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I was part of these self-harm statistics – this is about elitism not racism!

Elitists are people who hate you if you are poor and pissed off you being treated like human sewage!

I self-harmed when I found out had to spend night in Wellington cells earlier this year to go back to Masterton court for breach of bail – for protesting at Human Rights Commission.  Tried to get hold of a lawyer but the crypt they put you in is all concrete block and you can’t hear the lawyer though the hole in the wall.  I ended up having a claustrophobia event in that room and afterwards when they put me in the cell was so fkd up and freaked out start hitting myself around the head.  Was covered in bruises on my forehead etc.

Police freaked out, I didn’t tell them I knew bruises were there, cause of done it before when I’m really really suicidal/terrified, I could hear them talking with others saying repeatedly they didn’t do it.   They asked me if I wanted mental health and I refused, they would have made it worse, I know what they are like.  Would have been locked up and drugged up and things would be 1000 times worse.

They kept repeating the housing and poverty issues but nothing about it being illegal to have mentally injured abuse victims in prison if they were unwell and why weren’t they getting ACC entitlements anyway – which includes housing. Grrrrrrr

Will write to them, but know they will do nothing cause they never do!


Complaint against Wairarapa police trying to drive me to suicide!

6 November 2019

New Zealand Police

IPCA – independent haters of human sewage like me

It is with terror and self-harm that I am writing yet another complaint I know will be ignored, as every other complaint I have ever made has been and things have only got worse with regard to my treatment by Wairarapa police. I am so traumatised by what happened I desperately needed to talk to someone about my complaint so I phoned the number for Police HQ I got some other non-urgent number. They told me they were putting me through to a police complaints line, but they put me through to the main police line and I didn’t realise.

I phoned them about 4pm and would like that recorded interview accessed and listened to. Except for the bit at the end when I found out it wasn’t a dedicated line for police complaints and I had been on the main line taking up time, also that the person wasn’t going to send the complaint she had written to IPCA as well as local police – not that I trust either after the years of psychological and physical abuse I have been subjected to for my justified legal protests about abusive mental health services and others.


Last time I complained I am sure the person sent it to IPCA as well, I was expecting that to happen, I got upset with the woman on the phone, because she said it wasn’t procedure.


I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this – you are never ever going to do anything – making these complaints is worse than what they are doing to me – because you never stop it, no matter how many complaints I make you never ever stop them.


I’m not sure how this is going to turn out so I apologise in advance if it is all over the place, has spelling and grammatical errors, I won’t be able to go through and check it when I am finished I will be so distressed.


A warrant was issued for my arrest Friday 1 November after me breaking my bail conditions accidently regarding seeing   ?????  in front of my parked car putting money in the meter and I lost it and starting singing at him.


I was told by email, although I am sure a police car came down my street to make sure I was at my home. The officer didn’t come in but the email I received from Jennifer Hansen said there was a car available to pick me from Carterton and take me to Masterton. I refused as I was looking after my daughter’s dog for the week and as police had already said they would oppose my bail I couldn’t go in as there was nobody else to care for the dog. I said I would come in Monday morning. Hansen told me to be there early in the morning. The email is available if you want proof.


On Saturday I wrote a five page letter about what happened, long hand as I have no way of printing out typed documents at the moment. It was to the Presiding Judge and a copy for duty lawyer as I knew my mental health was really bad and ability to communicate was more impaired than it had ever been. This is what I call ‘managing impairments related to my disability’, which is how I was taught to approach things when I studied disability at Massey a few years ago.


As I had been incarcerated the entire day previously and ended up flipping out at the judge because of it, I didn’t hurry to get to the police station to hand myself in. I dropped off the letters, was assured the judge and lawyer would get them then returned to my car, parked along the street back of Masterton police station. I intended to get some chalk from the boot and go chalking some poetry on the street outside court and police station. It helps me deal with the disempowered way I am treated.


When I was coming back past the back of the police station two police officers followed me and arrested me, took me back to the station and processed me. But even from when I was walking in I started not being able to speak/communicate properly, I was obviously very unwell and very distressed by what was happening. When I was put into the cell I sat on the bed for about 5 mins but I was still freaking out really badly and started to rock backwards and forwards.   Then all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in the corner of the cell on the floor so I did.


Foetal position with my hands over my face – WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS – WHY DO YOU MAKE ME MAKE COMPLAINTS AND THEN DO NOTHING AND THINGS ONLY GET WORSE. I don’t want to remember what happened, it makes me want to kill myself I feel so despairing – all this just because I want my ACC reinstated after winning two reviews nine years ago.


Any officer that came near me I couldn’t respond to, I just cowered in the corner even more. I was there for hours. Then two officers came in and started to ask me questions, I was frozen. A male officer, who I didn’t see because my eyes were closed & my hands over my face asked me if I was awake, I couldn’t respond, he touched me and I flinched. He then said something about DHB phone call and I knew I couldn’t cope emotionally about what he was about to say so I put my fingers in my ears as strongly as I could. Putting my fingers in my ears is a common automatic response for me when I am psychologically overwhelmed.


I still couldn’t calm myself so I started involuntarily banging my head against the wall where I was sitting, which helped, I kept doing this for a long time. I peaked out from my position & couldn’t see anybody in the room so I stopped and relaxed a little. I couldn’t cry which was a really weird feeling as I was very distressed. I was numb.


I never responded to any officers the entire time I was there. I did eventually get up off the floor and walked around a bit but if I heard the buzzer of the door I immediately walked into the corner with my head away from the door and put my hands over my face. I was in the cells a long time police had other customers, men who came and went. I looked out of my cell and they waved out to me but I couldn’t speak – this is not like me I am usually ok at verbalising and last time I was in there all day I was singing and self-harming for most of it.   I hit myself repeatedly and do other things to self-harm, I don’t cut myself – too scared. Anything to make the pain I feel at what happening to me not be so overwhelming.


I finally got out of the cell and two older officers that have terrorised and insulted me were there – Cunningham and Basher. I was cowering from them, I felt safer with the man in black clothes attending to me. I was moved to the court cell, which I am afraid of after a really bad experience there last year coming over in a transport vehicle having been arrested in Wellington when protesting at Human Rights Commission. I was so cold, the vehicle was so cold and the cell was so cold and I was left there for so long. Going back in there triggers me further. I had managed to be able to communicate a little more and starting singing. I was there for ages too, I saw the duty lawyer who refused to read the letter and started asking me questions. I started answering them but quickly became angry and upset and ended up screaming at her so was removed. This is similar to what happened when they kept me in the cells all day the last time. I was trying to manage my disorder so I didn’t scream at anybody, that is why I wrote the letter but she wouldn’t read it.


I finally saw the judge, almost last person for the day, I had sat in the cell for hours listening to all the names being called, waiting for my name. For years the court had been accommodating my disorder and knowing how stressed and unwell I get put me up as early as possible so I could leave and go home.


The judge had my letter all day, she already knew what she was going to decide. I did start to cry when I finally got in front of her and represented myself reasonably successfully as I didn’t have to say much more than the letter. Judge Morris knows my case well and knows all I want is to leave and go home. It only took 10-15 mins to see her. Police did oppose bail, which she ignored thank God. I did start crying in the court and was distressed when the Police lawyer prosecuting me brought over tissues – why do people who are hurting you for a job want to be nice to you, it really screws with my head when police and others do that.


When I finally got my bail forms to sign the security guard acted strangely and told the registrar lady I had been in the cells since this morning when I dropped off the letter for the judge. They looked at each other ‘knowingly’, but didn’t say anything to me about that not being OK, it was more a feeling I got over the days following. I didn’t tell the security guard, who I get on with and feel safe around, about how distressed I was in the cells because he doesn’t like it when I’m in that bad a state (in a caring way). He has seen me in that sort of mess (state of unwellness/trauma/stressed) before outside/inside court a couple of times.


It is deeply humiliating when I’m that terrified and traumatised I act out like that – but I try my best to think of it as part of my disability and not beat myself up even more about it. However I do often have a serious suicidal episode some time later, anything from a few days to two weeks later. As I get no services, am terrified of mental health almost as much as police and have nobody to talk to who is capable of supporting me, I go through those horrendous things alone at home.   Complex PTSD has a 60% mortality rate because of suicide and I know it is a life and death situation for me every time I go through. I still don’t know how I make it and I do know it traumatises me more because it is like experiencing your best friend trying to kill you and put you out of your misery. You so desperately want to die because you can’t get help or justice you know you need – and from what you read, you are entitled to.


Police know what happens, they know how suicidal I am, they know what distresses me the most, they have become very good at triggering and psychologically manipulating/terrorising me. Keeping me in the cells all day is something they know causes me to flip out, which of course makes me look bad and them justified in their actions – WHICH THEY ARE NOT!


I have always maintained Wairarapa police are purposely inciting me to suicide so I don’t protest about the illegal unjust things happening to me (and other people disabled by Complex PTSD) at the hands of ACC, police and other very powerful cruel corrupt immoral people. I know from my own past experience and what other Wairarapa people have told me police here are really mean to suicidal people, which I am sure contributes significantly to Wairarapa having highest rate of suicide in New Zealand & highest rate of self-harm in the OECD.


Also the complaints from ?????  about violating my bail conditions were full of lies about what happened. Police said I approached him, which I definitely did not. Both of us were surprised when I looked up and he was right in front of my car. Note: there are angle parks with one central metre for about 10 of them. I only opened my car door and stood there singing with one arm on car roof and one on the door, for less than 30 seconds.


I emailed Jennifer Hansen the next day asking for the CCTV footage because I was thinking about the security guard comment to the court registrar. It can’t have been right that I was kept there all day, especially in the extremely traumatised state I was in. Felt if a doctor or psychiatrist had seen the situation he would not have allowed police to interrogate me further about other charges. People extremely traumatised who have Complex PTSD have to be in a less distressed state to be able to even answer questions and not to be traumatised further.


I DON’T WANT TO WRITE THIS, WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO THIS ALL THE TIME AND NEVER HELP ME, NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME, NEVER MAKE IT STOP. Those violent assaults you ignored, those two officers who lied in court, the one who threatened me with seeing how bad police could be if I kept protesting – you never did anything. The assault with handcuffs that has left me permanently damaged you never even asked her to apologise, which is why I wear my wrist brace whenever I protest or have to see police for anything.


When they were thoroughly searching me before they put me in the cell on Monday the two woman asked me to take it off, at which I flinched and backed into the corner of the fingerprint room – they knew why. I did take it off and show it to them. They even said they knew I didn’t like being touched – which I don’t – few, if any, persecuted abuse victims with Complex PTSD do.


I emailed Jennifer Hansen the next day – did I say that above? Asked for the footage, complained about being kept in the cells all day in the state I was. I also asked about what the two officers who came into the cell actually said because I couldn’t hear them with my fingers in my ears as tightly as they were & banging my head against the wall. It was two more complaints, one of them was a blatant lie by one woman saying I had threatened to get people to come and hurt her – which is a blatant lie.   It is a fundamental principle of mine that God or Karma is the one to dish out punishment – NOT ME. I would not threaten it or for anybody else to do it EVER. I do hope the bad things happening to me and other terrorised impoverished abuse victims in New Zealand happen to these people. Because I know what they do is going to hurt an innocent poor person, but that appears acceptable to our government at the moment, no matter what Jacinda Ardern says publicly.


Now police have got people telling lies or they are on their behalf?????   It is very distressing, nobody believes anything I say due to bigotry, hatred, false statements by health ‘professionals’ & being discredited by public mental health services, police etc. This is the experience of majority of mentally injured abuse victims and certain mentally ill people in Wairarapa that I have met – usually protesting in the street.


Jennifer Hansen said I will be charged with the further two charges when I go to court on 18 November. I did refute the allegations about threatening harm vehemently by email.

It might be relevant to have the letter I gave to the judge on Monday morning but it is handwritten and I have reached then end of my ability to cope and need to get this complaint sent. I can’t stop crying…………………… Please make them stop, please I am begging you, as I have begged you before, but you never did anything. Wellington police were never as bad as Wairarapa have been……………………….. I am exhausted

(It has been very difficult sharing this with everybody, because I am terrified someone will call the police ‘concerned for my welfare’  and they will just hurt me more.)



Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


PS   I hope the Red Cross and Wairarapa DHB are happy with the cruel and unjust treatment I received from police because of their complaints.  I’m sure they’d be happy if I killed myself too – just like my brother.  ANOMIE in action.

Check out discussion on my Youtube video, it explains lots

Link at below

You havn’t been listening to me – you are obsessed with this idea that we are individuals and don’t need other people – which is grossly untrue.  I’ve met three GOOD health professionals in 17 years, all of them were completely committed to supporting the person to heal in the way they needed to.  That is what Occupational Therapy is all about.  And I will again say THERE IS NO HEALING WHILE THE PERSON IS LIVING IN FEAR WITHOUT THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE LIKE SHELTER AND FOOD SECURITY.  Which currently is 20% of the NZ population 1 million people – mostly women and youth.   Gee and NZ has highest OECD stats in youth suicide and women self-harming – go figure.

Also, what might apply to a man DOES NOT APPLY TO A WOMAN, especially in the domain of trauma.  Men have to be self-reliant in more ways, although they still need ‘brothers’ – women are different we are NATURALLY reliant on men for safety and others for talking our problems through.  I don’t have a man for protection and my female friends are themselves so traumatised they can’t handle me talking about my fear of police and compulsory incarceration under mental health act FOR TELLING THE FKN TRUTH AND ASKING FOR HEALTH CARE I AM ENTITLED TO.

Mental health workers are bunch of self-righteous power tripping either psychopaths or co-dependents – mostly idiot Christians and deeply depressed people with revolting personalities that nobody would be friends with so they get into that line of work for the ego boost.  That is why I have so many problems with mental health services who genuinely HATE me and discredit me in the community cause I criticise them for making my region No 1 in NZ for suicide.  I’m intelligent, I understand my disorder, I know the law and rehab, I know how they are supposed to behave and when they do it wrong, I know the science, I know politics.  I can see straight through an abuser or a co-dependent CLINGON.

I agree with your sentiment but you’re just not understanding what we are both suggesting is essentially the same thing, I just know more of the jargon.  I studied Health 101 and rehab at Massey University for a year by correspondence.   When told to read a chapter I read the book plus I got out every book I could on trauma and studied that far beyond 1st year level.  I learnt their jargon, I learnt their models – that’s where I discovered Mason Durie and Whare Tapa Wha.   I become highly suicidal at the end and could not continue my area of study – BECAUSE I KNEW THEY WERE NOT APPLYING ANY OF THESE THINGS IN THE AREA OF HEALTH FOR MENTALLY INJURED ABUSE/TRAUMA/NEGLECT VICTIMS – it made me more unwell knowing this.  Although the jargon I learnt taught me how to interact with them using their language and proves without doubt in the area of Complex PTSD they are persecuting people purposely – we are the new Jew.

Was researching new Suicide Prevention maggot in Wairarapa, he has made completely inaccurate statements for years that mentally ill people are not violent or dangerous – WTF.   One of the symptoms of Complex PTSD is violence according to all scientific literature I have ever read!!!  Govt and police and MH know it as well.  They study same books/information I do.  This ignorant bigot started his new job by putting even more propaganda in the local free newspaper and other media – the same organisations that dont’ work for 80% of us because they are filled with issue ridden psychopaths and co-dependents, as I said before.  Combine that with the regular meetings they all have with mayors, local ‘social’ business leaders, MH services and police of course – so they all think the same BS – and I know my name comes up regularly.

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Extensive corruption in mental health & legal sectors targeting people with Complex PTSD

Got a phone call from my lawyer yesterday, he continues to refuse to put anything in writing.  This was my reply, details how bad things are in THE VIOLENCE AND PERSECUTION OF THE POOR INDUSTRY.

From: Jayne R
Sent: Friday, 18 October 2019 10:22 AM
To: Alisdair Ross <shwedagon@xtra.co.nz>
Subject: As you don’t comprehend anything I say I’ll put it in writing – Please put the details of what you told me yesterday in writing also


Firstly I want everything you told me yesterday in writing, about your ILLEGAL conversations with Forensic Mental Health and ACC and conversations with Judge Morris where I was not present.   You did not get my written authority to discuss anything with ACC, you didn’t turn up remember.   Your contact with Forensic Mental Health is deeply disturbing and illegal behaviour under the Privacy Act as you definitely had no authority to contact them.  Your repeating over and over again what good people they were and how they wanted to help when I have been screaming for services for over a decade and am in court currently on 23 police charges for protesting about THAT FACT (or the past nine years of being continually dragged through court for my legal protests that I was not getting health care and justice I entitled to.

You repeatedly asking me what I wanted for mental health care (reinstatement of my ACC care from 2009) and telling me those people at mental health are trying to help me is also extremely insulting.  You must have asked me what I wanted 10 times,  when I told you some of the things you asked the question again, like I hadn’t even spoken.  At one point you slowed right down and said the same words really slowly like I was some sort of imbecile – it was offensive and extremely disrespectful.  Which is why you triggered me, you are really good at it to the point I think you enjoy it and do it purposely.  My previous lawyer Susie Barnes would never have triggered me like that, or kept doing it when I said to stop.   I believe you are grossly corrupt Alisdair and have a hidden agenda working for some elite group of psychiatric and legal terrorists targeting poor abuse/trauma victims with Complex PTSD like myself.  As you already know Legal Aid will refuse me a lawyer if I sack you and I am still to unwell to represent myself so I have no choice but continue working with corrupt fascist bigot and elitist terrorist.

For past nine years those corrupt deceitful criminals at mental health have asked me the same question about what I wanted and then never done what they promised MANY MANY TIMES.  This is psychological torture that has destroyed my life and my relationships – that I doubt will ever be repaired because of what they have done!  DESTROYED MY FAMILY and doing their best to DESTROY ME!!!!!

Obviously these incompetent ignorant bigots in Forensic Mental Health want me to tell them how to fix it for me and 100,000s people with Complex PTSD.  As a result of interpersonal violence, combined with the inhuman living situations our government now expect disabled mentally injured people (mostly women) to survive and HEAL in – let alone thrive.  Although I am sure you all know this isn’t going to happen while govt bring 3,000 immigrants a week into New Zealand to drive disabled and poor locals from their homes, health care and justice.   I see in a news item today unemployment is past 10% for poorest and youngest New Zealanders, so rich educated immigrants are taking jobs from locals and homes.  It also talks about how much poorer people rotting on invalids benefit are than they have ever been because of huge increases in rent which I am subjected to in a private rental.  You are sick sick people Alisdair, those are your peers doing this aren’t they Alisdair.


Firstly it is to be professional and based on an internationally recognised rehabilitation model and ACC legislation.  I REFUSE TO HAVE A SOCIAL WORKER IN ANY TYPE OF THERAPEUTIC ROLE, I’ve been watching the sort of harm they do with people I know.  Everything Kumar says in his book Multidisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitation, which was the academic information I was taught while studying rehabilitation at Massey several years ago, that ACC and others do not apply.

I will not participate in any unprofessional experimental therapeutic work that I know does not work for people with CPTSD.  Experimenting on people is illegal under BORA and Human Rights treaties.

My care – as with any person who has a serious life-threatening debilitating disorder – will be overseen by a psychiatrist that follows/applies the work of Mason Durie and his Whare Tapa Wha model.  I would like Mason or Dr Alan Doris (who escaped to Australia) to recommend that person so I don’t get another arrogant, corrupt, incompetent, imperialist, ignorant, elitist bigot.

BEcause of the extreme trauma ACC caused removing all my care illegally in 2009, six months into a 2 1/2 yr rehab plan, I demand a contract be signed that my care will not be withdrawn without the agreement of at least two of my closest health providers, without this it will take many months (if at all) for me to trust what is happening and participate fully in therapy out of terror of another withdrawal that will this time kill me through suicide.

I had an OT two hours a week who helped me work out where the barriers were and what I could do to overcome the now multiple phobias I have to cope with.  My previous OT was the conduit between me and the services I needed, instructing the workers at the gym I was attending about my behaviour, liasing with any education or other organisation I became part of (if that is appropriate).  I have seen multiple programmes in prisons described in news reports that are currently not available for victims like myself.  Personally I would rather not commit a serious enough crime to end up in prison so I can access these therapy’s, eg theatre.  I also think it deeply flawed to be providing therapy to people once they have harmed people or committed crimes and not before.  Although I understand why because I attended the Victoria University, Gabrielle Maxwell organised on the Costs of Crime and how to funnel funding and services into these ‘criminals’.

I had previously a mental health worker for 3 hours a week, I need at least 15 hours a week and for that to be increased DEPENDING ON WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST AND PSYCHIATRIST.   You don’t seem to understand a therapeutic relationship, the idea is we work TOGETHER to reinstate me as much as possible to my previous level of functioning before the rape.  Where I was a business franchise owner and law student with two children.  I don’t have my children at home any longer which is no less stress for me as I am now living extremely isolated with more serious psycho-social issues following years of criminal neglect by ACC and mental health and discrimination in the community.

I must work, I must be able to rejoin the workforce OR I AM GOING TO DIE!   Nobody can safely or with inherent dignity live on welfare in this neo-liberal nightmare country as it is now constructed under neo-liberal terrorist economics.  As the Newshub report I read this morning outlines – I note this is the first time in 35 years any mainstream New Zealand news service has showed evidence of poverty worsening for those receiving welfare benefits.   It was disturbing to see elderly on benefits (some still working at good jobs and receiving old age pension) have had increases in their welfare benefits while disabled and poor were impoverished further.

Currently my talents lie in the arts, that is part of the stress disorder that you become highly creative when you are extreme stressed with life and death situations constantly – which I am when the suicidality wells up.  I need help with applying for funding and educating myself as to how best to profit from my work SO I CAN PAY FOR MY OWN HOUSE AND MY OWN FOOD AND PEOPLE DON’T DESPISE AND DEMEAN ME FOR HAVING TO BEG.   I am now phobic about asking for things from people after past 17 years of dealing with ACC, justice system and mental health, this prevents me from being able to market, publish, perform and profit from my talent/my work.

Until I am healed I cannot see me being able to work at a ‘normal’ job because I am still most phobic about going for a job interview and as I know from years of experience, people will judge and reject me as being insane on just one meeting if I present in a  triggered traumatised state (as my disability is situational).  This is also hampered because of the lies mental health, police and others have spread in the community and of course my deteriorating mental health due to ACC and others.  I am discriminated against often and I challenge people with my activism which they don’t like – because it is true.  So getting a job will be almost impossible in Wairarapa and the way government agencies and members of parliament are currently terrorising me through the courts my knowledge and skills in mental health will not be taken advantage of by government – so I would never get a job for the government in any capacity – ALTHOUGH THEY DESPERATELY NEED MY HELP TO STEM THE SUICIDE EPIDEMIC they purposely created.

There will be no HOT POTATO CARE (please refer to medical evidence by world expert Karlen Lyons-Ruth), where I am given services and they are removed as soon as I show any improvement – only to let me crash and retraumatise me even more because I am not ready and KNOW IT!    I CAN ASSURE YOU THE SOONER health providers ARE OUT OF MY LIFE THE BETTER I WILL BE – RELYING ON ABUSIVE UNRELIABLE UNPROFESSIONAL HEALTH SERVICES IS WORSE THAN HAVING NO SERVICES AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is why we have so much suicide in New Zealand of course!

The OT or the mental health worker, (whoever is the more suitable or trusted – because I DO NOT TRUST ANY PERSON ON THIS PLANET, PARTICULARLY ANY HEALTH ‘PROFESSIONAL’ to do what they say) must be available to take me to the doctor. This is my most essential issue at the moment after being prevented from seeing a doctor due to an illegal and cruel CONTRACT Carterton Medical Centre (written by Simon Watt from Compass Health & Bell Gully) made me sign over three years ago.   The same threats of having all my health care removed by CMC have recently been extended to WINZ and also the local library when I burst into tears because of an email about being arrested AGAIN.  Apparently I am supposed to leave the building, compose myself and return.  Except it is the very act of going into these government buildings/situation and being demeaned, degraded and discriminated against that sets off the more extreme expressions/impairments/behaviours of my CPTSD – like self-harming.   Years of this sort of treatment has caused serious psychological harm, which is evident from my behaviour.

JUDSON AND WALSH’S ASSESSMENT THAT I AM PERMANENTLY IMPAIRED IS NOT ACCURATE AT ALL – that these ‘senior’ mental health professionals believe that would explain the appalling state of mental health services in New Zealand.  The idea that I am going to be like this forever is utterly ridiculous if I get the professional treatment care rehabilitation and housing I am entitled to under New Zealand law!   If I don’t get that care of course things will not improve and I will die – which I am sure is what our government, the legal profession and the health profession want to keep people employed in VIOLENCE/MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY.

Wanting me to provide every last detail of care IS NOT HOW REHABILITATION WORKS, that you don’t know that Alisdair could be explained – how leading psychiatrists and ACC don’t know that is incompetent, negligent and discrimination.  I would be working with an expert psychiatrist in the field of traumatic stress disorders, I guarantee you this person will know what is happening – just like OT Glenda van de ven Long did when I was working with  her.  Just like Dr Alan Doris did when I talked to him during several assessments – but was never allowed him as my psychiatrist – CORRUPTLY AND ILLEGALLY.

Part of my rehabilitation must include a full gym membership as I need the support of the staff, plus I have other physical health issues that now need to be addressed and will limit what I can do.  My previous OT facilitated my going to gym.  I need a full medical (to see a doctor more than once) as I have concerns about skin cancer, my ankle and hip as well.  I become easily overwhelmed and would not cope initially with a long consultation as I am terrified of doctors after the appalling bigoted incompetent unprofessional disrespectful treatment I have received.

I need a professional needs assessment ONCE I HAVE BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE PEOPLE I AM WORKING WITH – and there cannot be more than three people or organisations who are expected to know my impairments and assist me in firstly managing them and then overcoming them WHICH IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED!!!

ACC need to provide someone to deal with the years of unopened mail caused by them REFUSING TO REINSTATE MY CARE AS REQUIRED BY TWO ACC REVIEWS IN 2010/11.   ACC need to provide a professional to insure I get the $10,000+ in independence allowance they have been illegally withholding for years and I WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND YET ANOTHER ASSESSMENT TO GET THAT MONEY – that was required to be reinstated in 2010 according to the Fairway Review.

I also had monthly massages in 2009 which need to be weekly, when the gym is reinstated as it balances out the activity and release of rage with calm and quiet.   Yin and yang.  This also works psycho-socially as I am touched in a good healing way, not an abusive way.  That I have to explain why I need and am entitled to these things under law, to my lawyer and top government psychiatrists is not only strange its completely inappropriate.  A rehabilitation plan is developed between health professionals and the disabled person – not during a court case for protesting about being denied the professional treatment care rehab and home I am entitled to under ACC law & many other laws and UN treaties.

The six week residental rehabilitation programme I was supposed to go on years ago, as stated by Dr Alan Doris, will need to be organised.  Given our cruel corrupt government removed all the places that were suitable this will need to be part of $millions government have pledged to increase in services/resources for people with more acute mental health issues, especially as a result of abuse.   People with CPTSD are not accommodated by public mental health services, I read a news report by the new suicide prevention officer at Wairarapa DHB who said people with mental illness were not violent.   Violence is a symptom of Complex PTSD according to Bessell van der Kolk, whose work I greatly admire.  If only we would listen to the artists to guide services/resources as he suggests in his great book Traumatic Stress Disorders.  Copies of which I showed both forensic psychiatrists assessing me.

Personally I do not allow myself to act on the violence I feel and use my activism, self-harm and other techniques so I don’t become violent.  These so far work very well and I have never been violent towards any person, however I am treated like I am violent.  I recall the first time I started protesting about not getting mental health services I was entitled to from ACC my police file says on it DANGER TO POLICE SAFETY.   I was never and have never been a danger to police safety, I believed police were there to uphold justice and the law, my brother in law was a senior police officer, I didn’t realise there are corrupt police officers who are dedicated to protecting corrupt criminal people in power and persecute honest disabled people fighting for their rights to health care and justice.

Hopefully this answers your question about WHAT HEALTH CARE I WANT, making it clear this is not the full extent of what I am entitled to and need AS I WOULD REQUIRE THE APPROPRIATE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND MODELS TO BE PUT IN PLACE TO INSURE AND WORK THAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

You said I have to meet with you, which I have no choice about, however you must organise it through Masterton District Court, it will be recorded BY ME and security guard Jason will need to be there to support me and protect you in case I can’t keep control of the overwhelming rage I feel at what you and your friends at Forensic mental health are doing to not just me – to 100,000s of desperate innocent terrorised poor abused people – mostly women.   YOU DRIVE CHILDREN TO SUICIDE AND PEOPLE TO VIOLENCE AND SELF-HARM – you people are murderers and oppressors of the worst form.  How you sleep at night knowing what you do is beyond my comprehension as a civilised decent person.

In the future please communicate with me through email so I have proof of what you are saying and as requested at the beginning of this email please advise the details of who you have been talking to and what you have been doing that you advised me of yesterday in your telephone call.


Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

Court ordered Psychiatric Report by Nick Judson – labelled insane for protesting WTF!

This is the report ordered to establish if I could represent myself because Legal Aid refused me a lawyer for over a year.  I only go through it without huge distress and terror because of something my friend Malcolm said.  He is part of the Lake Alice group who were tortured and has fought for many years for compensation and services.   He told me when he gets a really bad report full of lies he is really pleased, cause it means he has more ammunition to fight them with.   I havn’t yet done my complaint to the Medical Council about all the lies and assumptions in the report but I will in the next few days.  So you will see just how bad it is, if you can’t work it out already its so full of BS.

I am sure people who understand what has been happening to me and how bad the mental health services are, will see the incredibly corrupt, unprofessional and bias he has shown in this report.   NOTE:  I havn’t smoked pot for years to deal with my disorder, that was in a report done about 15 years ago by the nut job ACC psychiatrist Anne Walsh (she was the lover of that psychiatrist down in Dunedin who tried to kill his wife)  only person who would pay her is ACC and she does exactly what they want.  I know for a fact she has dozens of complaints through the Health and Disability Advocacy Service.

If you remember I had my care illegally removed in 2009 by ACC and they have refused to reinstate it since that time – even though I have won two reviews.  My mental health has only worsened in that time after years of valid written and polite complaints that were ignored.  This report was done based on 1hr 20min meeting with a psychiatrist that has been an architect of abusive, oppressive and elitist mental health legislation in New Zealand.






Jayne R





Consultant Psychiatrist


4 September 2019



Tel: (04) 918 2471

Fax: (04) 918 2477

PO Box 50-233





4 September 2019


The Presiding Judge

District Court






Re:                     J E R……

Dob:                  xx January 1965

NHI:                   APQ 3050


Charges:             Wilful Damage

                             Failure to Answer District Court Bail


                             Use of offensive Language/suggestions (x2)

                               Offensive/Disturbing Use of a Telephone (x4)

                             Obscene Language (x3)

                             Wilful Trespass

                             Causing Harm by Posting Digital Communication (x3)

                             Use of Offensive Language/Suggestion


Psychiatric report pursuant to Section 38 of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act.


The Court has sought a report for the purpose of assisting the court to determine whether the defendant is unfit to stand trial or would have a defence of insanity within the meaning of Section 23 of the Crimes Act.


I met with Ms Routhan at the Masterton District Court on Thursday 29 August 2019 for the purpose of this report. At her request, a court security guard nominated by Ms Routhan sat in the interview, and a tape recording of the entire interview was made. I agreed to this recording on the basis that the recording would be held by the court. As the court will be aware, there had been some difficulty in organising an appointment that was acceptable for Ms Routhan and after some negotiation the terms of this assessment finally proved acceptable to her.


I have been supplied with the Summary of Facts for the various charges and a Summary of Previous Criminal and Traffic Offending. With Ms Routhan’s verbal consent I have accessed previous reports for the court prepared by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh in March 2014 and March 2019 and Dr Caroline Holmes dated May 2014 as well as a report prepared for ACC by Dr Alan Doris dated November 2008. Ms Routhan was specific in her verbal consent that these were the materials that she would permit me to access. I did not obtain written consent, as she had made it clear early in the interview that she found any ‘forms’ to be traumatic for her and I did not feel that it would be appropriate to ask her to sign a written consent form for access to the material.


With her permission, I have also spoken with her daughter P. M. and with her friend S. S. as well as briefly speaking to her lawyer, Mr Alisdair Ross. Ms Routhan had an understanding of the purpose of the assessment and was aware that my report would be sent to the court. She somewhat reluctantly agreed to participate in the interview.

I subsequently received an email from Ms Routhan sent via the office of the Director of Area Mental Health Services, which has added further useful information.




The interview with Ms Routhan was an extraordinary experience, particularly notable for the continual stream of personal abuse directed at the assessor. The interview was largely unstructured and was allowed to remain so, as any attempts to provide some structure to the questioning seemed to provoke even more levels of distress for Ms Routhan. She was quite clearly distressed and highly aroused by the interview situation and at times she had to pause to sit with her hands pressed to her temples to try and compose herself when her distress became too overwhelming. Her mood throughout the interview varied between anger, with invective and vicious personal abuse directed at the interviewer and at services and professionals in general, to quite marked distress and brief periods when she seemed reasonably calm for short periods and with some ironic humour. There were short periods towards the later part of the interview when she seemed to calm and almost seemed to gain some rapport with the interviewer around the issues of what may be beneficial in terms of a potential health support package. However this did not last very long and she returned to her previous pattern of angry and frustrated abuse.


As the court may be aware, if a transcript of the interview was accessed the abuse was continual and direct, with repeated, almost stereotyped phrases sauch as: “I hate you”, I hate your fucking guts, you piece of shit”, “you piece of garbage”, “you sick fuck”, “you elitist maggot”, you fucking elitist neo-liberal piece of shit” etc. She also directed statements about her beliefs of the Mental Health and Justice systems at the interviewer. It was evident that although these were directed towards the interviewer, they were in fact directed towards the interviewer as a representative of the system about which she feels so angry and frustrated. For example: “I know you are a murderer”, “you are dragging people into the justice system”, “you are raping those people that you lock up”, that the Mental Health system is the cause of suicides and therefore that I was murdering people and that I was personally responsible for the deficiencies in the Mental Health system.


She referred frequently to her views that the ‘system’, characterised by professionals, elites, foreigners, rich people, the justice system and the Police is systematically abusing poor people and actively taking pleasure in the sufferings of poor and disabled people. She expressed anger against foreigners who were moving to the country buying up property and displacing poor people like herself. She referred frequently to the traumas that she had suffered and her frustration with ACC and Mental Health Services, who had not provided her with the services that she feels she requires on terms that are acceptable to her.




She referred to her own very high levels of anxiety and inability to cope when faced with any situation that may remind her of her personal experiences of abuse or trauma, or that of other people in a similar situation. These may include for example, seeing police, people with tattoos in rememberance of a suicide, any kind of forms to complete, or any contact with Police, mental health professionals or the like. Her views on professionals, elites, foreigners and Government agencies systemically abusing poor and traumatised people were expressed with a vehemence and inclusiveness that suggested a quite paranoid flavour, though there were no specifically delusional beliefs.


She referred to feeling constantly suicidal and said that she was unable to function effectively. She agreed that when frustrated, when her pleas for help were not met or taken seriously she “lost the plot”. She referred to this as ‘going Tourettes’, by which she meant that it seemed that her stream of abuse occurred without her necessarily intending to do so, and that this was something in the nature of an involuntary compulsive behaviour or tic. However she also talked about her behaviour as being genuine protest against Police, Government agencies and other actors in the system and seemed to have great difficulty in understanding that her behaviour was effectively self-defeating. When I tried to explore what she was trying to actually achieve with her protests this produced higher levels of anger and distress more intense abuse. She did however appear to acknowledge that her protests were more an expression of her anger and frustration than designed to achieve any specific end, though she did hope to access to suite of ACC funded services.


As regards the issues concerning the court, she appeared to have a good understanding of the charges in general, though I did not go through each of the charges in detail. She had a very clear view of her plea options and the defence that she wished to run. She insisted that her behaviour is justified by being political protest rather than criminal action. When attempts were made to explore her understanding of the potential consequences of the criminal charges, her response was merely that she did not care about the consequences. I was unable to ascertain to what extent she actually did have any factual understanding of the potential consequences of these charges.


She initially was dismissive and somewhat disparaging about her lawyer, but when asked specifically about the role of the lawyer in representing her in court she appeared to understand his role and expressed an intention to let her lawyer run her defence in the courtroom and to try and not intervene directly in the court process. She felt that, even despite the anxiety that she knew she would feel in the court situation she would manage to maintain sufficient composure to allow the lawyer to conduct the process on her behalf.


Ms Routhan subsequently sent me quite a lengthy email, which was articulate and much more reasonable in tone. In this she acknowleged that the abuse she had expressed was not appropriate and almost apologised: “even though I want to write those words I just can’t”. She referred to how the abuse was not intended: “…what came out wasn’t what I expected either”, and that the abuse was not personal, but was an expression of her overall frustration and rage: “What happened was you copped a lot of my unresolved rage at injustice perpetrated by other psychiatrists and mental health workers who had hurt me, discredited me, rejected me etc. Please don’t take it personally.”




Current Offences


The current offences, 18 in all, cover a period between January 2018 and June 2019. The various offences are characterised by her abuse directed at representatives of various agencies whom she contacted in person or by telephone and by behaviour such as chalking swastikas. The charge of wilful damage arose when she threw paint over a White Ribbon banner at the police station because she objected to its comment about speaking out about violence, which she felt was hypocritical and inappropriate – she described her behaviour as ‘artistic expression’. I did not go through all the offences in detail and the court will be fully aware of the details of all the offences she is currently facing.


Background and Mental Health History


I will summarise her background and mental health history briefly as this has been well documented in previous reports.


Ms Routhan appears to have been a well-functioning and reasonably well-adjusted woman prior to an episode in 2002 when she was raped when asleep and intoxicated. She had had some previous mental health contact for some irritability, but no serious psychiatric problems prior to that. Following the incident of rape she developed symptoms suggestive of post traumatic stress disorder and received some mental health support funded by ACC. It appears that in 2009 she was receiving a package of care that she found particularly helpful, but for reasons that are not clear to me this was discontinued by ACC. Since then she has been increasingly angry, frustrated and despairing about mental health and support care that she has been offered, or that has been denied. I understand that numerous attempts have been made to engage her by various therapists through mental health services and ACC funded providers, but for various reasons these attempts to provide care have been unsuccessful.


Ms Routhan is noted to have developed high levels of anxiety, eating disorder, chronic suicidal ideation and anger, compounded by effects of cannabis use that she used to manage her mental health. She was diagnosed as suffering from a profound and enduring personality change due to the trauma of the rape. Diagnoses have varied as to whether this is PTSD, anxiety, personality change or mood disorder but however characterised there seems no doubt that this was provoked by the original episode of rape trauma and has been compounded by repeated frustrations and difficulties in her engagement with ACC, mental health and other helping agencies. Her own account is that she has been increasingly unable to function, unable to face the anxiety provoking contacts with any agencies that can support her. She gave as examples of this her inability to fill in any forms required by agencies such as Winz or ACC because of the trauma this causes her. Her friend S.. noted she experiences high levels of anxiety when she receives any communication by mail and is unable to open her mail.


Both her friend S.. and her daughter P…. describe her functioning as appearing to be relatively unimpaired for much of the time. However, when she has any experiences, contacts or thoughts that remind her of many of the traumas that she finds particularly anxiety provoking this can produce an overwhelming episode of anxiety which then triggers her angry response and inability to cope with the situation in which she finds herself. This may include contacts with mental health or other statutory agencies, or if she sees an item on the television or in the newspaper that reminds her of any of the issues that she is so preoccupied about. Ms Routhan has been unable to obtain any kind of employment and attributes this to lack of services and the anxiety and trauma that she experiences, further compounding her difficulties. She told me she now has only one friend and has very little other social contact.




Ms Routhan is currently not receiving any mental health or ACC funded services. She has made it clear that she does not wish to receive any kind of medication. She currently has no GP. She told me that this was because the GP had imposed conditions on her behaviour that she was unable to maintain without a mental health worker and that she now requires medical intervention for physical health issues.


Previous Offending


I note that Ms Routhan has two previous convictions for graffiti in December 2017 and one of wilful trespass in May 2014. As far as I can ascertain from the records, the pattern of offending behaviour seems to have escalated in frequency and intensity over the last couple of years.




In summary, Ms Routhan displays a picture of a woman who was reasonably functioning and relatively unimpaired in terms of her mental health and behaviour prior to an episode of rape in 2002 age 37. From this event she developed high levels of anxiety triggered by the trauma, leading to an escalating pattern of distress, mood disorder and constant preoccupation with injustices, both her own and those of society as a whole, leading to her continual episodes of ‘protest’. Her protests bring her in conflict with Police and other agencies due to her pattern of escalating abuse, which is clearly distressing and may be frightening to those who are the recipients of her abusive verbal invective.


  1. Mental Disorder within the Meaning of the Mental Health Act 1992


Ms Routan has developed a chronic mental disorder characterised by very high anxiety, volatile mood and preoccupations with systemic abuse and exploitation which border on the delusional. There are also issues of impaired volition, in that she appears by her own admission and the observations of others, to be unable to control the stream of verbal abuse when she is triggered by rejection or an event cue that heightens her anxiety. Although she calls this a type of Tourette’s syndrome (a neurological disorder characterised by compulsive verbal and other tics), it is unlikely that this would be a diagnosis. However there is a very stereotyped pattern of abuse that characterises her tirades when her anxiety and frustration is triggered beyond a certain point.   It appears that she effectively loses control and is unable to exercise any real voluntary control over her anger and verbalisation once she passes a certain trigger point. It would be reasonable to say that the first limb of the test of mental disorder, as an intermittent disorder of mood and volition, is therefore met.


The second limb of the test for mental disorder requires that she poses either a serious risk to others or a serious risk to her own health or safety, or is seriously diminished in her ability to care for herself. In terms of serious risk to others there is little evidence that any of her individual actions in themselves would pose a risk to another person, however it seems clear that the episodes of her abuse can lead to the victims of her abuse becoming upset, frightened and quite scared of her. I myself, an experienced psychiatrist, was taken aback by the abuse I experienced and for a lay person, particularly when caught by surprise, this is likely to be an extremely distressing and traumatic experience. Although each event in itself may not meet the criterion of seriousness, the accumulation of less serious events could be interpreted as being a serious risk to other people.




Secondly considering the issue of serious risk to her own health or safety, although she claims chronic suicidal preoccupation I am not aware that there has been any suicidal behaviour, and in that sense do not think that she poses a serious risk to herself.


However she does put herself in situations where others react to her in a manner that may endanger her safety. For example she complains that Police have physically hurt her when restraining her, due to her behaviour when she has been highly aroused. In addition, her preoccupation and inability to resist the urge to pursue her protests and express her frustrations causes her to come up against the very triggers that re-traumatise her and heighten her anxiety and the consequences of these create a vicious cycle, steadily worsening her own mental health. This is in itself could be seen as a serious risk to her own health if the situation is maintained. She is also reckless as to the potential consequences of her repeated protests, which also may be seen as a risk to her own health and safety. Lastly considering whether there is a significant diminished of capacity to care for herself. The accounts of her daughter and her friend suggest that she is able to care for herself in practical, day-to-day issues when she is calm and functioning reasonably well. However her life situation has clearly deteriorated during the years that she has been suffering from this mental disorder. She has gone from a relatively successful and stable person to one who is living by her own account on the margins of survival, with little money and preoccupied by the injustices of her own situation and that of others. Due to this her function is in many aspects of her life seems quite seriously impaired. Issues such as her inability to deal with the agencies that she needs to help her manage her situation, her inability to complete forms, to open her mail or to attend interviews and appointments that are necessary to make some progress in her life, all suggest that there is a significant diminution in her capacity for self-care.


Putting this all together, it is my opinion that she does meet the definition of mental disorder as defined in the Mental Health Act and that she would potentially be eligible for compulsory intervention if this was considered to be the most appropriate step in alleviating her distress. However, her intense distrust of any aspects of the mental health system would make a compulsory intervention potentially counterproductive, re-trigger many of her traumas and enhance her sense of mistrust, with a significant risk of worsening her situation


  1. Fitness to Stand Trial


The criteria for fitness to stand trial are that she is able to plead, to understand the nature, purpose and possible consequences of the process, and to communicate adequately with counsel.


  • Ability to Plead: She understands the charges and can indicate clearly what is her preferred plea and why. However the defence that she is relying on may be unrealistic, in that she seems to dismiss the reality of the criminal behaviour and seems to regard her behaviour as entirely legitimate. On balance I consider that she is fit to enter a plea.
  • Ability to understand the nature of the process: I do not think this is impaired.
  • Ability to understand the purpose of the process: the answer to this would be yes in a simple sense, in that she understands that she is going to court charged with a range of offences. However her view is that the whole societal structure is one of oppression of the poor and marginalised by the elites, the professionals, Government systems etc, so that her understanding of the purpose is heavily influenced by her view that the legal process is yet another attempt to deliberately victimise her. Her full understanding of the purpose may therefore be impaired.
  • Ability to understand the possible consequences: It is very difficult to assess this given her attitude is that she does not care about the consequences. It is probably that she does understand the consequences, even if she does not accept this. Her refusal to consider the realistic consequences may affect her fitness to stand trial.
  • Ability to communicate adequately with Counsel: This is in my view the most tricky area for her in terms of her fitness to stand trial. The quality of her communication is so coloured by her distress, her anger and her frustration that it may be impossible for her to have any calm, rational discussion with her counsel about these issues. Although she is accepting at this stage the role of her counsel, and insists that she is allowing him to conduct her defence on her behalf, her volatility and impulsivity is such that she is likely to find it very difficult to maintain her composure and her stance of non-intervention in the court room.


In summary then my view is that there is some doubt over her fitness to stand trial, particularly given her firm insistence that she is not criminally responsible because her actions were a legitimate protest and because her ability to interact with the court as the process unfolds is likely to be impaired due to her ability to contain her distress and impulsivity during this stressful process.


  1. Insanity


Previous reports have not considered there to be an issue of insanity, though I would suggest that this a more nuanced judgement. Section 23 of the Crimes Act states that a person may be considered insane if they are suffering from a disease of the mind which makes them unable to understand the nature of the action or omission, or to understand that it was morally wrong.


Firstly does she have a disease of the mind? She is clearly suffering an entrenched mental disorder characterised by PTSD, mood disorder and some personality change, and also exhibits what appear to be compulsive urges to verbally abuse, as well as some degree of paranoid mood in relation to the persecution of herself and others in a similar situation. This mental disorder can be defined as constituting a disease of the mind.


In terms of her understanding of the nature of the action I do not consider that she would be impaired in this regard. However, does she understand that it was morally wrong? She seems to understand that the level of intensity of abuse that she allegedly perpetrates goes beyond acceptable. Her characterisation of this is “going Tourettes” indicates that she believes she cannot help herself when her anxiety reaches a certain point and that she knows that she goes beyond rationality and reasonableness with the stream of abuse that emerges when she is triggered by rejection, frustration and trauma issues. At the time these behaviours occur however, her capacity to reason or to understand the morality of what she is doing is likely to be completely overtaken by the level of personal distress and impulsive expression of her anger and frustration that she experiences. An argument can therefore be made that at the time that these behaviours occur she is incapable of understanding that her actions are morally wrong.




It should also be noted that she regards her actions as being legitimate behaviour and therefore justified. On this basis she argues that it is not morally wrong. Whether this is considered to be due to mental disorder is debatable. It is difficult to see any coherent strategy from her so called ‘protest’ and her view of the injustices seems to be heavily coloured by a quasi-delusional interpretation of the malign intent of the various groupings of professionals, Police, Government agencies, and therefore can be interpreted as being a direct result of the mental disorder.


I would therefore suggest that the question of an insanity defence cannot be entirely ruled out in this case.


Comments on Disposition


The Court has sought advice only on the questions of fitness and insanity, however I think it would be appropriate for me to make some comments on disposition. I am very much aware that Ms Routhan finds any psychiatric assessment to be extremely distressing and anxiety provoking and anything that can be done to avoid her having to attend further psychiatric assessment is likely to be helpful for her and for the Court.


Ms Routhan herself suggests that she needs a package of support to assist her to manage the distress and high levels of anxiety that she currently experiences. She has at least some idea in her mind of what this would constitute. It would ideally involve mental health and support professionals who could support her in various areas of her life to manage the trauma and anxiety experiences and to enable her to get herself back into some sort of functioning occupation. She has been dismissive of the idea of any psychological input or of any medication as part of this. In order to stand any chance of successful intervention, it would be necessary to have support from a coordinated team of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupation therapist, community support worker and possibly others working together to manage the various strands of her disability. I have no doubt that as part of any intervention, medication would be an important tool in alleviating the high levels of anxiety and impulsivity that occur, but this would need to be embedded in a comprehensive support package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan and would also necessarily include some psychological work to address her Complex PTSD. To put together such a package of care would be a challenge, and to set up a package that would be acceptable to Ms Routhan would be an even more tricky challenge. In addition, it would require the mental health workers to be able to endure the kind of abuse that she would inevitably exhibit during at least the initial periods of engagement. This may be able to be tolerated if it can be conceptualised as a compulsive or tic- like behaviour that is beyond her control, and therefore not perceived as being personal abuse directed towards the therapists or care workers themselves.


One can see that this would be a difficult task to achieve but in my view would be the best way of ultimately being able to intervene to relieve the distress that Ms Routhan suffers. If successful such intervention may enable her to moderate her behaviour, to maintain any protests within socially acceptable boundaries and avoid the ongoing contact with Police and the Justice system. The question of compulsory intervention will inevitably need to be considered. It may be at the end of the day that compulsory intervention cannot be avoided. However any compulsory intervention by the mental health system would compound her distrust and feelings of trauma and victimisation by a system that she regards essentially abusive and should only really be considered if all other avenues to provide the care that she requires are exhausted.


I trust that this report is helpful to the court.




I have read and complied with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses contained in Schedule 4 of the High Court Rules.


I confirm the truth and accuracy of this statement. I make this statement with the knowledge that it is to be used in Court proceedings. I am aware that it is an offence to make a statement that is known to me to be false or intended to mislead.






Consultant Psychiatrist


Further complaints about all bias psych assessors I expected to see

1 May 2019


Medical Council of NZ

PO Box 10509

The Terrace



Dear Sir/Madam,


Please find attached a complaint about psychiatrist Justin Barry-Walsh in his capacity as a consulting forensic psychiatrist in my current Bill Of Rights/criminal case for protesting about mental health services, police, housing, ACC and government.


Firstly, I have yet another bladder infection which is making me feel yuk, also my knee is getting sorer since I fell a few weeks ago. Really need to see a doctor, is there anything you can do about that urgently, I havn’t seen a doctor for over three years.


Included are copies of documents, books etc I showed at the assessment but he didn’t respond to me about any of these things, we didn’t talk about treatments at all. I mostly cried and was extremely distraught telling him the worst of what was happening, how my behaviour had deteriorated etc.   Don’t want to start again, I don’t want to cry today.


Yesterday I was talking to court staff who said every person there had tried to get me health care I was entitled to, it was people higher up in police, health and government who were refusing. I believe the motivation behind this is sinister and punitive to punish me for my LEGAL NON-VIOLENT PROTESTS about what was happening to me and others like me. That is against the laws of New Zealand (including Crimes Act) and United Nations treaties, freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Sadly justice organisations in this country are grossly corrupted by neo-liberal extremists, nothing more than marketing. Freedom of speech means you are free from economic, psychological and physical violence.


I know there may not be any way for the Medical Council to help me with the lack of health care I am being subjected to, but I hope and pray with all my heart you can. I just want to get better and go back to work, I have to or I won’t survive and will have no hope for the future. I have so much to offer my community and the world with my art and what I know. Please free me from the torment of suicidal ideation at the hands of these terrible faceless people.


You should also consider contacting police after reading what has been happening to me and the serious life-threatening situation I am living with unsupported. In fact I am supporting others who are getting services and in better living situations than me.


I hope you believe me, I hope you can help me, nobody else will, when I write these things down it seems so surreal this is happening to me in New Zealand in 2019.





Jayne R

Civil Society Activist


3 May 2019


Medical Council of NZ

PO Box 10509

The Terrace



Dear Sir/Madam,


This letter is to form part of my complaint about Justin Barry-Walsh and others using psychological abuse/torture in an attempt to drive me to suicide.


I am not sure how to talk about the background to this as it is very traumatising for me, I have communication impairments and need someone to insure I relate all the relevant information needed for the Medical Council to make a decision. Can you please help me work out how to do this, I am not sure myself, whether phone or face to face. I have no support to do this from anybody else.


This is in regard to being in court for my legal and valid protests about police violence, being illegally denied health care, punitive use of the justice system, government corruption, gross injustices in mental health and housing sector, etc. Legal Aid refused me legal aid, even when the judge said they were required to provide it so I had a lawyer.


On 1 May I heard from Nelda Day court officer that the second psych assessment would be 24 May, THE DAY AFTER I was due in court. The date of 23 May was made four weeks ago, the Forensic Service was required to provide a suitably qualified culturally appropriate ‘impartial’ psych assessment as requested by Judge Morris before the next court date – not the day after. The 23rd was chosen because I have a long term relationship of sorts with Judge Morris and she is determined to do whatever she can to get me the health care and justice I am entitled to under law – so I don’t end up in court repeatedly for my ongoing protests. She was going to be there on 23 May, she may not be there 10 days later.


I was advised the assessor was going to be Dr David Chaplow, ex Director of mental health and one of the people I have spent the past 17 yrs complaining/protesting about.   The first assessor was not who the court staff were told it would be, it was a very gay sounding man called Peter who only 18 months before wrote a report saying I didn’t want services – which was a horrendous lie.   Then I got Dr Barry-Walsh who I thought to be trustworthy, but obviously wasn’t from his report. Now they want Dr Chaplow, when I had requested Mason Drury or ANYBODY he recommended who knew Whare Tapa Wha and assessed on a culturally appropriate basis, ie as a Pakeha New Zealander. The judge supported this in her formal request to Forensic Services, it was ignored.


Finding out the court had organised the psych assessment for the day after I was due in court made me very angry and I challenged court staff about this.   I was told to contact Forensic Services as they were the ones who organised it, there was nothing they could do. Giving consideration to my extremely poor mental health what they were doing was psychological torture, vindictive, punitive use of the justice system and criminal under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act. It is also a perversion of justice which is a crime and subject to 7 years jail if convicted and of course many other human rights and disability rights laws.  I looked on the website and tried to phone head of Forensic Services Dr Emery-Palmer http://www.mhaids.health.nz/about-us/directors-of-area-mental-health-services/ given the seriousness of what was happening.


I went through to a call centre, the person asked me who I was because psychiatrists did not talk with patients who phoned, I told her I was not a patient. She phoned through to Dr Emery-Palmer and returned to me saying the doctor had said I was a patient and not to put me through. I reiterated I was not a patient and tried to explain the situation, the woman hung up on me.


As a writer I have a pretty good grasp of the English language and just to make sure looked up the word patient.   I am definitely not a patient by definition of the word, I am not registered with any health provider, I have not received any services from mental health for many years – no matter how many times I begged for professional health care I was entitled to. I have not received anything from public mental health services, except some counselling 25 years ago and the odd bit of social work (which is not health care). I did have some interaction with an Occupational Therapist in 2009 but when ACC illegally withdrew my actual professional rehabilitation the OT couldn’t cope and rejected me also. I had been working with a very professional and amazing OT Glenda vandervenLong at the time who was funded by ACC. The interaction with Hugh Gaywood-Eyre OT was more a therapeutic interaction, there was no ‘health care’ involved.


The last interaction I had with Hugh was at Masterton police station, I was on the floor with my arms around the ankles of the social worker sitting beside him begging for health care. Hugh told me to get up and stop embarrassing myself, that I knew as well as him there were no longer services in mental health. He left the service not long after that, I knew him through a club I belonged to for a while, we have discussed what happened, he left MH services as he couldn’t cope with how badly they treated people.


Being a patient would require some sort of regular interaction with the same person, I can’t recall that happening for a very long time. It distresses me greatly that other people appear to get professional health care and I do not. I have never understood why and people treat me like I’m a liar and delusional when I tell them what is happening to me, because it doesn’t happen to them. Hopefully the Medical Council and police can work out what has been happening to me. The only possible reason I can think of is my public protests and formal complaints, it is illegal to harm or disadvantage someone who makes a complaint.


With everything the media and government say about mental health services and the horrendous ‘suicide promotion’ propaganda we are all subjected to day after day, my mental health is denigrated even further by my experience of EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE to what is expected.


It appears to me Dr Emery-Palmer may be part of this appalling abusive behaviour by Forensic Services, I truly believe only a police investigation would be able to explain what is happening and how many it is happening to. I know from the laws I read it is not allowed to happen to me or anybody else.


Mental health services have more power over people and the opportunity for more abuses of power than police. What is happening to me might explain New Zealand’s world leading suicide, self-harm, domestic violence and eating disorder rates. Perhaps I am part of a targeted group of disabled people who are prevented from accessing professional health care, using professional health and rehabilitation models and whose valid complaints are illegally rejected.


Please make this stop, please, I have never hurt anybody, I barely drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t steal, I don’t rip people off, I don’t bludge off people, I don’t gossip, I don’t gamble, I am not a sexual deviant or pervert of any sort. I am an honest good person just wanting health care I need and am entitled to so I can return to work for wages, so I can live with dignity and in safety without having to beg for food. My house is tidy and clean, my gardens are done, I share jars of jam & pickle I make with others, most of it goes to waste (when I get given fruit or produce people don’t want). I don’t want to live like this as an outcast of society, I am intelligent, I have reports that say it, I have a report from Justin Barry-Walsh 6 years ago that said I was intelligent, didn’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional. That is still true, unfortunately I don’t know if Justin is as sound minded.


I am 54 years old, why are they doing this to me, I am going to be destitute the rest of my life if they don’t help me, there is no point in living if this is what my life is going to be like.   Please I want to meet my grandchildren, please I don’t want to be despised by my family and the community, please I havn’t done anything wrong and I don’t understand why this is happening to me when every law and report I read says exactly the opposite should be happening. Please if I don’t work I know I will be raped, harmed and exploited again, please help me, this is what is happening in the ‘darklands’ where I live every day. Its very hard to avoid junkies and being told repeatedly to interact with very self-righteous wealthy Christians is extremely offensive. The times I have gone to churches for support I have ended up being the one supporting them, working for them for nothing, often doing things for people who were getting health services and had safe stable homes to live in.


Did I tell you about them cancelling an x-ray the doctor at A & E said I needed, so I went there and was told there was no appointment?   Did I tell you about mental health staff gossiping to people in the community about what a bad person I was (who then came and told me). If I was a patient of mental health services then I would be able to make formal complaints about this gossip and the horrendous violations of my most basic rights, I am not so I can’t.   How can somebody be a PATIENT of a health system that completely rejects them?   They treat sex offenders and abusive thieving junkies better than they treat their victims, I know that for sure.


What is happening to me is a criminal act and a deliberate perversion of justice



Yours sincerely



Jayne R


From: AGreig@mcnz.org.nz <AGreig@mcnz.org.nz>
Sent: Monday, 9 September 2019 5:04 PM
To: ‘jrouthan@hotmail.co.nz’ <jrouthan@hotmail.co.nz>
Subject: RE: Complaint

Hello Ms Routhan

The reason we did not take this any further, is that there is nothing in the documentation you gave us showing how the doctor breached the third-party assessment statement. This means we will not be taking any further action with this matter.

You asked us to provide you with the documentation we sent you, and I have attached a pdf file with the information you sent us in 2019.

You have also made a Privacy Act request for ‘all documentation in the consideration of my case’. We are compiling this material, and will provide it you to. I note that we have 20 working days from your request to provide you with this material.




Andrew Greig
Manager Professional Standards

Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa |Medical Council of New Zealand
www.mcnz.org.nz | agreig@mcnz.org.nz

This email may contain legally privileged or confidential information which is intended for the use of the addressee only. If you receive this mail in error, please delete it from your system immediately and notify us at either the above email address or on +64 4 384 7635.

From: Jayne Routhan [mailto:jrouthan@hotmail.co.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, 28 August 2019 9:51 a.m.
To: Andy Greig <AGreig@mcnz.org.nz>
Subject: Re: Complaint

Mr Grieg,

I have never received advice from the Medical Council of NZ that you were refusing to consider my valid complaint of bias by Justin Barry-Walsh and others from Forensic Mental Health services.

1.  Please advise the date and method of MCNZ response.

2.  Please advise how you were confused about the extreme bias Justin Barry-Walsh and two other assessors with conflicts of interest in my case, it is quite obvious from the report and FMH sending people who were supposed to be assessors yet had already refused me services.  Conflicts of interest and bias in independent third party psychiatric assessments are illegal according to your own rules.  You do know your rules Mr Grieg????

3.   Did the complaint go through the official complaint channels or did you stop it before it got to those people?

4.   Who where the people that made the decision?

4.   Please provide all documentation in the consideration of my case?

5.   Can you please explain in more detail why you rejected my valid complaint?

5.   Why would you list what the MCNZ does, I have read your rules and the legislation I know what you are supposed to do, I am not stupid or illiterate – in fact I have psych assessments that confirm I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and not delusional?   Your response would suggest the opposite of you and your organisation.  Do doctors driving our world leading suicide, self-harm and violence statistics concern you at all, or are you more interested in the profits and jobs created for doctors?

6.   Please return all the documentation I sent you to 29 Clifton Avenue, Carterton.   I am very poor and cannot afford large amounts of photocopying, I will require all the documents I sent you for another avenue I have for justice and protection from government oppression of people with mental health issues like myself.

7.   My complaint was extensive and detailed, I was very careful to explain the situation using health, disability and legal jargon so people like yourself could understand.  I have spent time studying disability and rehabilitation at Massey University, also law, human rights etc.  Along with living amongst the  purposely impoverished, violent and suicidal rejects of neo-liberalism.   Is my extensive knowledge and experience of no consequence to you?  Do you believe yourself to be superior to me due to your affluence and powerful position?

8.   I spoke to a woman in your office a few weeks ago that told me MCNZ were making a decision whether to make a decision about my valid complaint.    I was also told by the same woman in May I had a valid complaint according to the rules, which is why I sent the complaint.  Can you please advise this woman’s name, I require it for upcoming legal proceedings.  Do the men bully and denigrate the intelligent women in your organisation?

I look forward to your reply, these are all requests under the Privacy Act and as required by law the information should be forwarded to me within 28 days.


Jayne Routhan

UN Civil Society Actor

I HAVE JUST REALISED EMAILS ARE DISAPPEARING – I CAN’T FIND THE ORIGINAL EMAIL FROM THIS CORRUPT ELITIST PIG – I do recall something being said during the Cambridge Analytica scandal that they make sure the emails are deleted off the system after a few weeks – maybe they make it automatic.   So will start posting more copies on here of the worst ones in future.


Here’s some really clever GLOBALIST neo-liberal propaganda by Rod Oram

My computer now won’t print anything so I can’t print out the story, make notes and do a youtube video about it.   Here is a very clever neo-liberal globalist who avoids the word neo-liberalism and gives us the BS about we need a constitution in the commonwealth.  We need to follow the Commonwealth Charter, Declaration of Democracy and Rule of fkn law – is what we need to do!  That will not happen until poor people like myself who most oppressed and terrorised by neo-liberals in power, have access to lawyers and our court system.

I know a lot about NZs constitutional documents – I participated in the Constitution Conversation they had several years ago, it was an embarrassment of wealthy powerful people talking BS, who knew nothing about those in poverty.   I went along and contributed where I could as a poor person – the people had absolutely no idea what I was talking about they were so sheltered.

OUR GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIARY ARE CORRUPT – THAT IS WHY OUR CURRENT CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENTS ARE NOT UPHELD IN COURT.   In fact my dodgy lawyer at the moment REFUSES TO USE constitutional documents like the Imperial Laws Application Act to defend my case.   He refuses to respond to any of my emails, he refuses to put in writing when he discriminates against me and refuses to listen to my instruction, etc etc.

I will tell you more soon

I need to go for a walk now and clear my heard after the trauma my brother put me through yesterday my heart is still broken and hurting.  Its raining, that should be nice, I like walking in the rain.   Part of my childhood growing up in Hokitika.



RNZ News – A distraught desperate despairing letter to Radio NZ

rom: Jayne R
Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2019 1:44 PM
To: rnz@radionz.co.nz <rnz@radionz.co.nz>
Subject: How many other things do our media cover up???

I know you cover up neo-liberalism and the damage it is doing, you cover up the housing market failure that is driving suicide, violence, crime and the destruction of our society, you cover up why so many people are suicidal but whine on with the same BS that people just need to talk to someone and a social worker will fix it, you cover up what is happening to me for years.
Nobody trusts what NZ media say any more, you are bias and manipulate it out of greed and elitism.  I have just had a discussion with my brother that ended in him telling me if my life was so difficult then I should end it permanently.   That’s what middle class and rich do to any of their family who end up in the darklands of this hell hole due to corruption in ACC, justice govt etc.
Yesterday I went to see my 25 yr old daughter for a coffee – I don’t see her very often, it hurts to much and too difficult, her partner and her have just built a house, they both work and she just got a $6,000 bonus from working at Powershop.  Apparently they made the biggest profit in their history – now I see the news item below and find out they are also a big greenhouse gas polluter.   My daughter throws food out, I barely have enough decent food to eat each week.

The media in New Zealand are destroying our society, you have got to stop lying to people, you have got to stop avoiding the serious issues and telling us about road accidents and how good the odd poor or disabled person is doing.  You are killing us, we are in a state of ANOMIE now, reading the front page of the Wairarapa Times-Age and its like you have all gone COMPLETELY INSANE.   A charity run by a foreigner who wants us to be like the UK – not like NZ – wealthy LABOUR ASSOCIATED local elites who run Trust House, profiting from market rents of state housing they were almost gifted, highest rate of pokie use in NZ and exploiting alcoholics through their pubs etc.

Then going on how the HIGHEST EVER PROFIT and ‘return to the community’ is PROOF they are fulfilling their purpose of ‘community wellbeing’.  THAT IS INSANE WHEN IT IS WELL KNOW WE HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM IN NEW ZEALAND, highest rates of people being prescribed psychotropic drugs (to cope with how dysfunctional our society is), highest rate of compulsory treatments orders (because wealthy health elites demand people who are suffering are drugged up).

You’ve made a pact to talk about environmental issues you were avoiding before – what about a pact to talk about economic, human rights and constitutional issues that you are currently avoiding.   You are in denial and believing your own propaganda – IT IS NOT TRUE.

I emailed you earlier about my situation of being in court for a crime of writing a poem about a criminal who works for Bell Gully and Compass Health to stop poor people getting health care by underfunding – so there are more resources for rich people with private health insurance.   I know the man is a murderer, I know what he does and yet you do nothing to expose him.   You do nothing about local MPs in government who have done nothing to alleviate the suffering of disabled poor people – especially abuse victims in Wairarapa – is that because all our MPs are men, who think sexually assaulting, raping, hitting and neglecting women to the point of suicide IS A WAY OF CREATING JOBS FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT’ HAVE THOSE ISSUES???????????????

I will be putting this email on my website, just to show people what the media know and don’t say anything about.    I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional and yet two psych assessments (that were only done because I couldn’t get legal aid and was not well enough to represent myself) say I am completely insane and should be locked up under a compulsory treatment order FOR PROTESTING ABOUT HOW BAD MENTAL HEALTH SERVCIES ARE AND HOW OUR GOVERNMENT DEPRIVE DISABLED PEOPLE OF THE SAFE STABLE CULTURALLY APPROPRAITE HOUSING THEY ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER ACC AND OTHER LAWS.

You are the media, if you don’t tell us peasants the truth then we are going to continue to suffer and die.   As you make it worse and worse, the more lies you are telling, the bias, the ignorance, the trivialising of EXTREMELY SERIOUS issues that are destroying us.   Media are the ones who made us No 1 in the OECD for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, self-harm, eating disorders and homelessness – YOU ALL DID IT – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.  I bet that is why Greg Boyed killed himself, he couldn’t take what he was doing any longer, he was a good person.

Why – why – why – why do you want suffering violence pollution and death – it is your friends and family who will be affected as well.   Mostly the violence etc is in the darklands, but it will affect more and more of the middle class and rich – NO MATTER HOW MANY POLICE YOU EMPLOY.   Those young cops aren’t going to be sticking at it for long – you are traumatising them as well – especially with suicides.  You have allowed the government to create this neo-liberal nightmare and you refuse to do anything to stop it.  There are solutions to this but nobody will act with any leadership or strength to change things for the better – YOU ARE INSANE, THE GOVERNMENT ARE INSANE, BIG BUSINESS ARE INSANE, OUR LEGISLATURE, EXECUTIVE AND JUDICIARY ARE ALL INSANE.  So much of what I see is illegal – but nobody challenges it in court or will even discuss it in public.   No we’re having a big meeting and discussion about more cancer funding…..   groan.

You leave me both enraged and in deep despair, why are you doing this to us – what did any of us ever do to you.   Check out some of my solutions (on this website) – ALL BASED ON PROFESSIONAL HEALTH MODELS, also my posts about Regional Rehab Centres and Regional Mental Health facilities.  Making sure everybody is working and participating – human garbage like me doesn’t get to participate I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!!!!  NONE LEFT, NOT FOR A $5 COFFEE.  That’s why so  many shops in Carterton are struggling, their incomes getting less and less because NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY and the rich can’t spend it fast enough.   Landlords, banks and government has it all.


Labour party called police to come terrorise me – a sexual abuse victim begging for her ACC care?

Just had the police call me for a WELFARE VISIT – wtf – apparently someone called them concerned for my welfare – WTF.  That I was going to self-harm, well of course I self-harm, that’s what people do WHO CAN’T GET SERVICES and living in the darklands – its part of my disorder everybody knows that and thinks its a great joke.

Am terrified, after reading those deceitful/offensive psych reports and how I’m labelled as insane for knowing what is happening to me and why it is NOT MY FAULT.   This is terrifying, I was right about Labour – because me being who I am phoned them and left a polite message on their answerphone asking why they were prosecuting me for wilful trespass FOR A PIECE OF ART on their Masterton office.   I got the call from police only 15 mins later – OMG – I can’t stop crying (I have got to stop crying, they do this to me on purpose to terrorise me I have to remember that.)

The cop was ——— (polite, young, confused and brainwashed to the hilt), telling me I didn’t want their help.   I just started crying and got really upset.   Asked him to stop police continually prosecuting me for my art and legal protests.  Asked him why police weren’t investigating and prosecuting ACC and mental health under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act for them refusing me care I was entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago and everything they said was available over and over again for years.  Asked him who phoned – he refused to say – asked him who they worked for, which I know by law I am allowed to know, he refused to say.   Lots more I can’t say because I’m so upset.  Check out my youtube channel for more.

This is because I am upset with Jacinda ARderns lies about the arts in New Zealand and the sexual abuse saga at the moment.

Can’t talk more too angry and have to leave the house in case police turn up.  Told the guy on the phone I’m terrified of police and mental health for good reason.   He was threatening to send mental health services around – WTF – those fucking lying murderers can’t wait to get me under compulsory treatment order so they can lock me up and drug me up – so I shut up about the damage neo-liberal economic terrorism is having on us – so I shut up about abusive experimental unprofessional ‘drug company’ based mental health services.

Our govt and corporations purposely drive poor people to suicide, crime, anxiety and violence so they can create jobs and businesses out of us.   The people most affected by the stress of inhuman living situations are those who victims of crime, abuse victims who according to police statistics are subjected to 80% of the crime in NZ.   The sexual abuse saga playing out with one of their own young female members proves very powerful MEN in the Labour party instinctively discredit, trivialise and dismiss women.  Exactly what they do to victims of sexual abuse who are poor and need more extensive health care and rehab than the current EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL RESTRICTIONS they have ACC imposing ILLEGALLY!!!!


New Zealand governments suicide prevention strategy blames the community for neo-liberal failure

I will remind people MIKE KING has no qualifications WHATSOEVER.  I have had personal experience of this mentally ill narcistic abusive psychopath, when he first got into the SUICIDE INDUSTRY and more recently where I was not allowed to be part of some marketing idea him and Kyle had.  I have been protesting for years more than him and knew far more than him and his mate Kyle McDonald – who both emotionally and financially profit from what they do.  They cater to a small group of suicidal people, not the majority – they particularly love addicts/junkies and middle class/rich people because of their own unresolved issues and elitism.

These ideas the government are suggesting are nothing more than propaganda, they are not going to address the suicide issue, they require people to be terrorised and suicidal so they can create more jobs and profits for charities/not-for-profits and businesses.   Blaming the community for the nightmare of hell they have created, demanding the community (which doesn’t exist in a neo-liberal society according to Margaret Thatcher) deal with suicidal people – WTF.   This idea DOES NOT WORK, PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, JUST TALKING WITH SOMEONE DOESN’T HELP if they dont’ have the necessities of life required to be provided by our government.

What an insult to the families and friends of suicidal people, if they knew what to do then the person they cared about would be dead or suicidal.  The complete ridiculousness of King’s statements show he is not very educated or intelligent.

It is delusional to think charities and not for profits are not profiting from this suffering.  Many of these charities pay their staff – often VERY GOOD SALARIES and have cultures of extravagance way beyond what those they ‘support’ would know.  KidsCan is reknown for it.  The neo-liberal/Libertarian utopia demands charities pay for those the government once cared for – govt who have the legal responsibility under international treaties and NZ constitutional laws to care for.  Mike King is one of those people.

I have had dealings with some of these suicide organisations and all they do is tell people to get over it and they are loved – which means absolutely nothing.  Love is a verb not a noun.

Also remember Mike King has been at the forefront of youth suicide for over a decade AND NEW ZEALAND HAS THE HIGHEST RATE OF YOUTH SUICIDE IN THE OECD!!!!   If Mike King was successful in his ideas then I would be completely supportive of what he is suggesting and supporting – BUT HE HAS BEEN A WORLD LEADING FAILURE AT IT!!!!!!!!!   Then of course there is the recent breakdown he had over the numbers of people calling him wanting to commit suicide since he was made NZer of the year for services to youth suicide.   THE MAN CAN’T HANDLE IT, he is only doing this for the publicity, that’s why he was a comedian and performer, for the attention, he even admits it in interviews.

As for people like me being involved in developing services that work – THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN – as I know from my 17 years of making submissions to parliament about dozens of laws/commissions etc, about what was necessary to bring down suicide rates.   The government will choose those suggestions that are in line with their neo-liberal and other political beliefs and of course their budgets.   Professional health models will not come into it and making sure one of the most important group of suicidal people – victims of violent crime (domestic violence) get all the entitlements required under ACC law.

NOTE to employers who fund ACC, unemployed adults/children are paid for out of general taxation.  However you are being shafted after decades ago the NZ government covertly and corruptly made victims of crime who work your financial responsibility.  They also made people who had sports injuries your responsibility as well (not counting professional sports people).  Both of these groups should be under general taxation.

AND GENERAL TAXATION TO THE RICHEST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY MUST BE REINSTATED TO PREVIOUS LEVELS IN ORDER TO FUND THIS!   Not only have these wealthy elitist globalists had massive general taxation tax cuts, they have also had family wealth taxes removed in order for families to acquire more money and resources.

It is well known to me people with mental health issues are the biggest target for persecution by neo-liberals in our government.  We are the 21st century Jew – except of course NAZI persecuted disabled people, women they raped and homeless gypsy more than Jews.   If Jews were perceived as the rich in Germany now the rich, gays and people with dark brown coloured skin are united in harming people like me.   I attended the meetings prior to Human Rights report from NZ to the UN – in a meeting of around 50 people held at Victoria University, 48 of them were there about human rights abuses of people with mental health issues.

Again, that is why I am being terrorised by the police and denied ACC care I am entitled to after winning two ACC reviews NINE YEARS AGO.  Jacinda knows this, Labour party knows this, NZ First knows this and so do the Greens.

These low level services are going to tell people there is hope for the future and they are valued – there is no hope for 20% of the population in any neo-liberal controlled society and they are definitely not valued for talent or skill.