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Judicial Commissioner Alan Ritchie – #OKBOOMER #OKRulingElite

I just received this response from a complaint about Judge Barbara Morris.   Loved the final sentence about how I will be outraged, I way past that point with these corrupt neo-liberal terrorist elites.  Here is his letter, which I could not copy from as it was protected on the email and my response.

20 November 2019


Ms J R

Dear Ms R

Complaint about Judge Morris

  1. References in this letter to the Act or to sections are references to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Judicial Conduct Panel Act 2004 or to sections of that Act.
  2. Please accept my apologies for the delay in completing my examination of your complaint. Some matters received ahead of yours took longer to deal with than I had been anticipating.
  3. You set out the complaint in your letter of 26 May 2019 in very wide-ranging terms but the essence is your concern that the Judge

“…made an extremely inappropriate comment about me receiving counselling…..”

  1. Your very clearly stated view that counselling is not sufficient treatment, care or rehabilitation in the case of your particular sensitive claim.
  2. I have listened to the audio recording of the hearing on 23 May 2019 and I certainly heard the judge refer to counselling but she did so only briefly and on your response, immediately referred instead to an interview by a psychiatrist drawn froma list to be provided by you. I note that you had earlier strenuously refused to attend an interview with another psychiatrist.
  3. I have previously explained to you the effect of section 15A(1) of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Judicial Conduct Panel Act 2004 but, by way of reiteration, that section provides that I may decide no further action on a complaint if I am satisfied in all the circumstances that to do so would be unjustified.
  4. On my assessment of the audio recording of the hearing on 23 May 2019, I am very plainly satisfied in terms of Section 15A(1). Indeed, from what I heard, I could not question the way in which the judge handled the situation. As part of that I note that the hearing was in a Court closed to the public.
  5. There is no basis on which further action by me could be justified. I appreciate that you will feel a sense of outrage at this decision. It will reinforce your view of my own corruption. I am sorry about that and express the hope that things may have moved on for you somewhat more positively since your letter to me.

Yours sincerely

Alan Ritchie


My response to this self-righteous elitist bigot is as follows

From: Jayne R
Sent: Thursday, 21 November 2019 2:01 PM
To: Judicial Conduct <JudicialConduct@jcc.govt.nz>
Subject: Re: Decision

It is never a good morning

No Mr Ritchie it has not moved on it has become even more incredibly INSANE, abusive and unjust.

In fact your response was interestingly timed as I was about to make another complaint about Judge Morris.  And sent a letter to your office regarding my feelings around my situation recently.  Of course I am annoyed, but you have actually achieved what my other point of the complaint was if I failed.  You have made sure I  have exhausted yet another avenue to get justice, which makes me eligible to help from United Nations and International Court.

Last week I was labelled insane and unfit to stand trial on the basis of two inaccurate, bias, corrupt and illegal psychiatric reports.  I sacked my lawyer who had become insulting, bigoted and misogynist, was refused another one.  According to Legal Aid it would be not be in the interests of justice to provide me a lawyer.  Saying I got rid of my last 2 lawyers inappropriate which is not true and they know it.  1st lawyer didn’t even work in Wairarapa and never heard of me 2 days before court when I phoned him.  2nd lawyer there was a conflict of interest we both agreed made him unsuitable.  They said my lawyer last year was unfairly dismissed which is not true, my lawyer Susie Barnes was great – just way out of her league when Meredith Connell, on behalf of ACC, got involved and perverted justice in my criminal case.

The thing is, its not the judge that is the real problem and injustice here, is it.  Elephant in the room is successive neo-liberal directed governments created this systemic/procedural injustice against people with stress disorders as a result of abuse and neglect (govt neglect mostly).  As Martyn Luther King said “Never forget everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”  (in 1963 while in Birmingham Jail USA).  It is quite obvious to me the justice system and mental health laws have been perverted to oppress poor disabled people like myself and profit unscrupulous authoritarian people. I am assuming from a lot of international media discussion this is due to corruption of our governments by pharmaceutical companies, this is the main reason for my situation.  I refuse medication on religious and ethical grounds – always have.  I know what I need to be safe enough to recover from my mental injury and move on with my life – that is all I have tried to do since I was a victim of crime in 2002.

That I (and others I have met) have been subjected to such punitive use of the police, health and justice systems trying to stop me getting the care victims need is abhorrent and nonsensical to me.  I see on a local mental health and addiction service provider website there are 6-8 week courses for alcoholics and junkies, gamblers – but as I don’t do those things I am ineligible.  In fact many of the people that receive these services are those who cause 80% of the harm to mentally injured disabled people in the bottom poorest (most disenfranchised, dysfunctional, disliked) 20% of society.

Now you have this information I feel it is your obligation as a senior judicial official to ensure my legal needs are met and this nightmare is ended sooner rather than later, so I can get on with my life.  Free from oppression and with the professional treatment care rehabilitation and safe stable culturally appropriate home in my community as required by New Zealand and international UN treaties.

I will continue to try and get my art, music, suicide/abuse/trauma treatment services, political ideas, human rights, disabled rights, civil rights and democracy ideas into my community.  Alhough I am terrified, I will continue to do my graffiti art and posters around my area when I have the courage.  I will also continue to try and get services that police are now demanding are under compulsory treatment order.  Which still blows my mind when all I have done is protest because I wasn’t getting services they said were available and I was incapable of working with providers who had already failed me so badly I almost committed suicide.  And the English police officer prosecuting me, laughing at what was happening, that was just disturbed.  Please refer to my youtube channel about what I was subjected to


I have also been trespassed from the court to stop me chalking outside, which I am legally allowed to do if I wasn’t trespassed.  Even when they said I could come to court they tried to stop me chalking beforehand.  I kept telling them I had won a court case that said I could protest on any public property so long as I was quiet – which chalking is, unless someone comes up and tried to stop me and incite me to swearing and violence.  Thankfully I have a lot of experience with overzealous poorly trained security and police who don’t know Bill Of Rights and other laws as well as I do.

At the moment I am planning my treatment and rehabilitation, they are demanding I receive compulsorily – LOL, LOL, LOL.  Or if they are corrupt and have left me without services just to terrorise me and the community, then they will find a corrupt psychiatrist who demands I take medication.  Question is how do I protect myself against them illegally (gross violation of UN Declaration on Human Rights) forcing me to take medication?  I would like you advice on this?

My other problem is I have not worked out how to get my injustice regarding ACC, health care, police and others into the High Court.  If I could take a civil action in the high court under Legal Aid (who hate me) then I believe this entire situation would be resolved, I have wanted to do this for over 17 years.  I would receive the professional health care and stability in my housing situation that is essential to me not ‘going tourettes’ when I am challenging people in authority, in the community causing harm to me and others.  It is also essential to my recovery and being able to move on.  These tourettes moments, which are documented by a previous psychiatrist I saw multiple times are an impairment related to my disability and the extreme stress I am under.

I would appreciate your comments and advice on my situation in the framework of requirements under Imperial Law enactment of the Magna Carta.  As this does not appear to be something the District Court is capable of applying.  A judge is there to adjudicate between two opposing factions, I have been denied that most basic legal right by being labelled insane – from what I have told you above it is pretty obvious it is not me who is insane.  This will also be obvious to Nils Melzer and other UN officials regarding complaints I intend to make.

Judge Morris’ comments about psychotropic medication reinforces my case for criminal negligence and discrimination on the basis of my disability, religious and ethical beliefs.  Currently I am quite incapable and to poor to conduct a case of such magnitude and significance in our neo-liberal controlled country.  With the care police are demanding I forcibly receive (which is truly ridiculous) hopefully my high level of executive functioning will return.  I have always said, “I just want my life back.”

I will never stop protesting and being a Civil Society Actor in the area of mental health services and suicide for victims of trauma and crime until our government and society do what they say they do.  What I was taught in my disability, rehabilitation and health 101 papers at Massey.  Other people who are being harmed don’t have the knowledge, experience and understanding I do to articulate in a more legal and professional way what is happening and how oppressed we are.  Also how it adversely affects our behaviour which is exploited throughout our unjust, undemocratic neo-liberal society.

I look forward to your response, although I would rather meet with you in person to discuss this.  I find this personal detachment between those in power and those oppressed is a significant cause of why nothing is being done to stop the suicide and violence people pushed to breaking point are expressing.  There is no way my family and people I am peers with who are wealthy (I no longer associate with) would agree to the situation I am in.  None of my current friends who know who I am and what I fight for agree at all, but are too unwell and too afraid to support me.  In fact nobody I meet protesting disagrees with what I am saying.  Which makes the actions of police extremely bizarre.  If all of those people wanting me prosecuted knew the situation about my decade long fight for reinstatement of my care by ACC, which includes $10,000 in unpaid Independence they are illegally withholding – I am sure they would not want police to prosecute me.  Police, Labour Party, Bell Gully and DHB have no excuses except corruption, criminal negligence and oppression, as they caused this situation.

Finally, we are No 1 in OECD for youth suicide (No 5 for suicide), women self-harming, domestic/flatmate violence and homelessness, everything I am fighting for and passionately legally protesting about is to address this appalling desperate situation.  How can I be insane and those doing it not?  Please refer to Prof Philip Zimbardo’s work on evil and abuses of power.

Yours sincerely
Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

From: Jayne R
Sent: Thursday, 21 November 2019 5:54 PM
To: Judicial Conduct <JudicialConduct@jcc.govt.nz>
Subject: Re: Decision, further information

I was going to write more about the inaccuracies in your report but I really feel there is no point after doing some research on you.  It is quite obvious you have the mentality of a ruling elite BOOMER instrumental in the persecution of (purposely impoverished) disabled mentally injured abuse victims like myself.  You also feel no quilt or responsibility whatsoever for the 10,000s abused neglected women children and men the neo-liberal controlled judiciary illegally and unjustly terrorise, persecute, drive to suicide and crime.  Or the same number who are denied Legal Aid and appropriately qualified and resourced lawyers (as Justice Winkleman has pointed out several times now).  Other than that all I have to say is #OK BOOMER!   Or as Martyn Bradbury called it more accurately #OK RULING ELITE – which of course is you.

You are a vile corrupt evil man and people like you will need to be removed from your position of power before we have peace between rich and poor again.   Purposely driving children to suicide, women to self-harm, men to violence and crime and using immigrants to drive disabled and poor from their homes are terrorist acts of cruel and immoral fascists – which you and your ruling elites friends are.  I know this, you now know this, I will make sure as many people as possible know it as well.

The life of privilege you have lived and the suffering you have caused is an abomination of neo-liberal extremism that will never be forgotten by me and I think you are in fact so incredibly cruel and corrupt I will write a poem about you and include it in the next edition of my book, which will be submitted to the National Library of New Zealand.  This is to make sure what has happened to me and so many others is recorded for prosperity, so everybody knows the truth, not just the public narrative propaganda we are all subjected to.

When neo-liberal terrorists are overthrown and I am part of a new era of justice, equality and sustainability I will make sure you are removed from any control or judgement of any kind over people.  Personally I feel people like yourself should be forced to relinquish all the proceeds of your years of crimes against poor in this country, left with only a modest house in a modest suburb (actually I believe we will eventually start holding the cruellest neo-liberals to account just as they are still doing with NAZI murderers.  Everything else should be seized and returned back to the taxpayers you failed and illegally oppressed.

Other than that I wish you all the karma and judgement any higher power that does exist chooses to unleash on you for your crimes against humanity in New Zealand.  From the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare it is not me who is insane it is you and your ruling class friends.  The elites that everybody is working out are the ones to hate and fight against, not each other which you currently incite.

I don’t hate you for this decision, I hate you for who you are and what you have done to destroy democracy, rule of law and government in this country in your lifetime.  I was 5 yrs old when you became a lawyer, I am now 55, you destroyed my life since 2002 which is when I first started trying to get a lawyer I was entitled to and finally worked out was non-existent to a poor disabled abused women like myself.  You would have known me from your days perverting justice for poor at Law Society.  The #metoo movement in Wellington proved without doubt the levels of toxic immoral abuses of power against women that male lawyers appear to think their birthright.   First you abuse women, then you deny abused women the treatment care rehab homes and justice they are entitled to under law.  I personally think those who deprive abuse victims of their entitlements and rights are worse than any rapist, child molester and disgusting filthy pervert – you not only deprive them of a decent life, you often deprive their children, families and those around them.

You are a disgusting immoral corrupt elitist bigot and hopefully the bible is true and you go to hell where you definitely belong.  EAT THE RICH!

Yours sincerely
Jayne R
Civil Society Activist
That’s how you politely use your pen as a sword in the fight against these traitor global elites.