Suicide Prevention Strategy Submission 2017

Here is the link to the strategy which needs to be read in partnership with my submission – feel free to follow my lead and do your own submission – the more the better.

Taken me all day to write and now I’m really unwell and freaking out – lucky me – kia kaha to anybody who is suicidal that going to write a submission.  Its hard but you’ve got to try.

Below is my submission – you don’t have to be as blunt and honest as I do – just tell your story and what you know to be true.  If you think there is threat of having your children taken or being forcibly incarcerated or drugged then take out all the truth about how unwell you are.  Maybe as part of your submission link it to this website/submission and say you support everything I am saying.

Kia kaha and aroha to us all


jr murphy, Civil Society Actor (traumatic stress disorder, constitutional/health law and suicide prevention policy practice lay expert).

I am writing this submission even though I have absolutely no hope anything will change for the better in mental health, in fact I know it will only get worse as the noose tightens on those with mental health issues as a result of radicalised neo-liberal economic theories being imposed on NZ society.  The opportunity for business enterprises to exploit and profit from the trauma & psychological violence being perpetrated against us by rich elites for past 30 years advancing themselves, disadvantaging majority of the population and persecuting disabled poor will only continue.  I see no end to this until significant opportunities for jobs in manufacturing industries that provide necessities like clothing, food & shelter are returned to New Zealand.  Until this happens our corrupt abusive neo-liberal governments will continue to rely on social dysfunction to create 10,000s of jobs in justice, police, prisons, health and community welfare.

For 15 years since I was raped and introduced to the mental health, welfare, disability, ACC, abuse, violence industry I have had nothing but refusal of government organisations (including NGOs and churches) to provide the professional treatment care rehabilitation and justice I read about in multiple laws and in the bible (which our laws are based upon).  For experiencing this hypocrisy and marketing phenomena, being terrorised and driven to suicide and ever worsening dysfunction I have been labelled a liar, time waster, nutter, mentally ill, nut job, attention seeker, loser, lazy and worse.

To try and discredit the severe psychological torture me (and many others I have spoken to) experience – it was even required I undergo multiple 2 hour psychological assessments.  An excellent report by head of psychiatry at Wellington Justin Barry-Walsh confirmed I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional in thinking what is happening to me is psychological torture, causing me significant harm and violating my rights through criminal neglect under NZ law.

Even with multiple excellent reports from top psychiatrists like Justin and Dr Alan Doris (now living in Australia sadly) & others like Jenny Kirby and Occupational Therapist Glenda van der ven Long I am to this day refused the professional care they recommend and I beg for.  I know I am entitled to it under ACC, health, disability, criminal (Sections 150A 151 155 157 Crimes Act), Imperial, Human Rights and Bill of Rights laws as I am intelligent and can read.  I was also studying law at Victoria when mentally injured but was unable to return without ACC care I was entitled to.  My decision to study law was a result of winning two cases as a lay person and realising I was very good at understanding law and legal argument.

Years of government, justice and academic corruption by radicalised neo-liberals has created a society and industry that perpetrates abuse, violence, crime, addiction and suicide.   Having studied disability and health at Massey University it is quite obvious what government and NGOs say they do and what they actually do is completely different.  Currently our government are experimenting on disabled people with mental health issues, which is highly illegal under NZ and international (United Nations) law.  Our government are NOT implementing professional rehabilitation or health models – if you are not providing professional health care then you are experimenting on people it is very simple.  Sadly our judiciary and justice system are corrupt and work hand in hand with those denying mentally injured and ill health care and rehabilitation so they can persecute these disabled people through the courts when they have psychotic episodes and/or being desperate with nothing to lose.  In fact the continual implementation of bottom of the cliff services drives many more to the bottom and at least in prison you have a safe and stable home with people around you.


In the 1980s neo-liberal terrorists (yes I know what this word means and I know these people terrorise disabled poor with mental health issues) started shutting mental health facilities under the guise of Human Rights.  Although this was fed to us as an enlightened era of bringing mentally ill back into the community – it was merely an extreme austerity measure against some of the most vulnerable and fragile people in our society.  Thrown into a community that despised and feared them to cause havoc – which they did.  In fact a review of Hansards shows our extensive mental health system was created because the community was persecuting and not coping with mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill (there is a difference, although mentally ill can have mental injury).

During one of my arrests an officer told me he had been a prison guard during the 1980s and as mental health facilities were emptied prison filled up.  Statistics reported today say 80% of people in prison have mental health issues.  Although governments since the 1980s knew dumping these people into the community and refusing them care was causing so much suffering and harm to society they did nothing to stop it.   All they did was blame their victims and create more victims – which was of course was imperative to their objective of creating jobs when there were no longer the ones available in manufacturing.  While this was all happening media and governments just kept saying over and over the violence addiction dysfunction and suicide created was the communities and individuals fault – instead of the true crime being perpetrated by radicalised neo-liberals.

I am thinking at this point I have repeated myself several times – which is very similar to the absolutely pathetic, unprofessional, rhetorical Suicide Prevention Strategy I have sitting beside me.  Just like all the other reports I read on disability, mental health, human rights, justice and more – all lies from my personal experience – and those of many people I meet while living in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare of a country.


Neo-liberal terrorists do this in every country they invade, its not just New Zealand, I get my information from reliable first hand accounts from people/organisations/news reports all around the world, mostly UK, Australia & USA.  Terrorising people to the point of violence, addiction and suicide is condoned/encouraged and those who suffer and speak out are discredited, abused and marginalised.  Which is why I am continuously in court for legal protests and begging for health care and justice I am entitled to.


It is extremely amusing to me that people think this Strategy document actually equates into anything meaningful to anybody – except of course lots of highly paid jobs – especially in law.  It should lead to professional treatment and rehabilitation for people with mental health issues – but it doesn’t.


Once 80% of people have experienced the degrading nightmare of mental health services they are usually too terrified to return.  I have not heard of one positive mental health experience from any of the 1000s of people I have spoken to since 2002.  I currently spend around 4-8 hours a day on social media and collecting information about mental health – in all that time not one successful outcome.  I read about them in the paper but I have never actually met anyone, although one part of the strategy demands that media only print stories of the very few well supported and mildly ill people that recover – so that would explain why.


Suicide, violence etc are known internationally as ‘social dysfunction’ – it is also well known that New Zealands adoption of radical neo-liberal economic policies has caused highest growth in inequality in the world and biggest increase in social problems in OECD – for a country that is not technically AT WAR.  (In my opinion it is at war with its own people, where greedy immoral rich have been allowed to illegally persecute vulnerable disabled poor.)


As for the highly paid players in this gross miscarriage of justice and violation of human rights, it is a job and they have to keep it because they won’t get anything else.  This is what happens in a neo-liberal low wage economy – this is what governments want to happen and their refusal to accept the violent, immoral and criminal consequences of that proves what intelligent people have known for centuries.  This is what happens when people are loaded up with debt following deregulation of banking industry in 1980s – take a look at who sponsors most elite sports now, those are the people who took the money off the poorest citizens.


In fact it is the basis of Westminster Law as pointed out by Judge Davidson in referring to Imperial Laws Application Act 1988.  Westminster Statute the 1st states: Common right be done to all rich as poor.  Which of course in the 11the century would have been the only way leaders would have got poor peasants to follow laws.  I even now contend in court that I do not have to follow NZ law because Westminster Statute is not being adhered to.  Although inequality is not a violation of human rights in itself – taking a country from one of equality to one of inequality by advancing rich and persecuting disabled poor is!


The second law is the Magna Carta, another sham violated even more by 30 years of neo-liberal terrorism.  “No-one shall be destroyed and everyone shall have access to right and justice.”  Given I have been destroyed for over 15 years by being denied the health care and justice I am entitled to I know this law is being ignored.  Ask any criminal or civil legal aid lawyer or Justice Winkelman if everybody has the right to justice and they will confirm people do not.


I also am well aware of the other laws I quote, I can read, I’m intelligent according to reports, I live this nightmare of hell and I talk to others around me suffering just the same – men women and children.  I often challenge leaders and public servants to having a 2 hour psychiatric assessment and coming out with the same outcomes as mine about their intelligence, psychological diagnosis and if they are in fact delusional.


In the Wairarapa we have a seriously disturbed psychopath running mental health as acting head for over a decade.  Everybody knows he is mentally disturbed, I have had other hospital staff, police, lawyers, counsellors and multiple mentally ill people say the same thing.  I made complaints about Andrew Curtis-Cody and was insulted, ignored, discredited and degraded by DHB members, mental health staff, politicians and complaints organisations.  Wairarapa has the highest rate in New Zealand for compulsory treatment orders and forced psychotropic medication – the highest rate of psychotropic drug abuse in New Zealand and NOBODY can challenge this criminally negligent psychopath who is killing people.  I say it how it is and get persecuted by police and denied ALL HEALTH CARE.  As I write this I know those reading it won’t believe me, but I can assure you I DO NOT have a mental health issue that involves paranoia, delusions or lying – I just tell the truth based on what I see, know, study and experience.


I will go through the Stategy page by page to finish this submission and I have also attached links to multiple documents that show EXACTLY the type of services and rehabilitation models that should be applied and followed in New Zealand, especially those that cater to our unique Kiwi culture (eg Whare Tapa Wha).  In the strategy and in my dealings with mental health and those in authority the CULTURE of Pakeha New Zealanders who have been here for generations is not recognised.  Apparently only people from other countries or who are Maori or have brown skin have a culture.


The culture of rich neo-liberal terrorist Pakeha is not my culture and I know from extensive study that New Zealand is in the grips of a class war, not a race war.  Because of the terror, homelessness, austerity & media bias against poor and massive stress and pressure put on middle class, racism is a natural result.  Again it is happening in every neo-liberal country and extensively covered by international news media – mainstream media of course don’t cover WHY people are becoming racist.


I know from my own studies of basic instinct and history that people having their resources stolen by foreigners, which has happened for thousands of years, will fight for their land, homes and enough food to eat.  It is in our DNA to hate outsiders/foreigners who take these things from us.  Neo-liberals have ignited in 100,000s of people their most basic instincts, due to constant job, housing and food insecurity.  Most poor disabled people like myself are forced to move at least every 2 years, move away from their neighbours, friends, support networks, family etc.  Then of course there is the cost of the constant moves due to neo-liberals ensuring housing was another form of income for the rich after driving 100,000s decent manufacturing jobs to poor countries with few human rights.


Now I will go through strategy and make comment on this horrendous, repetitive and grossly deceitful document.


DRAFT STRATEGY FOREWORD by John Crawshaw, criminal.  If I could get lawyer I am entitled to I would take a private prosecution against Mr Crawshaw.  My complaints to police about ACC and mental health staff such as John Crawshaw are discredited and ignored – they too are corrupt and refuse to act on Sections 150A 151 155 157 of the Crimes Act, which I know for a fact are being violated in my case and I have all the proof.


Every police officer I have ever met while protesting agrees with my protests, they know what is going on, some are very nice to me, because often I am extremely distraught, but some see my weakness and degrade and persecute me further – to the point of violent assault last year.  I have multiple complaints with IPCA which are waiting to be actioned after I have been through court for the current 7 charges.  I have made formal complaints about head of IPCA David Carruthers who has allowed this victimisation and vindictive behaviour by some local police to continue and terrorise me.


It is quite obvious from news reports and ever increasing rates of psychotropic and illegal drug use and suicide that all suicide prevention strategies have been a failure, saying more needs to be done is the same thing elites have said for years, while they don’t apply the most basic health models.  In fact governments make welfare, housing and access to health care even more difficult for poor – just like all neo-liberal controlled societies.

Please refer to my website and song Oh Lord I Wish I Was Dead, which I wrote not long after the last round of neo-liberal austerity against poor on welfare (mostly disabled abuse victims from my research).  Almost exactly a year later John Tully was driven mad and shot two WINZ workers during a psychotic episode, after years of begging for help and being homeless etc.  The extreme and violent response by government has led to even more terrorised and violent people flipping out at WINZ offices – welfare has been made the most degrading hell on earth – mostly by Paula Bennett who had so much provided by the state she ended up as a very powerful politician.  It is extremely distressing that a woman such as this (and John Key who came from a State House) is instrumental in withdrawing and denying me the help I am entitled to and desperately need.  Not only that, she is instrumental in turning media and the majority of population against people like me.  I experience discrimination in my community almost every day, including friends and family.  Its one of the reasons I have become so isolated.


John Crawshaw is delusional if he believes there has been progress, there has only been worsening of conditions in my experience and the hundreds of people I know.


The idea that the community should work together to prevent suicide is corruption on a grand scale.  What Crawshaw is saying is neo-liberal terrorists created a society with high unemployment and ever increasing marginalising of poor by increasing costs in health, housing, food etc – which in turn causes unnecessary suffering, violence, addiction and suicide and our ‘community’ should fix the harm our government have caused (and they can only fix).


We are all victims, whether perpetrators or victims of the violence and inequality neo-liberalism has caused.  Those in power have done an excellent job in just blaming their victims of course – irrelevant of the facts and science.


Those government and non-government agencies who have been contributing to suicide policy over the past 30 years are getting paid to follow the government line and cover up what I am exposing in yet another government submission.  These people make light of how corrupt, abusive, unprofessional, immoral and incompetent the current mental health, welfare and justice system are because they get paid to – they are threatened with losing their funding or jobs if they tell the truth.  Groups who do speak out are shut down, their funding withdrawn and discredited by the government.  (Threats Alfred Ngaro made recently against Willie Jackson are happening in ACC and mental health services on a daily basis.)


Recently I was chalking outside Ministry of Health about how they were murderers and purposely causing suicide.  A staff member came out from the building and stood there in tears, telling me I was right.  She said she couldn’t say anything about how bad things were because of her employment contract.  Changes to employment contracts we all know were implemented by radicalised neo-liberals.


 They talk of views and advice in the development of this strategy but they never talk of professional multi-disciplinary rehabilitation or health models – which is what it should be about.  Imagine if we treated Cancer or heart disease the same as we treated mental health issues (especially traumatic stress disorders and neglect).

The people John Crawshaw refers to as participating in the Strategy are the very people who degrade, reject, discriminate against, insult, persecute and psychologically torture me and others every day.  Around 20% of these people know what is going on and do their best, the rest participate in this gross miscarriage of justice.  People turn on you when you can’t get help and are extremely desperate, they have to blame the person, if they didn’t they would have to admit those in power are cruel immoral and corrupt.


Most people working in suicide prevention know for a fact suicidal people are often in unsafe unstable living situations, with inadequate food and resources, no decent jobs and no appropriate or adequate mental health services they are entitled to by law.  Of course you are suicidal if you have no hope for the future – I have no hope for the future, my future will be one of continued moving, violent abusive flatmates who rip me off, continuous fear of homelessness and watching poor people around me suffer and die.  While I become more alienated from my family and those in my community who are doing OK.  That’s what its like living in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare of a country.

John Crawshaw is corrupt, incompetent, ignorant and delusional, he participates in driving people to suicide because he gets paid a lot of money to do so.  He is disliked by his staff – because I have spoken to them on several occasions.  He has phoned me at home 6pm one night saying I would receive services – I received none.  I have phoned him around 6 times in past 10 years, he just keeps saying there are services when I say there are none and I cannot access any that are there either.

This is the person writing a forward to a suicide prevention strategy when he is instrumental in denying people professional health/rehab models so they don’t suicide.  I have done multiple protests outside his office in Wellington, told people he was a murderer and a criminal – the response from those in Treasury (where his office is) was to put on their website how they worked for ALL New Zealanders – which of course those of us in the darklands know is a complete lie.

The government don’t want to pay for the professional care disabled mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill are entitled to by law.  They have purposely corrupted ACC so they had more money to spend on investment and shares – rather than adhere to their responsibilities under ACC and other laws.  Essentially suicidal abused men women and children are paying for investment in banks, foreign companies, dams etc.  What I am saying is true and can be verified by any extensive google search of news items, facts figures, reports etc.  I spend most of my day doing this because I am intelligent, like to keep busy and my brain occupied, don’t want to die and want to alleviate the unnecessary suffering I see all around me.


As blatant as it can be stated “suicidal behaviour is a sign of great distress” and yet everybody avoids the link between neo-liberal terrorist ideologies – that cause this suffering everywhere they go and the increase in suicide and severely traumatised men women and children.  I’m 52, we didn’t have this when I was young – although I do acknowledge some of the mental health facilities back then were highly abusive and full of poorly qualified and often mentally disturbed psychopaths (just like Andrew Curtis-Cody).

Human Rights Review Tribunal refused to take a case against ACC and mental health on my behalf because I WAS MENTALLY ILL – that medical neglect, illegal withdraw of essential services was the cause of my worsening mental health and suicidality was denied. I did get some professional help in 2009, was supposed to be for 2 ½ yrs, National got in and cut everything after 6 mths against the advice of all health professional I was working with – and my desperate pleas not too.  I don’t want to go into the damage removing my 12 hours per week care and multi-disciplinary team have caused as I will self harm and become highly suicidal – this is just another severe unresolved trauma that fuels my Compounding Complex PTSD.


I was extremely disturbed to see on Sunday TVNZ 28 May a young man Harry from Christchurch, who quite obviously had Complex PTSD with suicidal ideology was diagnosed as DEPRESSED.  Like calling someone depressed somehow makes everything OK when they kill themselves, or crawl under their beds and can’t come out for weeks at a time.  I have come to hold the opinion there is no such thing as depression – or perhaps it only relates to people who want to kill themselves for no good reason, I of course have every good reason and so did Harry.


I can’t put here all the damage and alienation from family and community not receiving the health care I am entitled to has caused over the past 15 years.  One day I hope to list all the funerals and family events I have missed, all the people I have taken to airport for overseas holidays, all the events I have missed with friends due to poverty or disability, the relationships with my nieces and nephews that never flourished, etc etc.

The Strategy sets out a framework but it is never put into practice, as part of this submission I refer to my website, my rehabilitation model Fence At The Top Of The Cliff and business plan for Mental Injury Services.  I also refer to my Regional Rehabilitation Centres and Regional Mental Health Facilities postings – all services that should already be happening but are not.  My ex-counsellor told me there were several houses for abused women like me to heal around New Zealand prior to 1980s neo-liberal invasion of our country, they were all shut down by DHBs and government austerity in health sector.  Those that are left are highly reliant on psychotropic drugs, 80% of which are internationally condemned as being used to abuse suicidal and mentally ill people rather than help them.  It is well known that top government advisors (eg foreigner Mark Unsworth) were part of global network of drug companies that corrupted government by saying drugs are cheaper than professional health care, safe housing and adequate welfare in area of mental health – they are not.

The broader view those who wrote this strategy say they take is an extremely ignorant, narrow, bigoted and negligent view – they don’t see suicide as a social issue directly related to neo-liberal inequality and terrorism of poor by rich.  Yet international media and TED talks refer to New Zealands appalling social problems since neo-liberal ideologies were introduced.  (Not sure if I have repeated myself as many times as the strategy yet, but I must be getting close.)


The mental health sector and our community are the most significant contributors to suicide in New Zealand.  The most ignorant bigots and worst discrimination I experience are at hands of health professionals and politicians who don’t do what all these strategies, reports and laws say they do.

My criticism of this pile of marketing rhetoric is also a criticism of the government working group and all those who have contributed to the strategy and ensuring the highest rate of suicide for our young in the OECD.   Highest rate of self-harm in women from last reports I saw.  Government neo-liberals cause and allow so much persecution of disabled mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill is the reason these statistics are what they are.  I know it, most people I know are aware of it, while our leaders, mental health staff, justice staff, politicians and others being paid by the government are mostly in denial of it (except of course that lady who cried outside Ministry of health).  International law courts at the Hague would suggest participating in the persecution of vulnerable minorities because you are ordered to by government is not a defence in crimes against people like myself.  When I think of the government employees who have ignored my please for health care and justice I am entitled to under law I am horrified and truly hope to hold these people to account in a high court of New Zealand.

TERMS USED – Here is a list of terms I use, that I made up several years ago, they come from the Oxford Dictionary I bought in first year law at Victoria, the year before I was raped sodomised and person who admitted it was found not guilty.

Oxford dictionary definitions that describe New Zealand leadership and human rights violations being perpetrated against disabled abused people on welfare.

Authoritarian = favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom (tick)

Bully = a person who deliberately intimidates or persecutes those who are weaker (tick)

Corrupt = adj 1. Willing to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. (tick) evil or morally depraved (tick) 3. Rotten or putrid (tick) v. 1. Cause to become corrupt (tick) 2. Debase by making errors (tick) 3. Infect, contaminate (tick)

Cruelty = cruel behaviour or attitudes (tick) law – behaviour which causes physical or mental harm to another, whether intentional or not (tick)

Degrade = 1. Cause to suffer a severe loss of dignity or respect (tick) demean (tick) lower the character or quality of (tick)

Degrading = causing a loss of self-respect (tick) humiliating (tick)

Discriminate = 2. Make an unjust distinction in the treatment of different categories of people (tick), especially on the grounds of culture (tick), disability (tick) or age (tick)

Ill-treatment = act cruelly towards (tick)

Intimidate = frighten or overawe (tick)

Oppress = 1. Keep in subjection and hardship (tick) 2. Cause to feel distressed or anxious (tick)

Oppressive = 1. Harsh and authoritarian (tick) 2. Weighing heavily on the mind or spirits (tick)

Retribution = punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance (tick)

Persecute = 1. Subject to prolonged hostility and ill-treatment (tick) 2. Persistently harass or annoy (tick)

Subjection = 1. Cause or force to undergo (tick) 2. Bring under one’s control or jurisdiction, typically by force (tick)

Torment = severe physical or mental suffering (tick) – a cause of torment (tick) 1. Subject to torment (tick) 2. Annoy or tease unkindly (tick)

Torture = 1. The action or practice of inflicting severe pain as a punishment or a forcible means of persuasion (tick) 2. Great suffering or anxiety (tick) – subject to torture (tick)

Torturous = characterized by pain or suffering (tick)

Please also refer to professional terms used in rehabilitation and health, for example, impairment related to disability and how it is a legal requirement that these impairments be accommodated if possible.


SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR DOES NOT AFFECT ANYONE and DOES DEPEND ON THEIR BACKGROUND AND LIFE EXPERIENCES.  It does have a single cause – loss of all hope.  It is caused by compounding unresolved trauma because the persons current environment does not allow for healing or acceptance.

Outlining why people become suicidal when we all know how government have spent the past 30 years worsening our living environments is extremely disturbing.  Governments refusing to provide homes for abused disabled and poor have created this, it is in this report and yet nothing is being done about it through the courts under violations of imperial, acc, health, disability, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws.


The justice system set up that is supposed to protect disabled and poor from excesses and persecution by rich and powerful has been grossly undermined and corrupted – that includes the United Nations avenues for justice.  According to Human Rights Tribunal staff the New Zealand public are well aware of the increasing human rights violations against disabled and poor and choose this, so there is nothing they can do.  Of course very few people know this persecution and gross miscarriage of justice is happening – those that do are criminals and those who do not know are ignorant – most like it that way.  If New Zealanders knew what I did about how corrupt and criminally negligent our health and justice systems were in relation to disabled mentally injured abused men women and children THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE AND WOULD DEMAND THE PEOPLE DOING IT BE INVESTIGATED BY POLICE AND PROSECUTED IN A COURT OF LAW.

How suicidal behaviour can be prevented

Suicidal behaviour has one cause in New Zealand, negligence and corruption by government agencies and there is a single solution – to provide the professional treatment care rehabilitation and justice people are entitled to under multiple New Zealand laws.

What we do need is professional rehabilitation models applied and all the other things disabled people are entitled to.


What we don’t need around New Zealand is well meaning, poorly informed, uneducated, issue ridden, often mentally unwell people in the community providing treatment care rehabilitation and justice to disabled mentally injured and ill people.


Promising appropriate support while denying people professional support is extremely disturbed and psychopathic behaviour – something a person like Paula Rebstock is extremely good at and why she was employed, paid extreme amounts of money and was made a Dame by our government.


All current activities in the area of suicide prevention are aimed at rejecting and/or persecuting suicidal people.  Those who are suicidal for good reason are particularly despised and refused all services – I have been hung up on multiple times by telephone suicide help lines, as soon as they hear my situation the poorly qualified and often unwell people who man them hang up.  I find those numbers now on end of every news item on suicide to be extremely inappropriate and neo-liberal propaganda brainwashing people who aren’t suicidal into believing there are actually services for people – when I know there are not.  It is not a service when it is abusive, unprofessional and does not do what it says.


Having spent years being suicidal and discredited and abused for it I know there are no services.  I have seen it in so many other people as well and we see it in news reports all the time how people have been suicidal and attempted it and failed many times before they succeed.  It is also well documented that the people least wanted as neighbours are mentally ill people.  We are happy with well functioning foreigners but not disabled New Zealanders driven to suicide and dysfunction by trauma, abuse and neglect.  And when those around them persecute them even more by beating them and their children, or they are driven to drugs, then they are despised, rejected and marginalised even further.  Ahhh living in the darklands of New Zealand, is a nightmare no person in a poor country would understand.  To be surrounded by wealth and happy people while you are suffering and destitute is a most bizarre and terrifying experience.


I see they have put a pretty model on Page 5, that actually means nothing, achieves nothing and I find pathetic, unprofessional and insulting.  On my solutions page at you will see my Fence At the Top of the Cliff, which is of course what needs to happen, is completely relevant and does what this entire report does not – its practical and based on professional Occupational Therapy rehabilitation and health models.


In the list give on Page 5 of areas that prevent suicidal behaviour I note that none are available to me or the majority of people I know.  I’m sure a few people must have access to these as the media like to put these people on TV as examples of their success – but they are very few and far between.  Most of the current organisations in these areas are choosing the least unwell and most supported people to help, rather than those in the worst cases – what I call the TOO HARD BASKET CASES, like myself.


From multiple discussions I can assure the readers of my submission that Maori and Pacific Island people treat their suicidal even worse than Pakeha – it is a result of neo-liberal radicalisation which isn’t race specific.  I won’t go into my assessment of why they are worse, that would take pages and scientific/psychological analysis that many reading this will not understand.  I do hope I get the opportunity in future to address this however and get Maori and Pacific people the professional treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under the Whare Tapa Wha and other European? Rehabilitation models.  Models that are the opposite of neo-liberal terrorism.


Years of changes to how suicidal people are treated by police have resulted in even more extreme persecution.  Suicidal people are stripped naked by police as part of their policy – a policy that was not scrutinised under Bill of Rights laws and continues to be used to degrade, intimidate and harass suicidal people.


Suicidal people are most dealt with by police and most of them treat suicidal people as murderers.  Recently on a TV programme about police dogs an officer went in search of a suicidal woman, he found her curled up beside a fence distraught and stood there for many minutes with his dog on a leash barking at her while backup arrived.  She was then handcuffed (which hurts) and put in police car.


I can’t recount all the appalling situations I have seen while in the cells after being arrested for protesting about mental health services – or I will become triggered and I’m struggling to get through this submission and intend to self-harm, binge and vomit when I am through.  Self-harm is the way you cope with ongoing persecution and criminal/medical neglect.  It is a completely normal response to severe trauma and criminal neglect, whether perpetrated by family, community or government.


Although being physically assaulted by police is difficult, being insulted, degraded and threatened with violence I think is worse.  Then of course when you make formal complaints you are discredited and denied justice because YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL AND THEREFORE AUTOMATICALLY TREATED AS A LIAR.  I have made multiple complaints to Health & Disability Commission, Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Review Tribunal, Ombudsman, Auditor-General, Secretary of Justice, Police, IPCA, Law Society, Law Commission, politicians from all parties, Ministry of Justice, ACC, Disputes Tribunals, lawyers, judges, leaders of my community – all valid and all ignored.


There is comment on Page 6 about social and justice sectors – these are currently being used to persecute people after years of neo-liberal terrorist austerity.  Access to justice is increasingly difficult as highlighted by the Law Society and Justice Winkelman in reports I have read.  That people like myself cannot get legal assistance, when we are disabled and mostly incapable of representing ourselves or defending ourselves legally is part of the neo-liberal terrorism of poor, that all countries experience.  Along with being a violation of Magna Carta.


What is being done doesn’t prevent suicide it perpetrates it.  I know for a fact Chelsea Brunton committed suicide due to her ongoing issues within the family court system – that is what she told her friends and that is why she walked out of the mental health unit (that of course weren’t helping her) and killed herself.  I am repeatedly dragged through the court system for my legal protests and screaming for ACC/health care I am entitled to, it has caused me significant harm and trauma.  I almost threw myself in front of vehicles while trying to cross the road to get to court when forced to defend myself on wilful trespass charges of Masterton hospital, for legally protesting.  My ex-counsellor will confirm what happened, because I phoned her and told her what had happened and she managed to get me through it so I didn’t commit suicide at that point.


After winning my case I was told by a lawyer I could get compensation for what Wairarapa DHB had put me through, but only if I had money to pay him.  Letters do the DHB telling them what happened and asking for compensation were responded to with the most vile bigotry and hatred.



Is in fact driving more and more people to violence, dysfunction, addiction and suicide – there are people within our government who know this is happening and allowing it – which is highly illegal of course.

Vision – lol using Maori phrases to tell lies about how we treat people in New Zealand looks good but it is extremely insulting to people like me who are being persecuted by other sectors of the government.


Reminds me of sitting in front of my WINZ case manager when I moved to Wainuiomata for a while to try and get help and work.  I had never been so broke and so traumatised by my living situation, I was begging for more money because I couldn’t live.  Behind her was an entire wall of this huge room (where everybody could see everybody else) with a mural of happy Maori people on it saying Te Tangata Te Tangata Te Tangata.  When I asked the case manager if she could live on what I was getting she said no.

I looked over at the young woman with a baby on her knee also crying and distraught, being dealt with by another case manager.  The open offices are used to degrade you as much as possible so you won’t cry and upset staff.  You can hear everybody’s conversations, it is extremely humiliating.  She was saying how she didn’t have enough money to live and would have to go back to her abusive partner if she didn’t get it.


Pae Ora

Just because you give something a Maori name doesn’t make it better than the professional treatment care rehabilitation and justice people like me are entitled to under Westminister/European NZ law.  My ancestors were just as caring of their people as Maori are of theirs.  Its not about culture its about the corruption of rich and powerful who HAVE ALWAYS ended up persecuting weak and poor.  That’s why we have Westminster Law – which Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi in order to come under because they also believed in it.  Not realising of course those who administered Westminster Law were mostly corrupt and only applied it to the rich and used it against the poor.

I studied rehabilitation, was impressed with Whare Tapa Wha, have begged for this to be part of my current ACC rehabilitation – I have been ignored and refused all care instead.  I won two ACC reviews in 2010 saying my extensive care of 2009 was supposed to be reinstated, it is now 2017 and still ACC refuse – saying it is my fault I don’t have care.  Something that bizarre and they tell police and others I just don’t want help on a regular basis as well – yet when I have tried so many times in the past to access it I am refused and increasing phobias and impairments related to my lack of treatment and worsening stress disorder are completely ignored – even when I know under Human Rights and Bill of Rights laws they must be adhered to.  When I phone them screaming for help because I am so unwell they demand police prosecute me for Misuse of a Telephone.


The outcome of the previous strategy has been to increase suicide, dysfunction, violence and addiction according to news reports.  People who write these reports say it is to stop suicide but I know for a fact there are extremely corrupt, immoral and violently negligent people within our government and parliament who know exactly what these policies are doing to suicidal people.  I have made formal complaints of terrorism about these people to Rebecca Kitteridge and been told they don’t deal with global terrorism by government.  Yet another check on power that is being denied those of us who screaming for justice, welfare and health care we are entitled to under multiple laws.


Pathways to hell, created by our government and neo-liberal terrorist ideologies cannot be turned around by marketing, the likes of this document.  Saying in a document that government aren’t going to do this when they do is another insult and gross miscarriage of justice, it works for neo-liberal terrorists as an excellent form of propaganda as well.


Page 8 and another Maori phrase and pretty picture that means absolutely nothing and is not implemented in any way.


Legally this ‘framework’ suicide strategy is a legal document where the government promises to do what they say in it, but they don’t of course and any attempt to get ACC, mental health or the NZ government in front of a judge to challenge their lies is impossible.  Tony Ellis tried it last year re three men being tortured by mental heatlh services, he still has no decision made and its been months.  He had to take the extreme step of trying to prosecute the Attorney-General for refusing to allow the three men access to justice and protection of torture laws.  I myself have tried to take the government to court under torture and imperial laws, I was refused, saying I was misusing the law and being vindictive.  I was not misusing the law, I am a layperson and could not get a lawyer and I was telling the truth.


Since that time I have been assaulted by High Court security for going there and demanding a lawyer, which I cannot get for my civil/human rights and torture issues.  It is psychological torture to tell a person constantly they are going to receive health care, then refusing them same – and refusing them professional health care.


Page 8 is where the repetition starts to get extremely obvious, pathetic and insulting.


Building positive wellbeing – while successive governments have been creating ever increasing adversity – and the two biggest political parties do not intend to change that for the poorest people.  Labour won’t do it because it will cause unemployment if we help people the way they should be.


Neo-liberals destroy families, for 30 years they have been driving people who can’t find work to Australia and other countries – while leaving behind the poorest and the richest.  They weaken communities as those with everything they need, safe stable homes and jobs start attacking those without these things.  I know this because I speak about what is happening to me and so many others and I get discriminated against and attacked for it.


To not have a safe stable home when you are a human being in a rich country is a gross violation of human rights and criminal law if you are disabled.  EVERY PERSON should have a right to stand upon this earth without it costing them money they don’t have and/or not given the opportunity to earn.  I have never met a disabled person who doesn’t want to work.


At a recent workshop I attended by Workbridge it was clear that people who have intermittent disabilities – like mental health, the ones who can’t get work.  At a recent protest about Bob Jones outside his office his two staff’s first insult was get a job and the second you’re a nutter.  Please refer to my Regional Rehabilitation Centres & Regional Mental Health Facilities on my website.  These are what should be happening according to law and this strategy.


Supporting people in distress –


Should not be the responsibility of families friends and community, this causes significant trauma to all involved.  Suicidal people are required to have the professional treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under multiple laws.  Dumping what our neo-liberal governments have created in social dysfunction on the communities they are harming is corruption and grossly irresponsible – criminal in fact.


I don’t want to go into how badly I am treated by people for being suicidal as it will trigger too much trauma and I have several pages to go in my submission.  Although much of the 25 pages are just repeats on the first 10 and mean absolutely nothing.


Support people after suicide attempt – OK I am going to have to recount one of my worst experiences, which I have still not dealt with – YIPPEE for me – as I stab my pen into my forearm to cope with the trauma I am going to be forced to relive (and parts I won’t be able to put in here are still coming into my mind which are horrendous and involve children).


So I had to leave the first address I moved to in Wainuiomata due to threats of violence and the woman putting knives around the house after she turned very nasty – she was a friend (badly abused and neglected child/woman).  I moved into board with two people who I knew had mental health issues but seemed OK.  Six weeks into my stay the woman attempted suicide by taking all her diabetes medication……………………………( I want to die I wish I was dead, I don’t want to tell these stories over and over again with no result)…………………………….. She was in intensive care in Wellington hospital for three days.  I spent my last $10 taking her mentally ill partner to the hospital to see her. 

I left to go stay with a friend back in Carterton (she had sent me petrol money), to try and deal with what had happened, I returned Friday of that week to find her at home.  I was shocked, mental health staff at Lower Hutt hospital had said she could return home, without any consultation with me – and it was well known I had mental health and suicide issues.  I phone and made a complaint on the answerphone (because Hutt complaints people NEVER answer their phone) but it was ignored and I couldn’t get through to the people who had made this horrendously incompetent and irresponsible decision.

She came home with no services, no mental health worker turned up, she couldn’t see her psychiatrist for a month.  Me and Tom were supposed to care for her, she smoked cigarettes all day and overate, using her diabetes pen when she ate food she shouldn’t.  She became even more controlling of Tom and bossed him around all day.  He had been too scared to call the ambulance when she had attempted suicide as her family had told him they would beat him up if she tried again.

The same family dropped their young children to be babysat by her less than a week after her suicide attempt.  I was terrified for the kids, they were 4 & 6, she made them sit in front of the TV the entire time – they cried when their mother left them.  I tried to amuse them because I’m good with kids but the woman got angry with me.  I took them to the park once but she didn’t like it.  Those poor kids, that poor woman.  That is the support people get after they attempt suicide, this is what happens in the real world and it still does.

I have another person I got to know who was highly suicidal and Andrew Curtis-Cody was telling people she was an attention seeker and liar.  Police put her in prison for three months – not even her family knew where she was – they thought she was in a mental health unit but she was in Arohata – how many other women are sent to jail for being suicidal.  There has been no change to this, it is still happening, the people who read and write this report know it is and do absolutely nothing.  This woman comes from an abusive family and is forced to continue living with her disturbed parents because there is nowhere else to live.


Every time the authors of this report dump government responsibility for seriously ill suicidal people on their families I won’t make further comment – what is the point.   I would like to point out however that many of the people I know who are suicidal have abusive families, who somehow get more support and acknowledgement from government, society, community and others than those they have often driven to suicide.  My family were hopeless and often said revolting things to me about being a loser and not working when they said I could – having not ever read any of the psychiatric reports I had that said differently.  But really they were victims too. (If I had been in a serious car accident, its not my family who would be expected to perform any operation I needed is it.)


In fact the plethora of help for friends and family of suicidal victims has become obscene – because these are the people that often let the victim down.  But of course the big picture of this is that neo-liberal terrorists in government perpetrate this dysfunction in society to create jobs – to replace manufacturing jobs we once had.  Along with the extensive welfare culture we once had, which wasn’t often needed because we had such a socially aware and supportive government and society.  People who had suffered traumatic events or upbringings weren’t severely stressed by housing and food insecurity on a daily basis.

As more suicidal support for community has been implemented the persecution, degradation, discrimination and marginalisation of suicidal people has vastly increased.  There are people who know what is happening and do nothing to stop it – the majority of course don’t realise the serious harm they are causing – these are mostly poorly qualified or informed mental health professionals (especially GPs) who get so much power in this industry, when they are the ones making money out of it.


The information systems government is developing is being used to persecute disabled, mentally injured abuse victims, mentally ill and suicidal even more than ever.  There is a current programme of denying mentally ill women/parents support services and stealing their children instead.  Often to put in the hands of abusive family members who then get paid for having them.   I know of several instances of this and it is destroying families.


I am still only at page 9 of the Strategy and up to page 37 of my submission.  It is getting more and more difficult every hour to keep going.  However I must, nothing will change if I don’t keep telling the truth over and over and over again.  This is my role as a United Nations Civil Society Actor – a role I am persecuted/degraded/discredited by police, justice, health providers, leaders and members of my community for doing.   Which of course is a serious violation of my civil and political rights, sadly the United Nations also refuse to believe what I am saying and I cannot get a lawyer or appropriate person to put together the proof of what is happening to me.




My website solutions page shows what should be done and is not, my website shows all the currently laws being violated to ensure this vision is not turned into action.  ACC and Paula Rebstock are leaders in stopping disabled mentally injured abused men women and children from getting extensive rehabilitation and care they are entitled to under law.  It is a sick sick organisation and those who control/withhold care for abuse victims are worse than any perpetrator of the abuse they have suffered.


Again government organisations controlled by neo-liberal terrorists who fundamentally believe all health & social issues should be funded and controlled by charity are behind this continued obsession with community being responsible for the horrendous harm their cult ideologies are causing.

How we need to work –

Government need to provide professional rehabilitation models, human living environments (ie safe stable housing in community person identifies/comes from) – ACTIVITIES doesn’t even make sense.  I can assure you NO SUICIDAL PERSON EVER GOES TO A suicide prevention ACTIVITY.  In fact marketing and activities government and community currently do make me even more suicidal and self-harm, they are so hypocritical and just lies – there are no professional services for majority of us and that’s a fact.  Neither is their safe stable housing or enough money to live rotting on welfare with dignity.  The assault on human dignity of disabled and poor by neo-liberal terrorists in our society is leading cause of suicide, violence, addiction and murder from my extensive study.


Bringing up the Treaty is offensive – this is not a race issue it is a class issue.  Maori suffered most at hands of neo-liberal terrorism because they were biggest part of poor working class.  They also have not adapted well to the new jobs we are supposed to do slaving for rich people, in call centres, making lattes, in welfare, health etc – rather than doing meaningful manufacturing work that was interesting and had a strong communal aspect.


Maori just being treated same as Pakeha in regard to suicide, which is of course Article III of the treaty.  In fact from personal experience Maori get more services, because a counsellor I had in Wainuiomata sat across from me in an extremely distraught state and said she hoped I wasn’t offended if she asked if I had any Maori heritage because she could get me some help if I did.  I didn’t – my spiritual beliefs and connection to the earth aren’t counted because I am fourth generation English immigrant.


Areas we need to work on.


The idea that mental health care is evidence based makes me want to be sick – that is not true, we used to have safe stable homes for people, jobs and enough money to live with dignity on welfare when disabled – that has been taken away over the past 30 years.


The corruption by extremely wealthy drug companies has been a terrible and harmful experiment, where human contact and methods of support that worked were taken away in favour of medication.  There is a world wide backlash on the abuse of psychotropic drugs – which although helpful to some people are extremely detrimental and cause suicide in others.  They are about as damaging as phone counselling by people who hang up when they realise your living situation is extremely traumatising and there is nothing they can do about it.


Area that needs to be worked on is justice for people disabled by abuse, trauma and mental illness.  So they can take cases against our government and NGOs in the way they are experimenting on people and not applying professional treatment and rehabilitation models.


On page 10 I found the comment about how charities were going to fund this extremely inappropriate.  Again this is a neo-liberal cult ideology that has no basis in fact and causes extreme poverty and huge gaps in service provision.  The government and community currently cause the suicide this strategy says it is trying to prevent and here they are saying the same people should fix what they create and what government choose to do to people.


Charity and religious organisations SHOULD NEVER EVER be involved in professional care of mentally ill people EVER.  Churches are the worst exploiters of mentally injured and ill, making them work for free or be rejected if they don’t.  I don’t want to go into how badly Salvation Army and churches have treated me, but it has caused huge problems in my community with the gossip and lies they spread.  I have tried to address and resolve the issues because they are related to the Privacy Act but they refuse to do it and I can’t get a lawyer to help me – I am so traumatised by what was done.  I would have had a safe home to live in if the Salvation Army worker hadn’t lied about her contact with me and told a great aunt of mine who then refused me one of the dozens of homes she had.  She’s dead now and her estate is managed by her family who always despised me and don’t want to know about my struggles – because I JUST DON’T WANT HELP apparently.  I couldn’t afford their huge rents now anyway.


Targeted activities of groups might suicide is a joke – I am suicidal regularly, I self harm, bulimic, etc etc etc – I GET NO SERVICES.  I’m told I should have services, but when I try to access them I’m rejected over and over again.  This of course is psychological torture, which people like Andrew Curtis-Cody and those at ACC who are refusing to reinstate my care really enjoy on some depraved level.


As we all know prisons are now mental health facilities after neo-liberals drove so many out of mental health facilities and shut them down.  That of course is persecution of people on the basis of their disability – but justice agencies and judiciary in New Zealand refuse to address this gross miscarriage of justice.  With all the bottom of the cliff services, every day I see on Corrections twitter feed the services criminals are getting, while me and other victims get NOTHING or worse.  Another gross miscarriage of justice and insult to victims of violent crimes.


I see worthless suicidal abused men women & children who have white skin colour are again going to be excluded from any new funding or services – YIPPEE for us.  But then as services are abusive I feel sorry for those who are going to be subjected to them – or maybe they will get the help and homes they should have.  But for me and others it will be more suffering and more suicide.


This obsession with money and targeting, when all people should have the health care they are entitled to is sickening and has done absolutely nothing to improve services.  It just makes it worse for those who aren’t targeted.


Tailoring activities – should read, applying professional rehabilitation models using a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals and community organisations.  Obviously nobody who participated in the writing of this strategy has any idea what Occupational Therapy is and how it works.


Our corrupt government tried to use OTs in WINZ to provide services but they failed because the people were completely overwhelmed and could do nothing about unsafe living situations, homelessness and complex needs that needed addressing.  Now they have got an Australian company to provide some services to mentally ill people to get them back to work through some sort of social share scheme – which of course will not work either.  I contacted this organisation recently and the person couldn’t even tell me the rehabilitation model they were using – because they aren’t using one.


Another point to make is most people are terrified of mental health services – as I am.  They are more powerful than police and can persecute you without restraint using medication.  They can lock you up for as long as they like without legal recourse – I trust police more than mental health services and that’s saying something (after being assaulted and victimised by police).


CYFS kids are being denied the extensive treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under ACC.  Corrupt neo-liberals in government have pushed this onto Social Workers in CYFS, which is extremely inappropriate and not legal.  Social workers should be part of a multi-disciplinary team but not be doing counselling, psychology work or anything like that, they should just arrange housing, welfare etc.  This is the most major failure and abuse of the current experimental system.


I cant go into the stories I have heard of first hand accounts of what is happening to mentally ill people being persecuted in the justice system and jails – it is too traumatising for me.  But I hope to one day have a voice in this area and get these disabled people out of prisons and into the safe homes and treatment they are entitled to under law (safe for them and for us).


Page 12, all just rhetoric and repeat, means absolutely nothing.  The corrupt and ignorant training of health providers is the biggest cause of suicide in this country – as we see from all the people who committing suicide inside mental health and justice facilities.


People are being trained to harm not help people, they are trained to drug people and ignore the fact their living situations are a significant cause of their suicidality.


I bet more help will come for families who are often instrumental in the suicide of someone – that’s the easiest thing to do.




Saying the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it right, or professional, or valid.  Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it work, when it obviously isn’t working.


Please don’t do more marketing and tell more lies about people being depressed when it is in fact severe trauma they are suffering as a result of neo-liberal terrorism of poorest by richest and all that goes with that.  Building social awareness is creating more bigotry and hatred not less – I know, I live that nightmare every day.


Marketing campaigns make me want to smash my TV and keep me at home in bed on days like White Ribbon day or I flip out at the gross hypocrisy of government propaganda around this issue.  Just because you marketing that there are services and help doesn’t mean you actually do it – this is what is happening in other neo-liberal countries as well.  Governments are underfunding services they say they provide, violating laws and nobody does anything to stop it.  People like me try and end up being shafted and persecuted by police and justice agencies for legally protesting.


Any attempt I make a discussing suicide in the community is met with abuse and police intimidation – which of course violates my civil and political rights and proves yet again we no longer live in a democracy – which follows word of law.


I was gobsmacked when I saw it is part of the strategy to control New Zealand media and demand they only do stories of people who are not very unwell and overcome suicidal behaviour.  While as I know from all my begging media to tell my story and how bad the mental health system is, that they adhere to this government demand and censor what I know, do, say and what is happening to me.  Google my Journalists are Maggots poem, it sets out what I know to be true about New Zealand mainstream corporate media.


They block me at any opportunity when I tell them what they and other neo-liberals are doing is driving people to suicide violence addiction and murder.


I tried to talk to some people after Chelsea’s suicide couple of weeks ago, the conversation caused me more trauma.  Apparently as soon as a person has decided to suicide there is no stopping them, so there is nothing we can do.  This from a woman with a house, job, home, husband and everything she could possibly want in her life – and so do her kids.   Unlike what Chelsea had, comments that she was always an emotional girl didn’t help me one bit.  Being a sensitive, kind, loving child or person shouldn’t be an excuse for driving someone to suicide or not helping them.  These people are valued by society in other ways, but not by our current leaders and majority of population.


Someone on social media said recently how suicidal people were just weak.  My reply was, do you think a car accident, illness, rape or repeated violence makes a person strong?  Given 20% of poorest NZers experience 80% of the crime according to statistics it is reasonable to assume these people are becoming more and more traumatised.  Stress disorders becoming compounding when there is no space or place to heal in between traumas.  Please google Compounding Complex PTSD.  Many people I meet on social media don’t even realise they have CPTSD as our corrupt ignorant poorly trained neo-liberal mental health community like to call people’s dysfunction all sorts of other things.  This makes their dysfunction of their own making and those in power think it absolves them of responsibility.


They talk about health literacy, I have been studying stress disorders, disability, law, human rights etc etc full time (mostly 7 days a week) for years.  I went to university and studied health, disability and rehabilitation where I learnt all the language.  It made me more suicidal when I realised even more acutely that mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill were being left out of the disability definition.  That there are significant areas of health care people like myself are excluded from on the basis of discrimination and the type of disability we have.  When I challenged human rights organisations about this I was told government were allowed to because they did it to all people with mental health issues.

Talking about suicide in schools just traumatises children and creates more stigma, a child who has had a well balanced upbringing with little trauma will never understand a suicidal child – because you never contemplate suicide and don’t know how others can.  I had never contemplated suicide until 2 years after the rape when I had suffered such severe medical neglect and discrimination/abuse by ACC, government, health providers, family and friends.

People who suffer childhood abuse often do not understand life without being suicidal – I do because I wasn’t raped and traumatised until I was in my 30s.  I know the difference between functional and dysfunctional, that is why I fight so hard to expose this gross miscarriage of justice.  How can you have a health and welfare system that is abusive towards the most vulnerable desperate and often deserving people in our society.  When you have a physical injury or acceptable health issue like Cancer or heart disease you are not insulted, degraded and harmed when receiving or asking for health care you are entitled to – like you are in trauma and other mental health issues.



Still blaming families and society for social problems caused by rampant and abusive neo-liberal economic and social ideologies – tyranny.

Councils are some of the worst, Carterton council are interesting, they charge such high rents for public space no poor or disabled person could afford to hire them to have meetings.  They are building another community house but I don’t know why because they have now sold off all social housing and rich city people and foreigners are moving to Carterton therefore driving disabled and poor out of the community.  Government sold of social housing during 1990s and never replaced it.


It is extremely bizarre watching the flashing community sign talking about food bank being open 11.30-12pm weekdays when nobody I know would use those people.  I was humiliated and degraded so badly when I asked for some food a few years ago I would never ever go back ever.  I don’t want to go into details as I become traumatised, I did try and make a complaint and get it sorted but the local Mayor John Booth and others refused to listen to anything I had to say and just ignored my complaints.


Regarding bullying please google my poem I’m Being Bullied – JR Murphy.  Apparently you can only bully children not adults and of course no government or social agency would bully anybody – very sad people think this way.  The significant amount of bullying I have been subjected to has significantly increased my suicidal thoughts because I can’t get away from it – unless I live under my bed and don’t come out.  You only need to see my police file and my only criminal conviction at 52 is wilful trespass of the Law Society for going there and refusing to leave until I got a lawyer to stop ACC and NZ government agencies from persecuting me and denying me professional health care and welfare I am entitled to by law.


CHURCHES SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN PROVIDING MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – AND SHOULD ONLY BE INVOLVED IF SUICIDAL PERSON IS SUPPORTED BY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST OR MENTAL HEALTH WORKER – until it is established that the church is safe.  It is a sad fact that many churches harbour sexual abusers, in New Zealand most of these organisations were not investigated or prosecuted for it like other countries.  Most likely that has something to do with our community leaders being involved with churches – Bill English is a strict Catholic from all accounts.  And for anybody who knows the bible proof that the devil is in charge in these last days.


Churches exploit desperate people and demand they provide care to others when they themselves need help.  I’ve had it happen and watched it happen, then when you can’t live up to their demands they discredit and gossip about you in the community – causing you even more trauma and discrimination.  I hope to one day have the opportunity to get what has happened to me exposed in media and put before a judge in order for them to be punished for what they have done to me.


Strengthen systems will involve even more persecution by police and justice agencies at the hands of systems that are based on experimental and abusive ideologies of neo-liberals and right wing extremists.  Nothing referred to on page 18 actually happens – even though the previous Strategy said the same thing – things have only got worse, much worse.  I made a submission on previous strategy which was ignored.


Also using people who are mentally ill and issue ridden to try and support vulnerable unwell suicidal people is extremely inappropriate and abusive.  Would you be happy with your heart surgeon performing an operation when you knew he could drop dead at any moment from heart failure?


Peer support only works if the peers are well healed and stable people – most are not, most have serious unresolved issues.  Many have good support systems and trying to support people who don’t just makes them hate the suicidal person.  I recall one of the many meetings I went to where mental health services were explaining their services – which of course I had no access to.  There were around 80 people in the room, when I asked the woman beside me why nobody was question the people up the front she said most of us are NGOs we can’t say anything.  Those NGOs had bought their favourite well supported clients with them and they weren’t saying anything either.  When I spoke up about just how bad services were I was abused across the room by a mentally ill man, telling me I was a liar and everybody was very nice.  It was extremely disturbing and those people who were up the front of that meeting are still running Wairarapa mental health today and killing people, persecuting people, etc.


When you go to a decent doctor or health professional about being suicidal or having a life-threatening stress disorder usually initially they are very nice and do their best to help.  Once they realise how much support you need and how it is not available, plus the abusive situation you are living in they then turn on you.  I don’t want to say more than that as I have had so many appalling situations happening with GPs particularly.  Currently I am unable to see the GP, who is one of the most insulting, degrading and bigoted women I have ever met.  I didn’t have a choice, my previous doctor left and ————-  no I can’t tell details.  But I can say I have other serious health issues, including my mental health and I cannot see a doctor.  The doctor, ACC mental health and the government know this, they know I need my mental health/ACC care reinstated so I have a support worker to come with me to medical appointments but they refuse to reinstate.  I  made complaints about discrimination by the current doctor and was discredited and ignored.  My Health and Disability Commission advocate has tried repeatedly to get me help to no avail.  My complaints to the HDC are ignored and I am discredited for telling the truth.


I cannot see anything different but the repeated rhetoric and lies in the rest of the Strategy and I can’t take any more repeating what I know in response to this appalling piece of propaganda and marketing so I will end my submission.


Please refer to the following documents on my website.  If you require me to send these by email please advise and I will hunt them out in the bowels of my hard drive.  These documents are to form part of my submission.


Last by not least what a waste of a day, off to self-harm to cope, it will take me days to get over this, having to bring up so much of the discrimination and corruption I see and have seen.  I truly hope and pray with all my heart those harming me and others and causing this nightmare of hell that is driving people to suicide get the punishment and karma they deserve.


This has rehabilitation models, Whare Tapa Wha, Te Whariki, business plans and other essential information that needs to be part of this submission.


This page proves what I am saying about the laws being violated and the extent of corruption and criminal neglect by our legislature, executive and judiciary in the area of mental health.  We do not live in a democracy with a separation of powers and under word of law, of that I am entirely sure.

I hope you all rot in hell for what you have allowed and continue to perpetrate against disabled abused men women and children, suicidal and mentally ill.


30 May 2017




Note if you phone police about my truthful comments about suicide they will only phone me, because they are not allowed to come to my house any longer as I had become so traumatised by their constant visits to my home – sent by government agencies I was begging for help from.  I was having nightmares and checking every time I heard a car in the street it got so bad.  Anyway that is another story – police should not be my enemy, I am a single disabled woman I need there protection not to be terrified of them.


I am too traumatised to proof read what I have written and need to send it, so I apologise for any grammatical or spelling errors, please don’t let them detract from the facts and ideas I have presented.


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