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Jill Greathead, Wairarapa Voice, Business Round Table, LGNZ, Ron Shaw supporter, Oligarch

Below is what I said in a small flyer I was distributing, I gave out around 15 at an event in Nov/Dec 2018 organised by Jill Greathead and Wairarapa Voice – attended by Business Round Table, Local Govt NZ, Ron Mark and the Swiss Ambassador. I did it because I distrust NZ Initiative (previously the Business Round Table) after following them and their ideas for the past 15-20 years. I wanted people to know who they were and what their ideas had created in society since the 1980s.

I was insulted and discriminated against when I was giving them out – several people saw this.  This was advertised as a public meeting, I was told it was ‘their’ propaganda event and I should pay for my own.  It was not advertised as a propaganda event, that is not the impression I was given.  I also didn’t know Ron Mark would be there, though I got several derogatory comments about my chalking on his window about not limiting immigration and spending money on police, continuing to hurt people people and now $20billion in military spending.

Propaganda is defined as : information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.   I was so offended  by the offensive behaviour of several of the Wairarapa Voice members I left distraught before it began.  I have felt too uncomfortable and afraid about what happened that night it has stopped me from attending several recent meet the candidates events.  I don’t know how Jill Greathead has the audacity to write in her promotional flyer that she promotes ‘community spirit’ and inclusiveness.

I know the law and I know I am allowed to distribute information at a public event in a public building – these people didn’t even appear to know civil or human rights in this country.


NZ Initiative is Business Round Table renamed

Google their history and their directors.


Business Round Table only have interest in advancing rich business people & persecuting poorest so they can profit from them through ‘social investment’. They drive neo-liberalism and don’t care who gets hurt.


Over the past 30 years since neo-liberalism took over NZ our government have consistently shut down mental health services and committed austerity against disabled and poorest citizens. Many of them were made unemployed and poor by this economic terrorism. This has caused serious social problems that have made us No. 1 in OECD for homelessness, youth suicide, self-harm in women & domestic violence (that includes mentally ill people in flatting situations, being harmed and harming others). We had/have social investment, welfare, ACC, health care etc – sadly our government don’t follow the law and provide it to all those entitled to it. They did this on purpose in order to privatise (including charities) as much as they could – an extremist neo-liberal belief -THAT HAD NO STUDIES OR EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT WOULD WORK.


PRIVATISATION DOES NOT WORK – NEO-LIBERALISM IS TERRORISM OF POOREST – mostly disabled people. Read Terrorism Suppression Act, you’re not allowed to impoverish vast numbers of NZ citizens and deny them a place to live. We all know rich are getting richer & poor getting poorer.


Please do some research for yourself in this area eg Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 – First law of NZ is Westminister Statute 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.   Second law is Magna Carta – briefly, nobody is to be destroyed and everybody is to have access to right and justice. I can assure you those disabled and impoverished by neo-liberalism/globalism/free trade are having their lives destroyed and do not have access to justice.


Read other constitutional laws, like Human Rights Act, Health & Disability Act, Sections 150A 151 of the Crimes Act – or Commonwealth Charter. Then there multiple UN treaties New Zealand signed, such as the Treaty on economic social & cultural rights, human rights, disabled rights etc.


WHO ARE LGNZ – why are our rates going to a lobby group who supports NZ Initative – Business Round Table after they have done so much damage to our community. Look who started this organisation, do some research of your own – LGNZ should not even exist.


WHAT IS A FOREIGN AMBASSADOR doing trying to influence politics in NZ? This is highly inappropriate and I have made a complaint to the Swiss government.



you cannot trust these people


I have since found information to suggest neo-liberalism and localism has reduced us to a feudal society and things are ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE FOR EVERYBODY if we don’t stop doing those things that are seriously harming large sectors of our society – which is illegal and extremely unkind to the point of driving people to suicide, crime and violence – I believe on purpose.

There is another thing people don’t know about Jill and I, years ago when I had been left $10,000 in a will I invested it in trying to get an organisation off the ground called Mental Injury Services for people like myself.  The rehab model and business plan (on my solutions page) I produced only happened with Jill’s professional business help, due to my disability I could not do it myself (although I had done several before for previous businesses), I paid her for her business advice.  She knows what ACC and the government are not doing for mentally injured abuse victims like myself – she has never supported me or exposed what is going on since then.

When I started watching international news media about the rise of fascism in other ‘western’ countries it appeared to me the behaviour of some of the people within Wairarapa Voice were exhibiting signs of this.  Which is why I wrote to Andrew Little as the Minister of the GCSB?

Three days after I sent the description of what I had experienced I phoned Local Govt NZ to ask some more questions about their operation (I had mentioned them in my report as associated with this group).  The phoned was grabbed off the person I was speaking to and a woman came on telling me that she knew about the complaint, they wouldn’t be answering any further questions and hung up on me (transparency?).   That was a serious breach of my privacy, I could not believe it, I did nothing more than show concern about a group that had some very fascist people in it.  YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL THE PEOPLE YOU ARE REPORTING THAT YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The people in Andrew Little’s office are either INCREDIBLY NAIVE AND STUPID (which is possible) or more likely corrupt and promoting the continuation of neo-liberalism as a viable option for organising our society.  IT IS NOT – that is common knowledge since 2008.


I was also present at a meeting of Wairarapa Voice last year where they did a series of live feeds through Wairarapa TV.  Jill groomed the audience I was part of, told them what questions to ask then pretended to the TV audience she was in a room of people asking random questions.  Which of course she had all the answers to down pat – I didn’t agree with most of them but I didn’t say anything.  I did offer afterwards to do a presentation on NZ Constitutional Law, the Declaration of Democracy, Commonwealth Charter and signed ratified contracts/treaties NZ government has with the United Nations.  Which particularly included the Treaty on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Disabled Rights and freedom from torture (which includes in its definition psychological torture).


If you think this is surreal reading it, I can assure you it has been surreal experiencing it – but I could not keep it to myself when I read Jill Greatheads promotional material, which really upset me after my experiences – unless she has been born again and discovered Jesus as her saviour, just kidding.

Jill told me she supported Ron Shaw’s belief that the application of constitutional laws and UN treaties was a CLICHE.  I didn’t forget the word he used because it was such an inappropriate and strange word to describe the laws I was quoting.  If someone who wants power doesn’t believe in Rule of Law that protected ‘the most vulnerable people’ – that is the road to fascism we are seeing everywhere.   New Zealand is not exempt as we all know.

Unless Jill approaches me and agrees to apologise about what happened last year (and organise for others to apologise) and proves to me she does not still have the association with neo-liberalism and  Business Round Table (renamed NZ Initiative) on camera so I can put on my youtube channel then you can assume she is untrustworthy.  Yet another politician that will say whatever they think people want to hear and do nothing when they get into power – or do the opposite to what they say, like the other Wairarapa MPs have all done.


Bob Jones sends police to intimidate disabled artist

Protest at Jones building, beggar in plastic bag

Protest at Jones building, beggar in plastic bag

So for sending the following letter and putting up this piece of art outside Bob Jones office I get a police visit with wilful trespass notice to my home to humiliate me.  Same Bob Jones who recently signed a public letter of NZ leaders demanding the right to freedom of speech – which appears he only wants applied to himself for saying hideously immoral and ignorant things about poorest disabled NZers – not to poor disabled artists and Civil Society Actors who challenge him.


Considering police are not allowed at my home according to Inspector Donna Coward as she knows all the visits last year had completely terrorised me and due to my stress disorder I shook for 2 hours after they were here.  Was disturbed by the fact he had more power than Inspector Coward on this occasion.  Will take great pleasure in doing several more of these artworks with his face on and putting them around other places in Wellington.  Sent him a photo of the picture, just so he knows what it looks like.  Will be sending a link to this website about what Jones did to all the other NZers who signed the letter – just so they know what he did.

He knows I’m poor so threatens me with a $2000 fine – as I had no intention of going to his office and would rather put another of these artworks at a different, much more public location, he hasn’t achieved the level of intimidation and oppression he had hoped for.  He has however proven he is weak, arrogant and an oppressor of freedom of speech of the most vulnerable he chooses to publicly denigrate.

Below is letter I hand delivered after reading this shitty news article   http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11783845

25 January 2017

 Mr R Jones
Lambton Quay

 Dear Mr Jones,

 I was extremely shocked about your recent comments regarding beggars being criminalised.  You don’t appear to understand the situation for these people and an intelligent man should not cherish ignorance when dealing with such an important issue in such a public way.

 Did you realise that all of these people are disabled and cannot get reliable work because of their impairments – or safe/stable homes to live in?  In a radicalised capitalist society people who cannot work at maximum capacity are not employed or have intermittent employment which mostly pays minimum wage.  Many of these people are intelligent, unlike what you believe, meet me and you will find out, because I am one of them. 

 Do you accept there are disabled people in New Zealand?  Do you believe these people are receiving professional treatment care rehabilitation and welfare so they can live with dignity and do valuable work – I can assure you they are not. 

 I know too much about this subject to put it in this letter, what I do ask is an opportunity to discuss what I know – especially in the area of mental health – where extensive professional rehabilitation/care is not happening due to government corruption.  I haven’t met a street person yet who doesn’t have a history of abuse and I am yet to meet someone on long term unemployment that doesn’t have a disability or is caring for someone with one.  Also never met a disabled person who doesn’t want a decent job they capable of doing either. 

 I think you would find more interesting and challenging conversation if you interacted with some people outside your usual circles. In one of my politics lectures at Victoria 2002 (you were a guest speaker) you bemoaned the fact, that parties you attended with politicians and media had become very boring- I could never be accused of being boring, uninformed & not having a broad perspective. 

 I am assuming you believe in word of law and if people are entitled to care under ACC, mental health & welfare laws then they should be receiving it, especially if this care got them back to work & off the streets.

 You can see more about the laws being violated, solutions that should be in place (please refer to my rehabilitation model Fence At The Top Of The Cliff) and my own situation on my website www.jrmurphypoet.com – or twitter @jrmurphypoetry – I am also on facebook and youtube.  My phone number is 027 3040!!!.  I work full time as a Civil Society Activist in the area of mental health because of my desperation to return to work.  I don’t watch movies or read books all day and I don’t do drugs or drink to cope with the boredom, discrimination and persecution.

 I look forward to your reply and intend to start art installations outside your building about this issue if I don’t hear from you.

Civil Society Activist


Graffiti artist – REFUSE – New Zealand

Inspired by the Graffiti art exhibition in Tauranga and the BANKSY works I’ve been turning my poetry and words into pieces of visual art.  Chose the name ReFuse as my tag name, I like the multiple meanings.  Photos on my facebook page www.facebook.com/jrmurphypoetmusician and twitter @jrmurphypoetry

Today I’m off to Wellington for a bit of guerrilla activism and a cap I pimped with graffiti, going to leave it somewhere interesting, take photos and post tonight.

Trust House Terrorists – Heart of the Darklands

This poem that could see me / homeless in the street
For standing up to neo-liberals / crushing poor beneath their feet

They wrap themselves in charity / to cover what they do
Take from the poor, give to the rich / persecute us, not you

Rich and powerful love to build / monuments to their greed
Extravagant sports and arts supporters / and crumbs for those in need

When there’s a housing crisis / they buy a pub or two
Give more to corporate welfare / help fund a giant screw

A hockey turf, a rugby ground / a running track and more
Build a home for businesses / while people knock at their door

Trust House terrorists surround themselves / with the luxuries of life
They’ve never lived for years on end / under the neo-liberal knife

My heart bleeds for the things I see / that nobody will admit
Those that say we should trust / leaders who are not fit

You’ve been radicalised, you’re ignorant / propaganda tells you what to think
While after 30 yrs of this hell / those suffering are on the brink

Disabled poor and abused / cry themselves to sleep
Hoping they will die soon / knowing God their soul will keep

There is no hope in this tragic place / no safety net, not here
Death Valley, Wairarapa / heart of the darklands and of fear


Day of Activism in Wellington, New Zealand

Had an interesting day chalking poetry, attending question time, singing under Seddon and catching up with other activist friends.

Got to Wellington about 12.30pm started chalking comments about John Key, so can be seen from Bowen House and Beehive.  Photos up on twitter @jrmurphypoetry  Also called Judiciary corrupt over mental health care and bought up how much more money banks are making in interest since John Key became PM.

Then went and chalked two poems directly outside Supreme Court on Lambton Quay, good writing surface on large paving, different to footpath.  Had around 6 people stop and say how good my poetry was and good to see this sort of culture and art on the street.  Going to write to the council again and complain about them taking it off and that I have to pay for parking when in the city.

Met up with two friends and attended question time, we had to wait because gallery pretty full after Key’s resignation – several school groups.  I sat and watched govt first but got really upset watching John Key lie about the good he had done, especially for vulnerable people.  Had to leave the gallery crying, security staff up there are really nice to me, went over to other side of house so I didn’t have to look at his face and the other National MPs lying.  Especially about housing and health services.

Always need to have a debrief after watching question time, it is so infuriating – or have a sing and rant about how pissed off I am by what I just saw.  Also recited some poetry – Wasps In The Beehive.

There was a 1080 protest at parliament, would have participated but you can’t before you go into the house – its a rule, you’re banned for 24 hours.

Afterwards talked with friends, hoping to get my FILL THE GALLERY idea out into the Wellington community, focused on election year, disabled/students etc – representing all those people struggling and not happy with current policies.  Said how they were representative of people all over New Zealand that couldn’t make it to Parliament – lets send our polticians a message in election year that we’re going to be watching them and demand they represent and protect us as they are supposed to in a civil society.

Came home and uploaded photos to twitter – don’t know why I didn’t do a video – will next time.

Kia kaha and Aroha to us all.

Too Hard Basket Case

A poem I wrote this morning – been wanting to use this phrase for a while now – last verse came as I was writing – BOOM!

I’m a too hard basket case
They won’t see me face to face
Send round police bullies to my place
Make our justice system a disgrace

I’m a too hard basket case
What they do to me is cruel
Create this suicide rocket fuel
Evil rich who SHOULD NOT rule

I’m a too hard basket case
They grind my bones to make their bread
Incite the hatred in my head
A disabled soul they want dead

I’m a too hard basket case
Make me beg so I lose face
Leave me rotting with no place
Beat men & women full of grace

I’m a too hard basket case
Break bonds of love by being cruel
Violence addiction they do fuel
Advance rich, poor they rule

I’m a too hard basket case
Fill my life with $1 bread
Oppress suppress what’s in my head
Make jobs for maggots until I’m dead