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Stay Stay Away – song dedicated to Wairarapa Police

Stay Stay Away

My voice shatters the silence
This shit I’m in is grave
If only you had listened
If only you’d stayed away

But you jumped in your car
And you sped it this way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing in the cells today

(stay, stay away)

As I sat there and I waited
Police could see the tears on my face
Of your time and my honour
It’s such as bloody waste

Cause you jumped in your car
And sped it my way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing this song today

My voice cuts through the silence
As you drove me home today
Wish you your tazer gone for good
With my life you would not play

You just jumped in your car
And sped it away
To me you’ll finally listen
And away you then will stay

(stay, stay away)


Awesome – love it – can’t wait to sing it outside the police station in next couple of days. They needn’t think I’m gunna sit back and just accept this treatment.



Tow The Line – JR Murphy

Another cool poem I came across.

The agony of emotional pain
So intense that I’m now numb
With bitter disappointment
In the community from which I come

Because now it is a crime
To create art that does fight back
Against discrimination and neglect
Against cruelty in fact

Now your support and care’s withheld
If you don’t tow the line
If they could just get rid of you
Their lives would be just fine

If the art that you create
Tells some truth they cannot bear
Then guaranteed at King Street
They’ll force you out of there

Where creating art that tells us
How the system’s failing bad
Is now considered disrespectful
To those who fund the mad

I am sure Hitler and his cronies
Had similar rules in place
No challenging the leadership
Or the propaganda in your face

Dare to make a difference, dare to challenge Mental Health
Dare to rail against inequality, greed, poverty and wealth
Dare to be educated, dare to accept what facts you find
Dare to challenge ignorance, dare to challenge minds

But you’re not allowed to shout and scream
You’re not allowed to fight
You’re not allowed to get upset
When things are so ‘not right’
You’re not allowed to talk about it
You’re not allowed to rap
You’re not allowed to be heard
Above the self-righteous spouting crap

Since I have been disabled by rape and then neglect
Since I have been in trauma, unable to forget
Since my suicidal wish invades most every cell
I think of that little boy or girl abused then living hell

I’m reminded that in 20 years
When they are adults too
I’ll wish that I’d kept fighting
Against neglect of the abused
I’ll be reminded of this day
When all had turned on me
When all had made it very clear
They didn’t want to see

But I don’t need you selfish bigots
I don’t need those to afraid
I don’t need those who like the status quo
Or those to power crazed
For my descendents, for my people
For the next 10,000 years
I will dare to make a difference NOW
So from abuse they maybe spared


Bruce Sinclair – my latest poem

Nov 2014

Bruce Sinclair sitting in your chair
Screwing over abused like me
Saying you’ll help us get care and justice
Not #dirtypolitics #dirtypolice, we’ll see

Bruce Sinclair sitting in your chair
You’re there to uphold the laws
To protect the citizens of this land
Not those neo-liberal right-wing whores

Bruce Sinclair sitting in your chair
Playing your part in the torture wheel
That grinding twisting human torture
Inflicted on those people who feel

Bruce Sinclair sitting in your chair
Beating traumatised black and blue
When will you take responsibility
For the harm you allow politicians to do?

Never End
When I get really pissed off with someone poems like this just flow out of me, I hope Mr Sinclair, who is some bigot in the Commissioners office enjoys the poem I emailed him and put here for all the world to see.  Hopefully the poem has also covered the police refusal to prosecute the Roastbusters group which I am sure this man would be involved in.

Will be doing a new edition of The Black Book of Poetry, hope to have it in the National Library by New Year.  So our Mr Sinclair will be immortalised of verse for many years – I feel like Geoffry Chaucer.


Kill Me Quick – JR Murphy – dedicated to all National Party voters

I’m a completely worthless waste of air
You chose a government that’s cruel not fair
Every National voter should kill me quick
Living life so degraded is sick

My story’s rejected by those on show
I’m rejected because of the things I know
My heart bleeds for all those bad things done
By people who say you deserve no-one

My kids have to live with a useless parent
Someone so worthless, well that’s apparent
10 years left rotting on welfare
Because they don’t want to provide health care

Running round and round on their torture wheel
Getting whipped and beaten, so how do you heal
And when I tell someone of my plight

Every right-wing voter must take the blame
For poverty & suffering, our nations shame
For all those disabled who get inadequate care
For those that hurt them the lion’s share

You find it abhorant those who abuse
Yet for those that they’ve hurt its neglect that you choose
Although our laws spell out the road
You leave us writhing under this heavy load

Nobody takes responsibility its true
Not the worker, the boss, politician, not you
You assure those at the top get money and praise
While those at the bottom you despise and degrade

God defend New Zealand
God defend our free land
From cruel immoral right-wingers now ruling this place
Who have turned it into a FUCKING DISGRACE!