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New Zealand Xmas Day propaganda from wealthy corrupt elites in police etc

I know most people won’t see this news report as propaganda but it is, they don’t want things to not be violent – they want them to be violent.   It was written by Radio NZ which is the government controlled news service and distributed by every other corrupt neo-liberal mainstream media outlet.

The news story is elitism at its worse, the people painting a picture of ABUSIVE FAMILIES.  Just like the government changed the wording from DOMESTIC violence to FAMILY violence – which means all the situations with dangerous flatmates people are forced to live with is ignored.   The way the news reports ignores violence towards women and blames alcohol for EVERYTHING.  They painting a picture they want wealthy affluent people to believe and its just not true for 80% of people living in poverty.  My Xmas day yesterday was really bad, I cried for most of it and I’m still crying this morning.

This was a Radio NZ top story for Xmas Day.   I’ll post on my youtube channel what my Xmas Day was like, I did a video outside Carterton Police station and ‘Community’ Xmas Dinner.




Each one of these is really bad and disgusting bigotry against abuse victims in New Zealand.   The government and media know why we have domestic violence, I know why.  Doing nothing about the EXTREME STRESS, poverty and lack of state housing is making more jobs for lawyers, judges and justice system, the news items associated with the NZ Herald report shows the government are creating laws to do this right now.   Its where they have purposely changed the wording to FAMILY VIOLENCE to make people think ENTIRE FAMILIES are to blame.

$$$$$$ This is why NZ First and Ron Mark wanted 1800 more police, a job creation and profit making enterprise out of driving people to violence with poverty and lack of state housing.   Here’s the profits explained by Anna Leask – who has abused me multiple times for asking for my story and what I know about violence to be made public – she refuses.



Former Top Cop Makes Dramatic Claims about police – sounds just like New Zealand

The comments Ken Jones makes about OPI  Office of Police Integrity sound exactly like what is happening to me, every valid complaint I have ever made to IPCA – ‘independent Police Conduct Authority – has been ignored.  There have been no police investigations as there should have been and rejections saying the violence would be dealt with in court during the court case for my non-violent protests were NEVER EVER DEALT WITH.  Without a police investigation into the assaults there were no witnesses interviewed – ie in my case the young St John Ambulance officer that was called because I was demanding to see a doctor.

Or the fact when I presented at A & E 3 days later in a complete mess psychologically and covered in bruises it wasn’t given as evidence.  I was left in a cubicle alone for what felt like forever, I had just been insulted by the A & E nurse once she found out it was police who assaulted me (I didn’t want to tell her and I wish I hadn’t).   Within a minute of being left there with curtain closed I became overwhelmed and ended up in the corner of the room curled up in a ball on the floor.  That’s where the doctor found me, I remember he was middle eastern & I knew he understood trauma and what he was witnessing.

He started to ask me questions but I was barely able to speak, tears rolling down my face.  I remember him saying to me “you just want to go home don’t you”  I just looked him right in the eye and nodded – he understood, recorded the bruising and I left.  I arrived on my own and left on my own, went home to a flatmate who didn’t know or care what had happened, I crawled into bed, curled up in a ball and stayed there for two days before I could function.  I couldn’t tell anybody I cared about or who cared about me because I didn’t want them to worry & they couldn’t do anything anyway.

One of the worst parts of what happened was the posters EVERYWHERE at A & E about violence & how staff could help and cared about violence etc.  They also had huge posters about police being called if staff were threatened in any way – but threatened around here means get upset and angry about being treated with contempt by staff.

I made complaints, detailed what had happened to Snr Masterton Police, made multiple pleas for it to be dealt with and investigated because I couldn’t sing & was really unwell.  Everything was ignored…………………. and always has been.

It made me feel better to read the news item below, I felt validated that what I had experienced myself was real, if it was real in Australian police then the same was definitely going on with Wairarapa/New Zealand Police.  Also I was given a better understanding of why quite decent people (police officers) were capable of doing what they were to me.  They do what their bosses tell them to do and that is exactly what I have experienced.  Especially the last lot of multiple charges that related to politicians, public servants and Bell Gully lawyers as agents of the government.  The interview was really strange, the woman officer kept going out to get instruction from a more senior officer.

If this was the experience of a Snr police officer I can only imagine what Victoria police had been doing to the ‘public’ they had power over.  I know police monitor my social media to make sure I don’t mention voldamort 1 & 2 – please read this article – and be reminded of what Sir Ken said about police dedication should be to upholding the law, not what your boss says.  Also what you are doing is not A SPORT YOU MUST WIN against me as your opponent, to win against me is like winning against someone with both hands tied behind their back – ITS CHEATING!!!!


Griffyn Gully-Davies #metoo abuser with IPCA New Zealand Police Conduct Authority

Got the email below today, AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT –  just follow up to discredit and psychologically torture me by reminding me there is no way any of my valid complaints against police psychological and physical violence are ever going to be acknowledged or dealt with.  That THE GRIFFYN got the Chairman to do it is hilarious, cause we all know its the chair of these boards/commissions/etc who the most corrupt – that’s how they get the job – dah!

They get these evil women to do it in order to make #METOO feel more terrified and defeated.  Women like THE GRIFFYN are everywhere now, just like Jeffrey Epstein had Ghislaine Maxwell, IPCA have GRIFFYN GULLY-DAVIES and multiple other people they have hired directly from countries like America and Sth Africa!

Gave someone with a hyphenated name a hard time on twitter this week – I worked out it was several corrupt cruel people in the justice system with hyphenated names that had triggered my response.  Laurie Blyth-Carter American manager at Masterton District Court the same.  Wait and corrupt mentally disturbed head psychiatrist Justin Barry-Walsh.

Found out what Voldamorts name was – Colin – looked up Colin, quite obvious why this privileged corrupt groomed elite got his job at IPCA – lol.   Even he words THE GRIFFYN is using shows she is smitten with his AUTHORITY and everybody knows the culture of an organisation is created by those at the top.

From: Info <Info@ipca.govt.nz>
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 11:02 AM
To: Jayne R
Subject: Letter to you from the IPCA

Hello Ms R

I have attached a letter signed by the Chair of the Authority. This lets you know we will no longer take phone calls from you and all written contact will be assessed by me and I will decide what action (if any) will be taken.

Griffyn Gully-Davies: Manager: Case Resolution Team
Independent Police Conduct Authority, PO Box 25221, Wellington 6146, Aotearoa New Zealand

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 11:58 AM
To: Info <Info@ipca.govt.nz>
Subject: Thank you so much, nice to know the criminal negligence and corruption is the entire organisation not just you

Hello Ms Hyphen Hyphen,

Does that make you feel powerful and superior to repeat yourself and have it validated by someone obviously as equally criminally negligent and corrupt as you.  The evil of abuses of power as described by Prof Philip Zimbardo, classic.  I know what they have been doing to me, I know what you have been doing to me for years, there is nothing I can physically do.   The only thing I can do is pray for the demise of you and your entire organisation, which I do whenever you allow police to harm me for my legal non-violent protests about being denied ACC care I am entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago.

You are true authoritarian fascists and I commend you for the part you play in the rape, oppression, abuse and economic violence you allow in this country towards victims of sexual abuse and violence, mostly women – to the point we lead the western world.  That is your kharma not mine, I do my best to expose abuses of power, you do your best to protect them.  Women & children suffer and die because of what you are doing to me and so many others with Complex PTSD as a result of criminal negligence by ACC and others.

When I cry and want to kill myself, I think of you all, think of what cruel sick immoral murderers and abusers you all are, you can send me all the letters you want, it doesn’t change what you are and what you are doing to me is illegal.  It doesn’t change the fact you are depraved perverted immoral elites and my valid and legal responses to this are justified.

Can you please send this letter by mail as I cannot afford to print it out, to 29 Clifton Avenue, Carterton.

You will pay for what you are doing and what you have done, when judgement day comes, you will suffer and die.  Any thoughts of there being no afterlife or not having to suffer for the suffering you have caused honest people like me are deluded.   Any thoughts there isn’t going to be a higher power come and judge your acts against people like me are deluded.  Thoughts are things, they can be measured, I am spiritually strong I can protect myself from the dark evil you spread with your bigotry ableism cruelty and hatred. You on the other hand are not so I would imagine your lives are about to get even more psychologically difficult to cope with.

Please pass that on to the elite who only hired you because you are deluded or a psychopath.

Kia kaha and aroha to the poor and powerless oppressed
Utu mate to the rich and powerful oppressors
Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 13 December 2019 2:37 PM
To: Info <Info@ipca.govt.nz>
Subject: Merry Christmas, love and kindness for the holidays to your staff, yourself & Colin Doherty

I am sorry I was unable to open the attachment, due to the severe distress and suicidal episode this letter would cause me, which you are already well aware is an impairment related to my disorder!  Its just before Xmas I developed that phobia (that had lessened a little in the past few months out of necessity for my life and freedom).  After ACC sent me a letter 1 week after telling me it would take 6 weeks to address my complaint about being denied ACC care under their ridiculous Code of Conduct legislation that they don’t have to listen to.  Which of course said everything I was complaining about was a lie, ACC were doing everything correctly and nothing more would be done about the situation – which continues today 8 years later!

I did some research on Colin and can see why his response and can imagine you being akin to Paula Bennett and her disturbing idolising of John Key as though he was some sort of leader of her religious sexual cult.  I study psychology of abuses of power (ANOMIE) under neo-liberal extremist rule, as well as traumatic stress disorders, your behaviour is classic and most disturbing, you should not be allowed in any position of authority or justice in this country.  As for Colin, I’ll make a complaint about him to the relevant authority – which will of course will be ignored – ahhhhh cruel corrupt New Zealand and sooooo good at marketing exactly the opposite of the truth.

Jayne R
UN Civil Society Activist

NZ Police why aren’t you investigating ACC regarding my criminal complaints of harm

Had another call from police today, ‘welfare call’ – because they know I freak out if they visit.  MBIE – Immigration NZ phoned them after I got upset on the phone with their media contact person.  I genuinely wanted to know why they were putting the responsibility of housing poor refugees in Wairarapa when people who lived here couldn’t get houses.

The young woman had no idea how to respond, they put these sorts of people on these phones so those who doing it can avoid the fallout from us peasants.  She told me to send an email, what would the point of that be, nothing’s going to change without a public announcement from Jacinda Ardern and the Labour party.  Now the Labour party is run by a globalist immigrant there is no way they are going to limit immigration is there.

So I talked to Richard, who seems like one of the nice guys, I was pretty hostile from what they have been doing to me.  Apparently police wanting me to be put under a compulsory treatment order is to help me get services.  WTF  Launched into being held in cells all day and other appalling treatment not addressed.  Also the years of making complaints about ACC illegally causing me harm by omitting to insure I received the health care I am supposed to after winning two FAirway reviews in 2010/11.

Have asked multiple police officers who came to my door if they would do it, as they seem happy to lay charges for anybody who doesn’t like what I say or do.  Apparently those sorts of charges are above their pay scale – which is a load of BS, any officer can lay charges THEY CHOOSE NOT TO.  OR MORE CORRECTLY THEIR BIG BOSSES IN BULLSHIT CASTLE AND THE GOVERNMENT WHO CONTROL THEM CHOOSE NOT TO.  I got to know an officer at BS Castle he told me parliament runs police operations overall.

As I cannot get a lawyer to take a case – like Arthur Taylor knows how to do – I need police to defend me against ACC and others.  They refuse, they are corrupt bias elitist criminals.  Mike Sutton wanted to years ago, I gave him all the evidence, thought he was going to do something – he didn’t and gave it all back to me.  Boy did I give him shit!  He left the police suddenly last year and they put that bigot Jen Hansen in the job.

I know they are telling you the people depriving me of health care I am entitled to are not my health providers but that is not true.  That needs to be for a judge to decide, not YOU, or whoever is stopping this investigation and prosecution.

I have had perversions of justice by ACC in previous cases police could investigate and prosecute on.  Assaults they could investigate and refuse to.  Sections 150a 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act make what they doing to me as a disabled person criminal negligence.  Along with Judson lying on his report – which I can prove with the recording, as well as Barry-Walsh doing the other psych report knowing he had a serious conflict of interest.  Considering my status as a civil society activist and defences under Bill of Rights.

Police dumping me into the worst mental health services in New Zealand with people who ‘are scared of me’ – ie hate my guts for making valid complaints about them – that were never acted on IS NOT GOING TO GO WELL FOR ME.  I already know what these people are like, after this post I will post my 46 page response to Judson’s report, which I want police to investigate as it has violated the laws he quotes at the end about his independence and accuracy.

These reports are why my lawyer and I parted ways, he agreed with the fkn thing – ewwww.  I vehemently disagreed with both and did not want the judge making any decision based on them when they were so blatantly bias and wrong.

I am going to report the crime to Jennifer Hansen and expect no response like always.

If I could get the professional care etc I am entitled to then I know they would start doing it for other people and it would do exactly what everybody wants, bring down the suicide, self-harm and violence rates.   I am only asking for what I know I am legally entitled to.

Police are supposed to protect me against abuses of power, not contribute and participate in it.  Richard said he had to call because of my welfare it was his job – WTF – it definitely is, but not when I’m unwell because the police refuse to force them to provide care, which they are illegally depriving me of.  Rather than forcing me into those murderers care where they will definitely force me to take medication, have me locked up or ECT.  I don’t want there fkn therapies THEY DON’T FKN WORK, I KNOW WHAT I FKN NEED AND WHAT I AM ENTITLED TO.

So any NZ police officers out there prepared to charge ACC with criminal negligence etc.   I am reporting a crime and you need to start a thorough investigation into why I don’t have services, force them to pay me the $10,000 in Independence Allowance they owe  me as well.  Stop keeping me in the fkn cells if they do arrest me again for anything – which they shouldn’t because WELLINGTON POLICE NEVER DID!  Charging me for wilful trespass and violating my bail conditions IS YOUR CHOICE.  That is where you violate my rights, in the choices to make about not acting on my complaints of crime, while doing it for those who harming me in many ways.

Police do not swear an oath to the government
They swear an oath to the Queen, who is
head of a church, that believes in a book, that
protect the rich & powerful while they
persecute the poor & powerless

If you don’t deal with the continuous abuses of power you inflict on me then you are corrupt criminals and just as responsible and culpable as my abusers are!  I HATE YOU, you could fix this, you could help so many people, you know I’m right and you know what I protest about needs addressing.  Anybody would think you all enjoy it!.



Complaint against Wairarapa police trying to drive me to suicide!

6 November 2019

New Zealand Police

IPCA – independent haters of human sewage like me

It is with terror and self-harm that I am writing yet another complaint I know will be ignored, as every other complaint I have ever made has been and things have only got worse with regard to my treatment by Wairarapa police. I am so traumatised by what happened I desperately needed to talk to someone about my complaint so I phoned the number for Police HQ I got some other non-urgent number. They told me they were putting me through to a police complaints line, but they put me through to the main police line and I didn’t realise.

I phoned them about 4pm and would like that recorded interview accessed and listened to. Except for the bit at the end when I found out it wasn’t a dedicated line for police complaints and I had been on the main line taking up time, also that the person wasn’t going to send the complaint she had written to IPCA as well as local police – not that I trust either after the years of psychological and physical abuse I have been subjected to for my justified legal protests about abusive mental health services and others.


Last time I complained I am sure the person sent it to IPCA as well, I was expecting that to happen, I got upset with the woman on the phone, because she said it wasn’t procedure.


I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this – you are never ever going to do anything – making these complaints is worse than what they are doing to me – because you never stop it, no matter how many complaints I make you never ever stop them.


I’m not sure how this is going to turn out so I apologise in advance if it is all over the place, has spelling and grammatical errors, I won’t be able to go through and check it when I am finished I will be so distressed.


A warrant was issued for my arrest Friday 1 November after me breaking my bail conditions accidently regarding seeing   ?????  in front of my parked car putting money in the meter and I lost it and starting singing at him.


I was told by email, although I am sure a police car came down my street to make sure I was at my home. The officer didn’t come in but the email I received from Jennifer Hansen said there was a car available to pick me from Carterton and take me to Masterton. I refused as I was looking after my daughter’s dog for the week and as police had already said they would oppose my bail I couldn’t go in as there was nobody else to care for the dog. I said I would come in Monday morning. Hansen told me to be there early in the morning. The email is available if you want proof.


On Saturday I wrote a five page letter about what happened, long hand as I have no way of printing out typed documents at the moment. It was to the Presiding Judge and a copy for duty lawyer as I knew my mental health was really bad and ability to communicate was more impaired than it had ever been. This is what I call ‘managing impairments related to my disability’, which is how I was taught to approach things when I studied disability at Massey a few years ago.


As I had been incarcerated the entire day previously and ended up flipping out at the judge because of it, I didn’t hurry to get to the police station to hand myself in. I dropped off the letters, was assured the judge and lawyer would get them then returned to my car, parked along the street back of Masterton police station. I intended to get some chalk from the boot and go chalking some poetry on the street outside court and police station. It helps me deal with the disempowered way I am treated.


When I was coming back past the back of the police station two police officers followed me and arrested me, took me back to the station and processed me. But even from when I was walking in I started not being able to speak/communicate properly, I was obviously very unwell and very distressed by what was happening. When I was put into the cell I sat on the bed for about 5 mins but I was still freaking out really badly and started to rock backwards and forwards.   Then all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in the corner of the cell on the floor so I did.


Foetal position with my hands over my face – WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS – WHY DO YOU MAKE ME MAKE COMPLAINTS AND THEN DO NOTHING AND THINGS ONLY GET WORSE. I don’t want to remember what happened, it makes me want to kill myself I feel so despairing – all this just because I want my ACC reinstated after winning two reviews nine years ago.


Any officer that came near me I couldn’t respond to, I just cowered in the corner even more. I was there for hours. Then two officers came in and started to ask me questions, I was frozen. A male officer, who I didn’t see because my eyes were closed & my hands over my face asked me if I was awake, I couldn’t respond, he touched me and I flinched. He then said something about DHB phone call and I knew I couldn’t cope emotionally about what he was about to say so I put my fingers in my ears as strongly as I could. Putting my fingers in my ears is a common automatic response for me when I am psychologically overwhelmed.


I still couldn’t calm myself so I started involuntarily banging my head against the wall where I was sitting, which helped, I kept doing this for a long time. I peaked out from my position & couldn’t see anybody in the room so I stopped and relaxed a little. I couldn’t cry which was a really weird feeling as I was very distressed. I was numb.


I never responded to any officers the entire time I was there. I did eventually get up off the floor and walked around a bit but if I heard the buzzer of the door I immediately walked into the corner with my head away from the door and put my hands over my face. I was in the cells a long time police had other customers, men who came and went. I looked out of my cell and they waved out to me but I couldn’t speak – this is not like me I am usually ok at verbalising and last time I was in there all day I was singing and self-harming for most of it.   I hit myself repeatedly and do other things to self-harm, I don’t cut myself – too scared. Anything to make the pain I feel at what happening to me not be so overwhelming.


I finally got out of the cell and two older officers that have terrorised and insulted me were there – Cunningham and Basher. I was cowering from them, I felt safer with the man in black clothes attending to me. I was moved to the court cell, which I am afraid of after a really bad experience there last year coming over in a transport vehicle having been arrested in Wellington when protesting at Human Rights Commission. I was so cold, the vehicle was so cold and the cell was so cold and I was left there for so long. Going back in there triggers me further. I had managed to be able to communicate a little more and starting singing. I was there for ages too, I saw the duty lawyer who refused to read the letter and started asking me questions. I started answering them but quickly became angry and upset and ended up screaming at her so was removed. This is similar to what happened when they kept me in the cells all day the last time. I was trying to manage my disorder so I didn’t scream at anybody, that is why I wrote the letter but she wouldn’t read it.


I finally saw the judge, almost last person for the day, I had sat in the cell for hours listening to all the names being called, waiting for my name. For years the court had been accommodating my disorder and knowing how stressed and unwell I get put me up as early as possible so I could leave and go home.


The judge had my letter all day, she already knew what she was going to decide. I did start to cry when I finally got in front of her and represented myself reasonably successfully as I didn’t have to say much more than the letter. Judge Morris knows my case well and knows all I want is to leave and go home. It only took 10-15 mins to see her. Police did oppose bail, which she ignored thank God. I did start crying in the court and was distressed when the Police lawyer prosecuting me brought over tissues – why do people who are hurting you for a job want to be nice to you, it really screws with my head when police and others do that.


When I finally got my bail forms to sign the security guard acted strangely and told the registrar lady I had been in the cells since this morning when I dropped off the letter for the judge. They looked at each other ‘knowingly’, but didn’t say anything to me about that not being OK, it was more a feeling I got over the days following. I didn’t tell the security guard, who I get on with and feel safe around, about how distressed I was in the cells because he doesn’t like it when I’m in that bad a state (in a caring way). He has seen me in that sort of mess (state of unwellness/trauma/stressed) before outside/inside court a couple of times.


It is deeply humiliating when I’m that terrified and traumatised I act out like that – but I try my best to think of it as part of my disability and not beat myself up even more about it. However I do often have a serious suicidal episode some time later, anything from a few days to two weeks later. As I get no services, am terrified of mental health almost as much as police and have nobody to talk to who is capable of supporting me, I go through those horrendous things alone at home.   Complex PTSD has a 60% mortality rate because of suicide and I know it is a life and death situation for me every time I go through. I still don’t know how I make it and I do know it traumatises me more because it is like experiencing your best friend trying to kill you and put you out of your misery. You so desperately want to die because you can’t get help or justice you know you need – and from what you read, you are entitled to.


Police know what happens, they know how suicidal I am, they know what distresses me the most, they have become very good at triggering and psychologically manipulating/terrorising me. Keeping me in the cells all day is something they know causes me to flip out, which of course makes me look bad and them justified in their actions – WHICH THEY ARE NOT!


I have always maintained Wairarapa police are purposely inciting me to suicide so I don’t protest about the illegal unjust things happening to me (and other people disabled by Complex PTSD) at the hands of ACC, police and other very powerful cruel corrupt immoral people. I know from my own past experience and what other Wairarapa people have told me police here are really mean to suicidal people, which I am sure contributes significantly to Wairarapa having highest rate of suicide in New Zealand & highest rate of self-harm in the OECD.


Also the complaints from ?????  about violating my bail conditions were full of lies about what happened. Police said I approached him, which I definitely did not. Both of us were surprised when I looked up and he was right in front of my car. Note: there are angle parks with one central metre for about 10 of them. I only opened my car door and stood there singing with one arm on car roof and one on the door, for less than 30 seconds.


I emailed Jennifer Hansen the next day asking for the CCTV footage because I was thinking about the security guard comment to the court registrar. It can’t have been right that I was kept there all day, especially in the extremely traumatised state I was in. Felt if a doctor or psychiatrist had seen the situation he would not have allowed police to interrogate me further about other charges. People extremely traumatised who have Complex PTSD have to be in a less distressed state to be able to even answer questions and not to be traumatised further.


I DON’T WANT TO WRITE THIS, WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO THIS ALL THE TIME AND NEVER HELP ME, NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, NEVER MAKE IT STOP. Those violent assaults you ignored, those two officers who lied in court, the one who threatened me with seeing how bad police could be if I kept protesting – you never did anything. The assault with handcuffs that has left me permanently damaged you never even asked her to apologise, which is why I wear my wrist brace whenever I protest or have to see police for anything.


When they were thoroughly searching me before they put me in the cell on Monday the two woman asked me to take it off, at which I flinched and backed into the corner of the fingerprint room – they knew why. I did take it off and show it to them. They even said they knew I didn’t like being touched – which I don’t – few, if any, persecuted abuse victims with Complex PTSD do.


I emailed Jennifer Hansen the next day – did I say that above? Asked for the footage, complained about being kept in the cells all day in the state I was. I also asked about what the two officers who came into the cell actually said because I couldn’t hear them with my fingers in my ears as tightly as they were & banging my head against the wall. It was two more complaints, one of them was a blatant lie by one woman saying I had threatened to get people to come and hurt her – which is a blatant lie.   It is a fundamental principle of mine that God or Karma is the one to dish out punishment – NOT ME. I would not threaten it or for anybody else to do it EVER. I do hope the bad things happening to me and other terrorised impoverished abuse victims in New Zealand happen to these people. Because I know what they do is going to hurt an innocent poor person, but that appears acceptable to our government at the moment, no matter what Jacinda Ardern says publicly.


Now police have got people telling lies or they are on their behalf?????   It is very distressing, nobody believes anything I say due to bigotry, hatred, false statements by health ‘professionals’ & being discredited by public mental health services, police etc. This is the experience of majority of mentally injured abuse victims and certain mentally ill people in Wairarapa that I have met – usually protesting in the street.


Jennifer Hansen said I will be charged with the further two charges when I go to court on 18 November. I did refute the allegations about threatening harm vehemently by email.

It might be relevant to have the letter I gave to the judge on Monday morning but it is handwritten and I have reached then end of my ability to cope and need to get this complaint sent. I can’t stop crying…………………… Please make them stop, please I am begging you, as I have begged you before, but you never did anything. Wellington police were never as bad as Wairarapa have been……………………….. I am exhausted

(It has been very difficult sharing this with everybody, because I am terrified someone will call the police ‘concerned for my welfare’  and they will just hurt me more.)



Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


PS   I hope the Red Cross and Wairarapa DHB are happy with the cruel and unjust treatment I received from police because of their complaints.  I’m sure they’d be happy if I killed myself too – just like my brother.  ANOMIE in action.

Check out discussion on my Youtube video, it explains lots

Link at below

You havn’t been listening to me – you are obsessed with this idea that we are individuals and don’t need other people – which is grossly untrue.  I’ve met three GOOD health professionals in 17 years, all of them were completely committed to supporting the person to heal in the way they needed to.  That is what Occupational Therapy is all about.  And I will again say THERE IS NO HEALING WHILE THE PERSON IS LIVING IN FEAR WITHOUT THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE LIKE SHELTER AND FOOD SECURITY.  Which currently is 20% of the NZ population 1 million people – mostly women and youth.   Gee and NZ has highest OECD stats in youth suicide and women self-harming – go figure.

Also, what might apply to a man DOES NOT APPLY TO A WOMAN, especially in the domain of trauma.  Men have to be self-reliant in more ways, although they still need ‘brothers’ – women are different we are NATURALLY reliant on men for safety and others for talking our problems through.  I don’t have a man for protection and my female friends are themselves so traumatised they can’t handle me talking about my fear of police and compulsory incarceration under mental health act FOR TELLING THE FKN TRUTH AND ASKING FOR HEALTH CARE I AM ENTITLED TO.

Mental health workers are bunch of self-righteous power tripping either psychopaths or co-dependents – mostly idiot Christians and deeply depressed people with revolting personalities that nobody would be friends with so they get into that line of work for the ego boost.  That is why I have so many problems with mental health services who genuinely HATE me and discredit me in the community cause I criticise them for making my region No 1 in NZ for suicide.  I’m intelligent, I understand my disorder, I know the law and rehab, I know how they are supposed to behave and when they do it wrong, I know the science, I know politics.  I can see straight through an abuser or a co-dependent CLINGON.

I agree with your sentiment but you’re just not understanding what we are both suggesting is essentially the same thing, I just know more of the jargon.  I studied Health 101 and rehab at Massey University for a year by correspondence.   When told to read a chapter I read the book plus I got out every book I could on trauma and studied that far beyond 1st year level.  I learnt their jargon, I learnt their models – that’s where I discovered Mason Durie and Whare Tapa Wha.   I become highly suicidal at the end and could not continue my area of study – BECAUSE I KNEW THEY WERE NOT APPLYING ANY OF THESE THINGS IN THE AREA OF HEALTH FOR MENTALLY INJURED ABUSE/TRAUMA/NEGLECT VICTIMS – it made me more unwell knowing this.  Although the jargon I learnt taught me how to interact with them using their language and proves without doubt in the area of Complex PTSD they are persecuting people purposely – we are the new Jew.

Was researching new Suicide Prevention maggot in Wairarapa, he has made completely inaccurate statements for years that mentally ill people are not violent or dangerous – WTF.   One of the symptoms of Complex PTSD is violence according to all scientific literature I have ever read!!!  Govt and police and MH know it as well.  They study same books/information I do.  This ignorant bigot started his new job by putting even more propaganda in the local free newspaper and other media – the same organisations that dont’ work for 80% of us because they are filled with issue ridden psychopaths and co-dependents, as I said before.  Combine that with the regular meetings they all have with mayors, local ‘social’ business leaders, MH services and police of course – so they all think the same BS – and I know my name comes up regularly.

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Wairarapa Police monitoring my social media – how are you today?

Did you see my chalking outside Masterton Police station yesterday – I took a video, its on my youtube channel link below.   Said I’m being bullied and there’s no-one to tell.  What about you?  ReFuSe corrupt authority.

I’m going to be involved in that inquiry and tell Debbie Francis what I have seen and heard in regards to my case.

Are Masterton police being bullied #metoo – Snr Sgt bullying me

From: Jayne R
Sent: Monday, 30 September 2019 4:16 PM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <J.Hansen@police.govt.nz>
Subject: Latest news report bit scathing of Snr Sgts Jennifer

Wondering if there any bullying going on in Masterton police, especially in regards to me, I see the faces of some of those officers when they are charging and processing me – THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE DOING IT – ITS OBVIOUS THEY ARE ASHAMED.  They know what’s going on, that is why I always got on with Wellington officers, they know how long I been protesting and they ALL agreed with what I was saying.  Wasn’t until I got really broke and had to start protesting over here that things got nasty.  Police were never my enemy and I have NEVER RESISTED ARREST or deserved anything but kindness, protection and justice.
Have teamed up with a few interesting new local body councillors – hopefully they all get in.  They are loving my ideas about dealing with our No 1 suicide rate.  Doesn’t matter what you do to me, I’ve got Jesus as my guide, my knowledge is my power and my actions are vital for a civil society, the more you hurt me the more people turn against those doing it.   Here’s my bullying poem dedicated to you and your fascist friends.

I’m being bullied and there’s no-one to tell
Beaten kicked and whipped, left in hell
I can’t find a lawyer, someone to care
I’ve read the laws, understand what’s in there

10 years of torture asking them why
Why do you ignore me, have left me to die
Why’s my life so worthless when others are not
If I had cancer this neglect it would stop

I have all the symptoms of traumatic stress
Have studied university books, the internet
I get no help rejected because
I believe in my spirit, my culture, my knowledge

I write to the paper, TV, radio
To those supposed to protect me I know
Say there’s laws that say this, laws that say that
Some that are good, others a brick bat

Human Rights laws with no power at all
Bill of Rights laws on which nobody can call
Laws only for lawyers and rich people to use
Laws made that meant something, now they’re abused

Laws that cost hundreds of thousands to create
Laws that protected the poor and the weak
Then came the wasps settled in the beehive
On which lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats now thrive


Now there’s nobody taking responsibility
For the stings of the wasps in our capital city
Soldier ants fill our government buildings
Employed cause they’re soulless, ruthless, unquestioning

Like Marianne said they smile as they kill
And if you object you’re insane should take a pill
So if you’re one of those ants from the hill
I’m your worst nightmare, poet, artist, political


Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


Please remember ALL my social media are monitored by police

So if you making comment, don’t say anything that might get you into trouble with them – cause the corrupt ones will come for you, if only to turn people against me.

Think about what you want to say to them about my situation, to try and convince them what they are doing is wrong – because it is.   Police are supposed to be peacekeepers upholding the laws that protect citizens – that includes the government harming people, who rightly get angry and despairing.   POLICE ARE NOT SOLDIERS TO PROTECT THE RICH AND POWERFUL from the poor and powerless they persecute, impoverish, exploit and destroy.

Corrupt cruel WEALTHY powerful elitist neo-liberal GLOBALISTS want us hating and fighting amongst each – it keeps the focus away from them.    George Monbiot’s explanation as to why global trade doesn’t work was like a lightbulb moment for me.

Governments OBSESSED WITH FREE TRADE – like New Zealand is are leading us further and further into HELL, DYSFUNCTION, VIOLENCE AND SUICIDE.

If we can get majority of police and military on our side, the revolution will be peaceful (REFER TO QUOTES FROM JK KENNEDY AND JOHN LENNON BELOW).  Personally I cannot see how things will change as drastically as they need to with the leaders we currently have – given they are so ignorant, naïve, weak, controlled and polite!  A peaceful revolution will be the only way to bring a halt to neo-liberalism.   New Zealand could be the real middle earth for the rest of the world, we are small enough to do it.  Given we will have come from one of the most protected Keynsian economies, to one of the most protected neo-liberal economies with the most appalling suicide, violence and social harm statistics in the world.

Adopting models George Monbiot suggests would prove WITHOUT DOUBT they will work.  Now its time for the ORCS, humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits and everybody else who make up 95% of EARTH to come together.   Remove the richest most powerful 5% of families/individuals/corporations and share out ALL they have hoarded during the past 30, 100, 400, 800, 2000 years to the rest of us.

Nobody objected when our govt removed Death Duty and yet that has made it possible for the children of rich people to exist without having to do ANY MEANINGFUL WORK THAT CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIETY – you’ll never see a rich kid planting trees or doing physical labour as a job.   Charity doesn’t count, that is only part of their propaganda/marketing for taking most of the money and handing it back to those forced to beg to survive!

Finally a couple of quotes I have on my wall a John F Kennedy quote and John Lennon, please share:



Labour party called police to come terrorise me – a sexual abuse victim begging for her ACC care?

Just had the police call me for a WELFARE VISIT – wtf – apparently someone called them concerned for my welfare – WTF.  That I was going to self-harm, well of course I self-harm, that’s what people do WHO CAN’T GET SERVICES and living in the darklands – its part of my disorder everybody knows that and thinks its a great joke.

Am terrified, after reading those deceitful/offensive psych reports and how I’m labelled as insane for knowing what is happening to me and why it is NOT MY FAULT.   This is terrifying, I was right about Labour – because me being who I am phoned them and left a polite message on their answerphone asking why they were prosecuting me for wilful trespass FOR A PIECE OF ART on their Masterton office.   I got the call from police only 15 mins later – OMG – I can’t stop crying (I have got to stop crying, they do this to me on purpose to terrorise me I have to remember that.)

The cop was ——— (polite, young, confused and brainwashed to the hilt), telling me I didn’t want their help.   I just started crying and got really upset.   Asked him to stop police continually prosecuting me for my art and legal protests.  Asked him why police weren’t investigating and prosecuting ACC and mental health under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act for them refusing me care I was entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago and everything they said was available over and over again for years.  Asked him who phoned – he refused to say – asked him who they worked for, which I know by law I am allowed to know, he refused to say.   Lots more I can’t say because I’m so upset.  Check out my youtube channel for more.

This is because I am upset with Jacinda ARderns lies about the arts in New Zealand and the sexual abuse saga at the moment.

Can’t talk more too angry and have to leave the house in case police turn up.  Told the guy on the phone I’m terrified of police and mental health for good reason.   He was threatening to send mental health services around – WTF – those fucking lying murderers can’t wait to get me under compulsory treatment order so they can lock me up and drug me up – so I shut up about the damage neo-liberal economic terrorism is having on us – so I shut up about abusive experimental unprofessional ‘drug company’ based mental health services.

Our govt and corporations purposely drive poor people to suicide, crime, anxiety and violence so they can create jobs and businesses out of us.   The people most affected by the stress of inhuman living situations are those who victims of crime, abuse victims who according to police statistics are subjected to 80% of the crime in NZ.   The sexual abuse saga playing out with one of their own young female members proves very powerful MEN in the Labour party instinctively discredit, trivialise and dismiss women.  Exactly what they do to victims of sexual abuse who are poor and need more extensive health care and rehab than the current EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL RESTRICTIONS they have ACC imposing ILLEGALLY!!!!