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NZ Rugby & NZ neo-liberals ram more ‘sport is everything’ down our throats

Havn’t posted for a while and there is a lot going on but to scared to say anything as government have me incarcerated in a psych ward.  Thought I would post this sport/charity porn propaganda as I just had it come up in a news report.  God save us from the charity sport porn industry – only kidding, God can’t save us from this marketing nightmare or abused impoverished terrorised children (and their families).  That is supposed to be the job of decent intelligent human beings who uphold justice in New Zealand – yeah right!

The Graeme Dingle foundation sport is charity porn industry, groan.  Yeah those kids look really interested in what is happening, like they know they are being used for this elitist BS propaganda.   Look up the definition of charity if you don’t believe me – giving to people in need!   New Zealand government of course changed the dictionary meaning to cover their elitist sports, extravagant arts and business promotion interests – George Orwell’s book 1984 predicted it.

NZ Rugby joins with Graeme Dingle Foundation to improve kids’ lives