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Labour Party & ACC Minister on MICROSOFT news – guaranteed elitist propaganda

I started crying reading this neo-liberal extremist garbage – they now blatant about the propaganda that surrounds governments who fail to protect all people and cause dissension envy and hate.

This article is particularly distressing because they talk about transparency and being positive and all that sort of bullshit at the same time and terrorising and oppressing me, making sure my art is censored and things are made much worse.

New Zealanders are obsessed with positive news, it is part of our culture, part of all the immigrants who arrived here RUNNING AWAY FROM THEIR PROBLEMS, especially greedy gold miners etc.  Also why we have the highest rate of bowel cancer IN THE WORLD.  Also why NZ media can blatantly lie and everybody believes them, also why I am terrorised in my community for telling the truth about how bad things are – not just by those destroying me and others like me – but also those being impoverished.

The Stanford Prison Experiment (and hope of Mont Pelerin Society of global neo-liberal extremist murderers) makes it obvious that I am the person in the cupboard being terrorised by everybody for actually standing up to degrading psychological and physical/social abuse.   It is heartbreaking to know just how corrupt the leaders of this country are and I’m sure many of them are that radicalised and brainwashed they don’t even realise (don’t want to realise).

They put Iain Lees-Galloway and the local Labour MP in the photos because they know how many people are being screwed over by ACC and Labour part in Wairarapa- especially mentally injured abuse victims.  They also know Wairarapa is No 1 in NZ for driving terrorised poor people out of their homes and to suicide.  Also No 1 in THE WORLD for driving women to self-harm, forcibly drugging terrorised abuse victims/poor people as well.

I know the rich in Wairarapa are doing their best to drive disabled and poor out of the region – so they don’t have to look at them.  I was talking to someone who has lived in Carterton all his life and he said they had to move out of their flat again – owner was coming back.  That they were told to move to Wellington and they would get jobs etc – these two people ARE NOT CAPABLE OF WORKING, they both have mental health issues.   They were also told to go boarding – like people in the community are supposed to look after these people????  What sort of insanity is that????   THE MARKET LEAD INSANITY of destroying mental health services, destroying state housing and making the poorest and most desperate in society take on these ‘often dangerous’ people – which of course causes massive trauma and huge levels of suicide.


Martyn van Beynan well known HATER of abuse victims, trashing #metoo movement AGAIN

This disgusting excuse of a human and journalist spending his New Year to attack sexual abuse victims and the #metoo movement.   At a time when the highest number of rapes, violence and other sexual abuse happens – what sort of sicko does that????  I have phoned this vicious elitist nasty bigot several times about horrendous untrue things he has said in the media and been abused for REMINDING HIM OF THE TRUTHFUL PARTS HE LEFT OUT OF HIS CLICKBAIT journalism.

It is a well known fact 41% of sexual abuse complaints to police, the abuser is found not guilty by juries in this neo-liberal hell hole – which is what happened to me.  The guy even admitted it and was still found not guilty – but then the jury was loaded with 10 white haired old men, one old woman with a blue rinse and one young woman who looked IHC NOT MY PEERS – A BUNCH OF BOOMERS!   I am 55 years old and never once been called up for jury duty – WHY IS THAT???  I have the time to do it as I’m not working, so why am I excluded?????

Everybody says there has been an investigation into what happened but I do not believe there has been – there has been a cover up, as there always is with any New Zealand government/political party.   Its interesting that it is also WOMAN covering up these crimes, trivialising them and trashing abuse victims – I find this all the time – rich affluent women (who I bet slept their way to the top ewwww).  Neo-liberal extremists have put rich affluent women in charge to destroy poor terrorised abused women – because they know their behaviour will be even more evil than a mans.

From my personal experience and research, men (unless psychopathic) are far more empathetic to women who are suffering – women HATE them, reject them, refuse to believe what they are saying so their schema of the world isn’t affected.

I believe the #metoo movement is a crock of shit as well – because nothing improved, things only got worse FOR THE OECD COUNTRY THAT HAS THE HIGHEST RATE OF DRIVING PEOPLE TO VIOLENCE IN THE HOME – and its not just families its flatmates as well.  Its our No 1 for homelessness that is causing this.  The industry around violence is just that – an industry that police and others are desperate to keep going – Martyn van Beynan is part of that plan and that hatred of abuse victims.  He knows ACC are depriving suicidal abuse victims and people like myself of care, he knows my case I have emailed and tweeted him links to my website.  He ignored it, told him to tell my story, he ignored me – the many is a fascist greedy miserly elitist neo-liberal terrorist bigot AND ONE OF THE MOST – ACTUALLY THE MOST corrupt abusive journalist in New Zealand.


Why Zombie Towns are a neo-liberal abomination in New Zealand

Saw this news item on MSN and wanted to be sick with what I know about ONLY WAY to transform our society and move away from neo-liberal terrorism of poor by rich.  Media and academics only giving half the story, telling us what is wrong but no solutions – BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS WHILE WE CONTINUE WITH THIS HORRENDOUS ILLEGAL NEO-LIBERAL SOCIETY.

We are human beings for 1000s of years we have made our own shelter, utensils, food.  Greedy neo-liberals with no other agenda but making money and controlling workers loved neo-liberal extremism, took that away.  There were no years of research and studies done into the impact of neo-liberal economics on society – unlike what Business Round Table & those who love neo-liberalism demand now for any small thing that supports welfare of society.  After 35 years of this nightmare for poorest 70% of the population it is quite obvious what neo-liberalism does to a small country like New Zealand. No 1 in world for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, self-harm, eating disorders and homelessness.

The people who implemented it just worked out ways to create jobs and profit from the harm they were causing – an abomination.  The HUGE increase in jobs that involve complete power over other people has skyrocketed, which is why we are having these serious abuses of power.   Its not people working together co-operatively, its power and control over another person – which is why it fails so completely with youth.   Commissions Tribunals and places you supposed to go and complain to (get justice) are themselves an industry – that poor people can’t get any justice from.  I have dealt with all of them unsuccessfully for years, trespassed from most of their offices for my non-violent loud protests.

THIS NEO-LIBERAL EXPERIMENT DOES NOT WORK AND EMPLOYING MORE PEOPLE TO TELL THOSE WHO CAN’T GET WORK, DECENT INCOME, HOME, SAFETY, FOOD SECURITY ETC that everything is OK and just talking about it will fix it IS INSANITY.  Which is also another reason youth commit suicide AND I HATE WITH A PASSION SOCIAL WORKERS, SUICIDE PREVENTION PROPAGANDA, COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS.  I call them maggots because they feed off the puss filled sore that is social decay – in this neo-liberal utopia for the rich and nightmare for rest of us DISGUSTING EXPERIMENT.

This is also the government and leaders of New Zealand admitting poverty, bankruptcy etc is caused by government REFORMS.  Organising society to send all the decent jobs to China and other country’s workers to do (including cruel sweatshop labour).   It admits there is high unemployment and it will continue with advances in technology.   If they can admit what is happening then why do media and National party, NZ First etc continually terrorised and blame people for being unemployed.  Why is MSD and WINZ so degrading and demeaning, put the blame on you???

Must go back and rewatch what Chris Hedges and others were saying bout ANOMIE and how communities who didn’t have the suicide and violence issues during ‘dark times’ operated.  Sure it was something to do with relationships and knowing what was happening for everybody.

New Zealand, Wairarapa and Carterton leaders and SERVICE INDUSTRY WORKERS say they do that BUT THEY DON’T.

Interesting he called them Zombie Towns, cause so many locals who left there loaded up on drugs to cope.  Had someone just come back from Hikurangi up north – it was a culture shock, an entire town of struggling poor unemployed people drugging themselves with meth etc to cope.

Will say more soon about the news item below.


This is what $120,000 wage increase to CEO of TVNZ gets you – HATE AGAINST POOR

Here it is, always starts about 13-14 months before a general election – the National party right wing haters start trashing poor people on benefits.  And here is what THE TAXPAYERS  $1.5 million salary to the CEO of TVNZ gets you – with the promoted and justified latest $120,000 increase.  YOUR TAXES FOLKS, YOUR TAXES.

This news item is nothing more than government propaganda and we all know the rubbish we are forced to watch on TVNZ nowadays, which includes huge amounts of advertising.  Advertising limits on TV were removed when neo-liberal terrorists took over New Zealand in 1984.  As manufacturing jobs were driven overseas to ‘developing’ countries like China they needed people to become consumers, advertising brainwashing has done that – and destroyed our society and planet at the same time.

Remember every cent a beneficiary spends in the community, they support small and medium sized business profits.  Most of these people are part of the REQUIRED UNEMPLOYED for a low wage economy like we have.  Many working part-time, many with injuries & disabilities who can only work part-time and are penalised for it.  At the moment if you are on invalids benefit and get a small job of less than 15 hours a week you will get less money working than if you didn’t.  Years of cruel elitist governments did that purposely.

This news item should never have been written or published and if it was, the comparison should have been how much money is lost in contract overpayments to businesses who DON’T STAY WITHIN THEIR OFFICIAL QUOTES.  Cost overruns on public projects by private enterprise that cost TAXPAYERS $billions.




Michele Eades WINZ Manager Masterton being a corrupt bigot for Labour Party

Have to stop watching and reading news, got to get more of what happening to me on the internet, as that is about as big a news as you can get in the SUICIDE, SEXUAL ABUSE, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, VIOLENCE, GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM CORRUPT HEALTH SYSTEM topics.

Below is a recent letter from Michele Eades, it was posted to me, PURPOSELY NOT EMAILED, because Michele and her chronies know I have issues opening my mail and were hoping I wouldn’t.  Also they know I had started copy and pasting emails to this website and didn’t want this one to go through.   I will show you the letter on my youtube channel so you know it is legitimate.  Also I will start posting all the emails she refers to and the recent one from her boss.  Which referred to legislation on a Worksafe website that she said validates their position about ME CAUSING HARM TO WINZ STAFF and visitors by being terrified, traumatised, distraught and self-harming – I’ve read it – it doesn’t.

Please note these letters are extremely difficult for me to go through and to respond to, it causes me significant distress and usually I have to self-harm to cope and start crying throughout the ordeal.  I desperately need a civil legal aid lawyer, the UN or someone to protect me from this discrimination, oppression and corruption.  If you had someone writing lies and this sort of offensive insulting degrading bigotry- YOU KNOW IS ILLEGAL UNDER NZ DISABILITY AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS – you would feel the same as me.

Go to my youtube channel and you will find the video I did AFTER I had been at WINZ, the extremely traumatised state I was in.

WINZ Letterhead – Masterton Service Centre

21 August 2019

Jayne R
…. Ave

Dear Jayne

I am writing regarding your visit to the Wairarapa Service Centre in early August and the tone and content of your recent emails.

Your behaviour on 2 August 2019 was very upsetting to other clients in the Service Centre.  I need to be sure that staff, clients and visitors (including you) feel safe in the Service Centre.

When you visit our Service Centre you can expect to be treated with respect and concern for your circumstances.  However, I also need you to treat our team, and other clients and visitors appropriately and with respect.  This will enable us to provide a good service to everyone.

There are standards of behaviour that all clients need to meet when in our Service Centre.  In particularly this includes

  •  No behaviour upsetting to others, including yelling or abuse and
  •  No violence or threats (to yourself or to others)

In the future if you are verbally abusive, or distruptive you will be asked to leave the office until you regain your composure.  We are unable to provide you with a good service when you behave in the way you did on 2 August 2019.  You will be welcome to return to the office when you are composed.

Regardless of the situation, or how upset you are feeling it is not OK to call MSD staff inappropriate or abusive names, either in person or by email.  It is also not appropriate to request me to kill you.  It makes it difficult for us to provide you the service we want to and we cannot tolerate this.

If you email using abusive language we may not be able to continue to correspond with you by email, and instead you will need to either phone our contact centre, use MyMSD or attend appointments in the Service Centre.

I know that you have a number of things that you are managing in your life but would like to remind you that it is important that you seek support for these things from the appropriate experts.  We are not the experts, however, we are happy to facilitate referrals to the agencies if you would like us to do so.

In particular I would like to remind you of the following agencies that are available to support you.

Health: GP – Carterton Medical Centre 06 3798105
Wairarapa DHB:  069469800
Mental Health Services/crisis team 069469805
ACC: 0800101996
Tenancy: direct with landlord or tenancy tribunal

If you email regarding any of the above issues we can only remind you of the support available from these agencies and offer to connect you with them.  I would recommned that you go direct to them regarding your concerns rather than emailing me.

We do want to make sure that you are receiving all the financial assistance you’re entitled to so if you ever wish to apply for addiction assistance or check that you’re receiving what you’re entitled to please contact us.

I know that you prefer to communicate with us by email so hope that you will take this letter seriously and ensure that your language and messages are appropriate so that we can continue to support you.

Yours sincerely


Michele Eades
Service Centre Manager


After reading that load of total fkn BULLSHIT, lies and cognitive dissonance it becomes overwhelming because I know how abusive or non-existent the ‘services’ are – I have been rejected and terrorised by them many times.   This is exactly what abusers of power do – they call it gaslighting, the more formal name is cognitive dissonance.   She wrote this letter that appears to be so genuine, sensible and sane – when I know it is not.  This is the words of a radicalised person on the most massive guilt trip about what she personally has done to ensure MY ACC CARE WAS NOT REINSTATED she has to delude herself to cope psychologically.   Even though other WINZ staff were trying to make ACC reinstate my care so I could get off welfare, Michele told me my legal problems were nothing to do with WINZ, it was my problem if I couldn’t get a lawyer or care, the meeting was cancelled.

Another comment I will make before I have to leave my computer and binge and vomit – I am screaming for my ACC care back so I can go back to work, not be unemployed and relying on these revolting people at WINZ (even the good people at WINZ, I don’t want these people in my life!).  ME AND EVERYBODY WHO FORCED TO GO IN THAT BUILDING HATE IT (except for the double dipper old people who work at really good jobs even though they are over 65 and/or get huge amounts of money from their wealth WHILE STILL BLUDGING OFF THE NZ TAXPAYER GETTING A BENEFIT of $100s every week – and free travel).

The things I said loudly as I was leaving was IF I CAN’T WORK I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD x 3  When you understand the context of my distraught behaviour then you would look at this letter just as I do – INSANE DELUDED BULLY JUSTIFYING THEIR UNJUSTIFABLE CRUEL BEHAVIOUR.

Just for a laugh I contacted all the people, except for Tenancy Tribunal on the list Michele gave me – all people who had been refusing me services for years, who did the same again.  Along with blaming me for my worsening terror trying to interact with services that were insulting, degrading, unprofessional and criminally negligent.  I’m not quite sure why these people have gone quite mad – I think it has something to do with those in power putting EVERYBODY who suicidal in the category of spoilt brat, middle class or rich kid with no ‘resilience’.



From: Jayne R
Sent: Monday, 27 May 2019 9:46 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: Re: for your information

Hi Michelle,
Since when do I have Ministry of Justice fines?????  Nobody has advised me of anything, are they allowed to take money out of my benefit without advising me?  Are you allowed to take money out of my benefit without advising me.
I can’t afford to pay $15 a week, I have told you repeatedly I cannot live on the money I was getting and certainly can’t do it now you have cut it by $30 – you told me when I first contacted you about the massive increase in my rent that you would change the repayment arrangements for anything I owed, why havn’t you done that.  Please advise what do I owe and who do I owe it to, can you please outline all this money coming out of my weekly benefit.
You know the terrible situation I have been in with flatmates because of impairments related to my disorder, also because I have been illegally put in harmful situations by Corrections and mental health services.  You know I am terrified and how the last person who contacted me about accommodation was a sexual deviant, when I put a notice up on the local supermarket board.  Today I have put a notice on Trade Me, this is the third time this year with no response, although I am terrified I am going to get yet another flatmate who takes advantage of my disability because I am still being illegally denied health care and support I am entitled to.
How can there be a maximum on accommodation supplement when the cost of rentals has gone through the roof.  The government not only are setting rental rates on their tenancy website, they are then not compensating disabled people on welfare who are forced to pay them.  Disabled people like myself who are required by multiple laws to be in state housing living in their communities in culturally appropriate situations.  I have relatives buried in Carterton cemetery, my children were born here, I have owned houses here, this is where I live, this is my community, this is my culture – ugly and cruel as it is now so many racist elitist neo-liberal immigrants live here (that includes immigrants to our region from within NZ) it is my home I belong nowhere else (fact is I don’t even belong here, no disabled human sewage like myself has a place here).  I know someone just moved here paying $400/week for an old small 3 bedroom, everybody on welfare paying less are completely terrified – do you get lists of the number of people you are driving to suicide, violence and addiction every week?
It is very strange you are so keen to pay the landlord even when they refuse to make this property safe as required by law.  Nothing I can do about it, can’t go to the Tenancy Tribunal because if I do I will never get another rental if I have to move.  The thought of moving makes me want to be sick – I don’t ever want to be forced to move again, it is inhuman and shows a complete failure of neo-liberalism and privatisation.
It is deeply distressing and harmful to have these constant forms reminding me what a worthless impoverished piece of garbage I truly am.  Why are there so many things, is it done purposely to terrorise and degrade people, to ensure they have to beg for food regularly so they will kill themselves????  If I don’t get health care, how does anybody expect me to work????  I don’t understand, that is why we have ACC law, to make sure people have all the help possible to return to work and not let injuries, physical or mental, to destroy their lives.   I never got the care I was entitled to and they destroyed my life, that is not only a violation of ACC law, it is a violation of Magna Carta – the founding document of our modern government and Rule of Law.  If government don’t follow the Magna Carta and Westminster Statute then the citizens who being destroyed have every legal right to ignore all laws.
If I can get a flatmate that isn’t going to harm me you can put the debt payments back up, but I definitely can’t pay it now, you are taking food and essentials from me, why are you doing that, what sort of person are you Michelle.  I have never taken food from you, never terrorised you or your family, never stood back and watched you being harmed, so why do you do it to me – I don’t understand.  You are a public servant you are supposed to uphold decency, civil and ethical behaviour, you swore an oath to uphold the law, not to do what corrupt government officials tell you to when you know it is wrong.
Why are you doing this to me, why are you doing this to so many people and hurting them so much they self-harm, suicide and become highly dysfunctional.
Jayne R
( Note fines were parking fines from protesting in Wellington in 2017 – I tried to get the Wellington Council to remove them, they refused – they don’t want poor people bringing their cars to wellington to protest about poverty, abusive mental health services and govt corruption.)

From: Jayne R
Sent: Wednesday, 29 May 2019 5:19 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: Letter for Carterton Food Bank

I am required to get a letter from WINZ to access any foodbank, can you please provide that letter that I am now so desperately poor I can’t afford food every week.  What a worthless piece of garbage I am and now even more people in town will know what a disgusting loser I am.  Imagine if I told them I had bulimia.  I just spoke to Carterton Food Bank, told them I was unwell and couldn’t pick it up because of how I self-harm and shake and tick.  I think they going to deliver it.  (They never did – just ignored me.)
They want a letter from you so I don’t have to go through that every week.  I FEEL SO ASHAMED, SO DEGRADED, OH GOD I WANT TO DIE, WHAT A WORTHLESS WORTHLESS WASTE OF AIR, I DON’T BELONG HERE, I DON’T BELONG ANYWHERE.  The woman on the phone hung up on me because I started crying and told her how bad I felt about having to beg for food.  I told them I was developing diabetes, which I am, because of all the carbohydrates I have to eat and asked for veges and meat/fish.  I would help out growing veges somewhere to repay them, because I never know how long I will be at this house and so can’t plan for food all year round.  I always thought growing food would be temporary until I got back to work.
My daughter had a bad car accident and I can’t go to her in Whakatane, I can’t stop crying – how am I supposed to have strong family relationships if I dont’ have any money to visit my family?  Today was my first pay and I couldn’t stop crying about that either.
Saw a documentary not long ago about peasant farmers in Sth America being driven from their land so rich people could build houses.  A gang member who refused $1million to do it said THE TEARS OF THE POOR WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU ONE DAY.  That’s why he refused but other greedy members of the gang did it.  In New Zealand our government do it to us, our neighbours do it to us, you do it to people for a job.  I wonder how many people cry and self-harm because of you Michelle.  We have the highest rate of self-harm in the world in Wairarapa and I am sure that would be related to abusive mental health services and poverty.  I know King Street Artworks trespasses any person who does that – a mental health provider banning some of the most desperate persecuted terrorised people in our community – gross violation of human rights against a person with a disability.  They don’t care of course because King Street is only for mild mentally ill people, not worthless garbage like me.
After 18 months Snr Sgt Jennifer Hansen offered to fill out the legal aid form for me yesterday, she said it on an email and I was in Masterton within 20 mins.   I had told Legal aid I couldn’t fill out the forms and they refused to provide me a lawyer to help me so for 18 months I just get terrorised over and over again.  But then you know ALL ABOUT MY CASE DON’T YOU MICHELLE, you know everything, you just don’t care the government are harming me – which is a criminal act under Sections 150a and 151 of the Crimes Act.
I wonder if I will ever stop crying, if I will ever stop hurting, if my heart won’t be broken forever, if I will ever be safe – after this long being forced to rot on welfare I am sure it will never ever stop.  Never, no hope ever, I wish someone would shoot me, I really do.
human sewage

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 31 May 2019 3:47 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: Can I please have letter for foodbank?

Can I please have the letter the website requires, I phoned someone from Carterton foodbank a couple of days ago, I got upset and the woman hung up on me.  So I don’t know if I’m going to get any food or not and I really need it.  It makes me really unwell when I have food insecurity, makes my fight flight and freeze response really bad.
I don’t want to beg for food from you, it makes me feel really really bad, really ashamed and worthless.  If I hadn’t been raped and neglected like I was it could have been me in your job, I’m an intelligent person, I even have reports to say that, I don’t understand why you think its OK for ACC and the government to stop me getting health care I am entitled to and force me to beg for food when it is obvious how much this contributes to me wanting to kill myself EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Jill Greathead at the Carterton Council told me foodbanks were for people on welfare who couldn’t afford to live, that is what they were set up for, that is what neo-liberalism required.  I am still extremely distressed about not being able to go and see my daughter who had the car accident, it is her birthday on 3 June.  Her sister just told me her and some friends going up for her birthday, but no room for me to go.  My heart is breaking – how am I supposed to have a supportive family if I’m too poor to go to them when something happens.
If I had the $10,000 ACC are withholding at least I could try and do something to make some money, try and get my art, music and things I make to provide me with enough money to live – so I don’t have to be on welfare when it is sooooooo degrading and abusive in my case.

From: Jayne Routhan
Sent: Friday, 31 May 2019 10:58 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: Proof I am looking for a flatmate, so far nobody has called

I also have it listed on a facebook site, but nobody suitable so far, only a couple of people have inquired.
I was reading the letter you sent demanding I provide proof I am trying to change my circumstances so I am not living in such poverty I want to kill myself.
Was watching the government wellbeing budget and just couldn’t stop crying, what a lie, what an enormous lie – so all rich people will think poor people are getting help.  There is no way back to wellness when you don’t have the necessaries of life and wealthy immigrants are driving you from your homes into worsening and more dangerous situations.  Our government does that on purpose and profits from it, creates jobs out of persecuting poor people.   Do you know what it is like to know definitely that is happening and how illegal and corrupt it is, how many laws it violates and nobody does anything to stop it.
1600 more mental health workers, 1600 more USA trained ignorant issue ridden sociopaths whose only objective is to create money and jobs for drug companies and themselves.  This is never going to end is it Michelle, denying garbage like me health care and keeping us terrorised is going to continue isn’t it.  I bet any new services goes to youth and soldiers – yet again persecuted abused women will miss out – as we always miss out.  Its like I’ve stepped back into the dark ages.
Still don’t understand why you and your bosses HATE me so much they incite me to suicide just for asking for ACC care I’m entitled to – I have to go back to work Michelle or I am going to die.  I can’t stop crying about not being able to go and see my daughter in Whakatane after her car accident, its her birthday, a group of her friends are going up for a party and her sister – there is no room for me.  There are so many people who have died that I cared about and couldn’t afford to go to their funerals.  I don’t understand why you HATE me so much, I really don’t.  I have never hurt you, I never hurt anybody you love, I never stole money from you, I never took your food away, I never took your house away, I never hurt you – why are you hurting me, why are you letting them hurt me.    Please I don’t understand, you must know why they deny me professional health care and yet make such a huge deal about providing mental health services WHEN NOWHERE I CAN FIND THAT I WILL GET ANYTHING I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE.
Why do people want me dead Michelle, why do they want me unemployed and terrorised, I just want to return to work.  I tried to heal myself, I DID EVERYTHING I COULD POSSIBLY DO, I almost died trying so many times.  I can’t do this on my own and I can’t do this with health people who are insulting patronising and abusive.  That seems to be all you train now, people in the past were OK, but those being trained through our corrupted American neo-liberal controlled universities are REALLY REALLY BAD.
Wellness budget and you know as well as I do, nothing has changed for 99.9% of the people forced to beg for welfare that you HATE/HARM enjoy having to beg.

That is why people kill themselves, because what the media and government say happens is exactly the opposite to what does happen.

Will just keep trying not to kill myself and hold on until amagedon or whatever the bible calls it comes, its soon, lots of people know its soon.  Hopefully I know enough violent people to be reasonably safe from them when the violence erupts here – because it is going to.   Organisations like yours will be targeted I am sure, you are where the degradation and HATRED is inflicted on people.  So much HATE I am subjected to and people wonder why I verbalise hate, why I self-harm, why I’m bulimic, why I can’t cope.
Wish I was dead today, if I can’t work I don’t want to live – nobody does.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 31 May 2019 11:07 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: I can’t understand how my wellbeing will be improved from this budget can you please explain how

Its all over the news this budget is about helping suicidal human sewage like me.  Can you please explain how that is going to work in my case, are they going to stop the 3mthly filling out of forms that make me want to kill myself and self-harm.  What happened with you, happened even worse at the police station – I had to get a police woman to fill out the Legal Aid forms because Legal Aid refused me a lawyer and I couldn’t do them myself for past 18 months.
Its a shame as a woman you HATE me because I was raped, sodomised and the person found not guilty, then refused health care, welfare, justice and safe place to live I am entitled to under new Zealand law.  Because I need services and resources a rich/middle class person wouldn’t need in being restored to ‘wellness’ you HATE me, you enjoy watching me beg like the other day, you enjoy me crying and terrified.  I don’t understand why you HATE me Michele I really don’t, you must hate me because you don’t want me to get health care I am supposed to have after winning two court cases nine years ago.  You must HATE all the women forced to beg for welfare, ewwwww.
Did I tell you I phoned for a food parcel but they never came, although I couldn’t wait around all day, by 11.30am I have to go out and see another person or I start self-harming and become bulimic.  Maybe I was away when they came around and they thought I must not have wanted the food if I wasn’t prepared to stay in my house all day waiting.  Or maybe they knew I would be waiting and just didn’t want to bring the food because I was so distraught on the phone????  YOu told me I have no food allowances left, so what am I supposed to do now – do you know how bad ostracized and worthless I feel.
I bet you don’t, I hope one day my tears will catch up with you and those who do this to me and other abuse and trauma victims.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Wednesday, 12 June 2019 7:25 PM
To: myjobsearch_wairarapa (WORKANDINCOME) <myjobsearch_wairarapa@workandincome.govt.nz>
Subject: Letter for local food bank – please provide OIA/Privacy Act details that were missing.

I have received the details of the fines, which I email Wellington City Council about and why under Bill of Rights and Magna Carta I should not have to pay them based on protesting about serious legal and social issues, as well as me being MADE PURPOSELY POOR by ACC and the government.

I have not received the information about what all the LOANS are for – I don’t even know what they are for, not only do I want the information for revolting bigots/gossips in the community who enjoy denigrating poor people by making them beg for food, I want if for me UNDER THE OFFICIAL INFORMATION ACT, ARE YOU GOING TO PROVIDE THEM.  I can’t go to the food bank and beg for food until I get them.  I phoned a couple of weeks ago, they said I would get food but nobody turned up, I left messages but nobody returned my call.

If people are going to gossip and spread cruel lies about me, then I’d rather a few of them actually knew what was going on.
Please also advise in writing how long I have been on welfare WAITING FOR TREATMENT I am supposed to have received from ACC nine years ago after winning two reviews.  I would like this information and I want to make sure my community knows what is going on as well.

Do you have all the information about the number of living/flatmate/boarder situations I have been in where I have been ripped off and left extremely traumatised, exploited and even more impoverished.

Jayne R

From: Jayne R
Sent: Tuesday, 2 July 2019 9:37 PM
To: Michele Eades <michele.eades001@msd.govt.nz>
Subject: Complaint and update

Hi Michele,
I havn’t been able to organise everything required to go and beg for food from the local foodbank, I am getting by but my stress disorder is really really bad, having so little food sets off every part of my basic instincts when I have food insecurity.   Not being able to make myself go through the deeply degrading and overwhelming process of providing all that information in order to beg for a weeks food – what I consider INHUMAN AND PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE!
Also upset when my friend told me her visit to WINZ this week, where she was so broke after not being paid by her small part time job last week because she was sick and unable to phone and tell them she hadn’t worked.   After finally, with all of us encouraging her for the past two years, while around six different health and welfare professionals allowed her to suffer in poverty on disability, she was transferred to the invalids benefit.  When she told me, we both cried on my front porch, she had been to unwell to fight for what she was entitled to, too unwell to go against her doctors rhetoric about GOING ONTO INVALIDS BENEFIT WOULD BE A STEP BACKWARDS!!!!!  A filthy rich pig doctor saying that to a woman with so little and me her friend having to help her when I could, so did others – who were almost as poor.
When she went in, she got someone different – I HATE NEW WINZ STAFF, they usually the most revolting haters.  When she politely said – because she is a proud person and HATES begging for food too – can I please have a food grant I have no food in my cupboards.  The maggot across from her said WE’RE NOT HERE TO FILL YOUR CUPBOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    We’re not here to fill your cupboards!!!!!!
If WINZ are not there to put food in your cupboards and in your fridge THEN WHY DO THEY EXIST AT ALL.   You wouldn’t understand what it is like and how deeply humiliating it is if people visit you – when you having very little in your cupboards and fridge – I DO – ESPECIALLY AT THE MOMENT.  Rich people like you have friends and family over for a meal I am assuming – you would think that would be part of our Pakeha/Maori culture – SHARING FOOD – like humans have been doing for 10,000s years.  But not in 21st Century New Zealand under the cruellest most corrupt deceitful government I am sure we have ever had.
Please advise me if people aren’t allowed to have ANY FOOD IN RESERVES AT ALL then what happens if their is a regional environmental emergency or something like that??????    She needed $100, but the maggot across from her would only give her $50.  WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING, YOU ALSO HAVE NO CLEANING SUPPLIES, I cant stop crying.  I have always believed staff are a reflection of management and so far you are definitely that from my experience.  Telling me to get a lawyer rather than Tina and Stephen trying to help me, when my forms say AWAITING TREATMENT for almost 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been having problems with the property manager here   (can’t put next three paragraphs in due to fear of eviction).
Last time I went to the tenancy tribunal the advice I was given got me and my kids kicked out of Reading Street when landlord just gave me 3 months notice, which they didn’t have to explain.
Shame I’m too unwell to fight them through the Tenancy Tribunal, if I had my ACC care reinstated I would have that support.  They used to help me with forms and things back then – I dont’ have anybody in my life to do it – I’m surrounded by terrorised disabled poor people, they can barely run their own lives, let alone help me out.  I can’t ask them also because I have become extremely unwell in situations when I have to fill out forms begging for ANYTHING and they would no longer associate with me if they saw that.
WISH I WAS DEAD EVERY SINGLE DAY, SOOOOO WISH I WAS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jayne R

Court ordered Psychiatric Report by Nick Judson – labelled insane for protesting WTF!

This is the report ordered to establish if I could represent myself because Legal Aid refused me a lawyer for over a year.  I only go through it without huge distress and terror because of something my friend Malcolm said.  He is part of the Lake Alice group who were tortured and has fought for many years for compensation and services.   He told me when he gets a really bad report full of lies he is really pleased, cause it means he has more ammunition to fight them with.   I havn’t yet done my complaint to the Medical Council about all the lies and assumptions in the report but I will in the next few days.  So you will see just how bad it is, if you can’t work it out already its so full of BS.

I am sure people who understand what has been happening to me and how bad the mental health services are, will see the incredibly corrupt, unprofessional and bias he has shown in this report.   NOTE:  I havn’t smoked pot for years to deal with my disorder, that was in a report done about 15 years ago by the nut job ACC psychiatrist Anne Walsh (she was the lover of that psychiatrist down in Dunedin who tried to kill his wife)  only person who would pay her is ACC and she does exactly what they want.  I know for a fact she has dozens of complaints through the Health and Disability Advocacy Service.

If you remember I had my care illegally removed in 2009 by ACC and they have refused to reinstate it since that time – even though I have won two reviews.  My mental health has only worsened in that time after years of valid written and polite complaints that were ignored.  This report was done based on 1hr 20min meeting with a psychiatrist that has been an architect of abusive, oppressive and elitist mental health legislation in New Zealand.






Jayne R





Consultant Psychiatrist


4 September 2019



Tel: (04) 918 2471

Fax: (04) 918 2477

PO Box 50-233





4 September 2019


The Presiding Judge

District Court






Re:                     J E R……

Dob:                  xx January 1965

NHI:                   APQ 3050


Charges:             Wilful Damage

                             Failure to Answer District Court Bail


                             Use of offensive Language/suggestions (x2)

                               Offensive/Disturbing Use of a Telephone (x4)

                             Obscene Language (x3)

                             Wilful Trespass

                             Causing Harm by Posting Digital Communication (x3)

                             Use of Offensive Language/Suggestion


Psychiatric report pursuant to Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act.


The Court has sought a report for the purpose of assisting the court to determine whether the defendant is unfit to stand trial or would have a defence of insanity within the meaning of Section 23 of the Crimes Act.


I met with Ms Routhan at the Masterton District Court on Thursday 29 August 2019 for the purpose of this report. At her request, a court security guard nominated by Ms Routhan sat in the interview, and a tape recording of the entire interview was made. I agreed to this recording on the basis that the recording would be held by the court. As the court will be aware, there had been some difficulty in organising an appointment that was acceptable for Ms Routhan and after some negotiation the terms of this assessment finally proved acceptable to her.


I have been supplied with the Summary of Facts for the various charges and a Summary of Previous Criminal and Traffic Offending. With Ms Routhan’s verbal consent I have accessed previous reports for the court prepared by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh in March 2014 and March 2019 and Dr Caroline Holmes dated May 2014 as well as a report prepared for ACC by Dr Alan Doris dated November 2008. Ms Routhan was specific in her verbal consent that these were the materials that she would permit me to access. I did not obtain written consent, as she had made it clear early in the interview that she found any ‘forms’ to be traumatic for her and I did not feel that it would be appropriate to ask her to sign a written consent form for access to the material.


With her permission, I have also spoken with her daughter P. M. and with her friend S. S. as well as briefly speaking to her lawyer, Mr Alisdair Ross. Ms Routhan had an understanding of the purpose of the assessment and was aware that my report would be sent to the court. She somewhat reluctantly agreed to participate in the interview.

I subsequently received an email from Ms Routhan sent via the office of the Director of Area Mental Health Services, which has added further useful information.




The interview with Ms Routhan was an extraordinary experience, particularly notable for the continual stream of personal abuse directed at the assessor. The interview was largely unstructured and was allowed to remain so, as any attempts to provide some structure to the questioning seemed to provoke even more levels of distress for Ms Routhan. She was quite clearly distressed and highly aroused by the interview situation and at times she had to pause to sit with her hands pressed to her temples to try and compose herself when her distress became too overwhelming. Her mood throughout the interview varied between anger, with invective and vicious personal abuse directed at the interviewer and at services and professionals in general, to quite marked distress and brief periods when she seemed reasonably calm for short periods and with some ironic humour. There were short periods towards the later part of the interview when she seemed to calm and almost seemed to gain some rapport with the interviewer around the issues of what may be beneficial in terms of a potential health support package. However this did not last very long and she returned to her previous pattern of angry and frustrated abuse.


As the court may be aware, if a transcript of the interview was accessed the abuse was continual and direct, with repeated, almost stereotyped phrases sauch as: “I hate you”, I hate your fucking guts, you piece of shit”, “you piece of garbage”, “you sick fuck”, “you elitist maggot”, you fucking elitist neo-liberal piece of shit” etc. She also directed statements about her beliefs of the Mental Health and Justice systems at the interviewer. It was evident that although these were directed towards the interviewer, they were in fact directed towards the interviewer as a representative of the system about which she feels so angry and frustrated. For example: “I know you are a murderer”, “you are dragging people into the justice system”, “you are raping those people that you lock up”, that the Mental Health system is the cause of suicides and therefore that I was murdering people and that I was personally responsible for the deficiencies in the Mental Health system.


She referred frequently to her views that the ‘system’, characterised by professionals, elites, foreigners, rich people, the justice system and the Police is systematically abusing poor people and actively taking pleasure in the sufferings of poor and disabled people. She expressed anger against foreigners who were moving to the country buying up property and displacing poor people like herself. She referred frequently to the traumas that she had suffered and her frustration with ACC and Mental Health Services, who had not provided her with the services that she feels she requires on terms that are acceptable to her.




She referred to her own very high levels of anxiety and inability to cope when faced with any situation that may remind her of her personal experiences of abuse or trauma, or that of other people in a similar situation. These may include for example, seeing police, people with tattoos in rememberance of a suicide, any kind of forms to complete, or any contact with Police, mental health professionals or the like. Her views on professionals, elites, foreigners and Government agencies systemically abusing poor and traumatised people were expressed with a vehemence and inclusiveness that suggested a quite paranoid flavour, though there were no specifically delusional beliefs.


She referred to feeling constantly suicidal and said that she was unable to function effectively. She agreed that when frustrated, when her pleas for help were not met or taken seriously she “lost the plot”. She referred to this as ‘going Tourettes’, by which she meant that it seemed that her stream of abuse occurred without her necessarily intending to do so, and that this was something in the nature of an involuntary compulsive behaviour or tic. However she also talked about her behaviour as being genuine protest against Police, Government agencies and other actors in the system and seemed to have great difficulty in understanding that her behaviour was effectively self-defeating. When I tried to explore what she was trying to actually achieve with her protests this produced higher levels of anger and distress more intense abuse. She did however appear to acknowledge that her protests were more an expression of her anger and frustration than designed to achieve any specific end, though she did hope to access to suite of ACC funded services.


As regards the issues concerning the court, she appeared to have a good understanding of the charges in general, though I did not go through each of the charges in detail. She had a very clear view of her plea options and the defence that she wished to run. She insisted that her behaviour is justified by being political protest rather than criminal action. When attempts were made to explore her understanding of the potential consequences of the criminal charges, her response was merely that she did not care about the consequences. I was unable to ascertain to what extent she actually did have any factual understanding of the potential consequences of these charges.


She initially was dismissive and somewhat disparaging about her lawyer, but when asked specifically about the role of the lawyer in representing her in court she appeared to understand his role and expressed an intention to let her lawyer run her defence in the courtroom and to try and not intervene directly in the court process. She felt that, even despite the anxiety that she knew she would feel in the court situation she would manage to maintain sufficient composure to allow the lawyer to conduct the process on her behalf.


Ms Routhan subsequently sent me quite a lengthy email, which was articulate and much more reasonable in tone. In this she acknowleged that the abuse she had expressed was not appropriate and almost apologised: “even though I want to write those words I just can’t”. She referred to how the abuse was not intended: “…what came out wasn’t what I expected either”, and that the abuse was not personal, but was an expression of her overall frustration and rage: “What happened was you copped a lot of my unresolved rage at injustice perpetrated by other psychiatrists and mental health workers who had hurt me, discredited me, rejected me etc. Please don’t take it personally.”




Current Offences


The current offences, 18 in all, cover a period between January 2018 and June 2019. The various offences are characterised by her abuse directed at representatives of various agencies whom she contacted in person or by telephone and by behaviour such as chalking swastikas. The charge of wilful damage arose when she threw paint over a White Ribbon banner at the police station because she objected to its comment about speaking out about violence, which she felt was hypocritical and inappropriate – she described her behaviour as ‘artistic expression’. I did not go through all the offences in detail and the court will be fully aware of the details of all the offences she is currently facing.


Background and Mental Health History


I will summarise her background and mental health history briefly as this has been well documented in previous reports.


Ms Routhan appears to have been a well-functioning and reasonably well-adjusted woman prior to an episode in 2002 when she was raped when asleep and intoxicated. She had had some previous mental health contact for some irritability, but no serious psychiatric problems prior to that. Following the incident of rape she developed symptoms suggestive of post traumatic stress disorder and received some mental health support funded by ACC. It appears that in 2009 she was receiving a package of care that she found particularly helpful, but for reasons that are not clear to me this was discontinued by ACC. Since then she has been increasingly angry, frustrated and despairing about mental health and support care that she has been offered, or that has been denied. I understand that numerous attempts have been made to engage her by various therapists through mental health services and ACC funded providers, but for various reasons these attempts to provide care have been unsuccessful.


Ms Routhan is noted to have developed high levels of anxiety, eating disorder, chronic suicidal ideation and anger, compounded by effects of cannabis use that she used to manage her mental health. She was diagnosed as suffering from a profound and enduring personality change due to the trauma of the rape. Diagnoses have varied as to whether this is PTSD, anxiety, personality change or mood disorder but however characterised there seems no doubt that this was provoked by the original episode of rape trauma and has been compounded by repeated frustrations and difficulties in her engagement with ACC, mental health and other helping agencies. Her own account is that she has been increasingly unable to function, unable to face the anxiety provoking contacts with any agencies that can support her. She gave as examples of this her inability to fill in any forms required by agencies such as Winz or ACC because of the trauma this causes her. Her friend S.. noted she experiences high levels of anxiety when she receives any communication by mail and is unable to open her mail.


Both her friend S.. and her daughter P…. describe her functioning as appearing to be relatively unimpaired for much of the time. However, when she has any experiences, contacts or thoughts that remind her of many of the traumas that she finds particularly anxiety provoking this can produce an overwhelming episode of anxiety which then triggers her angry response and inability to cope with the situation in which she finds herself. This may include contacts with mental health or other statutory agencies, or if she sees an item on the television or in the newspaper that reminds her of any of the issues that she is so preoccupied about. Ms Routhan has been unable to obtain any kind of employment and attributes this to lack of services and the anxiety and trauma that she experiences, further compounding her difficulties. She told me she now has only one friend and has very little other social contact.




Ms Routhan is currently not receiving any mental health or ACC funded services. She has made it clear that she does not wish to receive any kind of medication. She currently has no GP. She told me that this was because the GP had imposed conditions on her behaviour that she was unable to maintain without a mental health worker and that she now requires medical intervention for physical health issues.


Previous Offending


I note that Ms Routhan has two previous convictions for graffiti in December 2017 and one of wilful trespass in May 2014. As far as I can ascertain from the records, the pattern of offending behaviour seems to have escalated in frequency and intensity over the last couple of years.




In summary, Ms Routhan displays a picture of a woman who was reasonably functioning and relatively unimpaired in terms of her mental health and behaviour prior to an episode of rape in 2002 age 37. From this event she developed high levels of anxiety triggered by the trauma, leading to an escalating pattern of distress, mood disorder and constant preoccupation with injustices, both her own and those of society as a whole, leading to her continual episodes of ‘protest’. Her protests bring her in conflict with Police and other agencies due to her pattern of escalating abuse, which is clearly distressing and may be frightening to those who are the recipients of her abusive verbal invective.


  1. Mental Disorder within the Meaning of the Mental Health Act 1992


Ms Routan has developed a chronic mental disorder characterised by very high anxiety, volatile mood and preoccupations with systemic abuse and exploitation which border on the delusional. There are also issues of impaired volition, in that she appears by her own admission and the observations of others, to be unable to control the stream of verbal abuse when she is triggered by rejection or an event cue that heightens her anxiety. Although she calls this a type of Tourette’s syndrome (a neurological disorder characterised by compulsive verbal and other tics), it is unlikely that this would be a diagnosis. However there is a very stereotyped pattern of abuse that characterises her tirades when her anxiety and frustration is triggered beyond a certain point.   It appears that she effectively loses control and is unable to exercise any real voluntary control over her anger and verbalisation once she passes a certain trigger point. It would be reasonable to say that the first limb of the test of mental disorder, as an intermittent disorder of mood and volition, is therefore met.


The second limb of the test for mental disorder requires that she poses either a serious risk to others or a serious risk to her own health or safety, or is seriously diminished in her ability to care for herself. In terms of serious risk to others there is little evidence that any of her individual actions in themselves would pose a risk to another person, however it seems clear that the episodes of her abuse can lead to the victims of her abuse becoming upset, frightened and quite scared of her. I myself, an experienced psychiatrist, was taken aback by the abuse I experienced and for a lay person, particularly when caught by surprise, this is likely to be an extremely distressing and traumatic experience. Although each event in itself may not meet the criterion of seriousness, the accumulation of less serious events could be interpreted as being a serious risk to other people.




Secondly considering the issue of serious risk to her own health or safety, although she claims chronic suicidal preoccupation I am not aware that there has been any suicidal behaviour, and in that sense do not think that she poses a serious risk to herself.


However she does put herself in situations where others react to her in a manner that may endanger her safety. For example she complains that Police have physically hurt her when restraining her, due to her behaviour when she has been highly aroused. In addition, her preoccupation and inability to resist the urge to pursue her protests and express her frustrations causes her to come up against the very triggers that re-traumatise her and heighten her anxiety and the consequences of these create a vicious cycle, steadily worsening her own mental health. This is in itself could be seen as a serious risk to her own health if the situation is maintained. She is also reckless as to the potential consequences of her repeated protests, which also may be seen as a risk to her own health and safety. Lastly considering whether there is a significant diminished of capacity to care for herself. The accounts of her daughter and her friend suggest that she is able to care for herself in practical, day-to-day issues when she is calm and functioning reasonably well. However her life situation has clearly deteriorated during the years that she has been suffering from this mental disorder. She has gone from a relatively successful and stable person to one who is living by her own account on the margins of survival, with little money and preoccupied by the injustices of her own situation and that of others. Due to this her function is in many aspects of her life seems quite seriously impaired. Issues such as her inability to deal with the agencies that she needs to help her manage her situation, her inability to complete forms, to open her mail or to attend interviews and appointments that are necessary to make some progress in her life, all suggest that there is a significant diminution in her capacity for self-care.


Putting this all together, it is my opinion that she does meet the definition of mental disorder as defined in the Mental Health Act and that she would potentially be eligible for compulsory intervention if this was considered to be the most appropriate step in alleviating her distress. However, her intense distrust of any aspects of the mental health system would make a compulsory intervention potentially counterproductive, re-trigger many of her traumas and enhance her sense of mistrust, with a significant risk of worsening her situation


  1. Fitness to Stand Trial


The criteria for fitness to stand trial are that she is able to plead, to understand the nature, purpose and possible consequences of the process, and to communicate adequately with counsel.


  • Ability to Plead: She understands the charges and can indicate clearly what is her preferred plea and why. However the defence that she is relying on may be unrealistic, in that she seems to dismiss the reality of the criminal behaviour and seems to regard her behaviour as entirely legitimate. On balance I consider that she is fit to enter a plea.
  • Ability to understand the nature of the process: I do not think this is impaired.
  • Ability to understand the purpose of the process: the answer to this would be yes in a simple sense, in that she understands that she is going to court charged with a range of offences. However her view is that the whole societal structure is one of oppression of the poor and marginalised by the elites, the professionals, Government systems etc, so that her understanding of the purpose is heavily influenced by her view that the legal process is yet another attempt to deliberately victimise her. Her full understanding of the purpose may therefore be impaired.
  • Ability to understand the possible consequences: It is very difficult to assess this given her attitude is that she does not care about the consequences. It is probably that she does understand the consequences, even if she does not accept this. Her refusal to consider the realistic consequences may affect her fitness to stand trial.
  • Ability to communicate adequately with Counsel: This is in my view the most tricky area for her in terms of her fitness to stand trial. The quality of her communication is so coloured by her distress, her anger and her frustration that it may be impossible for her to have any calm, rational discussion with her counsel about these issues. Although she is accepting at this stage the role of her counsel, and insists that she is allowing him to conduct her defence on her behalf, her volatility and impulsivity is such that she is likely to find it very difficult to maintain her composure and her stance of non-intervention in the court room.


In summary then my view is that there is some doubt over her fitness to stand trial, particularly given her firm insistence that she is not criminally responsible because her actions were a legitimate protest and because her ability to interact with the court as the process unfolds is likely to be impaired due to her ability to contain her distress and impulsivity during this stressful process.


  1. Insanity


Previous reports have not considered there to be an issue of insanity, though I would suggest that this a more nuanced judgement. Section 23 of the Crimes Act states that a person may be considered insane if they are suffering from a disease of the mind which makes them unable to understand the nature of the action or omission, or to understand that it was morally wrong.


Firstly does she have a disease of the mind? She is clearly suffering an entrenched mental disorder characterised by PTSD, mood disorder and some personality change, and also exhibits what appear to be compulsive urges to verbally abuse, as well as some degree of paranoid mood in relation to the persecution of herself and others in a similar situation. This mental disorder can be defined as constituting a disease of the mind.


In terms of her understanding of the nature of the action I do not consider that she would be impaired in this regard. However, does she understand that it was morally wrong? She seems to understand that the level of intensity of abuse that she allegedly perpetrates goes beyond acceptable. Her characterisation of this is “going Tourettes” indicates that she believes she cannot help herself when her anxiety reaches a certain point and that she knows that she goes beyond rationality and reasonableness with the stream of abuse that emerges when she is triggered by rejection, frustration and trauma issues. At the time these behaviours occur however, her capacity to reason or to understand the morality of what she is doing is likely to be completely overtaken by the level of personal distress and impulsive expression of her anger and frustration that she experiences. An argument can therefore be made that at the time that these behaviours occur she is incapable of understanding that her actions are morally wrong.




It should also be noted that she regards her actions as being legitimate behaviour and therefore justified. On this basis she argues that it is not morally wrong. Whether this is considered to be due to mental disorder is debatable. It is difficult to see any coherent strategy from her so called ‘protest’ and her view of the injustices seems to be heavily coloured by a quasi-delusional interpretation of the malign intent of the various groupings of professionals, Police, Government agencies, and therefore can be interpreted as being a direct result of the mental disorder.


I would therefore suggest that the question of an insanity defence cannot be entirely ruled out in this case.


Comments on Disposition


The Court has sought advice only on the questions of fitness and insanity, however I think it would be appropriate for me to make some comments on disposition. I am very much aware that Ms Routhan finds any psychiatric assessment to be extremely distressing and anxiety provoking and anything that can be done to avoid her having to attend further psychiatric assessment is likely to be helpful for her and for the Court.


Ms Routhan herself suggests that she needs a package of support to assist her to manage the distress and high levels of anxiety that she currently experiences. She has at least some idea in her mind of what this would constitute. It would ideally involve mental health and support professionals who could support her in various areas of her life to manage the trauma and anxiety experiences and to enable her to get herself back into some sort of functioning occupation. She has been dismissive of the idea of any psychological input or of any medication as part of this. In order to stand any chance of successful intervention, it would be necessary to have support from a coordinated team of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupation therapist, community support worker and possibly others working together to manage the various strands of her disability. I have no doubt that as part of any intervention, medication would be an important tool in alleviating the high levels of anxiety and impulsivity that occur, but this would need to be embedded in a comprehensive support package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan and would also necessarily include some psychological work to address her Complex PTSD. To put together such a package of care would be a challenge, and to set up a package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan would be an even more tricky challenge. In addition, it would require the mental health workers to be able to endure the kind of abuse that she would inevitably exhibit during at least the initial periods of engagement. This may be able to be tolerated if it can be conceptualised as a compulsive or tic- like behaviour that is beyond her control, and therefore not perceived as being personal abuse directed towards the therapists or care workers themselves.


One can see that this would be a difficult task to achieve but in my view would be the best way of ultimately being able to intervene to relieve the distress that Ms Routhan suffers. If successful such intervention may enable her to moderate her behaviour, to maintain any protests within socially acceptable boundaries and avoid the ongoing contact with Police and the Justice system. The question of compulsory intervention will inevitably need to be considered. It may be at the end of the day that compulsory intervention cannot be avoided. However any compulsory intervention by the mental health system would compound her distrust and feelings of trauma and victimisation by a system that she regards essentially abusive and should only really be considered if all other avenues to provide the care that she requires are exhausted.


I trust that this report is helpful to the court.




I have read and complied with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses contained in Schedule 4 of the High Court Rules.


I confirm the truth and accuracy of this statement. I make this statement with the knowledge that it is to be used in Court proceedings. I am aware that it is an offence to make a statement that is known to me to be false or intended to mislead.






Consultant Psychiatrist


Please remember ALL my social media are monitored by police

So if you making comment, don’t say anything that might get you into trouble with them – cause the corrupt ones will come for you, if only to turn people against me.

Think about what you want to say to them about my situation, to try and convince them what they are doing is wrong – because it is.   Police are supposed to be peacekeepers upholding the laws that protect citizens – that includes the government harming people, who rightly get angry and despairing.   POLICE ARE NOT SOLDIERS TO PROTECT THE RICH AND POWERFUL from the poor and powerless they persecute, impoverish, exploit and destroy.

Corrupt cruel WEALTHY powerful elitist neo-liberal GLOBALISTS want us hating and fighting amongst each – it keeps the focus away from them.    George Monbiot’s explanation as to why global trade doesn’t work was like a lightbulb moment for me.

Governments OBSESSED WITH FREE TRADE – like New Zealand is are leading us further and further into HELL, DYSFUNCTION, VIOLENCE AND SUICIDE.

If we can get majority of police and military on our side, the revolution will be peaceful (REFER TO QUOTES FROM JK KENNEDY AND JOHN LENNON BELOW).  Personally I cannot see how things will change as drastically as they need to with the leaders we currently have – given they are so ignorant, naïve, weak, controlled and polite!  A peaceful revolution will be the only way to bring a halt to neo-liberalism.   New Zealand could be the real middle earth for the rest of the world, we are small enough to do it.  Given we will have come from one of the most protected Keynsian economies, to one of the most protected neo-liberal economies with the most appalling suicide, violence and social harm statistics in the world.

Adopting models George Monbiot suggests would prove WITHOUT DOUBT they will work.  Now its time for the ORCS, humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits and everybody else who make up 95% of EARTH to come together.   Remove the richest most powerful 5% of families/individuals/corporations and share out ALL they have hoarded during the past 30, 100, 400, 800, 2000 years to the rest of us.

Nobody objected when our govt removed Death Duty and yet that has made it possible for the children of rich people to exist without having to do ANY MEANINGFUL WORK THAT CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIETY – you’ll never see a rich kid planting trees or doing physical labour as a job.   Charity doesn’t count, that is only part of their propaganda/marketing for taking most of the money and handing it back to those forced to beg to survive!

Finally a couple of quotes I have on my wall a John F Kennedy quote and John Lennon, please share:



Please follow and share all my social media – my life depends on it!

Please follow and share my website, youtube, twitter and Linked In profiles (going to set up Instagram soon).  Currently corrupt police, mainstream media, Labour Party, NZ Treasury, Bell Gully, Wairarapa DHB, Compass Health, local body leaders, Carterton Medical Centre, Trust House, ACC and mental health services are trying to have me forcibly incarcerated and drugged under the Mental Health Act.  They don’t want people to know what is happening to me and to know what I have learnt about traumatic stress disorders (suicide, crime and violence), treatment care rehab and homes ACC denying victims of crime and neo-liberal corruption in New Zealand.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are a lot of police officers, court staff, WINZ staff, mental health workers, social workers, counsellors and lawyers who do not condone what is happening to me, however if they say anything they are harassed and their jobs are threatened.  Its very difficult to work out who the ‘bad guys’ are and the good guys are always kind polite caring people who don’t want to make a fuss – groan.

Powerful New Zealand psychiatrists Justin Barry-Walsh and Nick Judson have just done psychiatric reports for the court that say I am completely insane and should be put under compulsory treatment order in a secure facility or forcibly drugged.   Valid complaints to the Medical council about blatant breaches of their rules about bias, in regard to Independent 3rd Party Assessments were rejected.  Even the judge is trying to stop these things from happening to me.  For example in the Judson report he calls me mentally ill for saying their are systematic failures and abuses in mental health and justice system for people with mental health issues like me.  Which we all know are there.  While in the court room discussing his report the judge, lawyer and myself were trying to work out how to get around the systemic failures in the justice system for people who were being denied mental health services like myself.

To all the #metoo and #equality women in power ON THIS PLANET – he also says in his report I am mentally ill for saying police violently assaulted me multiple times and threatened me with worse to come (implied rape) if I kept protesting about my situation (and other people’s).

The ONLY reason these reports were requested by the judge was because Legal Aid Services were refusing to provide legal aid and a lawyer, had been for almost 18 months.   I was so unwell and couldn’t represent myself because of how terrified I was.  I eventually got a lawyer after a Snr female police officer Jennifer Hansen (who is now oppressing me) helped me fill out new Legal Aid forms.   (One of the impairments related to my disorder is I can’t fill out forms, I become extremely distraught and unwell – this is well known to ACC, WINZ and mental health services.)   Our neo-liberal controlled government have set up the system so a second psych report is compulsory – both reports are horrendously bias, negligent and unprofessional.

These reports were only supposed to prove I could not represent myself during the court proceedings because of my disability.  It wasn’t supposed to say everything I was saying was due to ‘mental illness’ and I should be put under a compulsory treatment order.

ANYBODY WHO BELIEVES SUICIDE PREVENTION AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES actually work in preventing suicide, violence and social dysfunction need to re-evaluate their opinion of me and PROTECT ME FROM WHAT IS HAPPENING – NOT PARTICIPATE IN IT!   My case is proof mental health services are corrupted by neo-liberal economic theories – WHICH ARE PROVEN TO BE A CATASTROPHIC FAILURE FOR PEACE AND LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

I realise many people reading this will be overwhelmed by the seriousness of what I am telling them – I get it – I really do.   Part of the reason I am so unwell is I become overwhelmed with it – that’s why I become highly suicidal and self-harm etc, that is the cause of so many of my phobias.   Follow me and ask questions – especially on my youtube channel – I am sure I know how to turn this world around without more suffering, suicide and violence – we are the majority after all.  The people insuring neo-liberalism continues because they profit from it so much, are in the minority and getting smaller every day.

Go to other pages on my website and look at the things I do with words and pieces of cardboard stapled in the street.   There are a lot of angry people out there and I don’t blame them, but don’t let violence overwhelm you, no matter how much you want to lash out.  When those thoughts come to you, reject them, sit there for a while and an idea will come to you about what you can do with marketing, art, activism and ACTION.   Action on social media, but most importantly at the moment ACTION ON THE STREET.  Links to my social media pages, but also to George Monibot, Chris Hedges, Make Blyth, etc – like I have mentioned before.  They can’t lock up EVERYBODY like me and if the people reading who know me care at all – ITS TIME TO BACK ME UP when I am protesting, when I am going to court.

When people hear things about me that are not true and derogatory – especially about me being violent (I have never hurt anyone – they hurt me).  Also I have never threatened anybody with violence, when I ‘go tourettes’ and can’t control the rage coming out of  my mouth it is me wanting what has happened to me (and so many other impoverished suicidal abuse victims) to happen to them, followed by A LOT OF SWEARING.

One of the latest charges is me ‘going tourettes’ at Gains Geneva after they refused me care last year – when ACC promised me they would be reinstating it – after waiting EIGHT YEARS.  The charge is Disorderly Behaviour or some minor BS.  An organisation supposed to understand and provide services for people with Complex Post Traumatic Stress DISORDER are demanding the police prosecute me.   That is how insane the system has become.  Gains Geneva is owned by Healthcare NZ which is run by ex Wairarapa National MP Wyatt Creech and his very dodgy colleague Roger Sowry.

People should google and search out the people and things I talk about if they want confirmation of what I am telling you is the truth.  I am not insane in the way Forensic Mental Health Services psychiatrists say I am.  Poverty and inequality DO NOT CAUSE MENTAL ILLNESS.   Poverty causes severe trauma because people are not getting their most basic human needs met  as defined by Abraham Maslow in his Heirachy of needs model.

Another good fact is the meaning of CHARITY – giving to people in NEED.  Which does include sports, business promotion and extravagant arts projects (there is a good scientific case for supporting the art created by persecuted, ostracised, disabled and poor people).   Trust House being probably the worst neo-liberal abomination of a housing failure you could ever witness.   Taking from poor tenants and giving to affluent middle class and rich for their sport, art and business projects.

George Monbiot – this is the ONLY intelligent solution on our finite planet

Another excellent youtube video from George Monbiot, I really appreciate how he highlights the failure of Keynsian economics.   I have been studying neo-liberalism for a long time now and this is honestly the first intelligent assessment of the worlds economic and social development as well as the solutions I have found – or been able to work out for myself.

I was like most people and wanted a return to what we had – I was born in 1965 so was a child when neo-liberalism replaced Keynsian economic theory.  Not that 95% of us knew what was happening at the time, all us peasants were told were REFORMS were necessary.   The meaning of the word REFORM includes improvement – it didn’t improve anything, did it and like George said created huge numbers of poor people and persecuted them purposely.

Please follow and share my website, youtube, twitter and Linked In profiles (going to set up Instagram soon).  Currently corrupt police, mainstream media, Labour Party, NZ Treasury, Bell Gully, Wairarapa DHB, Compass Health, local body leaders, Carterton Medical Centre, Trust House, ACC and mental health services are trying to have me forcibly incarcerated and drugged under the Mental Health Act.  They don’t want people to know what is happening to me and to know what I have learnt about traumatic stress disorders (suicide, crime and violence), treatment care rehab and homes ACC denying victims of crime and neo-liberal corruption in New Zealand.

Powerful New Zealand psychiatrists Justin Barry-Walsh and Nick Judson have done psychiatric reports for the court that say I am completely insane and should be put under compulsory treatment order in a secure facility or forcibly drugged.   Valid complaints to the Medical council about blatant breaches of their rules about bias, in regard to Independent 3rd Party Assessments were rejected.  Even the judge is trying to stop these things from happening to me.  For example in the Judson report he calls me mentally ill for saying their are systematic failures and abuses in mental health and justice system for people with mental health issues like me.  Which we all know are there.  While in the court room discussing his report the judge, lawyer and myself were trying to work out how to get around the systemic failures in the justice system for people who were being denied mental health services like myself.

To all the #metoo and #equality women in power ON THIS PLANET – he also says in his report I am mentally ill for saying police violently assaulted me multiple times and threatened me with worse to come if I kept protesting.

Anyway back to George

GSL Contractors & Carolyn Fifield – HATE starts HERE

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 20 September 2019 8:40 AM
To: enquiries@gsl.nz <enquiries@gsl.nz>
Subject: Important information for the owners and managers of GSL

Dear Sir/Madam,

It was disappointing  Carolyn Fifield refused to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the extremely fascist racist cruel elitist neo-liberal and bigoted comment she made to me on facebook recently.  I have phoned to speak to her as she promotes on the internet how she works for your organisation and is obviously a reflection of the elitist hatred rampant in our neo-liberal controlled society.  Calling me a junky because I am poor – anyway the comment she made was so offensive and distressing I got a screen shot and it is attached.   I just wanted to make sure the owners of GSL are aware Carolyn Fifield is such a publicly toxic bigot.

In fact I am an advocate and activist in the area of disability and care of sexual abuse victims (or more correctly ACC illegally denying impoverished terrorised sexual abuse victims the extensive treatment care rehab and homes THEY ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER NZ AND INTERNATIONAL LAW.  I am 54 years old and currently being denied ACC care so I can return to work after winning TWO ACC reviews NINE years ago.  There are reports saying I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional – which are all true.   Except I can’t be that intelligent because I have tried unsuccessfully for nine years to have my care reinstated to no avail and because I am poor cannot get a lawyer (which is illegal) – advocates tell me my case is too complicated and they can’t do anything.

I do not do drugs, I drink little alcohol, me and other victims of sexual abuse like me are the victims of the people Carolyn was ranting on about.  Although she doesn’t seem to understand those women are forced to stay with their abusers because the government stopped building state housing 35 years ago for disabled and poor people (many of whom had violent and dysfunctional upbringings).  They also sold off most of the state housing and then introduced 100,000s wealthy immigrants to New Zealand, knowing those immigrants would drive disabled and poor locals (of all ‘colours’) out of their homes and into dangerous situations.  Also extremely racist and bigoted businesses preferred wealthy immigrants who hadn’t been forced into crime and violence after neo-liberals drove 100,000s decent well paid manufacturing jobs to poor countries (like China – that is now a rich powerful country because of it).

It is obvious from your website that you reject all New Zealanders who have been forced to commit crimes to survive over the past 30yrs.  So not only did neo-liberals force people into these situations with massive cuts to welfare – at the same time as they were the ones making everybody unemployed.  National made WINZ/MSD the most terrifying, degrading and abusive process they possibly could.  Paula Bennett who had everything handed to her on a plate, with a state home as a single mother and her free education as a DPB mum – took all that away from ME and women like me.  Especially those of us who were victims of serious sexual and violent crimes – I spent many years begging and pleading with her and others in the National party to have my care reinstated as required by law.  They had me terrorised by police and denied ALL HEALTH CARE instead.

I live in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare of hell, it is very dangerous here, people are very poor, you have to work out who the junkies are before they rob you blind, most people have serious mental health issues and hurt people like me.  Steal from me, terrorise me, bring dangerous people to my home, are lazy, can’t look after themselves, take advantage of me, attempt suicide etc.  That describes a string of ‘flatmates’ I have been forced to live with so I can survive.  Currently with all the disability money I am allowed I get $490 and my rent is $320, my elderly mother helps me keep my car going.  My food budget is $35 a week once my power and internet are paid for.  I try to put away $20 a week for emergencies.  Anyway I don’t want to tell you how terrifying and degrading being this poor for years is.

Everybody lives in terror of homelessness in the darklands, everybody lives in terror of dangerous gang members, addicts and mentally ill people.   People like me who are educated advocates and activists in the area of abusive mental health services, neo-liberal terrorism, poverty, suicide homelessness etc also live in terror of violent police, corrupted/bigoted mental health staff, continual threats of having all my invalids benefit removed and of course not being able to access the health care I need and am entitled to in order to return to work.  IF I DON’T WORK I CAN’T LIVE, IF I DON’T WORK I AM GOING TO BE RAPED AND HARMED AGAIN, IF I DON’T WORK I can’t go to funerals, participate in family events, belong to a club, go to any cultural event that costs ANYTHING – that includes gold coin donations.  I can’t go out for coffee or a meal, which is why all my working friends have ostracised me – plus of course they have a lot of new immigrants from the city and overseas to talk to now – they can ditch their local friends that are suffering – they don’t want to see that.

I felt I needed to write this email to the people who own and control GSL, who I am sure think like Carolyn.  I have been studying human behaviour towards disabled abuse victims for many years now – mainly to understand why people like myself were being treated like human garbage for asking for help they were entitled to by law.  I read lots of legislation, I read and understand the Human Rights ACt, Bill of Rights Act, ACC law, constitutional law – along with this I read signed ratified treaties the NZ government has made with the United Nations on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Human Rights, Disabled Rights and civil rights, along with the definition of torture (which me and others who know our rights and what we are entitled to are being subjected to).  I know what the auditor-general is supposed to do, the attorney general and the solicitor general (they are corrupt and don’t), I know what Health & Disability Commission, Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman, Medical Council, State Services Commission, Parliamentary Services, Police, Law Society, Legal Aid, Police Conduct Authority, etc etc are supposed to do (they are corrupt and don’t).  This is why we have such high rates of suicide, violence and human rights abuses going on, this is why our country advances rich people and persecutes/exploits poor people – it is ILLEGAL but they still do it.

It is interesting how the government propaganda about suicide prevention isn’t working with people like Carolyn don’t you think.  Her comment that I am suicidal (it is part of the Complex PTSD I have to live with due to the rape and criminal neglect afterwards) because I’m some junkie in an imaginary world she has made up to justify her bigotry.   My children are now 24 and 25, as of last week both of my daughters, who only have boyfriends, own their houses and are in good, well paying jobs and good at what they do – they are intelligent, practical and kind – like their mother.  Their father left many years ago but is still in touch with them and adores them – although they tell me is annoying and very bossy.  After I was raped I started learning what was happening to me and why I couldn’t cope – I love knowledge and do my best to know a lot of things about a lot of things.  As a result of this knowledge I did my best not to pass my suffering on to them – it took every bit of my intelligence and skill I had to do that.  I suffered much more as a result but I did what was best for my children.

The people you talk about want the best for their children too, they are just caught up in poverty and social dysfunction so much they can’t escape from it.  I have very few friends at all and seldom go out in order to stay safe from poor and rich dangerous people.  Getting insulted and abused by someone in the community who knows I don’t work and doesn’t believe what I say about not getting health care I need to work is as harmful to me as a physical beating (in fact worse – the policeman who inflicted the worst physical assault on me I am not as afraid of as the policeman who came right up to my face and told me YOU WILL SEE HOW BAD POLICE CAN BE if you don’t shut up).  I would show them the psychiatric reports but it seems extreme to have to do that to stop people’s bigotry.  I could send a copy to Carolyn if she wants proof, I could send her a copy of the two ACC reviews I won in 2010 as well if she wants.  Does she want a copy of my bank statements to see what I spend my money on as well?

There are 1 in 5 people in New Zealand – 20% of the population that experience 80% of the crime according to police statistics and police officers at HQ in Wellington I have got to know over the years of protesting about mentally injured suicidal abuse victims being treated like criminals and denied ACC health care etc.  Most of those people are women who are forced to live with dangerous violent men – do you honestly think any woman with children would stay where it wasn’t safe IF THEY HAD ANY CHOICE???????????????   Because they don’t police are called continuously to different addresses, I have a lot to do with the police I talk to them about these issues – because they are at the coal face.  They know what I know about the social problems, they just don’t realise our government are purposely causing 80% of it with neo-liberal austerity against the poor by the rich.

Carolyn’s vitriolic hatred and bigotry highlighted perfectly how ignorant and full of hate towards terrorised poor people THOSE WHO HAVE EASY AFFLUENT LIVES WITH EVERYTHING THEY COULD POSSIBLY NEED are.   Below you will see one of the many youtube videos available explaining the damage neo-liberal extremism has done, also look up anything that refers to ANOMIE, which is what we essentially have in NZ now.  I find Chris Hedges, Mark Blyth, David Harvey, Lee Camp, Bryan Bruce, etc very interesting and accurate in their analysis of world neo-liberal terrorism of poor by richest.  I suggest you learn more of the truth, rather than relying on New Zealands grossly corrupted media – NZ news has absolutely no relevance to what is happening to me and others in the darklands and any attempt to fix it with the violence and suicide promotion industry.  Ahhh neo-liberals they know how to profit from everything, including persecution and human rights abuses of the poor THEY PURPOSELY CREATED – to make us a low wage economy.

Please get Carolyn to contact me, it is imperative she understands the vast majority of poor people in our community are people with genuine need and disabilities, whether psychological or physical.   Men suffer most with physical injuries and ailments because they are expected to continue to work no matter how much pain they are in – that is often a reason they become violent because they can’t feed their families and they are hurting trying to.  My father was a general carrier and contractor, that is how I grew up, I know what happened to him in the 1980s when his work dried up after the council was privatised (the new contractor bought all the council equipment for low prices – when the council had just replaced everything the year before).  So the new company in town had new equipment, all the council contracts as well as could compete with my father for other work.

I hope this email goes some way to addressing the HATE ignorance and bigotry Carolyn and those like her feel towards all poor people rotting on welfare.  To make that comment on the social media page of a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT who is extremely ignorant bigoted and full of hatred towards people like myself (who get lumped in with dangerous people) was very disturbing to me.  Especially when I have encountered other such abuse and discovered the person doing it was a troll for a wealthy health organisation – that relies on government funding for its research and survival.  Because the nature of the abuse I was subjected to and reliance of your company on continued mass immigration of wealthy who can afford to build homes, also government contracts etc I made a formal complaint to the State Services Commission so they can investigate Carolyn’s link with the National Party.  Next month they will start making public those who get govt contracts – it has been kept secret until now – I am sure that will expose extensive corruption in the process, just from small contractors I know being deprived of govt contracts that were given to politically aligned friends and family.

This email and the disgusting offensive comment by Carolyn will be going on social media – perhaps if Carolyn had called me back when I asked and GSL had dealt with the situation properly – instead of telling me private facebook communications by staff were nothing to do with them, things might have been different.   All these years as a disabled advocate I am just sick and tired of people like Carolyn saying such revolting things and refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever for her ignorance, bigotry and HATE.

I just tried to upload the screen shot of Carolyns comments and my computer won’t do it – this is new.  Someone is trying to stop me exposing what is happening as recently my computer stopped recognising my printer so I can’t print anything either.  Below is a transcript of the facebook exchange on Paul Goldsmiths’ facebook page – it should still be there if you want to check for yourself around 14 September.


Heading was – “National will build on an economy that builds on infrastructure kiwis need.”

My comment was:  Why?  You didn’t do it for the 10 yrs you were in govt????   In fact you bought in 100,000s immigrants and ILLEGALLY drove disabled and poor locals from their homes into dangerous situations, causing rape, violence, child abuse, addiction and of course your favourite SUICIDE.

Carolyn Fifield responded:  JR Murphy really…… National was involved in huge infrastructure programmes that provided jobs, skills and expertise to NZers rather than the Labour beneficiaries who chose to live off the tax payer.  Guess what the immigrants come and do the jobs you choose not to do and they are still coming in excess of 100,000s each year….. Jacinda has just changed how she reports this to you and to cover her government lies.  Meth addiction is ILLEGAL and those beneficiaries who chose to raise their families in Meth addicted homes breach their tenancy agreements CHOOSE THEIR FUTURE AND THAT OF THEIR POOR CHILDREN.  Blaming others for your illegal activity, then choosing rape, violence, child abuse, addiction and of course your favourite SUICIDE is the result of your poor choices in life catching up with you….. love how the poor and illeducated blame everything on others.


Having a legal brain I will point out the LIE National are telling about infrastructure kiwis NEED.   Infrastructure is required by NZ and international law to provide housing health care and justice.   Roading is not a requirement under law – making bigger roads for the huge increase in immigrants is a want – not a need.  Making bigger universities (eg Victoria) that only rich people can access or poor people who want to be in debt for decades (and forced to go overseas to get enough money to pay it back – if they do at all) is a want not a NEED.  Not sure about the expertise??  That involved bringing in 10,000s affluent educated foreigners to drive even more NZers from their homes and the good well paid jobs.  Why didn’t Nats just use them to train the locals, then send them back to where they came from.

It is a well known fact the government needed to bring in huge amounts of immigrants because the local population were deeply impoverished and all the resources and money concentrated in the hands of the wealthy – as described in the video below.   They brought in wealthy foreigners to buy up resources and delay NZ going bankrupt.  That is why our debt is $100billion ish – mostly increased by National Party.  I could go on but I won’t.

I sent GSL and Carolyn a youtube video about neo-liberalism and what it does – so they would understand where I am at and what they are doing – which is rise of the extremist alt right.