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Please follow and share all my social media – my life depends on it!

Please follow and share my website, youtube, twitter and Linked In profiles (going to set up Instagram soon).  Currently corrupt police, mainstream media, Labour Party, NZ Treasury, Bell Gully, Wairarapa DHB, Compass Health, local body leaders, Carterton Medical Centre, Trust House, ACC and mental health services are trying to have me forcibly incarcerated and drugged under the Mental Health Act.  They don’t want people to know what is happening to me and to know what I have learnt about traumatic stress disorders (suicide, crime and violence), treatment care rehab and homes ACC denying victims of crime and neo-liberal corruption in New Zealand.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are a lot of police officers, court staff, WINZ staff, mental health workers, social workers, counsellors and lawyers who do not condone what is happening to me, however if they say anything they are harassed and their jobs are threatened.  Its very difficult to work out who the ‘bad guys’ are and the good guys are always kind polite caring people who don’t want to make a fuss – groan.

Powerful New Zealand psychiatrists Justin Barry-Walsh and Nick Judson have just done psychiatric reports for the court that say I am completely insane and should be put under compulsory treatment order in a secure facility or forcibly drugged.   Valid complaints to the Medical council about blatant breaches of their rules about bias, in regard to Independent 3rd Party Assessments were rejected.  Even the judge is trying to stop these things from happening to me.  For example in the Judson report he calls me mentally ill for saying their are systematic failures and abuses in mental health and justice system for people with mental health issues like me.  Which we all know are there.  While in the court room discussing his report the judge, lawyer and myself were trying to work out how to get around the systemic failures in the justice system for people who were being denied mental health services like myself.

To all the #metoo and #equality women in power ON THIS PLANET – he also says in his report I am mentally ill for saying police violently assaulted me multiple times and threatened me with worse to come (implied rape) if I kept protesting about my situation (and other people’s).

The ONLY reason these reports were requested by the judge was because Legal Aid Services were refusing to provide legal aid and a lawyer, had been for almost 18 months.   I was so unwell and couldn’t represent myself because of how terrified I was.  I eventually got a lawyer after a Snr female police officer Jennifer Hansen (who is now oppressing me) helped me fill out new Legal Aid forms.   (One of the impairments related to my disorder is I can’t fill out forms, I become extremely distraught and unwell – this is well known to ACC, WINZ and mental health services.)   Our neo-liberal controlled government have set up the system so a second psych report is compulsory – both reports are horrendously bias, negligent and unprofessional.

These reports were only supposed to prove I could not represent myself during the court proceedings because of my disability.  It wasn’t supposed to say everything I was saying was due to ‘mental illness’ and I should be put under a compulsory treatment order.

ANYBODY WHO BELIEVES SUICIDE PREVENTION AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES actually work in preventing suicide, violence and social dysfunction need to re-evaluate their opinion of me and PROTECT ME FROM WHAT IS HAPPENING – NOT PARTICIPATE IN IT!   My case is proof mental health services are corrupted by neo-liberal economic theories – WHICH ARE PROVEN TO BE A CATASTROPHIC FAILURE FOR PEACE AND LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

I realise many people reading this will be overwhelmed by the seriousness of what I am telling them – I get it – I really do.   Part of the reason I am so unwell is I become overwhelmed with it – that’s why I become highly suicidal and self-harm etc, that is the cause of so many of my phobias.   Follow me and ask questions – especially on my youtube channel – I am sure I know how to turn this world around without more suffering, suicide and violence – we are the majority after all.  The people insuring neo-liberalism continues because they profit from it so much, are in the minority and getting smaller every day.

Go to other pages on my website and look at the things I do with words and pieces of cardboard stapled in the street.   There are a lot of angry people out there and I don’t blame them, but don’t let violence overwhelm you, no matter how much you want to lash out.  When those thoughts come to you, reject them, sit there for a while and an idea will come to you about what you can do with marketing, art, activism and ACTION.   Action on social media, but most importantly at the moment ACTION ON THE STREET.  Links to my social media pages, but also to George Monibot, Chris Hedges, Make Blyth, etc – like I have mentioned before.  They can’t lock up EVERYBODY like me and if the people reading who know me care at all – ITS TIME TO BACK ME UP when I am protesting, when I am going to court.

When people hear things about me that are not true and derogatory – especially about me being violent (I have never hurt anyone – they hurt me).  Also I have never threatened anybody with violence, when I ‘go tourettes’ and can’t control the rage coming out of  my mouth it is me wanting what has happened to me (and so many other impoverished suicidal abuse victims) to happen to them, followed by A LOT OF SWEARING.

One of the latest charges is me ‘going tourettes’ at Gains Geneva after they refused me care last year – when ACC promised me they would be reinstating it – after waiting EIGHT YEARS.  The charge is Disorderly Behaviour or some minor BS.  An organisation supposed to understand and provide services for people with Complex Post Traumatic Stress DISORDER are demanding the police prosecute me.   That is how insane the system has become.  Gains Geneva is owned by Healthcare NZ which is run by ex Wairarapa National MP Wyatt Creech and his very dodgy colleague Roger Sowry.

People should google and search out the people and things I talk about if they want confirmation of what I am telling you is the truth.  I am not insane in the way Forensic Mental Health Services psychiatrists say I am.  Poverty and inequality DO NOT CAUSE MENTAL ILLNESS.   Poverty causes severe trauma because people are not getting their most basic human needs met  as defined by Abraham Maslow in his Heirachy of needs model.

Another good fact is the meaning of CHARITY – giving to people in NEED.  Which does include sports, business promotion and extravagant arts projects (there is a good scientific case for supporting the art created by persecuted, ostracised, disabled and poor people).   Trust House being probably the worst neo-liberal abomination of a housing failure you could ever witness.   Taking from poor tenants and giving to affluent middle class and rich for their sport, art and business projects.

Foodstuffs supports gentrification & impoverishment of poorest in Carterton

Recently I had the most horrendous and humiliating experience in the local Carterton New World supermarket.  After reading Jacinda Arderns comments about regulating the food industry that were price gouging us I felt the need to share what happened as I am sure it proves it.  Also proves a violation of Westminister Statute the 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.

My poor disabled friends and I have been noticing changes at the Carterton New World over the past few months, they are slowly getting rid of the cheapest products .  That includes basics like Weetbix – or the cheap equivalent and in my case the cheapest sanitary napkins.  I have bladder incontenance and the products I used – which were still dearer than other supermarkets – just stopped being stocked.  I asked about it but they were never reinstated.

Carterton is one of those small towns – travelling distance of the city – that has sold off its homes to wealthy foreigners and cashed up city people.  Disabled and poor that made Carterton their home, or have lived here for many years are being driven out.  It is a well known phenomina in UK and USA, in New Zealand people are so naive or cruel they refuse to accept it is happening to their neighbours and family members.  They also refuse to accept it is actually illegal – nobody wants to accept that, especially the wealthy leaders of our community/region.

The council and business people welcome these affluent happy people, they spend money.  They won’t even entertain the idea they are causing harm and gross violations of other people’s most basic rights in a democratic country that says it adheres to Word of Law and UN treaties.  For those of us rotting on welfare, denied prof health care, justice etc, we are forced to beg for food, housing and justice to charities.  Charities full of people who are only too happy to do it – they think it is their roll in life to hand out food to people the government deny these things to.  Try to criticise these people and you get insulted degraded and abused.

Those on the council driving poor from this community know the people who own the supermarket.  Foodstuffs and the owners will be basing their change in store and products sold to match the increasingly wealthy demographic of Carterton.  Poor people don’t spend much money, rich people do so they get more things they like.

Carterton has its $1 bread and milk on the other side of the supermarket from the front door, so poor people have to walk through the entire shop of things they are not allowed to buy just to get to these staples.  I cry when I go to the supermarket now, I have so little money and feel completely denigrated by the experience.  It confronts you with inequality.

So two weeks ago a friend texts me and says they have cold chickens for $4.99 at the supermarket again.  That is a lot of protein and very cheap, some of the chickens were Organic and down from $15.00 each.  I went down within half an hour, with less than only $30 in my account to get the much needed food and some other items.  I got two chickens, one for someone I know who has agrophobia, is disabled poor and I knew needed the food, like me too proud/humiliated to beg for food from the local food bank – or tell those around her who did have everything.

I went to pay and it was more than I expected, I was so humiliated I had to put things back.  I thought I had calculated in my head to be under the amount I had in the bank.  I started to cry quietly.  When I got out to the car I discovered they had charged me $15 for one of the cold chickens.  Obviously the scanner had picked up the previous full price bar code and not the one on the sticker that said $4.99.

I went back in the store to get the $10 I overpaid, the woman at the kiosk looked at the docket, looked at the two cold chickens in my trolly with their $4.99 stickers on and said she would go and sort it out.  I had started to cry and was about to have a serious panic attack, I handed the woman the receipts but I could not wait, I don’t like crying, ticking, shaking and curling up in a ball on the floor of a public place.  So I told her I could’t stay I wasn’t well and I would come back.  I ran out crying, people I know saw me.

I didn’t get back the next day I was too upset about what had happened, I was so humiliated.  When I did go back I phoned the supermarket first and spoke to the manager I think – I don’t know who that was.  Told him what happened and I was going to come back and get my money and some more items.  I did this because I know how unwell I get when I am humiliated because of my poverty like that.  I did it so there would be no fuss and everything would be sorted, I could get my things and leave without incident.

When I got there I believed everything was sorted but at the checkout I found out it wasn’t, this man started harrassing me and insinuating very strongly I was a liar about what had happened and a thief, I became extremely distressed – I have a stress disorder.  I tried to defend myself, the woman had thrown out the docket, she didn’t realise I was having a panic attack and had to leave and still wanted my money returned.  The manager on the phone didn’t understand the situation either – I don’t think he did anyway.  The man who challenged me at the checkout went on and on and on, he was insulting and rude and I told him that, I got louder and louder, so people could hear what he was doing to me.  Another staff member came up and tried to stop him as I became more and more traumatised and terrorised.  I wanted to run from the shop but I was desperately poor and needed the food.

I had the cheapest food in my trolley, that included pack of 4 chicken carcus for less than $3.00 I stuff and roast them – this man was accusing me of buying a $15 Organic chicken and lying about it, when I had to buy chicken carcus as my food.  He gave the impression I did this because I wanted what rich people ate ewwwwww.

Because of my disorder I am not able to beg to food banks for food, even my WINZ case manager offered me a food grant I refused because I couldn’t bring myself to be degraded in front of supermarket staff with that card.  These people are the community, they know who is poor and make their own judgements based on things they often do not understand.

The people who saw/heard what happened will now marginalise and discriminate against me even further because I was insulted and degraded like that – they will believe it is my fault and I am a thief and liar.  All the owner and Foodstuffs wanted to do was talk about it.  I already got my money back, the woman who took over from the revolting man insulting me gave it back, it was quite obvious I was telling the truth.  I have heard of other instances of people having to go back after being charged full price on specialed items at that store – and being argued with about it.

This hatred of poor people permeates EVERYTHING when you live in ‘relative poverty’ that rich people think is a pathetic joke – but I am sure it drives more people to suicide and violence than any other cause.

The reason we have laws, a democracy and supposed to follow rule of law is to stop those with power and money from persecuting those without.  That is human nature, however it is not what supposed to happen in a civil society!!!!!!!!!

Anybody out there reading this, can help me take a case against Carterton District Council, Foodstuffs and Carterton New World for violations of Westminister Statute the 1st.  It says on Foodstuffs website about CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY – so obviously they are part of the oligarchy that knows it price gouges citizens when it can get away with it – profit is everything.


Take Heart – Poem – sell your old art to fund political justice campaigns

Someone on twitter is selling some famous art to help fund Greens campaign – this is a poem I wrote about my friend Richard who sold some old artworks of his and funded my political activism for several years.  Love you Richard.


Take down those dusty paintings
That fine art upon the wall
Take down those dusty paintings
In bedroom, lounge and hall

Take them to a Trade Me auction
Pass them on to someone new
Take them to a Trade Me Auction
Help to free the poorest few

Take stock of your priorities
Remember why you live
Take stock of your priorities
Who will benefit from what you give

Take heart the world is waking up
Peace and harmony will soon reign
Take heart the world is waking up
To those playing the class war game

Take over our courts and parliaments
With the dusty art upon your walls
Take over our courts and parliaments
Until this oligarchy falls