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Kia kaha to us all

Unprofessional corrupt behaviour of ACC, Wai mental health & Masterton Medical Dr


Professional treatment care and rehabilitation for Jayne Routhan – ACC sensitive claimant with compounding Complex PTSD as a result of sexual abuse and ongoing trauma through medical neglect and unsafe environmental conditions.




 I am writing this in response to the latest email from my doctor (now dismissed), who met with two of her Masterton Medical colleagues, ACC case manager Sarah Jones and Wairarapa mental health services representative Andrew Curtis-Cody to discuss my care and rehabilitation.


 These people have met and decided I am to receive a support worker (when none is available) and inpatient care at Ashburn Hall in Dunedin.  This meeting to decide on my rehabilitation does not follow professional health processes as it did not involve me, my psychiatrist or my counsellor.  My doctor did not advocate on my behalf and her email proves she does not understand my disability nor is she prepared to accommodate it as required.  They did not follow any professional health or rehabilitation models which makes this experimentation – experimenting on people is illegal under NZ Human Rights and international laws. 


 This rehabilitation plan they decided on also does not follow ACC social rehabilitation and other care requirements under the IPRCA and ACC Code of Claimants Rights.  It does not follow the Code of Claimants Rights that applies to health providers like doctors and mental health professionals.  It did not accommodate my cultural and religious beliefs as required by law (for example application of Whare Tapa Wha).


 This meeting to decide on my health care is also a violation of the two ACC reviews I have won to have my rehabilitation from 2009 reinstated.  This rehabilitation involved support in my community using a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals and community services, as well as a period of time in a mental health facility, as discussed and agreed with Dr Alan Doris.



People in New Zealand continually ask why so many suicides and why so many people with mental health issues are dysfunctional when there are so many services here……….  Pretty obvious from my statement above that what is there is unprofessional, corrupt and abusive, as I have repeatedly said.

Am preparing this for the local mayor who wants to find out what the hell is going on with ACC and others that I am in such a mess.  Finally I might have someone that can advance what I am saying – though trying not to get my hopes up.  Never trusted the doctor at Masterton Medical from when I first met her, I have heard of a new doctor in Carterton that is supposed to be very good, so will see if I can get in to him next week and change doctors.




Complaint about New Zealand Judge refusing information

Did you know you can make a complaint about a judge and I have, bet you he doesn’t see this coming – tehehehehe.  Plus have a couple of guerrilla protest missions planned where I will be arrested 🙂 just before Xmas


This is a formal complaint about Mr Davidson, a judge at Wellington District Court who has just refused to provide me with CCTV footage of my appearance in court on 5 November related to a legal protest I did at ACC.


I don’t know how to attach the emails to this document so I will forward the relevant emails to this address separately.


In Mr Davidson’s decision 2. No sensible basis put forward to justify trolling through CCTV records and request denied.


Oxford definition of Sensible = 1. wise and prudent; having or showing common sense.


I find it extremely offensive to suggest that I am not wise or prudent and have no common sense.   I have a psychiatric report by Justin Barry-Walshe that says I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional.  Those people who know me and why I fight for justice through the courts for disabled people with mental health issues, consider me extremely knowledgeable, they know my biggest concern is the future of our country and its people.  The also know I am a common person (unlike the judge who is part of wealthy powerful elite) and represent far larger numbers of people in this country than Mr Davidson does.


The information on the CCTV footage is important evidence in my case of violation of the most basic premise of our legal system – that rich and poor are treated equally before the law.   Laws Mr Davidson himself directed me to in his judgement of 23 June 2015 and the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988.


It will also form part of my case of discrimination, medical neglect, unlawful standards of care, failure to protect from injury or provide necessaries of life, torture (severe mental suffering) and psychological abuse by the NZ government, achieved through various agencies and corrupted processes.  I also requested from Mr Davidson statements from witnesses to my severe traumatic response prior to my court appearance which he has refused to even acknowledge.


I gave Mr Davidson the exact times and date where this information was held, so it would hardly have been ‘trolling’ through CCTV footage.


I am preparing a case to go to the United Nations on torture – although I realise this has to go through the Attorney-General who is a part of a government that  perpetuates and increases this torture of me and those in similar situations to me, Mr Finlayson is a Christian and I believe given the case I have he will allow the complaint to go to the United Nations to rule on under the Optional Protocol.


This information about my inability to represent myself adequately due to my disability is also important for police complaints I have made. Along with other complaints to various justice organisations and powerful individuals  I am approaching begging for help to end this radicalised capitalist nightmare for some of New Zealand’s most persecuted disabled minorities, such as myself.  What is currently happening in New Zealand is a violation of my culture, local and international laws.


In my email to the court I request a judge allocate me a lawyer to help me, Mr Davidson’s response is to advise me to make legal submissions I am unable to make.  The court services manager then advises me to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or my local Community Law Centre.  Having been fighting for justice many years and having contacted both of these organisations many times, I know FOR A FACT that they cannot help me in any way to get a lawyer to represent me.  CAB is only a referral agency, who would refer me to Community Law Centre.  Community Law Centre do not show people how to represent themselves in court or how to complete, file and serve papers.  Their advice to me is always the same, you need a lawyer, which of course I know, however I cannot get a lawyer they are either busy, do not do legal aid work or do not have the expertise to represent me.


It is of considerable concern to me that a judge is unaware that the current legal environment denies people such as myself access to legal representation for my complaints of harm by the NZ government and protection of my rights to non-violent protest about this immoral gross miscarriage of justice.


It is also necessary to understand the IMPORTANCE this request for information is to me and those in similar situations to me, who I am also trying to help.  This is a life and death situation, one person spending time retrieving CCTV footage of me in court is extremely insignificant compared to what this information is required for.


It is important to understand that I have used every formal process of complaint to get the health care, welfare and justice services I am entitled to under the law.  My protests are the only avenue left and according to the law I have a right to express myself in any way I choose that is non-violent, so to be persecuted (Persecute = subject to prolonged hostility and ill treatment) by the justice system for these legal protests is extremely serious.  There are also international laws that protect Civil Society Actors and I expect these to be adhered to in a civil society that has signed human, disabled, civil and political rights documents.  I expect the Human Rights act to protect people like myself, not just promote human rights then sit back and watch people like myself be persecuted.


Another important aspect is the fact I am poor, due to the government being responsible for my welfare and providing me the necessaries of life as a disabled person (ie to have the resources to live with dignity permanently on welfare).  Any action that results in costing me money is persecution, as it denies me basic necessities – any sensible person would know you cannot live with dignity on $400 per week when your rent is $250 and there is no longer state housing available after years of illegal cuts.  They would also know making a person pay back legal aid of $10 per week for needing legal representation for protests about government abuse is immoral and persecution – I know it is also illegal.


As part of this complaint I would like to refer to Mr Davidson’s judgement of 23 June 2015 regarding my attempt at privately prosecuting Mr Key for criminal violations of my rights and denial of entitlements, the omission of which are dangerous to life.  Refer CRI-2015-035-000633 [2015] NZDC 11454  – I do not know how to attach a copy of this document to my email, however I assume this ruling is available to the Judicial Conduct Commission, if it is not please advise and I will post a copy.  He also shows bias in this decision when he calls my complaint an abuse of process, ignoring those parts of my submission that say clearly I do not know what I am doing and desperately need a lawyer.


It is important I have done this complaint correctly, so it is not dismissed on some technicality, if there is anything I have missed can I be advised by phone 0273040120 and email as I have communication impairments related to my disability that sometimes prevent me from opening emails.


Kia kaha to us all, yours sincerely,


Kill Me Quick

I’m a completely worthless waste of air
You chose a government that’s cruel not fair
Every National voter should kill me quick
Living life so degraded is sick

My story’s rejected by those on show
I’m rejected because of the things I know
My heart bleeds for all those bad things done
By people who say you deserve no-one

My kids have to live with a useless parent
Someone so worthless, well that’s apparent
10 years left rotting on welfare
Cause it’s not fiscally prudent to provide health care

Running round and round on their torture wheel
Getting whipped and beaten, so how do you heal
And when I tell someone of my plight
They attack me – LIKE I PICKED THIS FIGHT!

Every National voter must take the blame
For violent & suicide, our nation’s shame
For all those abused who get inadequate care
For those that hurt them the lion’s share

You find it abhorant those that abuse
Yet for those they’ve hurt, it’s neglect that you choose
Although our laws spell out the road
You leave us writhing under this heavy load

Nobody takes responsibility it’s true
Not the worker, the boss, politician, not you
You assure those at the top get money and praise
While those at the bottom you persecute degrade

God defend New Zealand
God defend our free land
From neo-liberal extremists now running this place
Who’ve turned New Zealand into a fucking disgrace


It’s All Bullshit – JR Murphy – EMINEM vs NZ National Neo-liberals

It’s all bullshit
Run by cock suckers
Backed up by some very stupid mother fuckers!

Stamp our crime they use judges, use lawyers use screws
Use marketing, public servants, policemen and news

Now lets get things straight
It don’t start at the end
Violence and addiction
Means a broken heart we MUST MEND (x5)

Seven years of neglect
It will take to destroy
The kindest of hearts
Man, woman, girl or boy

It’s the top of the cliff
We should centre attention
Not put the traumatised
Under detention

Why would they change it
Those ones with the power
They make money off us
Feed egos to feel superior

How long can these wankers
Keep ignoring the facts
Against scientific evidence
Their approach DOESN’T STACK (x5)

House and feed people well
Give them asylum
Nurture their souls
Never ever neglect them

And when you’ve helped them
Become unwound and calm
Then you can work on
The ‘not’ that caused harm


But after that’s done
Don’t turf them out
Leave them foundering
Then do fucking nowt
Or everything that has been said and done
Will be instantly and completely unfucking done

They know what to do
To stamp out most crime
Instead they ignore it
Drive people out of their mind

See I know for sure
Can tell your straight
From six years of study
I can confidently state



Now lets see what happens when I sing this outside the Eminem vs National Party courtcase in Wellington next week – tehehehehe.  Dont’ you just love art and freedom.


Wherefore Art Thou ACC – rapped to I’m A Soldier – EMINEM

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

No matter how you phrase it the law tells me the rules
It’s meant for my interpretation you bureaucratic fools
The times I’ve used the law before I haven’t need help
But now I am incapable of fighting for myself

Don’t tell me I am wrong I’ve read it in the act
How ACC are their for us why do you ignore that fact
You come and clean my toilet to get me on my feet
But when I ask for help with parenting you tell me not to bleat

No matter how far down the cliff I’ve gone I’m never far enough
Until I lose my sanity things gunna be real tough
I want to scream it in your face I tried with mental health
But I know you just won’t listen because I have no wealth

I am a body and a mind no more important than the other
I don’t deserve this treatment it just keeps me in the gutter
Cause I had no status in your eyes cause I was just a student
Its a case of human rights abuse to you its fiscally prudent

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

And as I sing this rap I feel better about myself
I’m not a wasted loser just a product of ignorance
I don’t have cuts and bruises legs not severed at the thigh
And I never got the help I needed keep on asking why

The blood pools all around me drips from every piece of art
What does a person do with such a badly broken heart
Every time I ask for help it gets increasingly harder
Rejection’s like a hunters knife giving deep wounds to my mana

I’m filled with toxic shame a festering type of wound
But all you wanna give me are drugs to change my mood
It seems so obvious to me what needs to be done
Treat the mentally injured the same as anyone

Ignore me at your peril I’m not about to go away
I will demand that you obey the law
And stop – this – twisted – game you play

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC



Stay Stay Away – song dedicated to Wairarapa Police

Stay Stay Away

My voice shatters the silence
This shit I’m in is grave
If only you had listened
If only you’d stayed away

But you jumped in your car
And you sped it this way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing in the cells today

(stay, stay away)

As I sat there and I waited
Police could see the tears on my face
Of your time and my honour
It’s such as bloody waste

Cause you jumped in your car
And sped it my way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing this song today

My voice cuts through the silence
As you drove me home today
Wish you your tazer gone for good
With my life you would not play

You just jumped in your car
And sped it away
To me you’ll finally listen
And away you then will stay

(stay, stay away)


Awesome – love it – can’t wait to sing it outside the police station in next couple of days. They needn’t think I’m gunna sit back and just accept this treatment.