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Hurry Mr Ombudsman

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Rescue me from this red tape war

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I’m on my knees at heaven’s door

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This war is such cruel hell

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
There is evil down in this well

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Get me off this torture wheel

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I just want to work and heal

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This situation is so NOT RIGHT!

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Before my disorder wins the fight

Please hurry



I had been begging the Ombudsman for help but they did nothing except call the police when I phoned on 1 March 2011.

ACC Ministers deny responsibility for Corporation persecuting claimants

After being told by Nikki Kaye’s office and the Speakers office that a police complaint is all I can do about ministers lying about professional care for abuse victims and mentally ill – that is just what I did.

Sent: Friday, 10 June 2016 2:13 p.m.
To: SUTTON, Michael
Subject: Complaint of harm by ACC under Sections 150A 151 155 and 157 of Crimes Act

This is yet another formal police complaint against ACC, Sarah Jones and others? who have again refused to accommodate impairments related to my disability and refused me access to health care – this time the counsellor.  I have the support of the counsellor but she is unable to do anything to stop it.

I just phoned the Minister for ACC’s office and was put through to the Associate Minister (Goldsmiths) office, there I was told by DAVE Goldsmith is the person to contact about individual cases of ACC illegally denying care and yet because ACC is a crown entity that the minister cannot get involved.  I was told to make a complaint to the police, which this is and of course you know I have made several complaints but been ignored.

I don’t understand why police and ACC ministers refuse to provide abused men women and children the treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under NZ law.  They are harming disabled people and those with the power to act are refusing to.

I don’t understand why the police are allowing the government to deny people like me health care we are entitled to and when people commit suicide and harm those around them the police take no action against these immoral corrupt criminally negligent people.

Just making sure police are formally notified so when I finally do get justice I can prove you did nothing while people were dying and the government were purposely denying health care they were legally required to provide.

God please help me, I don’t want to live if I can’t work and I don’t want to live knowing the police don’t uphold the law if the people who are breaking it are the government ie ACC and others.



Knockin on Heaven’s Door – poem from the darklands

Sittin here listening to Eric
In my battered old 50s rockin chair
My discman gives it to me just how I like it
Loud and surround in my ear

Off in the distance past the neighbours
The poplars whisper the winds symphony
As spirit blows cross the papa
There’s a storm brewin, sweepin up country

Eric’s started blowing harp in my head
And knockin on the door of the dead
Trying to keep it together, through this killer storm weather
A battle that fills me with dread

The CDs now on Guns N Roses
As the evening air touches my skin
And the cloud’s rolling in from the west
Like a woollen cloak being pulled cross the heavens

Now Axle starts knockin on the door
As only he knows how to do
He sings it, I live it
Trying that door to break through

Oh God when are they gunna listen
Their ears are so closed to our pain
The voice of those traumatised and poor
Writhing in pain, writhing in pain

The light is starting to fade……

Knock knock knockin on heaven’s door
Knock knock knockin on heaven’s door
Knock knock knockin on heaven’s door


800 YEARS – a poem to commemorate the Magna Carta 2015

Lots of things wrong with justice and right
The disabled in a never ending fight

If you’ve got money you’ve got justice and calm
It’s greedy rich who created this harm

Haven for them and hell for the poor
Then send police to knock on your door

Meat in the sandwich is what I see
Keeping the peace is what police should be

Take those immoral neo-liberals to court
Keep the peace for what men fought

Build everybody a place to live
Stop fucking taking, now time to give

Collect more taxes from the rich pigs now
Pay off debt then saved interest we plough

Grow our country back to something great
Leave behind this neo-liberal mistake

800 Years since the Magna Carta was signed
Today’s injustices weighing on my mind


Just wrote this – feels good – going to a talk on the Magna Carta on Friday, hope I get to share it, will chalk it on the street if it is fine, taking a few signs as well.

If you like my poetry nominate me for poet laureate before 6 July 2015 – tell your friends – lets see what a poet can do in two years and imagine what the politicians and media are going to do – the looks on their faces would be …… priceless.


Asian Bitch

You stand before me you Asian Bitch
Skin is flawless clothes say rich
Bitch starts barking what I’ve not done
But it’s your screw up number one

Bitch keeps barking though I tell her why
My heart is broken all I can do is cry
Plus my social worker let me down
And my pain is such I can barely go to town

Please go away I don’t want to talk
I’ll find someone help sort this out
She ignores my words keeps up her tirade
An ignorant bitch at full speed

Tries to impress me with her status
A law student darling, fuck not the greatest
And if I could be bothered to tell you
Seven years ago I was studying there too

She said. “Why not you tell bout the new 30 days.”
I say. “I been very sick with no help on the way.”
She kept ignoring my words and finally said
You have 90 days notice take your kids, dog and bed

Please stop this I said you are frightening me bad
I’m shaking like a leaf don’t attack me so hard
Then this little upstart made a serious demand
Show me documents proving your poor health she did rant

Now anyone with half a brain would know
Your landlord has no right demanding you show
Your personal health information, Oh no no no no

How dare you as agent of my fucking landlord
Demand to see documents you have no right to at all
Now get off this property and get off it quick
Next time come to my front door you insensitive bitch

She shrunk like a petal in the hot summer sun
When my legal alter-ego got out it’s big gun

So they’re kicking me out cause I’m no dumb sucker
I know the law, tough shit mother fucker
What a community I live in would treat a person this way
What are they teaching these law students for fuck sake

From all I have read of the lives abused people live
Of victimization it is repeatedly said
You disappoint me my people you are greedy and mean
You are bigots, elitists, you feed of the broken

Take fucking prisoners hide them away
No matter their story or mental health state
And how many of us are being treated this way
Screwed by society in every which way

That’s why state housing was such a good plan
When those traumatised men came back from war broken
It appears those old soldiers have already forgotten
There’s a war going on, on the mean streets of New Zealand

The casualties of which are politely dismissed
Then screwed over by arseholes like that Asian Bitch
It is all out there to see, the facts are the facts
But the media ignore it and you expect others to act.


If you like my poetry please nominate me for Poet Laureate, nominations close 6 July.  Go to


Open letter Anne Tolley re degrading processes for food grants

Dear Ms Tolley

I was reading an article about your thoughts on why the number of food grants had gone down so much.  I can assure you it was the new degrading reforms you put in place – I live this nightmare you created remember.  I know what it is like to be so degraded by your processes that I want to kill myself every single day.  The only reason I don’t is because I know that is what neo-liberals want – to get rid of those disabled and poor who are an expense a liability (faulty resources), especially those of us fighting for the health care and justice we are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws.

It is obvious from your comments that you have absolutely no idea what people are going through so I request a meeting with you so I can explain, one hour of your time.  You meet with wealthy people from the Trans-tasman Business Circle and the NZ Initiative and listen to their opinions, based on their affluent lives.  I think it is only fair you should meet with one of those people who has been rotting on welfare for 13 years after I was raped, sodomised, the person was found not guilty and then I was subjected to ACC and mental health abuse/neglect/discrimination and persecution.  Along with the past 13 years of neo-liberal austerity against the poorest and most vulnerable while advancing the wants of the rich.  The trickle down you all love to quote was actually the rich and powerful urinating all over the poorest and most victimized.

You cannot pretend any longer that your political philosophies are not extremely flawed and our country is not falling apart.  In the darklands the hatred is like nothing I have ever seen before.  People experiencing prolonged suffering often say they can’t protest because if they started they would kill someone – this is not good – this has all the indications of being a violent revolution instead of a peaceful one.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible (eg Occupy 2011) make violent revolution inevitable.”  JFK  And his other quote

You are an intelligent woman Anne, what have you done – you’re driving people to dysfunction, to suicide and violence.  I am a lay-expert in traumatic stress disorders and a few associated topics.  That’s what you do when you’re left to rot on welfare for 13 years not working, you educate yourself, mostly trying to work out how to get better so you can return to work.  I did everything within my power to return to work, but because of my disorder I kept failing, a human can only take so many failures before they commit suicide.

I look forward to hearing from you about a meeting, please contact me personally, out of respect 027……  As one of the impairments related to my disorder I became phobic about opening my mail and email, if I think it could be a rejection.  If you are going to meet with me please text or phone (you are welcome to have a support person, I might have one too – the security guards at parliament know me well and I’m sure a couple of them will help out.  If you are not going to meet with me please email or write a letter and explain why.

We’re not shares to be traded
We’re not pawns in a game
We’re not doing OK
And we’re not the ones to blame.


God of National – song based on the NZ National Anthem

God of national at thy feet
In the bonds of fear we meet
Hear our voices we entreat
We must defend our free land

Guard our country’s loving state
From those who only want to take
Care for all show no-one hate
God defend New Zealand

All who sing this song are bound
A solumn oath to stand their ground
When there is injustice found
We must defend our free land

From dissension, envy, hate
And corruption guard our state
Make our country good and great
God defend New Zealand

Peace not war shall be our boast
But should those cruel asail our coast
Make us then a mighty host
We must defend our free land

Lord of battles in thy might
Give us strength, take up the fight
When our cause is just and right
God defend New Zealand

Let our love for all increase
Our quest for fairness never cease
Give all plenty, give all peace
We must defend our free land

From dishonour and from shame
Guard our country’s good deeds and name
Be guided by an eternal flame
God defend New Zealand

Never let democracy fall
Teach compassion, love and truth to all
Let the facts, not fear stand tall
God defend New Zealand


Don’t Blame Me Blame Them – JR Murphy poet

You resent me because I am hurt
Blame me because I don’t work
With health services refusing to help
Saying they have to keep tightening their belts
Ignoring laws made in the past
Ensuring in the rat race I’ll be last

If I was your daughter, your sister, your wife
I wonder if you’d care if it was their life

Living with a life-threatening disorder
Living on the edge on the border
Pushing down the pain you feel every day
Knowing cruel politicians gave the order

You hate me because I’m still hurt
When the torture wheel just doesn’t work
You blame me for the woes of this place
When it’s those at the top you should face
Why pick on someone with so little
When I’m stuck with no help in the middle

What if I was your daughter, your sister, your wife
What if they said they wanted to take their own life

It’s those dishonourable ones who don’t care
For those abused left to rot on welfare
While their lives are free and fulfill all their needs
They prosper selfishly refusing to share

Why do you blame me?
You should blame them!
I don’t understand?

Never eND

Rich Bastards Authority

Rich Bastards Authority

They”re telling us every day
There”s no money left to pay
For housing, health, ACC, welfare
They just don”t have it to spare

Yet today I get the Dom Post
See politicians getting a boost
Thousands of dollars more money
From the rich bastards authority

John Errington who the fuck is he
Does this one percenter charge a fee
He”s chairman of a government board
Where all budgets are ignored

And with this shit he does create
Comes injustice dissension envy hate
National party are to blame
For giving to the rich AGAIN

While elitist pigs trash hurt and poor
Unemployed the puss online casino filled sore
Those rich and powerful live up high
Politicians and media spout rhetoric – why

Inequality is what we loath
And our leaders treasure trove
While others live no socks, no shoes
No homes, no car, nothing to lose

Why pay so much for a shit job done
Give them money when there”s none
Pay cuts is what it should be
Sack the Remuneration Authority

This is one reason I chalk, sing and shout
This is just one thing I”M FUCKING ANGRY about!


It’s All Bullshit – JR Murphy – EMINEM vs NZ National Neo-liberals

It’s all bullshit
Run by cock suckers
Backed up by some very stupid mother fuckers!

Stamp our crime they use judges, use lawyers use screws
Use marketing, public servants, policemen and news

Now lets get things straight
It don’t start at the end
Violence and addiction
Means a broken heart we MUST MEND (x5)

Seven years of neglect
It will take to destroy
The kindest of hearts
Man, woman, girl or boy

It’s the top of the cliff
We should centre attention
Not put the traumatised
Under detention

Why would they change it
Those ones with the power
They make money off us
Feed egos to feel superior

How long can these wankers
Keep ignoring the facts
Against scientific evidence
Their approach DOESN’T STACK (x5)

House and feed people well
Give them asylum
Nurture their souls
Never ever neglect them

And when you’ve helped them
Become unwound and calm
Then you can work on
The ‘not’ that caused harm


But after that’s done
Don’t turf them out
Leave them foundering
Then do fucking nowt
Or everything that has been said and done
Will be instantly and completely unfucking done

They know what to do
To stamp out most crime
Instead they ignore it
Drive people out of their mind

See I know for sure
Can tell your straight
From six years of study
I can confidently state



Now lets see what happens when I sing this outside the Eminem vs National Party courtcase in Wellington next week – tehehehehe.  Dont’ you just love art and freedom.