JR Murphy

Outside Supreme Court

Outside Supreme Court


Chalked most of it outside High Court in Wellington today.

This is the full poem

63.  Tow The Line

The agony of emotional pain so intense that I’m now numb
With bitter disappointment in the community from which I come
Because now it is a crime to create art that does fight back
Against discrimination and neglect, against cruelty in fact

Now your support and care’s withheld if you don’t tow the line
If you would just suicide then their lives would be just fine
If the art that you create tells some truth they cannot bear
Then guaranteed at mental health they’ll force you out of there

Where creating art that tells us how the system’s failing bad
Is now considered disrespectful to those who fund the mad
I am sure Hitler and this cronies had similar rules in place
No challenging John Keys leadership, or the propaganda in your face

Dare to make a difference, dare to challenge Mental Health
Dare to write it down and dare to express yourself
Dare to be educated, dare to accept what facts you find
Dare to challenge ignorance, dare to challenge minds

But you’re not allowed to shout and scream, you’re not allowed to fight
You’re not allowed to get upset when things are so ‘not right’
You’re not allowed to talk about it, you’re not allowed to rap
You’re not allowed to be heard above the self-righteous spouting crap

……(Only chalked to here)

Since I have been disabled by rape and then neglect
Since I have been in trauma, unable to forget
Since my suicidal wish invades most every cell
I think of that little boy or girl abused then living hell

I’m reminded that in 20 years when they are adults too
I’ll wish that I’d kept fighting against neglect of the abused
I’ll be reminded of this day when all had turned on me
When all had made it very clear they didn’t want to see

But I don’t need you selfish bigots, I don’t need those to afraid
I don’t need those who like the status quo, or those to power crazed
For my descendents, for my people, for the next 10,000 years
I will dear to make a difference NOW so from abuse they may be spared



Awesome few days of protests, arrest, chalking, new doctor

Went to see my new doctor Dr Patterson with support from advocate Sue at Oasis Network in Lower Hutt.  Went well, focused on lesion on my head and changed lump on my stomach, only ticked a little bit, wrote about my mental health issues on the enrolment form but told him I couldn’t talk about it that day, until I got to know him better.

Afterwards went up to the Oasis offices in Lower Hutt, was in same building my daughter had her braces done.  I remembered the sign and thought how they would probably be like the social agencies in the Wairarapa, nice until they didn’t approve then they would attack you & ostracize you.  So far so good, they seem nice.  Got talking with someone there and found out we had birthdays on same day – Spirit sending me a sign that this place is OK and I’m on the right track.

Dr organised to have lesion cut out and a biopsy taken Friday (he did it) & ultrasound for lump.  Which I have since organised.  I tried to have this done months ago but was so traumatised by Wainuiomata Health Centre I couldn’t open their mail or see their doctors.

After Oasis I headed for Wellington to Ministry of Health, met up with Ricky and had a catch up beforehand (cuppa tea & a wine biscuit), had forgotten my fake blood so went found some more.  Sorted out what we were going to do in quite a bit of detail before we went in (a good tip for any activist).  Went in, set up camera in a position where it was able to identify where you were, I intended to ask to see John Crawshaw (Director of mental health) so in front of reception desk.  Ricky guarded camera in case someone wanted to turn it off.

I held up my sign and started telling people why I was protesting (I’ll post video on Youtube when I can), I started singing loudly and was asked to leave repeatedly.  Told them no way, I knew I was trespassed, they threatened me with getting the police which I laughed at and said I didn’t care about the police.

The police were great, my repeatedly complaints when they piss me off are finally getting somewhere.  First officer tried to negotiate me to leave, but no way I was doing that, still continued to give the people around me a hard time.  He tried to get Ricky to turn off video but he refused – good on him, its hard to stand up to police like that.  The video is essential to my political protests and is there to record the event, nothing more – the cop didn’t like it though, but didn’t push it.

Then three other cops arrived (all men, have asked that a woman be with them next time), I was asked if I knew I was trespassed, which of course I did.  The officer took my statement as to why I was there:  My three reasons were – I thought John Crawshaw worked in this building and two years ago he phoned me at home and promised to get me health services and I was still waiting; I was upset and angry about the murder/suicide in Dunedin and the links I believed there were to appauling mental health services; and finally I was going to court on 29 January for wilful trespass of the Law Society, I had also been charged with wilful trespass of ACC before Xmas and now I was being trespassed from the third organisation I considered responsible for the situation I was in.

Didn’t have to have handcuffs (thank God) that was my biggest fear about this protest.  And there was no mention of getting mental health services involved at all.  Lots of new questions about your mental health – bet you the murder/suicide in Dunedin prompted that.  Of course I answer no to most of it because I can’t get any services from mental health – oh the irony.  Also answer no to medication or ever having been on psych medication.  Always tell them I have a stress disorder, but they all know that now and its pretty obvious because I do tick and click my fingers randomly.

They didn’t have a car, so I got a ride in back of the Paddy Wagon, felt real special, wish I had a permanent marker to leave a poem.  Freaked out a bit to start because had a bad experience when taken to court the time I spent night in the cells, I was put in a small metal box – not good for an abuse victim with a stress disorder.  This time i was a big metal box, so not so bad, who cares so long as I wasn’t handcuffed – they hurt.

They processed me really quickly, didn’t have to go into a cell, my court appearance was put out to the 29 January to coincide with the two other charges.  They were really nice, respectful, I even saw Sgt McLean who said hello and was concerned with my welfare – pretty sure he was genuine.  Bet you I never get an apology for what he did out of him though – policeman hate apologising.

Only took 45 minutes, got out, met back up with Ricky for a cuppa and a wine biscuit, debriefed about how it went.  He reakons he is going to get arrested too next time – good on him.  He knows how bad the mental health system is and how abusive staff and processes are, how they are trying to make people responsible for themselves who are vulnerable, taken advantage of and suffering.  As I have said before this is a cruel immoral neo-liberal political theory of the right-wing that has no basis in medical or scientific fact and is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Friday I went back over to Wellington to have lesion cut out, which is all sorted, talked a bit more about my mental health with doctor, only because I was ticking a lot, just a bit of the story, but said I didn’t want to say to much until I knew him better.  Met the receptionist that had organised the quick appointment (irrelevant of having my notes or not which Wainui & Petone refused to do), I cried and thanked her.  She couldn’t really understand why I was so grateful and emotional – but she doesn’t know how I have been treated by some people and how desperate I was to see a doctor.

Oh yeah, also got a call from the Law Society about my complaint about lawyer Michael Hall, who I have sacked – another lawyer bites the dust.  You can’t have a lawyer that calls you a liar when you aren’t.  Asked him to phone back Monday as I was in Wellington, so that will be interesting.  I only made the complaint 4am that morning.

Will have to represent myself at court on 29th, get case postponed one more time to try and access mental health services and if I can’t I’ll represent myself.  Tell judge it is not so urgent now I have been able to access a GP through a Lower Hutt support agency.  Also will have to have my bail address changed.

So busy few days, interesting few days, satisfying few days, Idle No More few days, changing the world few days.

Most impressed with the change in attitude of the police, hopefully can put all the shit with them behind me and get on with it without fear of being committed or stripped naked.  Does make protesting a little more scary when you think that could happen at any time.

Of course the police should be on my side, they are supposed to uphold the law.  One day they will take my complaint of harm against ACC and mental health seriously – one day.

Still find it surreal that this is my life at 49, but what else can I do, there is no way any decent person wouldn’t know what I know and not try to right this terrible wrong against abused people, stress disordered people and mentally ill people.

Also went chalking with Ricky around the Supreme Court and Parliament, plus Kate Shepherd Apartments where some revolting politicians live.  Some Ben Franklin, Voltare, me, etc.  Having trouble uploading photos from my new phone (operator trouble) so will get them posted soon as I can.  Also have to process half hour of video, am sure I’ll be able to get some good stuff.

Now we just need another 100 people doing what I am doing and the government and media wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

We chalked the election issues Ricky & I decided were important – like Inequality, appauling mental health services, unemployment, housing crisis, the environment.  Lots of people stopping to read quotes & comments.  Good to let the politicians know I will be continuing to protest as I have for years.

Went and sung, recited a couple of poems at Parliament, under Seddon statue, lots of people having lunch on the grounds but just not the buzz for me because Parliament isn’t in session.  But from all accounts MPs are back in Parliament because it is election year – God help us.  We are going to be bombarded with bullshit – (now that sounds like the title of a poem or song 🙂

Anyway gotta get packing, thanks to WINZ I am going to be able to get movers (which I have to pay back of course) nobody wants to move me as they have done it so often – not my fault – housing crisis for the poor in New Zealand.

Should be an interesting week next week.


Two days of guerrilla activism in Wellington – JFK tribute

Check out the photos in my latest facebook album, around 40 photos, and a few on twitter @jrmurphypoet .

Thursday I saw a news event about presenting a petition to parliament calling for justice for sexual abuse victims.  I went to Wellington on the train and sang, talked to Jessie, she was really nice.  Was ignored by the media but had a great audience of intermediate kids on a school trip.  Just working through the video I took and will get them on utube soon.  Have watched them, they’re pretty amateur but raw and real and make the media and politicians look like elitist idiots.

Stephen Browning MP came over but he didn’t understand why I disliked the White Ribbon campaign so much.  One day I want an hour with these people, singing and reciting poetry, maybe then they will understand.  I have talked to him before when at the Occupy the Cenotaph camp earlier this year.  These people just don’t understand and I have to try and make them so people can get the help they need.

It is so sad all that media there and they didn’t take one shot of what I was doing or the reaction from the school group.  That’s why I wrote Journalists are Maggots of course.  The media and the politicians are part of the ‘abuse industry’ that is stopping people getting the treatment, care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws.

I was treated just as badly by ACC under Labour as National – the torture wheel.

Michelle and I have been discussing the legal ramifications of the ACC legislation requirement that people have appropriate accommodation.  I believe ACC should spend some of the $billions they have been investing in buy ‘rent-to-buy’ properties for people with disabilities, throughout the community (in the places where these injured people were living prior to their injury – within reason).  ACC are allowing disabled claimants houses fall down around them or force them into unstable, toxic, degrading housing conditions.  No person will heal in an environment like this – especially an abused person.  We mostly need a stable home, supportive community we know and they know us.  Successive governments have destroyed this.  They are supposed to provide this according to ACC law!

The passing of the bill to abolish state housing for life was the final straw, it is the governments job to provide this, that is my culture, this was illegally put through under urgency!!!!

FRIDAY the GUERRILLA POETS had decided was going to be a TRIBUTE TO the great sayings of JOHN F KENNEDY and his legendary speechwriter TED SORENSON.  Who are John Key’s speechwriters I wonder?

We also chalked support for OilFreeSeas protesters, Justice for Ashley Peacock and me (first time I’ve asked for justice for myself – felt weird), freedom for Chelsea Manning and those at Guatanamo Bay.  I chalked about revolution being inevitable if we keep treating people badly.  I can’t even imagine how many CCTVs I was on, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, they can’t do anything about our protests – the streets are ours.  But oh boy it challenges them – kia kaha to us all.

The photos turned out great, check out my facebook page etc.  Getting lots of good feedback through twitter and facebook, share with your friends.  The Guerrilla Poets are going to get together on a regular basis and have tribute chalking missions.  Activism rocks if you’re doing it right.  We encourage other people to do what we do – make your voice heard, get news of your protests on the internet.

Protest Masterton mental health services today

All photos on facebook and a couple on twitter @jrmurphypoet .  These are the lyrics of one of my songs, inspired by being rejected by the DHB.


I am human sewage the DHB decided so
Bob Francis said do nothing pretend we do not know

I am human sewage ACC decided so
Nick Smith said lets do nothing keep up this torture show

I am human sewage the Commissioners decided so
The Ombudsman said do nothing we don’t wanna know what you know

I am human sewage the government decided so
John Key said lets do nothing keep up this torture show

I am human sewage our MPs decided so
When they all said we can’t do nothing go away we don’t wanna know

I am human sewage mental health decided so
In the Wairarapa are ignorant bigots running a suicide show

Turning me to human sewage standing here just so
A witness to the lies they’re telling because they’re cruel and I know

I am human sewage many people decided so
When they all stood back and did nothing that’s why I’m here on show

Singing we have human sewage created some years ago
When free-traders took over this country and a right-wing agenda took hold


A Poem dedicated to Ashley Peacock HURRY MR OMBUDSMAN


Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Rescue me from this red tape war

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I’m on my knees at heaven’s door

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This war is such cruel hell

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
There is evil down this well

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Get me off this torture wheel

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I just want to live and heal

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This situation’s so NOT RIGHT

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Before these cruel bastards win the fight

Please hurry

Justice for Ashley Peacock


Based on a poem I wrote in 2011, the year I gave up on help from the Ombudsmen, might re-write it for Ashley, anyway I’m sure you get the futility of begging to this toothless organisation for help.  What is required here is a judicial review of the NGOs refusal to provide services or someone making a complaint of torture and abuse to the police.  If Ashley were in a rest home they wouldn’t allow him to be treated like this, what the fuck are the Ministry of Health doing or

What the fuck is his lawyer doing, Michael Bott was extremely rude when I tried to phone him yesterday.  Apparently he is so poor he can’t afford an answerphone services when he is in a meeting and has to act like a total dick to get rid of you.

Also Ashley could sue these services for mental harm as he now has PTSD after so much isolation.  Also like I keep saying, where the fuck is the Bill of Rights in all this – you are not allowed to torture people.  Isolation is a form of torture NOT A FORM OF FUCKING THERAPY!

Am thinking of starting a facebook page – JUSTICE FOR ASHLEY PEACOCK – get some people protesting outside the facility and maybe a group to go with me back to the Ministry of Health – where I am currently trespassed from and would definitely be arrested if I went there myself.  Could be a bit of fun with the police 🙂  But gotta be careful I don’t put my upcoming court appearance in jeopardy – OH WHAT THE HELL.

Talking law with M. Protesting in Wellington. Met with Auditor-General

Busy few days, finishing up on a real high after my protest at the Office of the Auditor-General.  I was there to get another trespass notice, sing, recite poetry and hold them accountable.  But as I have said many times before you just never know what is going to happen when you go on a protest mission.


What happened is Lyn Provost (the Auditor-General) was in the office and wanted to see me.  I have a video of my protest up until that point as she didn’t want it recorded.  She told me they had started preparing the performance audit for ACC and WINZ and me and M could be part of it as we were just the types of people that were being hurt by the current processes.  I cried most of it, a voice at last – though I know it is going to take ages – will come out before the elections next year – which is good and will be something the Labour government better address.  (Can’t help feeling suspicious about the timing, as a political tool for Labour – and a sure don’t trust them.)

I intend to keep up my protests and should hear next week if the Director of Human Rights will represent me against ACC and the police.  In fact I intend to escalate my protests and start breaching bail conditions and trespass notices very soon, along with some ideas I have got about using pigs blood as an artistic form of protest.