Habeas Corpus Application & Associated documents



Habeas Corpus Act 2001

The documents on this page are to accompany my application for a writ of habeas corpus as related to my confinement by ACC and others by illegally withholding over $10,000 in unpaid ACC Independence Allowance they gloat about but refuse to give me and my care entitlements.

It is too expensive to have these printed out and sent with the paper documents I will be lodging so I will put links to here for the judge to follow.  That’s if they accept the application, which 50/50 chance.  Wish I could write it directly to Justice Winkleman she knows situation for people like me and says she wants to change it, my application could be the beginning of that.  Maybe I could write her a separate letter and hand it into the court, even the Supreme Court would know how to get hold of her.

I will argue without this money and the health care to return to work I am a prisoner and my mental and physical health have deteriorated etc, I have been kept in ever increasing poverty for many years, which has restricted my life to the point I have less services and support than I would in prison.  It has isolated me from the community and my family etc etc.  Will put all this down in the application, go to WEllington and file the documents.

Below are the copies & responses of the two appallingly corrupt and inaccurate psych reports done for the court by Forensic Mental Health.

Medical Council complaint, proof of New Zealand government corruption & cruelty

A poem

My House is a Prison

Further complaints about all bias psych assessors I expected to see

I’m covered in ticks

Here is an important document I just found about competent patients not being given compulsory treatment orders, which is my case.  This is what police are demanding for protesting legally about being illegally denied professional health care I am entitled to by law.