New Zealand Police advised of lawyer & mental health services perverting justice

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 18 October 2019 11:41 AM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>
Subject: Another person perverting course of justice

Here is another complaint about my current lawyer perverting justice as well Jennifer.  Maybe if you and corrupt senior police who have illegally, cruelly and corruptly refused to protect me and uphold my valid complaints against ACC and others govt/health sector criminals, this wouldn’t be still happening to me and 100,000s other disabled mentally injured vulnerable abuse victims living in poverty.
POLICE ARE PEACEKEEPERS NOT SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!   They aren’t there to ‘keep nz safe’  they are there to insure law is upheld so people like me aren’t harmed!  They are there to keep the peace between rich and poor more than any other organisation – WHY AREN’T YOU JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!   Did you watch the Prof Zimbardo video about why you are acting the way you do and you can stop at any time you want you know – your passive inaction is evil and you know it.  You’re a woman, why are you harming #metoo?
I’ve put a copy of this email on my website – have you all seen it????  Just thought I’d send a special copy to you, knowing how much you think of your staff and like to know what is going on.   I’ll be putting a copy of this email on there too and talking about it on my youtube channel!  First you have to expose corruption and cruelty before you can address it!
Jayne R

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 18 October 2019 10:22 AM
To: Alisdair Ross <>
Subject: As you don’t comprehend anything I say I’ll put it in writing – Please put the details of what you told me yesterday in writing also

Firstly I want everything you told me yesterday in writing, about your ILLEGAL conversations with Forensic Mental Health and ACC and conversations with Judge Morris where I was not present.   You did not get my written authority to discuss anything with ACC, you didn’t turn up remember.   Your contact with Forensic Mental Health is…………………

Extensive corruption in mental health & legal sectors targeting people with Complex PTSD

Got a phone call from my lawyer yesterday, he continues to refuse to put anything in writing.  This was my reply, details how bad things are in THE VIOLENCE AND PERSECUTION OF THE POOR INDUSTRY.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 18 October 2019 10:22 AM
To: Alisdair Ross <>
Subject: As you don’t comprehend anything I say I’ll put it in writing – Please put the details of what you told me yesterday in writing also


Firstly I want everything you told me yesterday in writing, about your ILLEGAL conversations with Forensic Mental Health and ACC and conversations with Judge Morris where I was not present.   You did not get my written authority to discuss anything with ACC, you didn’t turn up remember.   Your contact with Forensic Mental Health is deeply disturbing and illegal behaviour under the Privacy Act as you definitely had no authority to contact them.  Your repeating over and over again what good people they were and how they wanted to help when I have been screaming for services for over a decade and am in court currently on 23 police charges for protesting about THAT FACT (or the past nine years of being continually dragged through court for my legal protests that I was not getting health care and justice I entitled to.

You repeatedly asking me what I wanted for mental health care (reinstatement of my ACC care from 2009) and telling me those people at mental health are trying to help me is also extremely insulting.  You must have asked me what I wanted 10 times,  when I told you some of the things you asked the question again, like I hadn’t even spoken.  At one point you slowed right down and said the same words really slowly like I was some sort of imbecile – it was offensive and extremely disrespectful.  Which is why you triggered me, you are really good at it to the point I think you enjoy it and do it purposely.  My previous lawyer Susie Barnes would never have triggered me like that, or kept doing it when I said to stop.   I believe you are grossly corrupt Alisdair and have a hidden agenda working for some elite group of psychiatric and legal terrorists targeting poor abuse/trauma victims with Complex PTSD like myself.  As you already know Legal Aid will refuse me a lawyer if I sack you and I am still to unwell to represent myself so I have no choice but continue working with corrupt fascist bigot and elitist terrorist.

For past nine years those corrupt deceitful criminals at mental health have asked me the same question about what I wanted and then never done what they promised MANY MANY TIMES.  This is psychological torture that has destroyed my life and my relationships – that I doubt will ever be repaired because of what they have done!  DESTROYED MY FAMILY and doing their best to DESTROY ME!!!!!

Obviously these incompetent ignorant bigots in Forensic Mental Health want me to tell them how to fix it for me and 100,000s people with Complex PTSD.  As a result of interpersonal violence, combined with the inhuman living situations our government now expect disabled mentally injured people (mostly women) to survive and HEAL in – let alone thrive.  Although I am sure you all know this isn’t going to happen while govt bring 3,000 immigrants a week into New Zealand to drive disabled and poor locals from their homes, health care and justice.   I see in a news item today unemployment is past 10% for poorest and youngest New Zealanders, so rich educated immigrants are taking jobs from locals and homes.  It also talks about how much poorer people rotting on invalids benefit are than they have ever been because of huge increases in rent which I am subjected to in a private rental.  You are sick sick people Alisdair, those are your peers doing this aren’t they Alisdair.


Firstly it is to be professional and based on an internationally recognised rehabilitation model and ACC legislation.  I REFUSE TO HAVE A SOCIAL WORKER IN ANY TYPE OF THERAPEUTIC ROLE, I’ve been watching the sort of harm they do with people I know.  Everything Kumar says in his book Multidisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitation, which was the academic information I was taught while studying rehabilitation at Massey several years ago, that ACC and others do not apply.

I will not participate in any unprofessional experimental therapeutic work that I know does not work for people with CPTSD.  Experimenting on people is illegal under BORA and Human Rights treaties.

My care – as with any person who has a serious life-threatening debilitating disorder – will be overseen by a psychiatrist that follows/applies the work of Mason Durie and his Whare Tapa Wha model.  I would like Mason or Dr Alan Doris (who escaped to Australia) to recommend that person so I don’t get another arrogant, corrupt, incompetent, imperialist, ignorant, elitist bigot.

BEcause of the extreme trauma ACC caused removing all my care illegally in 2009, six months into a 2 1/2 yr rehab plan, I demand a contract be signed that my care will not be withdrawn without the agreement of at least two of my closest health providers, without this it will take many months (if at all) for me to trust what is happening and participate fully in therapy out of terror of another withdrawal that will this time kill me through suicide.

I had an OT two hours a week who helped me work out where the barriers were and what I could do to overcome the now multiple phobias I have to cope with.  My previous OT was the conduit between me and the services I needed, instructing the workers at the gym I was attending about my behaviour, liasing with any education or other organisation I became part of (if that is appropriate).  I have seen multiple programmes in prisons described in news reports that are currently not available for victims like myself.  Personally I would rather not commit a serious enough crime to end up in prison so I can access these therapy’s, eg theatre.  I also think it deeply flawed to be providing therapy to people once they have harmed people or committed crimes and not before.  Although I understand why because I attended the Victoria University, Gabrielle Maxwell organised on the Costs of Crime and how to funnel funding and services into these ‘criminals’.

I had previously a mental health worker for 3 hours a week, I need at least 15 hours a week and for that to be increased DEPENDING ON WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST AND PSYCHIATRIST.   You don’t seem to understand a therapeutic relationship, the idea is we work TOGETHER to reinstate me as much as possible to my previous level of functioning before the rape.  Where I was a business franchise owner and law student with two children.  I don’t have my children at home any longer which is no less stress for me as I am now living extremely isolated with more serious psycho-social issues following years of criminal neglect by ACC and mental health and discrimination in the community.

I must work, I must be able to rejoin the workforce OR I AM GOING TO DIE!   Nobody can safely or with inherent dignity live on welfare in this neo-liberal nightmare country as it is now constructed under neo-liberal terrorist economics.  As the Newshub report I read this morning outlines – I note this is the first time in 35 years any mainstream New Zealand news service has showed evidence of poverty worsening for those receiving welfare benefits.   It was disturbing to see elderly on benefits (some still working at good jobs and receiving old age pension) have had increases in their welfare benefits while disabled and poor were impoverished further.

Currently my talents lie in the arts, that is part of the stress disorder that you become highly creative when you are extreme stressed with life and death situations constantly – which I am when the suicidality wells up.  I need help with applying for funding and educating myself as to how best to profit from my work SO I CAN PAY FOR MY OWN HOUSE AND MY OWN FOOD AND PEOPLE DON’T DESPISE AND DEMEAN ME FOR HAVING TO BEG.   I am now phobic about asking for things from people after past 17 years of dealing with ACC, justice system and mental health, this prevents me from being able to market, publish, perform and profit from my talent/my work.

Until I am healed I cannot see me being able to work at a ‘normal’ job because I am still most phobic about going for a job interview and as I know from years of experience, people will judge and reject me as being insane on just one meeting if I present in a  triggered traumatised state (as my disability is situational).  This is also hampered because of the lies mental health, police and others have spread in the community and of course my deteriorating mental health due to ACC and others.  I am discriminated against often and I challenge people with my activism which they don’t like – because it is true.  So getting a job will be almost impossible in Wairarapa and the way government agencies and members of parliament are currently terrorising me through the courts my knowledge and skills in mental health will not be taken advantage of by government – so I would never get a job for the government in any capacity – ALTHOUGH THEY DESPERATELY NEED MY HELP TO STEM THE SUICIDE EPIDEMIC they purposely created.

There will be no HOT POTATO CARE (please refer to medical evidence by world expert Karlen Lyons-Ruth), where I am given services and they are removed as soon as I show any improvement – only to let me crash and retraumatise me even more because I am not ready and KNOW IT!    I CAN ASSURE YOU THE SOONER health providers ARE OUT OF MY LIFE THE BETTER I WILL BE – RELYING ON ABUSIVE UNRELIABLE UNPROFESSIONAL HEALTH SERVICES IS WORSE THAN HAVING NO SERVICES AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is why we have so much suicide in New Zealand of course!

The OT or the mental health worker, (whoever is the more suitable or trusted – because I DO NOT TRUST ANY PERSON ON THIS PLANET, PARTICULARLY ANY HEALTH ‘PROFESSIONAL’ to do what they say) must be available to take me to the doctor. This is my most essential issue at the moment after being prevented from seeing a doctor due to an illegal and cruel CONTRACT Carterton Medical Centre (written by Simon Watt from Compass Health & Bell Gully) made me sign over three years ago.   The same threats of having all my health care removed by CMC have recently been extended to WINZ and also the local library when I burst into tears because of an email about being arrested AGAIN.  Apparently I am supposed to leave the building, compose myself and return.  Except it is the very act of going into these government buildings/situation and being demeaned, degraded and discriminated against that sets off the more extreme expressions/impairments/behaviours of my CPTSD – like self-harming.   Years of this sort of treatment has caused serious psychological harm, which is evident from my behaviour.

JUDSON AND WALSH’S ASSESSMENT THAT I AM PERMANENTLY IMPAIRED IS NOT ACCURATE AT ALL – that these ‘senior’ mental health professionals believe that would explain the appalling state of mental health services in New Zealand.  The idea that I am going to be like this forever is utterly ridiculous if I get the professional treatment care rehabilitation and housing I am entitled to under New Zealand law!   If I don’t get that care of course things will not improve and I will die – which I am sure is what our government, the legal profession and the health profession want to keep people employed in VIOLENCE/MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY.

Wanting me to provide every last detail of care IS NOT HOW REHABILITATION WORKS, that you don’t know that Alisdair could be explained – how leading psychiatrists and ACC don’t know that is incompetent, negligent and discrimination.  I would be working with an expert psychiatrist in the field of traumatic stress disorders, I guarantee you this person will know what is happening – just like OT Glenda van de ven Long did when I was working with  her.  Just like Dr Alan Doris did when I talked to him during several assessments – but was never allowed him as my psychiatrist – CORRUPTLY AND ILLEGALLY.

Part of my rehabilitation must include a full gym membership as I need the support of the staff, plus I have other physical health issues that now need to be addressed and will limit what I can do.  My previous OT facilitated my going to gym.  I need a full medical (to see a doctor more than once) as I have concerns about skin cancer, my ankle and hip as well.  I become easily overwhelmed and would not cope initially with a long consultation as I am terrified of doctors after the appalling bigoted incompetent unprofessional disrespectful treatment I have received.

I need a professional needs assessment ONCE I HAVE BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE PEOPLE I AM WORKING WITH – and there cannot be more than three people or organisations who are expected to know my impairments and assist me in firstly managing them and then overcoming them WHICH IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED!!!

ACC need to provide someone to deal with the years of unopened mail caused by them REFUSING TO REINSTATE MY CARE AS REQUIRED BY TWO ACC REVIEWS IN 2010/11.   ACC need to provide a professional to insure I get the $10,000+ in independence allowance they have been illegally withholding for years and I WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND YET ANOTHER ASSESSMENT TO GET THAT MONEY – that was required to be reinstated in 2010 according to the Fairway Review.

I also had monthly massages in 2009 which need to be weekly, when the gym is reinstated as it balances out the activity and release of rage with calm and quiet.   Yin and yang.  This also works psycho-socially as I am touched in a good healing way, not an abusive way.  That I have to explain why I need and am entitled to these things under law, to my lawyer and top government psychiatrists is not only strange its completely inappropriate.  A rehabilitation plan is developed between health professionals and the disabled person – not during a court case for protesting about being denied the professional treatment care rehab and home I am entitled to under ACC law & many other laws and UN treaties.

The six week residental rehabilitation programme I was supposed to go on years ago, as stated by Dr Alan Doris, will need to be organised.  Given our cruel corrupt government removed all the places that were suitable this will need to be part of $millions government have pledged to increase in services/resources for people with more acute mental health issues, especially as a result of abuse.   People with CPTSD are not accommodated by public mental health services, I read a news report by the new suicide prevention officer at Wairarapa DHB who said people with mental illness were not violent.   Violence is a symptom of Complex PTSD according to Bessell van der Kolk, whose work I greatly admire.  If only we would listen to the artists to guide services/resources as he suggests in his great book Traumatic Stress Disorders.  Copies of which I showed both forensic psychiatrists assessing me.

Personally I do not allow myself to act on the violence I feel and use my activism, self-harm and other techniques so I don’t become violent.  These so far work very well and I have never been violent towards any person, however I am treated like I am violent.  I recall the first time I started protesting about not getting mental health services I was entitled to from ACC my police file says on it DANGER TO POLICE SAFETY.   I was never and have never been a danger to police safety, I believed police were there to uphold justice and the law, my brother in law was a senior police officer, I didn’t realise there are corrupt police officers who are dedicated to protecting corrupt criminal people in power and persecute honest disabled people fighting for their rights to health care and justice.

Hopefully this answers your question about WHAT HEALTH CARE I WANT, making it clear this is not the full extent of what I am entitled to and need AS I WOULD REQUIRE THE APPROPRIATE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND MODELS TO BE PUT IN PLACE TO INSURE AND WORK THAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

You said I have to meet with you, which I have no choice about, however you must organise it through Masterton District Court, it will be recorded BY ME and security guard Jason will need to be there to support me and protect you in case I can’t keep control of the overwhelming rage I feel at what you and your friends at Forensic mental health are doing to not just me – to 100,000s of desperate innocent terrorised poor abused people – mostly women.   YOU DRIVE CHILDREN TO SUICIDE AND PEOPLE TO VIOLENCE AND SELF-HARM – you people are murderers and oppressors of the worst form.  How you sleep at night knowing what you do is beyond my comprehension as a civilised decent person.

In the future please communicate with me through email so I have proof of what you are saying and as requested at the beginning of this email please advise the details of who you have been talking to and what you have been doing that you advised me of yesterday in your telephone call.


Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

Mark Richardson targets poor people AGAIN & newshub actually reports it

This is horrendous, I am poor thanks to ACC, I am intelligent as well and know exactly what to do with money IF I WAS ALLOWED ANY OF IT OTHER THAN BASIC NECESSITIES MOST OF THE TIME.

Rich people have gone completely insane, its mostly the bullies, they’re deluded and trying to justify their wealth THEY GOT BY BLUDGING OFF A BANK – AND NOT WORKING FOR IT!

Newshub’s first ever news report in 20 years exposing increasing poverty for beneficiaries

I am rotting on invalids benefit thanks to ACC and govt my rent went up $40 this year and $30 last year, my benefit has increased $20.  That is a huge amount of money I now don’t have to participate in society.  The poverty is overwhelming and the way people treat you is too – especially people who have money and jobs, like my family.  The poorer the government and rogue landlords make me the more people hate me.

When National were in office I took a case against John Key for gross violations of Magna Carta for destroying people on welfare.  The judge threw it out saying I was just causing mischief or some BS – I WAS NOT, THAT CASE WAS RELEVANT AND LEGAL – the judge who threw it out was grossly corrupt.  He even quoted the laws I was relying on in his decision to not continue with the complaint of serious harm.   Things have been happening with my current lawyer that is proving yet again our justice system is grossly corrupt and set up by rich people to persecute poor people.

Interesting to note unemployment is up to over 10% – SO IMMIGRANTS ARE TAKING JOBS FROM LOCALS – THIS IS PROOF OF IT.  Its the local Kiwis who missing out on work then businesses with really bad owners/bosses MOSTLY WEALTHY IMMIGRANTS THEMSELVES, are diving the decent jobs to foreigners.  WTF  – Rise of colonisation – ewwwww. Not aimed at Maori aimed at anybody who was born in New Zealand.   THIS IS A CLASS WAR NOT A RACE WAR!!!!

Wait until you hear what my lawyer is doing – WTF!  Scary corrupt illegal shit!

Empower Me – Poem

Dedicated to new mayor, Greg Lang, and councillors of Carterton.

Empower Me

Empower me with courage
Empower me with faith
Empower me with self–belief
In what I do and say

Empower me with light
Empower me with dark
Empower me with balance
So I can hit my mark

Empower me with grace
Empower me with poise
Empower me with magnetism
Screen out the others noise

Empower me with clarity
Empower me with love
Empower me with understanding
Of what I have to give


Why Zombie Towns are a neo-liberal abomination in New Zealand

Saw this news item on MSN and wanted to be sick with what I know about ONLY WAY to transform our society and move away from neo-liberal terrorism of poor by rich.  Media and academics only giving half the story, telling us what is wrong but no solutions – BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS WHILE WE CONTINUE WITH THIS HORRENDOUS ILLEGAL NEO-LIBERAL SOCIETY.

We are human beings for 1000s of years we have made our own shelter, utensils, food.  Greedy neo-liberals with no other agenda but making money and controlling workers loved neo-liberal extremism, took that away.  There were no years of research and studies done into the impact of neo-liberal economics on society – unlike what Business Round Table & those who love neo-liberalism demand now for any small thing that supports welfare of society.  After 35 years of this nightmare for poorest 70% of the population it is quite obvious what neo-liberalism does to a small country like New Zealand. No 1 in world for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, self-harm, eating disorders and homelessness.

The people who implemented it just worked out ways to create jobs and profit from the harm they were causing – an abomination.  The HUGE increase in jobs that involve complete power over other people has skyrocketed, which is why we are having these serious abuses of power.   Its not people working together co-operatively, its power and control over another person – which is why it fails so completely with youth.   Commissions Tribunals and places you supposed to go and complain to (get justice) are themselves an industry – that poor people can’t get any justice from.  I have dealt with all of them unsuccessfully for years, trespassed from most of their offices for my non-violent loud protests.

THIS NEO-LIBERAL EXPERIMENT DOES NOT WORK AND EMPLOYING MORE PEOPLE TO TELL THOSE WHO CAN’T GET WORK, DECENT INCOME, HOME, SAFETY, FOOD SECURITY ETC that everything is OK and just talking about it will fix it IS INSANITY.  Which is also another reason youth commit suicide AND I HATE WITH A PASSION SOCIAL WORKERS, SUICIDE PREVENTION PROPAGANDA, COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS.  I call them maggots because they feed off the puss filled sore that is social decay – in this neo-liberal utopia for the rich and nightmare for rest of us DISGUSTING EXPERIMENT.

This is also the government and leaders of New Zealand admitting poverty, bankruptcy etc is caused by government REFORMS.  Organising society to send all the decent jobs to China and other country’s workers to do (including cruel sweatshop labour).   It admits there is high unemployment and it will continue with advances in technology.   If they can admit what is happening then why do media and National party, NZ First etc continually terrorised and blame people for being unemployed.  Why is MSD and WINZ so degrading and demeaning, put the blame on you???

Must go back and rewatch what Chris Hedges and others were saying bout ANOMIE and how communities who didn’t have the suicide and violence issues during ‘dark times’ operated.  Sure it was something to do with relationships and knowing what was happening for everybody.

New Zealand, Wairarapa and Carterton leaders and SERVICE INDUSTRY WORKERS say they do that BUT THEY DON’T.

Interesting he called them Zombie Towns, cause so many locals who left there loaded up on drugs to cope.  Had someone just come back from Hikurangi up north – it was a culture shock, an entire town of struggling poor unemployed people drugging themselves with meth etc to cope.

Will say more soon about the news item below.

Logan Paul told the truth about suicide & those who cause it hated him for it!

I have got to contact these two brainwashed naive ignorant young women – its criminal the way people treat the topic of suicide.  What happened with Logan Paul regarding his covering of suicide in Japan was horrifying to me- the way all those people hated him for it – for telling the truth and BEING TOTALLY HONEST he wasn’t doing it to get clickbait.

The report this young woman wrote is so wrong and so bad, along with the ‘news’ story from Alex Casey at The Spinoff who have ignored every email or social media plea I made to investigate and report my situation and what was happening.

The brainwashing propaganda governments and media put out about causes of suicide obviously works – really really well!  The way people who have driven someone they care about to suicide respond is pure GUILT RESPONSE.  They don’t want to be reminded the part they played – that particularly applies to governments and neo-liberal economic terrorist corporations.  I know the data, I know this sector I MEAN INDUSTRY  better than anyone in New Zealand I reakon, that’s why they try to terrorise me to keep me quiet.

Follow up with letters to these two women, if I have the energy, its getting late and I have a 10 page complaint to make to the Medical Council about Dr Nick Judson CORRUPT PSYCHOPATH MURDERER!

Meet the Dunedin woman who wrote her dissertation about controversial YouTuber Logan Paul



I’ve met Corinda Taylor – she is VERY controlling & manipulated by cruel neo-liberal elites

I’ve met her years ago, part of the torture wheel of HATE, ie an obsessed parent of a teen who was driven to suicide.    But now I know more about how neo-liberals purposely incite as much suicide as they possibly can to create jobs and profits for health profession and drug companies – I realise she’s just a naïve ignorant pawn in their game.   People like Corinda play the game for the elites while appearing to care about mental health services, she is angry her son killed himself and more interested in getting help for herself and others that validate her.

People like Corinda and Dave McPherson don’t care whatsoever how bad or abusive mental health services are for their family member – they just want them locked up, drugged up and someone else to blame for the death.  This is not every case of course, I’m generalising with regards to parents who are bullies and put huge amounts of pressure on their children to succeed – in a society where 20% are not allowed to for economic reasons.

This is when you start to see the glaring failure, corruption and deceit in the MENTAL HEALTH/VIOLENCE/SUICIDE INDUSTRY.  I started off making complaints to the Health and Disability Commission – everybody does.  I was told on the phone by HDC staff no complaint would ever succeed because I HAD MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

Which reminds me of my protest at the DHB meeting three years ago, with a cardboard sign how the Chairman (sir Paul Collins – corrupt criminal elitist, google his past) and CEO assured the other members that complaints were dealt with by Health & Disability Commission.  COMPLAINTS ARE NEVER DEALT WITH – THAT IS WHY WE HAVE THE 5TH HIGHEST RATES OF SIUCIDE IN THE WORLD, 1ST FOR YOUTH SUICIDE, 1ST FOR SELF-HARM & FIRST FOR DOMESTIC/FLATMATE VIOLENCE.  The gross injustices, violence, cruelty and psychological torture I am subjected to proves MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ARE ABUSIVE NOT HEALING.  Unless people take ‘the drugs’ elitists demand THEY WILL BE PERSECUTED.

I’ve never taken them myself but I have heard from people whose doctors etc experiment on them, been through up to 10 different medications for stress disorder – all of them made her feel worse.   If something caused worse torment and suicidal hell in your head would you do everything you possibly could to avoid it????  80% of the people in mental health just want THEIR JOBS TO BE EASY AND EVERYBODY TO BE DRUGGED INTO SUBMISSION.  They also know how bad it is and do nothing because they would be prosecuted by the govt and police if they did, they would be sacked if they did and they wouldn’t be able to get another job – because most people working in mental health are unemployable normally!!!!!

I wonder if all these suicide inquests are done to find out how much the family of the person contributed to the suicide – OH NO WAIT – I just realised it is supposed to degrade and terrorise families.   Suicide is embarrassing and annoying for wealthy neo-liberal terrorists, their perfect plan for them drives others to suicide and it doesn’t look good globally – irrelevant of what local people feel.  Plus of course the ‘ethical honest christian’ neo-liberal terrorist rich pigs feel a bit of guilt – got to transfer that guilt to someone else.  Just like Dr Edward Willis top constitutional expert lawyer working at Auckland University who thinks me holding him accountable for social problems is NOT SAFE FOR HIM.  WTF

FAMILIES HAVE NO LAWYERS – NEITHER DO VICTIMS LIKE MYSELF – the current criminal lawyer I have is an idiot and believes me guilty for legally protesting against abusive mental health services.


Mental Health Services in New Zealand – breeding ground for sadistic sociopaths

Absolutely disgusting reading this article – SIX YEARS AFTER THE EVENT – which was obviously punitive, its exactly what the really bad sadistic power obsessed psychopaths who work in mental health love to do to people THAT WON’T DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD!

It is still the same throughout New Zealand, nothing has changed and nothing will change because the Commissioner did absolutely nothing to punish them IN ANY WAY.   Which of course is part of the neo-liberal terrorism of vulnerable people with mental health issues.

This is why all those well meaning people who want family or friends to go to mental health for help ARE SO WRONG and just handing them over to a neo-liberal nightmare of hell.   Where drugging people profits the richest, rather than making sure they have professional health care and necessities of life.

And people wonder why I am terrified of mental health services, I know they do this to people, I have met people they put in jail for three months who were suicidal.  Nobody was dealing with her deeply disturbed controlling abusive parents – who were fundamentalist Christians.  When she got out she contacted me and said not even her parents were told she was in jail.  Punitive use of the police and justice system and its still going on.

I’ve never been caught up in public mental health’s sadistic cruelty like this – but been threatened with it many times.  YOu have to believe me 80% of the staff in mental health services are violent sadistic bullies with serious psychological unresolved issues.  Lots of them want to harm suicidal people because someone they cared about killed themselves and they are angry with that person so take it out on patients.   All the people in Wairarapa – except for perhaps one person – are the worst of the worst in New Zealand, which is why we are NO 1 in NZ for suicide and self-harm and why I can’t get any services AT ALL.  Even when others do, stopping me from seeing a doctor is part of that, stopping me from getting a psychiatrist and my ACC rehabilitation plan back is all part of that.

New Zealand Public Law Academics lead the evil of passive inaction- Dr Edward Willis

I got hold of Edward Willis expert in public/constitutional law and lecturer at Auckland University, started off saying he was willing to help.  Took a look at my website and this is what he text me – even after asking him to phone me he so riddled with guilt he couldn’t do it.  Look how strange his responses are, especially at the end when he says he isn’t safe.  Safe from what – the truth.

Text messages as follows


Wed 9 Oct 2019 1:55pm

Hi Jane, It’s Edward Willis – you have left a couple of messages on my phone.  I have been overseas since Friday and am just back at my desk today.  I am getting through a heavy workload at the moment but perhaps if you would please email me with some specifics of the issues you are facing I can assess whether they are the sort of thing I can help with I am in meetings for the rest of the afternoon but will look at anything you send me as soon as possible.


Wed 9 Oct 2019 3:59pm

Hi, I have communication issues I better talking with someone.  Firstly check out my website & youtube JR Murphy Poet.  You will have to excuse my angry response to your news item I have serious legal issues related to public law violations.  Prove me wrong and get me justice I should have and I’ll take down the video and do a different one.  But do not treat me like I don’t know the law & my rights as a poor person in a commonwealth democracy.  Particularly the 2 recent psych reports.  Thank you

Thu 10 Oct 2019 10:01 am

Best we talk before you form any opinions of me and the value of my current criminal case in upholding vital constitutional laws of nz and the commonwealth.  That’s without actually getting the lawyer I am entitled to for past 15 yrs for the fundamental injustices me and others being subjected to under neo-liberalism.


Thu 10 Oct 2019 10:33am

Hi Jane, I did take a look at your website yesterday evening. My impression was that you have a number of concerns with New Zealand’s law/government but nothing struck me as being an issue where I would genuinely be able to offer you meaningful assistance.  In particular I am not currently a practicing lawyer and so cannot lawfully provide you with any legal advice.  I appreciate that this is probably not the response you were hoping for but I would not want you to waste your time and energy with me.  If in the future there are particular issues that you consider I may be able to genuinely help with you are still welcome to email me setting those matters out.  If it is something I believe I can assist you with then I will.  In the meantime, take care. Ed


Thu 10 Oct 2019 10:55am

Response as expected.  You can help me, you have entire university of young people to advise me.  Best most frank discussion I had about power of constitutional laws was with 3rd yr student outside Supreme Court beside Victoria Law school.  My case needs to be in a higher court they refuse, which also deprives me of expert lawyers like Judith Ablet Kerr or Mae Chen.  I have a previous case also needs to be appealed serious perversions of justice by ACC and their lawyers Meredith Connell.

11:01 am

Also I have grounds for a judicial review but can’t work out how to do it.  Show me how or find someone who will.  Community law refused to help me.  I have nobody to discuss my defences with, my laywer always 2 hours late for meetings and supports mental health.  Did you see my solutions and rehab model for mental health?



Unfortunately I am not in a position to use my students for this kind of thing.  Can I suggest you make contact with the student run Equal Justice Project.  They may be able to assist you.


Thu 10 Oct 2019 11:29am

What a cop out.  Injustice is what you profit from.  You’ll get your rewards in heaven.  Every women and child who dies from suicide or domestic violence is your evil with your passive inaction.  Just as Prof Philip Zimbardo outlines in his work on abuses of power.  You should stop making public comment on constitutional law, its deceitful.



Hi Jane, While I have initially tried to be helpful I have now decided that it is not safe or appropriate for me to continue a dialogue with you.  I wish you well but please do not contact me again.



Won’t be – guilt response classic behaviour as well.


Mmmmm anybody have any idea what NOT SAFE and NOT APPROPRIATE means???  Not safe for him emotionally perhaps and not appropriate in what way, he’s one of the top law academics in New Zealand – YOUR AND MY TAXES PAY HIS WAGES!!!!  (I pay GST which is a higher percentage of my income than people who earn more.) He’s a public servant bleeding us peasants dry and working for wealthy elites to pervert constitutional law in our regard – not uphold it.  Did you like my Christian references, seemed appropriate considering the how much the bible is tied to truth and law.

Its this sort of low life bludging public servant you are paying upwards of $300,000 a year to make sure poor people are both created by the government, destroyed and exploited if they can by the government and society.  They have also set it up for themselves so they earn lots more money on the side with directorships, shares etc..  While I remain rotting on invalids benefit thanks to ACC you pay me $25,000 and I work to try and get people the health care, welfare and justice they are entitled to under law so they can return to work and lead decent lives being valued members of society.  (Wish is actually supposed to be his job.)

And NO you don’t pay my wages if you don’t agree with welfare, my 2 daughters pay my wages with the taxes they pay every week.  If you are a person who hates disabled people on welfare due to lack of health care YOU PAY FOR the $millions in interest every year on the $50billion government debt.  Which TAXPAYERS ARE WASTING THEIR MONEY ON because politicians gave the super rich tax cuts of over 40%.

Or you pay for all the ex PMs and MPs of New Zealand and their spouses who continue to get money & travel perks after quitting their jobs – where they caused huge social and environmental problems others have to try and sort out. Or what about the $2,000 a day Paula Rebstock was paid of your taxes for TRANSFORMING CYFS into Oranga Tamariki – that is on top of all her board fees as Chair of ACC and other organisations.   Then the cost of the National party making her a DAME for her services to business.  Then of course there are all the double dipper old people in good jobs who start getting TAXPAYER handouts of over $250 a week in benefit payments until they can be driven out of their cushy jobs.

When our media and National party go on about beneficiaries as they have started to in order to incite hatred in their voting demographic – just remember all the very highly  TAXPAYER paid people who work for the government and create this nightmare for some and utopia for others.