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Twitter feed @jrmurphypoetry    TWITTER FEED HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN WITH NO EXPLANATION – TWITTER AND FACEBOOK ARE NOW COMPROMISED BY CORRUPTION ON A SCALE THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN BEFORE.  Its all about collapse for wealthy elites and they know it – hold on folks its going to get bad – for those who already had it bad – kia kaha and aroha.   I keep getting that 80s song WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOING coming into my head.

Youtube Channel – that I need to work on

I like the following talks on inequality and neo-liberalism- anything with Chris Hedges.

There has been more recent stuff by Chris Hedges with Prof David Harvey – who is excellent at what he does.  I even sent away for his book A Brief History of Neo-liberalism.   Its only small, expensive but soooooo worth it.  Especially now NEw Zealand government have gone from corrupting central government with neo-liberal extremism to focusing on local government – which he says is how the Chinese got rid of communism.  And we can all see how that’s going for the planet and if people in Hong Kong are taking to the streets then we know its going to be bad.  I mean what person nominates themselves supreme leader for all time, in a communist country?

Sadly in once democratic countries everything is controlled through political parties, mainstream media, rich people funding politicians and corrupting public servants with massive salaries – I mean massive salaries.  The higher the pay the more corrupt a person is and the more they are dedicated to neo-liberalism above all else, especially law and democracy.

Watch Chris Hedges topic on ANOMIE, which is what happening in NEw Zealand at the moment – I see it everywhere in the darklands that surrounds me, because of my expertise in human behaviour/psychology/sociology it is very obvious to me – probably not to others.

German NAZI who fought for Hitler and his ideals, they didn’t realise the extent of what was happening, they too got in people from other countries like Serbia to harm disabled, homeless , gays, Jews etc.

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