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Check out a Fence At The Top of the Cliff Rehabilitation model for abused & traumatised people along with a business plan I conceived several years ago, based on ACC and constitutional laws as well as scientific evidence.  This is what people who are abused are entitled to under the law and not getting.  This is a solution.

MIS Fence At The Top of the Cliff 2012

Mental Injury Services Ltd Business Proposal Version 2



An important part of this rehabilitation, which fits perfectly within its frame work, ACC’s frame work and any professional rehabilitation framework is the Whare Tapa Wha model.  Please read and share.  This is what we are entitled to and not getting.

This also fits with the Disability Strategy Action Plan – why are we not getting this care?  Why aren’t the media talking about this?

Also to back up what I am saying I would refer you to Sections 150A, 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act.  I have been making complaints for two years that ACC and NZ government are violating these laws and police refuse to act.  Anybody with a disability who believes an agency is violating these laws should make complaints to the police.  Tell everybody you know about this and lets get thousands of men and women making police complaints – all ages – that would make them do something!

NOTE: accommodation for a person with a long-term disability – that would include abuse victims with stress disorders – and their families.  Considering the serious state of accommodation for the poorest and most vulnerable New Zealanders, many of whom are entitled to care by ACC, we believe it is now time ACC invested some of their $billions in providing these homes/stable living environments.  It is essential people who have been abused have the physical and psychosocial environment they need to heal.

Every community should have state housing provided by ACC, the more dysfunction in a community the more stable homes and services needed to be provided – required by law!

As part of providing services to people with mental health issues I envisage a separate organisation available to all people with disabilities, injuries and who are just unemployed.  Through Regional Rehabilitation Centres through NZ, currently dedicated to building culturally appropriate New Zealand homes.  ACC can buy the land with their $billions and charity can fund the set up, then hand over to the government – hand back to the people of NZ who paid for it and own it and need it!

The Innovation of Collaboration – Regional Rehabilitation Centres in New Zealand

Regional Mental Health Facilities Essential

The human rights experiment of putting mentally injured and ill disabled people into the community has been a extreme failure for our society and those who are now in living environments that cause extreme suffering and worse human rights abuses than those they were trying to avoid.

I am not suggesting going back to what we had but creating a new residential mental health facility – the facility I dream of which would help people like me heal and recover from the overwhelming traumas and grave neglect I have been subjected to since I was raped 14 years ago.  (I can’t even believe it has been that long fighting for the care I am entitled to under the laws I show on this website.)

These facilities would be holistic in nature, situated in areas that provided space for gardening, interacting with nature, social interaction, outdoor fires, access to large bodies of water – all of those BASIC instinct type associations that have healed humans for thousands of years.  All those things that people can use when back in their home environments to cope with further traumas and the continuation of healing after a period in a mental health facility (which I feel should be called a retreat).

I envisage six week retreats as part of an extensive/intensive rehabilitation plan like that I experienced in 2009.  Rehabilitation that should start off in this way (as required by ACC law) and move along to the point of self-sufficiency.  Noting that for some badly mentally injured abuse victims there may never be self-sufficiency during on-going possible traumatic or triggering events – that happen in everyones lives but are particularly damaging in the lives of those with brains wired from childhood for abuse and dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

These retreats would be run in groups for the necessary psycho-social healing and discernment learning required to improve the lives and outcomes for people disabled by mental injury from trauma.  There would be group therapy and special areas related to sexuality following sexual abuse, there would be good food and encouragement when well to participate in the preparing of food.  This is a healing and rehabilitation place – this is the space and the place to begin healing – this is the foundation of care humans require of their communities to provide so they can overcome their grief and trauma.

By law these retreats would be run by the government using health funding and resources – not using NGOs, as it has been proven NGOs do not work in the area of mental health.  These retreats would need to be as secure and safe as any hospital – if not more so with the behaviour challenges many mentally injured people experience.  Nursing care would be 24 hour and so would the operation of the facility – mental health issues can happen within any 24 hour period and often in the middle of the night – there needs to be people and support to deal with them at any time.

Time to stop the appalling unprofessional abusive mental health system currently in place and provide the professional treatment, care and rehabilitation mentally injured people need and are entitled to.

Kia kaha and Aroha to us all.

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